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2012 West Van Matters
 » #19 Notes Sep 17; Agenda Oct 1; Cal to Oct 20
 » #18 Notes Sep 10; Agenda Sep 17; Cal to Oct 6
 » #17 Agenda Sep 10; Cal to Sep 22
 » #16 Notes Jul 23; Cal to Aug 31
 » #15 Notes Jul 9; Agenda Jul 23; Cal to Aug 18
 » #14 Notes Jun 25; Agenda Jul 9; Cal to Jul 30
 » #13 Notes Jun 18; Agenda Jun 25; Cal to Jul 13
 » #12 Notes Jun 4; Agenda Jun 18; Cal to Jun 30


2011 West Van Matters
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Oct 3; Ccl Agenda Oct 17; Calendar to Nov 11
 » #20 Ccl NOTES Sep 19; Ccl Agenda Oct 3; Calendar to Oct 21
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Sep 12; Ccl Agenda Sep 19; Calendar to Oct 7
 » #18 Ccl Agenda Sep 12; Calendar to Sep 22+
 » #17 Ccl NOTES Jul 25; Calendar to Aug 31+
 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jul 18; Ccl Agenda Jul 25; Calendar to Aug 15
 » #15 Finance Cmte NOTES Jul 11; Ccl Agenda Jul 18; Calendar to July 28
 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jul 4; Ccl Agenda Jul 11; Calendar to July 25
 » #13 Ccl NOTES Jun 20; Ccl Agenda Jul 4; Calendar to July 21
 » #12 Ccl NOTES Jun 6; Ccl Agenda Jun 20; Calendar to July 8
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 16/19; Ccl Agenda Jun 6; Calendar to June 24
 » #10 Ccl NOTES May 9/11; Ccl Agenda May 16; Calendar to June 10
 » #09 Ccl NOTES Apr 18; Ccl Agenda May 9; Calendar to May 20
 » #08 Ccl NOTES Apr 4; Ccl Agenda Apr 18; Calendar to May 13
 » #07 Ccl NOTES Mar 21; Ccl Agenda Mar 4; Calendar to Apr 22
 » #06 Ccl NOTES Mar 7; Ccl Agenda Mar 21; Calendar to Apr 8
 » #05 Ccl NOTES Feb 21; Ccl Agenda Mar 7; Calendar to Mar 23
 » #04 Ccl NOTES Feb 7; Ccl Agenda Feb 21; Calendar to Mar 11
 » #03 Ccl NOTES Jan 24; Ccl Agenda Feb 7; Calendar to Feb 24
 » #02 Ccl NOTES Jan 10; Ccl Agenda Jan 24; Calendar to Feb 10
 » #01 Ccl Agenda Jan 10; Calendar to Jan 27

2010 West Van Matters
 » #29 Ccl NOTES Dec 13; Ccl Agendas Dec 20; Calendar to Dec 31+
 » #28 Ccl NOTES Dec 6;Ccl Agendas Dec 13/15; Calendar to Dec 22
 » #27 Finance Cmte NOTES Nov 22;Ccl Agenda Dec 6; Calendar to Dec 18
 » #26 Ccl NOTES Nov 15;Finance Cmte Agenda Nov 22; Calendar to Dec 9
 » #25 Ccl NOTES Nov 1;Ccl Agenda Nov 15; Calendar to Dec 9
 » #24 Ccl NOTES Oct 18;Ccl Agenda Nov 1; Calendar to Nov 19
 » #23 Ccl NOTES Oct 4;Ccl Agenda Oct 18; Calendar to Nov 5
 » #22 Ccl Agenda Oct 4; Calendar to Oct 21
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Sept 13; Ccl Agendas Sept 20/22; Calendar to Oct 8
 » #20 Ccl Agenda Sept 13; Calendar to ~Sept 26
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Jul 26; Calendar to Sept 12
 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 19; Agenda Jul 26; Calendar to Aug 8+
 » #17 Ccl NOTES Jul 5; Agenda Jul 19; Calendar to Jul 31
 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jun 28; Agenda Jul 5; Calendar to Jul 23
 » #15 Ccl NOTES Jun 21; Agenda Jun 28; Calendar to Jul 9
 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jun 7; Agenda Jun 21; Calendar to Jun 30
 » #13 Ccl NOTES May 31; Agenda Jun 7; Calendar to Jun 24
 » #12 Ccl NOTES May 17; Agendas May 31; Calendar to Jun 12
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 10/12; Agendas May 17; Calendar to Jun 5
 » #10 Ccl NOTES May 3; Agenda May 10/12; Calendar to May 20
 » #07 Ccl NOTES Mar 15; Agenda Apr 12; Calendar to Apr 30
 » #05 Ccl NOTES Feb 8/10; Agenda Mar 1; Calendar to Mar 17
 » #04 Ccl NOTES Feb 1; Agenda Feb 8; Calendar to Feb 28
 » #03 Ccl NOTES Jan 25; Agenda Feb 1; Calendar to Feb 11
 » #02 Ccl NOTES Jan 11 & 18; Agenda Jan 25; Calendar to Feb 5
 » #01 Ccl Agenda Jan 11; Calendar to Jan 31

2009 West Van Matters
 » #28 Ccl NOTES Dec 14 & 18; Calendar to Jan 12
 » #27 Ccl NOTES Dec 7; AGENDA Dec 14; Calendar to Dec 31
 » #26 Ccl NOTES Nov 16; AGENDA Dec 7; Calendar to Dec 20
 » #25 Ccl NOTES Nov 2; AGENDA Nov 16; Calendar to Dec 10
 » #24 Ccl NOTES Oct 19; AGENDA Nov 9; Calendar to Nov 20
 » #23 Ccl NOTES Oct 5; AGENDA Oct 19; Calendar to Nov 5
 » #22 Ccl NOTES Sep 21; AGENDA Oct 5; Calendar to Oct 22
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Sep 14; AGENDA Sep 21; Calendar to Oct 8
 » #20 Ccl NOTES Jul 30; AGENDA Sep 14; Calendar to Sep 24~
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Jul 27; AGENDA Jul 30; Calendar to Sep 12~
(plus UPDATE)

 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 20; AGENDA Jul 27; Calendar to Aug 2
 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 20; AGENDA Jul 27; Calendar to Aug 2
 » #17 Ccl NOTES Jul 6; AGENDA Jul 20; Calendar to Jul 31
 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jun 22; AGENDA Jul 6; Calendar to Jul 24
 » #15 Ccl NOTES Jun 15; AGENDA Jun 22; Calendar to Jul 9
 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jun 1; AGENDA Jun 15; Calendar to Jun 25
 » #13 Ccl NOTES May 25; AGENDA Jun 1; Calendar to Jun 18
 » #12 Ccl NOTES May 11; AGENDA May 25; Calendar to Jun 7
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 4; AGENDA May 11; Calendar to May 28
 » #10 Ccl NOTES Apr 20; AGENDA May 4; Calendar to May 15
 » #9 Ccl NOTES Apr 6; AGENDA Apr 20; Calendar to May 7
 » #8 Ccl NOTES Mar 30; AGENDA Apr 6; Calendar to Apr 25
 » #7 Ccl NOTES Mar 23; AGENDA Mar 30; Calendar to Apr 9
 » #6 Ccl NOTES Mar 2; AGENDA Mar 23; Calendar to Apr
 » #5 Ccl NOTES Feb 16; AGENDA Mar 2; Calendar to Mar 28
 » #4 Ccl NOTES Feb 2; AGENDA Feb 16; Calendar to Feb 28
 » #3 Ccl NOTES Jan 19; AGENDA Feb 2; Calendar to Jan 19th+
 » #2 Ccl NOTES Jan 12; AGENDA Jan 19; Calendar to Jan 31st
 » #1 Ccl AGENDA Jan 12; Calendar to Jan 18

2008 West Van Matters
 » #34 Ccl NOTES Dec 15; Calendar to Dec 31/Jan 12
 » #33 Ccl NOTES Dec 8; AGENDAs Dec 15; Calendar to Dec 24
 » #32 Ccl NOTES Nov 17; AGENDAs Dec 8; Calendar to Dec 15
 » #31 Ccl NOTES Oct 27; AGENDAs Nov 17; Calendar to Nov 30
#30 Ccl NOTES Oct 20; AGENDAs Oct 27; Calendar to Nov 12+
#29 Ccl NOTES Oct 6; AGENDAs Oct 20; Calendar to Oct 31
#28 Ccl NOTES Sep 29; AGENDA Oct 6; Calendar to Oct 26
#27 Ccl NOTES Sep 22; AGENDA Sept 29; Calendar to Oct 10
#26 Ccl NOTES Sep 8; AGENDA Sept 22; Calendar to Sep 30th+
#25 Ccl AGENDA Sep 8; Mtgs/Events to Sep 15th
#24 Ccl NOTES July 28; Calendar to Aug 31 +
#23 Ccl NOTES June 21; AGENDA July 28; Cal to Aug 5th
#22 Ccl NOTES July 14; AGENDA July 21; Cal to 31st
#21 Ccl NOTES July 7; AGENDA July 14; Cal to 25th
#20 Ccl NOTES June 16/19; AGENDA July 7; Cal to 16th
#19 Ccl NOTES June 9; AGENDAs June 16; Cal to June 30/~July
#17 Ccl Notes May 26, PH 28; Agenda Jun 2; Cal to Jun 18
#16 Ccl Notes May 12 (Youth); Agenda May 26; Cal to Jun 8
#15 Ccl Notes May 5; Agenda May 12; Cal to May 29
#14 Ccl Notes Apr 21/May 1; Agenda May 5; Cal to May 15
#13 Ccl Notes Apr 14; Agenda Apr 21; Cal to Apr 30+
#12 Ccl Notes Apr 7/10; Agenda Apr 14; Cal to Apr 27
#11 Mtg Summary Mar 17; Agenda Apr 7l Cal to Apr 19
#10 Ccl Notes Mar 17; Cal to Apr 16
#09 Ccl Notes Mar 10; Agenda Mar 17; Cal to Apr 7
#08 Ccl Notes Mar 3; Agenda Mar 10; Cal to Mar 20
#07 Ccl Notes Feb 18; Agenda Mar 3; Cal to Mar 13
#06 Ccl Budget Notes Feb 11; Agenda Feb 18; Cal to Feb 29
#05 Notes Feb 4; Agenda Feb 11; Cal to Feb 22
#04 Notes Jan 21; Agenda Feb 4; Cal to Feb 13
 » #03 Notes Jan 14; Agenda Jan 21; Cal to Jan 31
 » #02 Notes Jan 7; Agenda Jan 14; Cal to Jan 25
 » #01 Agenda Jan 7; Cal to Jan 16

2007 West Van Matters
 » #41 Notes Dec 17; Cal to Dec 31
 » #40 Notes Dec 10; Agenda Dec 17; Cal to Dec 21
 » #39 Notes Dec 3; Agenda Dec 10; Cal to Dec 17
 » #38 Notes Nov 26; Agenda Dec 3; Cal to Dec 13
 » #37 Notes Nov 19; Agenda Nov 26; Cal to Dec 8
 » #36 Agenda Nov 19; Cal to Dec 5
 » #35 Notes Nov 5; Cal to Nov 28
 » #34 Notes Oct 29; Agenda Nov 5; Cal to Nov 20
 » #33 Notes Oct 22; Agenda Oct 29; Cal to Nov 16/18
 » #32 Notes Oct 15; Agenda Oct 22; Cal to Nov 9
 » #31 Agenda Oct 15; Cal to Oct 25
 » #30 Ccl Notes Oct 1; Cal to Oct 18th
 » #29 Notes Sept 24; Agenda Oct 1; Cal to Oct 12
 » #28 Notes Sept 17; Agenda Sept 24; Cal to Sept 30
 » #27 Notes Sept 10; Agenda Sept 17; Cal to Sept 27th
 » #26 Agenda Sept 10; Cal to Sept 21st
 » #25 Notes Jul 23/25; Cal to Aug 31st/Sep 10
 » #24 Notes Jul 16; Agenda Jul 23; Cal to 31st+
 » #23 Notes Jul 9; Agenda Jul 16; Cal to Jul 22nd+
 » #22 Notes Jun 25; Cal to Jul 11th
 » #21 Notes Jun 18; Agenda Jun 25; Cal to Jul 4th
 » #20 Notes Jun 11; Agenda Jun 18; Cal to 28nd
 » #19 Notes Jun 4; Agenda Jun 11; Cal to 22nd
 » #18 Notes May 28; Agenda Jun 4; Cal to June 16
 » #17 Agenda May 28th; Cal to June 7th
 » #16 Notes May 7/9/11/14; Cal to May 31st
 » #15 Notes Apr 23rd; Agenda/Notes Apr 30th; Agenda May 7th
 » #14 Notes Apr 16th; Agenda Apr 23rd; Cal to May 5th
 » #13 Notes Apr 2th; Agenda Apr 16th; Cal to Apr 22nd
 » #12 Notes Mar 26th; Agenda Apr 2nd; Cal to Apr 1st
 » #11 Agenda Mar 26; Cal to Apr 1st
 » #10 Notes Mar 12th; Cal to Mar 29th
 » #9 Notes Mar 5th; Agenda Mar 12; Cal to Mar 24th
 » #8 Notes Feb 26th; Agenda Mar 5; Cal to Mar 17th
 » #7 Notes Feb 19; Agenda Feb 26; Cal to Mar 11th
 » #6 Notes Feb 12th; Agenda Feb 19th; Cal to Feb 28th+
 » #5 Notes Feb 5th; Agenda Feb 12th; Cal to Feb 18t+
 » #4 Notes Jan 22nd; Cal to Feb 8th+
 » #3 Notes Jan 15; Agenda Jan 22; Cal to Jan Feb 2+
 » #2 Notes Jan 8; Agenda Jan 15; Cal to Jan 21
 » #1 Agenda Jan 8; Cal to Jan 14
2006 West Van Matters
 » #38 Notes Dec 18; Cal to Jan 7th
 » #37 Notes Dec 11; Agenda Dec 18; Cal to Dec 3
 » #36 Notes Dec 4; Agenda Dec 11; Cal to Dec 22
 » #35 Notes Nov 27; Public Hearing Dec 4; Cal to Dec 15
 » #34 Notes Nov 20; Agenda Nov 27; Cal to Dec 8
 » #33 Notes Nov 14; Agenda Nov 20; Cal to Nov 30
 » #32 Notes Nov 6; Agenda Nov 14; Cal to Nov 28
 » #31 Notes Oct 30; Agenda Nov 6; Cal to Nov 22
 » #30 Notes Oct 16; Agenda Oct 30; Cal to Nov 1
 » #29 Notes Oct 2; Agenda Oct 16; Cal to Oct 30
 » #28 Notes Sept 25; Summary Oct 2; Cal to Oct 20th
 » #27 Notes Sept 25; Agenda Oct 2; Cal to Oct 1
 » #26 Notes Sept 18; Agenda 25; Cal to Oct 3
 » #25 Notes July 27/Sept 11; Sept 18 Agenda; Cal to Sept 29
 » #24 July 27 Minutes; Sept 11 Agenda; Cal to Sept 12
 » #23 Notes July 24; Agenda July 27; Cal Aug/Sept
 » #22 Notes July 17; Agenda July 24, August Cal
 » #21 Notes July 10; Agenda July 17; Cal July/Aug
 » #21 Notes July 10; Agenda July 17; Cal July/Aug
 » #20 Agenda July 10th; Cal to July 20
 » #19 Notes June 26; Cal to July 15
 » #18 Notes June 19; Agenda June 26; Cal to July 15
 » #17 Notes June 12; Agenda June 19; Cal to June 30
 » #16 Notes June 5; Agenda June 12; Cal to June 25
 » #15 Notes May 29; Agenda June 5; Cal to June 17
 » #14 Agenda May 29; Cal to June 9
 » #13 Notes May 8/15; Cal to May 31
 » #12 Notes May 1; Agenda May 8; Cal to May 18
 » #11 Notes Apr 24; Cal to May 10
 » #10 Agenda Apr 24; Budget; Cal to May 2
 » #9 Notes Apr 10; Budget; Cal to Apr 30
 » #8 Notes Apr 3; Agenda Apr 10; Cal to Apr 23
 » #7 Notes Mar 27; Agenda Apr 3; Cal to Apr 9
 » #6 Notes Mar 20th; Agenda Mar 27th; Cal to Apr 2nd
 » #5 Ccl Mtg Summaries; Agenda Mar 20th; Cal to 25th
 » #4 News Feb 6th/13th; Cal to 19th
 » #3 Notes Jan 16th & 23rd; Cal to Feb 8th+
 » #2 Notes Jan 16th; Agenda 23rd; Cal to Feb 1st
 » #1 NOTES Jan 9th; Agenda 16th; Cal to 20th
2005 West Van Matters
 » #37 NOTES Dec 12th; Calendar to 31st (& peek at January)
 » #36 Ccl Agenda Dec 12; Calendar to 17th
 » #35 Ccl Notes Nov 21st & Dec 5th; Events to 14th
 » #34 Ccl Notes Nov 7th; Agenda Nov 21st; Events to 21st
 » #33 Ccl Agenda Nov 7th; Events to 12th+
 » #32 Oct 24 Ccl Mtg Notes; Events Nov 9th
 » #31 Oct 24 Ccl AGENDA; Events Oct 31th
 » #30 Oct 17 Ccl AGENDA; Events Oct 27th
 » #29 Oct 3rd Ccl Mtg NOTES; Calendar Oct 16th+
 » #28 Sep 26 Notes; Oct 3 Agenda; Events to Oct 11
 » #27 Sep 19 Notes; Sep 26 Agenda; Events to Oct 1
 » #26 Jan 24 Notes & Mtgs/Events to Feb 6
#25 Agenda Sept 12; Events to 18
#24 Calendar to 30th
#23 SMarr; Ev Dr; July 11th Agenda; Calendar July 17th
#22 Ev Dr; July 4th Agenda; Calendar July 10th
#21 Mtg June 20; Agenda 27th; Calendar to July 1st
 » #20 Summaries from May 16; Agenda June 20; Mtg
#19 Bulletin (BREAKING NEWS on Evelyn Drive)
#18 Notes (May 9) & Agenda (May 15)
 » #17 Notes (May 2) & Agenda (May 9)
 » #16 Notes (Apr 18)
 » #15 Notes & Agenda (Apr 18)
 » #14 Agenda (Apr 11)
 » #13 Agenda (Apr 4)
 » #12 Notes (Mar 21)
 » #11 Notes & Agenda (Mar 21)
 » #10 Notes & Agenda (Mar 14)
 » #09 Notes & Agenda (Mar 7)
 » #08 Notes & Agenda (Feb 28)
 » #07 Notes & Agenda (Feb 21)
 » #06 Notes & Agenda (Feb 14)
 » #05 Agenda (Feb 7)
 » #04 Notes (Jan 24)
 » #03 Notes & Agenda (Jan 24)
 » #02 Notes & Agenda (Jan 10)
 » #01 Agenda (Jan 10)
2004 December
 » 13 Dec Report
 » 13 Dec Agenda
 »   6 Dec Report
 »   6 Dec Agenda
2004 November
 » 22 Nov - 4 Dec
 »   1-18 Nov
 » 15-28 Nov

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WV Council 15 Dec 2014

2014 Nov 24 & Dec 1 Ccl NOTES; Dec 8, 15 AGENDAs; Calendar to Dec 17
NSEMO • Red Cross • Hollyburn Lodge • Ccl Review • Chickens • Inauguration

[PDF Version]


~~~ Christmas Lights and Carol Ships ~~~

= Ccl Mtg Main Items Dec 8: Public Hearing re RGS/RCS alignmt; NSh Waterfront Liaison Cmte; 2015 Utility Fees; RCS/RGS OCP amendmts; DVP 366 Keith; Devt Applicn List

= Main Items Dec 15: Q3 Operating Results; Budget Update; DRC ToR; Pitt Lands Subdiv; Masonic Hall; SAC

= Vive le Canada (former GG); from the Editor's Desk (WVM. ACMs); WVPD (Red Nose); Updates & Info (Carol Ships; Santa Claus Parade; LGH Volunteer Gift Wrappers; Pet Photo Days; Dundarave Festival of Lights)

= CALENDAR to Dec 17: CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Music; Christmas Market)

= HEADSUP 20A: Mtgs; Dec 8 main items; holiday activities; Dec 8 agenda

= CCL MTG NOTES Nov 24: NSEMO Update; Red Cross; Chief Election Ofcr's Report = Dec 1: Inauguration

= CCL MTG AGENDAs: Dec 8; Dec 15

= ANIMALWATCH (little piggies); INFObit (Daesh); ROYALWATCH (1497/Francis I); TREEWATCH (Arboristic Homicide); BEERWATCH (craft beers and extreme beers); WORDWATCH (Maiku); HERITAGEWATCH; MAIKU; QTNS/THOUGHTS/PUNS + The Borowitz Report

=== Vive le CANADA ===

Nov 30, 2014 - Former governor general Michaelle Jean has been named the first woman leader of la Francophonie!

=== from the EDITOR'S DESK ===

+ WVMs ~~ almost caught up! but this was supposed to come out Thursday.

+ ACMs ~~ Did say a review of the ACMs wd be in this issue but will do later. FYI though, ADRA's ACM the only one with the same number of opportunities for answers for each candidate. Rest lopsided.

=== WVPD ===

Call 604 619 0942 between 9pm and 3 am

for service on the North Shore or Bowen Island.


=== UPDATES & INFO ===

See the Carol Ships!

Check when they come by: http://www.carolships.org/s/SailingSchedule.asp

= Anticipating 300K at the Santa Claus Parade in Vancouver Sunday Dec 7!

= LGH call for Volunteer Holiday Gift Wrappers

Lions Gate Hospital Fdn is seeking volunteers for our Holiday Gift Wrap Ctr at PkR from Dec 6 - 24. All proceeds from the Wrap Ctr will help support the LGH NOW campaign to build a new Outpatient Care Ctr and a contemporary Atrium “ the new heart of LGH. Looking for friendly enthusiastic volunteers for four-hour shifts on weekdays and weekends.

More info: http://www.westvanchamber.com/page/news/ezlist_item_3265035a-ce71-4bad-be41-7d3f2068df8c.aspx#.VIS-mEuSJlI

= PET PHOTO DAYS at Park Royal

Tues Dec 9th ~~ 11am - 3pm & 4 - 7pm AND Tuesday December 16th ~~ 11am - 1pm & 2 - 5pm & 6 - 8pm

Pls refrain from bringing insects or reptiles. For more events: 922.3211 http://www.shopparkroyal.com

˜… Nov 29 - 10am to Jan 3 - 10am

The Dundarave Festival of Lights fills Dundarave Beach with beautifully-decorated trees sponsored by individuals, families, and businesses. Sponsorship raises funds for the Lookout Emergency Aid Society's North Shore Shelter, and the donations remain at work on the North Shore, and are used by the Lookout Society to fund its transitional services programs. Check out the events on our events calendar that happen each Saturday of the festival.

More information http://www.dundaravefestival.com All proceeds are donated to combat homelessness.

=== CALENDAR to December 17th ===

Mtgs at MHall unless otherwise indicated. Mtgs known at date of writing shown; often addns, changes, cancellations after WVM sent. Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/events. Anything too late/early for an issue are emailed to subscribers. [Headsup/Notices sent between issues. Subscribe! write subscribewvm@westvan.org]


See: http://www.westvan.org/glossary/

{Earlier info in Headsup section; not repeated here.}

=== Wednesday Dec 10 ~ 6pm ~ Library Board mtg at Library

=== Thursday Dec 11 ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte (no agenda posted yet)

~ 7pm ~ Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr Adv Cmte mtg at GCC

=== Friday Dec 12 ~ 9am ~ Cmnty Grants Cmte at Cmnty Ctr

=== Monday Dec 15 ~ 4pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte

+++ WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ 925 7400 See the Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/events/calendar/month

Only some of what's going on at our library!

> English Corner

Enjoy English conversation while making new friends. Fridays Dec 5, 12, and 19 from 10 “ 11:30am

> TAG Meeting

Make a difference! Teen Adv Group is a forum for West Van teens to have their say in teen collections and programming. Refreshments provided. Wednesday December 10 at 7pm

> Friday Night Concert “ Vancouver Bach Choir

The VBC returns, along with two guest soloists, to perform excerpts from Handel’s Messiah and a selection of traditional carols. Friday December 12 from 7:30 “ 8:45pm

> Sunday Afternoon Concert “ The Laudate Singers

Bring the whole family to this fun all-ages holiday concert. Sunday December 14 from 2 “ 3pm

> Festive Music in the Main Hall

A selection of both classical and popular music of the season, performed by pianist Jerri Mercer.

December 17 “ 19 from 2 “ 2:30pm

+++ WEST VAN MUSEUM +++ 925 7295 http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/exhibitions

September 17 - December 6 -- Harry & Jessie Webb: Artists in Vancouver’s Jazz Age



January 14 to March 7, 2015 Opening Reception: January 13 from 7 - 9pm

+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY +++ www.ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290

Great Stuff 2014 ~~~ November 14 - December 14

Gallery hours: Tue - Sun -- 10 am - 6 pm -- Open until 8 pm Fridays

+++ SILK PURSE +++ http://silkpurse.ca/exhibitions/ 925 7292

December 9 - 21 --- Gifted

Did you know that many of the volunteers who make the Silk Purse run smoothly are also gifted artists and artisans?

From painters to photographers, jewellers to installation artists, these dedicated volunteers deserve some time in the

spotlight! It is our honour to share their amazing talents with the cmni\ty they so greatly enrich. Visit this extraordinary

exhibition, and who knows, you might just find that perfect holiday gift amongst these works of art!

Opening reception: Tuesday December 9th from 2 - 4pm

+++ KAY MEEK CENTRE +++ http://www.kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar

Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 (also for tix) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com

PANDORA'S VOX & ESPIRITU PRESENT YEAR END IN VOICE Friday Dec 5 -- 8pm; Sat Dec 6 -- 2 & 7:30pm

A ROCK 'N' ROLL CHRISTMAS: BUDDY & THE KILLER IN... Tuesday December 9 -- 7:30PM


B3 KINGS Wednesday December 10 and Thursday December 11 -- 8:00PM



I SING ALONG WITH YOU Saturday December 13 -- 8:00PM

FILM: THE OVERNIGHTERS Sunday December 14 -- 2:00PM


+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, WV http://westvan60.com Ofc 922 3587 Lounge: 922 1920

> Every year Branch 60 collects non-perishable food items and accepts donations for the Harvest Food Bank.

This year we will be having a Holiday Gift Giveaway right before Christmas. We will draw raffle tickets that have been collected within the Lounge over the month of December. We will be giving away amazing Gift Baskets, Sports Equipment, Gift Certificates, Clothing, Delicious Foods, Drink, and many more amazing prizes. For your raffle tickets all you have to do is:

Bring in non-perishable items to the Branch during the month of December and/or make a donation to the Harvest Food Bank through the WV Legion. Receive Raffle Tickets for the items you donate. The more you donate, the more raffle tickets you earn. Raffle will be held on Saturday December 20th 6pm after the Meat Draw.

Win AMAZING Prizes - Gift Baskets “ Sports Equipment “ Beer & Wine “ Gift Certificates

Any questions, comments, or contributions, please call us at 922.1920

> SATURDAY DECEMBER 6th after the meat draw

Early Bird Draw: You could win 1 of 3 $50 IGA Gift Cards! Any member who paid their 2015 dues by November 30th could win!

> 7pm Friday Dec 12 KARAOKE

> Saturday December 13: Holiday Meat Draw 4:30pm; Christmas Dinner w/ live music 6pm

> 7pm Wed Dec 17 ~ General Mtg: installation of 2015 officers

+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com

In January, the Chamber is launching a series of 3 new Education for Business Workshops on topics of interest to local business owners, managers, and staff: Crowd Funding, Networking Skills, and Customer Service.

=== CULTUREWATCH === {those in Headsup sometimes not repeated here}

{NB: The VSun has many events, theatre, talks, book launches, and more -- below are some http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/listings/ }


+ Arts Club 687 1644 artsclub.com

- Avenue Q ~ adult puppet musical at Granville Island Stage -- to Jan 3

- Mary Poppins ~ musical at Stanley Industrial Stage -- to Jan 4

- A Twisted Christmas Carol ~ improvisational hilarious take on the Christmas favourite; Revue Stage to Dec 27

+ Presentation House (NV)

Actors capture the spirit of the season by Christine Lyon / NSN Dec 5

Jay Brazeau hosts Christmas show A Few of My Favourite Things, Dec 11 - 14 and 18 - 21.

Tix: $10-28, available at phtheatre.org or by calling the box office at 990 3474


+ The Cultch 251 1363 thecultch.com

Dylan Thomas: Return Journey -- Bob Kingdom's portrait of Thomas's last great lecture tour Dec 9 - 21

+ The Emerald (555 Gore Ave) 687 3005 sarabynoe.com

Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing -- 8pm Dec 9



The Forbidden City: Inside the Court of China's Emperors -- Oct 18 - Jan 11

200 rare treasures from Beijing's Palace Museum

Details and more events: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/special_events.html#eis


www.Caroun.net 1403 Bewicke Ave., NV 778 372 0765 (1 - 8 pm Pacific time)

Winter Group Exhibition 2014

December 2 - 14, from 6-10 pm (closed Mondays)Opening Reception: December 6, from 4 - 8pm Works by:Farhad Varasteh, Fatemeh Javadi, Fereshteh Shahani, Leila Akhtar Shomar, Leila Shokr Gozar,

Liyu Wu, Sahar Seyedi, Sara Arianpour & Yasaman Ebrahim zade


+ Vancouver Symphony Orchestra 876 3434 vancouversymphony.ca Brahms Orpheum 8pm Dec 6 and 8

+ PBO'S FULL SEASON: http://www.pacificbaroque.com/concert-schedule/

+ Friends of Chamber Music: The Takacs Quartet @ Playhouse [friendsofchambermusic.ca] Beethoven/Mozart ~ 8pm Dec 9


- Pacific Spirit Choir and Brass Ensemble: Christmas Carolong at WV United Church: 7:30 Dec 6; 2pm Dec 7

- Laudate Singers joined by an 18-piece baroque orchestra, at St Andrew's NV 3pm Dec 7

729 6814 laudatesingers.com

- Vancouver Bach Choir: afternoon of carols, seasonal works; Orpheum 696 4290 vancouverbachchoir.com 2pm Dec 7

- Vancouver Welsh Men's Choir: Candlelight Carols Christmas Concert at Centennial Theatre 7:30 Dec 12

878 1190 for other performances in lower mainland see: vwmc.ca


+ Opera Mariposa: Hansel and Gretel by Humperdynck operamariposa.com

VPL 3:30pm Dec 7; Vancouver Academy of Music 7:30pm Dec 11


December 3 -- IN THIS ISSUE

Oodles -- local art, dance, books, music, etc -- some from Alliance for Arts and Culture below:

Having trouble viewing this message? Click to view it in your browser


New Report on Arts & Cultural Workers in Canadian Municipalities: Hill Strategies Research has released a report examining the number, incomes, and demographic characteristics of artists and cultural workers by M size.

Dance: Performance from Ballet BC.

General: Announcements from Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, The Dance Centre, Vancouver International Children's Festival, Ferry Building Gallery, PTC, and VanDop & Associates. 

Interdisciplinary: News from the Chutzpah! Festival and PuSh Festival. 

Vancouver Heritage Foundation:Supporting the conservation of heritage buildings and structures. (November 28)

Book News:The Vancouver Writers Fest offers a compendium of literary events around town and links to reviews and articles of interest. (November 27)

* CHRISTMAS MARKET at QET Plaza till Dec 24

+++ HEADSUP 20A +++ 4 December, 2014 2:17:52 AM PST Dec 1/Mtgs/Dec 8 AGENDA

Is it really December already???

Pls note -- the ULWG mtg Th Dec 4 is in WVM20 but have learned it's been cancelled.

Chamber's Christmas party is still on though!

Added since WVM20 went out: 

=  2pm Dec 4 at the Orpheum: VSO: Americana featuring Bernstein and Copland (876 3434; vancouversymphony.ca)

=  10am - 5pm, Dec 4 - 6 at VPL; used books Christmas Sale (331 4049, friendsofthevpl.ca)


the main items for the ccl mtg Dec 8; some Holiday Activities (Christmas tree lighting!); 

{the Mayor's remarks Dec 1; Dec 8 agendas; QTP + AnimalWatch (little piggies) --> moved to below}


= PH to amend OCP re Regional Context Statement [RCS]

= NSh Waterfront Liaison Cmte, re Overview of Projects and Initiatives

= DVP Applicn 366 Keith Rd (two-storey accessory bldg built without permit?)

= Utility Fees

= Proposed OCP Amendment re RCS

= Active Devt Applicns Status List


There are a number of holiday related events in West Vancouver this month:

Gift Sales Holiday Artisan Festival  ~ 11am - 4pm ~ Sat, Dec 6 only; Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr

Christmas Tree Sales Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club  Nov 29 “ Dec 21  Ambleside Park Parking Lot

   Foot of 13th St; Weekdays 12 - 8pm, Weekends 10am “ 8pm

Scouts  Nov 22 - Dec 23 PkR South, Marine & TWay (new locn this year, at the old White Spot)

Weekdays 12 - 8pm  Weekends 9am - 6pm

Warm Clothing Drive

Drop off new or gently used items for adults and children in the collection bins at the WV Cmnty Ctr, Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr, & Srs' Activity Ctr, and we'll distribute them to NSh agencies, including the Salvation Army, Harvest Project, and the Lookout Society, for individuals in need. Winter boots; Warm, waterproof coats; Warm socks

Donate for a Good Paws

The SPCA needs some help this winter! Make a donation to help equip the shelter, check out items they need, and drop off at the WVSPCA, or at MHall, Bylaw Services. Details http://www.spca.bc.ca/branches/westvancouver/support/giks.html

Holiday Events and Programs

Many things to do this holiday season, from camps for kids, free concerts, Christmas tree lighting on the Great Lawn, to parties and benefits. Find these and more in the guide: http://westvancouverrec.ca/holidayhappenings


--->  Preparing this Headsup this afternoon was frustrated when, seeing this, I cdn't find the time and worried

there was a conflict with the totem-raising, etc in H Bay.  I saw this, but no time for the Christmas tree lighting!


The West Vancouver Community Centres Society invites you to the annual Christmas tree lighting on the Great Lawn. We’ll have a tree ornament craft table for the kids, and the North Shore Celtic Ensemble will spread some cheer with music and carolling! After the tree lighting, join us for a free skate from 6:15 “ 7:45 p.m., or free swim from 6:30 “ 8 p.m. with the donation of a non-perishable food item for the food bank.

West Vancouver Community Centre



All Ages


Dec 5




4:30 - 6 p.m.


Maybe I'll tell the whole story another time but suffice to say I called the Hall to see where the info was b/c I'd missed it.  A v helpful staff mbr (Tanya) showed me the four clicks to get to some info but I was concerned residents wdn't be able to wind their way since I cdn't have.  One answer she got was not enough room.  I suggested perhaps having a separate holiday calendar then.  Anyway, she and her colleague took over, saying that they'd have it fixed in an hour or two.

It's now on the main calendar:


Dec 5, 2014 - 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Location: Great Lawn, Community Centre, 2121 Marine Drive

The West Vancouver Community Centres Society invites you to the annual Christmas tree lighting on the Great Lawn. We’ll have a tree ornament craft table for the kids, and the North Shore Celtic Ensemble will spread some cheer with music and carolling! After the tree lighting, join us for a free skate from 6:15 “ 7:45 p.m., or free swim from 6:30 “ 8 p.m. with the donation of a non-perishable food item for the food bank.


but no time given -- assume it's 4:30?


To promote cmnty cohesion and shared experiences, why not have someone coördinating special events so there are no conflicts?  Actually I thought there was one (or someone whose responsibility wd seem to include that).  Not necessarily to involve approval, rather schedule times so no conflicts.  How can we get to both? don't want to miss any WV fun!

It's holiday season -- let's have fun! ===================================================================================================================

> MAYOR SMITH'S REMARKS at INAUGURAL MTG , Dec 1 {moved to Dec 1 notes below}

> AGENDAS Monday Dec 8

NB: it's late and I won't spend more time re fonts and formatting -- apologies -- but think you can still read it :-)

{moved to section in newsletter and formatted!}


Pls note, a bit rushed...

Re transcripts: ... (gap); xxx (words missing); &&& (noteworthy; shd get); timestamps so you can find the part on the video to listen to entire bit. NB: unless I know the person, names are best guesses. In any case, herewith more of what went on than you ever see in the ccl minutes. :-)

ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS, INITIALISMS puzzling you? See: http://www.westvan.org/glossary

Revised on November 21, 2014:

¢ To add a presentation to Item 9.2 regarding Ambleside Activation Progress to Date and Next Steps; and

¢ To add a report to Item 9.3 regarding Residential Recycling Service “ Resident Survey Findings


b/c (e) the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality; and

(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality.

Purpose of meeting: land and legal matters.


1. Call to Order.

Mayor: last mtg of this Ccl; ends Nov 30

2. Approval of Agenda

amended by: withdrawing Item 3 re adoption of ccl minutes deferred to Dec 8 mtg;

adding to Item 6 report re civic election;

adding to Item 7 re liquor licence applcn

3. Adoption of Minutes 

Information to be provided. {WHY?, as in so late}


1. the minutes of the Oct 20 sp/reg Ccl mtgs and PH and Nov 3 sp/reg Ccl mtgs be adopted as circulated; and

2. the Summary of the Oct 20, PH re Proposed Zoning ... 2010, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4805, 2014) be approved.


4. D. Mason, NSh Emergency Mgmt Ofc (NSEMO), re NSh Emergency Mgmt Update (File: 0180-16)

Mayor: Dorrit Mason

DM: tri-M org; formed in 1978 when apparent we live in earthquake territory and bridges cd fail.

Emergency Plan Bylaw follows BC Govt Act

hazards and risks; recently major rain storm

understand; mitigation -- you're taking steps to deal with foreshore

preparing; training and exercises, plans NSh-wide SLIDES

NSh Crisis Communications plan

Interface Wildfire Working Group -- bring together; working relationships; Red Cross

Earthquake drill, drop and cover

response and recovery; can activate our emergency operations ctr

Nov 3 and 4 did -- prov and fed

structure in place; lent us cots

Mayor, you're in this picture; you also have a role; leadership continues...

volunteers, many support us; relationship with NGOs; staff in the field or in emerg ops ctr; we are public servants; all have a role to support our cmnties

Mayor: must have been a real bad emergency with the dour look on my face


DM: that was during our exercise last year; you came [on] a tour, and in fact I'd like to invite you all to come on our exercise as well

Most importantly it's about the ppl that we serve -- SLIDE is of 2006 when windstorm, we opened up an evacuation ctr (Seascapes)...

a prepared cmnty recovers better, we've seen this

become personally prepared, think of who depends on you; take one step further -- what have I done to prepare for that?

leave you with one thought; disasters always happen; disasters are always a disaster

Emerg Mgmt help us become more disaster resilient.

Sop: the av citizen wd be on his own for 72 hours.

DM: correct

Sop: Fire Dept meet with apt residents and ask them to be sure to have disaster kit

great work you've done prepares diff services to go into action

what is done getting the word out to the families?

DM: tyvm for raising that. Really important all citizens prepared for a min of 72 hours b/c if we have a major disaster/earthquake is b/c bldgs are going to be collapsed. We'll be struggling to find out where are resources are and prioritize responses. Will be completely overwhelming for response services, so critical citizens be prepared to look after themselves

We provide public awareness training, we have two courses coming up -- Dec 1st and Dec 3rd -- attend if you're available in the evening. We also have information on our website; social media an important component to get info out.

hi rise dwellers an area we need to focus on; have a new co-ordinator for them and dog-walkers, another group.

broader responsibility to bldg mgmt.

Sop: may be provincial; recently a flood and some funds

a few years ago a disaster and no funds available

what is the disaster level that it wd be considered for help rather than citizens on their own?

DM: the Disaster Financial Assistance that was offered/available for Nov 3/4 was b/c "overland flooding" and you can't buy insurance so the prov made available up to $300K per prop owner, depending on their assessment.

b/c an uninsurable loss

Sop: is a creek overflow by debris something an individ homeowner insure against?

DM: we cannot as a homeowner purchase anything for overland flooding, and that wd be if a debris-flow caused the "over-topping' of a creek that wd be what wd happen

Sop: it was a creek flood and went over the road into five homes, no recourse for provincial funding through NSEMO; quick question then

Mayor: Cclr Booth

MAB: Emerg Response Personnel and BC Hydro

burying more lines? wd that protect them

DM: don't know about that

Fire Depts act differently

Sop: Dorrit brought in more changes; credit 

MOTION: received for information, with thanks.


5. Presentation by Red Cross of Certificate of Appreciation to Council

Christopher Libby: thank you for opp to be here tonight; extend our thanks

oldest and largest humanitarian aid organization in the world

2500 volunteers in BC ~ 60 in WV

respond ev 4 hours somewhere in Canada

int'l and also with NSEMO

auxiliary to govt; opp to fill in the gaps between Ms

trained over 6K in First Aid 2M+ in water safety

free access to disability xxx with script from a doctor -- crutches, at 77 locns across BC

242K pieces of equipment free of charge; ofc here in WV and NV

immigration; translation 76 (86?) languages; assistance to refugees

I chair the Ebola emergency advance team in BC

Cdn Red Cross one of the largest contributors xxx  [7:25] 18 in

bulk of medical treatment

in the midst of a large fundraising in response to this medical crisis; continue over next six wks

add by Apr 1st to combat this disease

here to thank WV for its support

in schools and in District

Mayor (holding it up): here's the certificate

Sop: may I ask a question -- re blood services

Ans: Cdn Red Cross no longer in the blood biz, interested in keeping it inside of you

MOTION: ... for continued support of their programs be received for information, with thanks. [7:28]

Mayor: want to announce; Hollyburn Lodge and Whyte Lake

$800K in the bank; many have collaborated; HRA; add'l $300K required

anyone wishing to donate -- to WV Fdn


Brent: sev put their shoulders to this

jt funding arrangement, will bring back to Ccl; cmnty use agreement

ensure long-term use; two-season basis

thank you for bringing that to our attention 

stand up, don't be shy; Jackie Swanson: named [8:31] ..., Bobby Swain, Don Grant, ...


6. Chief Election Officer’s Report regarding 2014 General Local Election

Information to be provided.

Smith acclaimed for second time

Sheila just had rough notes; see slides and http://westvancouver.ca/government/2014-general-local-election

7. Eagle Harbour Yacht Club Liquor Primary Licence Application

Information to be provided.

Bylaw Ofcr Almas [7:34]

ML: just in reading the report; [point out] this is not a public bar, for mbrs and guests only

closer other HBay, no it's Hugo's Bar

[read conditions]

Person: ... did you want me to

Mayor: not that we're not pleased to have you here

Ccl Sop, no questions 

can hardly believe {[7:36] get exact wording}

Sop: ?

Ans: weddings can serve guests

Sop: weddings of mbrs

CC: you said and can confirm not violations, Ms Almas?

ANS: right; track record shows handled well and got confirmation from WV Police

Mayor: our Bylaw Dept has been front and ctr recently; wd be good to have a presentation in the new year

timely to do that; another excuse to have you back to our ccl mtg.

8. Presentation “ Current Term Accomplishments (File: 0120-01)

Information to be provided.

{As a result of my request for a copy of her comments, Nina sent her PowerPoint slides; since these are in a proprietary format, my resident webnerd converted them to a PDF file you can download: http://westvan.org/docs/201412A.pdf }


honour to present a summary of the last three years

[7:40] worth noting this particular Ccl extremely engaged, responsible 

acted with honesty and integrity in all decision-making

come to Ccl with diff perspectives, robust

always held the long-term view

clarified vision and mission

five fairly definitive priorities wanted to see unfold over next five? years

PSB, etc [7:42]

brought one of the divisional work plans

five-yr financial plan bylaw; three years sounds like a long time but passed quickly

ONE PSB -- on track for Dec 2017 completion

purchase prop [7:43]

TWO Amb/Waterfront Devt

TREE Housing and Nbrhd Character

FOUR M Services and Finances; cmnty engagement

FIVE Envmt, Parks, and Upper Lands; Whyte Lake; foreshore plan

Ccl Engagement, list of cmtes, this Ccl's

Operational Achievements SLIDE [7:50]

impact this Ccl has had

perseverance, diligence, good work.... legacy

on behalf of cmnty and District, thanks to all

Mayor: too bad we don't have a champagne toast


Mayor: pull 9.2 and 9.3

9.1. NSh Emergency Mgmt Ofc (NSEMO) Report re NSh Downed Power Line Protocol

RECOMMENDED: be received for information.

9.2. Ambleside Activation Update (File: 2520-01)

Information to be provided.

9.3. Residential Recycling Service (File: 1776-01)

Information to be provided.

9.4. Correspondence List (File: 0120-24) (click here to view correspondence packages)

> Council Correspondence Update to October 24, 2014 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) October 17, 2014, regarding “By-laws-West Vancouver

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

(2) Saint Anthony’s School, Oct 22, 2014, Invitation to School Remembrance Day Service (November 10, 2014)

(Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response)

(3) October 24, 2014, regarding “Fwd: Soccer practice ending at 9:00 for 13 years old [sic] boys

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(4) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes: Memorial Library Board “ September 17, 2014

(5) Min of Cmnty, Sport, and Cultural Devt, Oct 23, re Update on Prov Commitments Made at 2014 UBCM Convention

(6) Township of Spallumcheen, October 23, 2014, re “Concerns Regarding Smart Meters

(7) October 22, 2014, re “Simple fixes for complex problems “ proposed residential building code changes

> Council Correspondence Update to October 31, 2014 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) Oct 26, re “Bulk housing proposed changes taking to [sic] long (Draft Zoning ..., Amdmt Bylaw No. 4817, 2014)

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

(2) October 27, 2014, re Complaint about New Construction

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

(3) October 28, 2014, re “Garbage

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)


(Draft Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4817, 2014)

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(5) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes:

Gleneagles Community Centre Advisory Committee “ February 13 and March 13, 2014;

{getting the Feb minutes in November??? What are the guidelines?}

Community Grants Committee “ April 11, 2014; 

Community Engagement Committee “ September 8, 2014

(6) Sept 27, re Marine Transport on the Strait of Georgia and Woodfibre LNG Proposal for LNG Plant in Howe Sound

(7) 2 submissions, dated October 29 - 30, 2014, re West Vancouver Citizens for Good Government

(8) October 30, 2014, re “Another 3rd party report of out of control spending

(9) October 30, 2014, re “EXPECTATIONS after over 100 penalty tickets (Collingwood School Construction)

(10) October 30, 2014, re “Fwd: Mr. DeBelle's Letter and Recommendations to Mayor and Council

> Council Correspondence Update to November 7, 2014 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) October 16, 2014, re Outdoor Music at Park Royal South

(Referred to Director of Lands, Bylaws, First Nations, and Legal Affairs for consideration and response)

(2) October 29, 2014, re “Re: Soccer practice ending at 9:00 for 13 years old [sic] boys

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(3) November 3, 2014, re “Garbage cans

(Referred to Chief Financial Officer for consideration and response)

(4) November 4, 2014, re Garbage Cans

(Referred to Chief Financial Officer for consideration and response)

(5) Cdn Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), Nov 5, 2014, re Results of CFIB Municipal Finance Reports

(Referred to Chief Financial Officer for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(6) November 2, 2014, regarding “Halloween Fireworks

(7) City of North Vancouver, October 23, 2014, re “Kinder Morgan Trans-Mountain Project

(8) Union of BC Ms (UBCM), October 29, 2014, re “GAS TAX AGREEMENT CMNTY WORKS FUND PAYMENT

(9) Hon. M. Polak, Minister of Environment, October 31, 2014, re 2014 UBCM Convention

(10) Hon. S. Cadieux, Minister of Children and Family Devt, November 3, 2014, re “Adoption AwarenessMonth

(11) North Shore Keep Well Society, October 31, 2014, re “NSh Keep Well Society 2014 Newsletters

(12) November 1, 2014, regarding “Please order this book, get informed!

(13) November 2, 2014, regarding “Fw: Marc Eliesen Withdraws from NEB

Responses to Correspondence

(14) Sr Mgr of Parks, October 29, response re “Re: Soccer practice ending at 9:00 for 13 years oldboys [sic]

(15) Director/Planning, November 7, 2014, response to Craig Chevalier Designs, Proposed Building Bylaws

10. No items. {9.2 and 9.3 pulled}


Sokol: SLIDES  ... pathway ... [7:58] heritage ... much good news here!!! ... enhance N-S streets

importance of Sailing Club

16 initiatives SLIDES

Godfrey house demolished, converted to a waterfront park

2015 Work Plan

Sop: good discussion, so that's the honey I'll give you

finally accepted Amb as the town ctr; scratch head and wonder why; enlarges biz dist; brought out in RGS being brought out [in two weeks]

still don't have a vision of what Amb shd look like; what shd it look like? what is the theme? shd not be a town ctr

precinct? 14 to 1900 block

shd we not have four sites over four storeys?

Mayor: perhaps let Mr Sokol answer that

Sokol: WG came out with a report, strategies; many initiatives we're working on now

laid out streetscape, working with biz assns, also signif rezoning of Amb

moved forward on a number of fronts, look fwd, so working with public adnsss????

Sop: what is the signif we're doing to  [8:03]

yet no..... 

there's no master plan for Amb

that's my point &&&

CAO: in 2015, staff will be working with

visualization plan, as to what is incorporated in that plan

this is a work in progress

NG:  a Q wrt Hollyburn Sailing Club -- asked about it during the last four weeks

now here, when ppl start to read this -- says about recomm retaining it in a diff locn

what can we say as to what's actually happening

Sokol: yes, there are next steps

one of the few water-dependent uses on the waterfront

1 HSC located such that can't have a walkway along waterfront

2 Bldg ~50 years old, perhaps replacement; ? at same time, where cd be sited

waterfront planning is from 13th to Millennium Park

MAB: to follow up on Cclr Sop's point

follow up on reticulation; a cpl of pieces that need to come together

alluded to two reports, done study and analysis, ABA and BIA: first Q working with current owners critical -- what are the first steps

Sokol: working with the ABA, a mailing to prop owners in the commercial district -- what goals are, what do, achieve prop improvements......

MAB: excellent; looking at CAC policy and funds from 1300; you've looked at clarifying CACs

Sokol: CACs in flux

when rezoning, based on Uplift, 75% of uplift of 

in Amb? based on add'l sqft -- more in line with &&& want it to be [8:09]

working with our solicitors as to what is the best practice in the prov and around the prov

{Let's hope Ccl asks residents' opinions too!

Heard of a devpr offering CACs, all of wch wd enhance his own devt!}

MAB: again getting to back to Sop

differentiate PkR, Amb

any other vision around that focus

how CAAD is going to move forward

Sokol: if we were to go toe-to-toe with PkR we'd lose miserably

arts and culture {GET THIS}

we have a waterfront and that's a huge advantage &&&

MAB: excellent

maybe taking some of Cclr Cameron's thunder; around implementation, shd hv concrete plan

xxx? waterfront planning is promen? of 2015 plan

Spirit Trail

Sokol: perhaps Mr Fung

Mayor: though part of 2015 wk plan

RF: notion eventually vehicular traffic will be removed from Argyle

eventual locn on Argyle

challenges: accessibility to Sailing Club, residences

if notion re Argyle, how they will be served

Mayor: Cclr Sop

Sop: I've said my bit

Mayor: move motion



NG: many out there

6,800 letters to random sample

179 residents in WV responded and 2/3 live in sgl-fam homes

response: vast majority prefer local M control over xxx

and if glass has to be collected separately, prefer curbside colln and maj willing to pay for this add'l fee

$25 a year wd be acceptable

moving forward; anyone not wanting, get in touch with Engg Dept; going forward next year

RF: in May this year, fed govt moved resp to non xxx MMBC

trying to figure out....

M move out of colln entirely

three Ms got together; statistically signif survey; staff will take those findings, hope to bring motions to Ccl

if M decides to maintain control; how to maintain and charge for them

do take this as direction so Ccl can look forward to a staff report in the near future

11. Reports from Mayor and Councillors on Boards, Committees, and Working Groups [8:17]

Mayor: anyone have a report, Cclr MAB

MAB: Cclr G had her hand up first ...

Mayor: take queue, Cclr Sop

Sop: 752 at DRC, been several times

Nov 28 Operation Red Nose starts -- out partying, give us a call

Mayor: give out the ph no

Sop: I'm so on the ball, haven't the ph no


NG: several? ACMs I've been attending

great way to lose 10 or 12 pounds, don't recommend it [8:20]

fairly strong mandate to respect nbrhds, and our natural envmt

careful with devt and our finances

MAB: b/c last mtg, thank Ms Leemhuis for report and left one off; she didn't put herself on the list

said during the campaign [8:20]

hard work of our Legislative Clerk and team; same number of hours as candidates; ... thank

look fwd to welcoming new colleague Christine Cassidy   [8:21]

Mayor: can you move receipt

MAB: yes

12. Public Questions/Comments

> Diamond Karim (Eden Place, re Maison):  my colleague ... six minutes


all familiar with Milliken devt

SLIDE -- our homes are v near the memory care facility and we are directly affected; ... fences

can resolve this with mtg with the devt and not involving the Ccl

Sept? 21st

stated as follows, from Aug

happy to work with

devpr responsible for building the fences

after receiving this from Ms Berg; after speaking with Mr Milliken -- no consultation will be entertained

req to discuss two items; Milliken contrary to Ms Berg's -- no consultation

second; my understanding no reqmt to preserve your fences

we wd prefer work with us -- 1 replace trees for screening

2 fences

3 thought? wd happen before construction

Mr Franks in favour; xxx

Mayor: think Mr Sokol will take this under advisement

Sokol: first I've heard of it

DK: Ms Berg was &&&

> Kaylee???? (re chickens): live in HBay

Plymouth Rock chicken

found it was against the bylaws; [was] legal eight chickens in -- no roosters or backyard slaughter

a lot of ppl have

WV doesn't have a lot of farmland but have backyards, big enough for chickens

NV can, why not we? reinstate the bylaw

raccoons &&&; my nbrs are xxx

pls let me know of xxxx

Mayor: think Ms L you kept this for our

CAO: I did for 2015,  &&&

Sop: I come from a long line of hen huggers

we had pigeons, fed them, they flew away and came back after winter

you wd know, each bird has a different "personality"?

think nature shd take its course

good denominator for chicken-lovers; once allowed in WV; always in support

shall leave you with the call

bawk, bak bak baaawk!

Mayor: ...

NG: don't think I can xxx as well as Cclr Sop

allowed till 2008, at same time allowed in Vanc

Bear Network group came saying that coops an attractant to bears

NV have reversed now; don't believe an attractant; may want to consult them

recently passed NShFood Charter, also a check in your favour

{tiny applause}

Sop: go Haley shop xxx xxx  ?

X (another youngster): my name is Ka {?}

bears, those ppl not going to stand against it now; if coop kept clean, won't

thank you

My name is .... Cree

some reasons -- they're fun; when bored can go hang out with them; know what you're feeding them

don't need to any more b/c xxx

can learn how to care for little xxx

know where food comes from; know how to raise your own food; if there's a food shortage, at least have eggs

we have honeybees and we grow vegetables

I also xxx

bunch of ppl's signatures -- ppl want chickens

have some honey! handing it out

{he gave to mbrs of Ccl; he also gave me a button with a chicken on it}

thank you for listening to our presentation

Mayor: thank you for making it


Mayor: as Ms L said, will be looked at 

delegation from 1872 Fulton

Nolene Lu: xxx 1996; great for us to come here and we had chickens

about having chickens in our back yards; eggs are bigger than normal; eggs diff colours; taste good; fresh, not like two weeks ago

source of protein; organic; we know what they are eating; choose what type of food

cheap or exp organic ones; great for presents and sharing birthdays and sp occasions

fun, pretty gentle, nice to have as pets

teach us as self-sufficiency

cost; good for worms; chickens will eat scraps from compost; keep out of landfill

MOTHER: know can build safely, no more than nets prevents rats, [not?] letting in    ???

the coop we had had a green roof

hope you will consider bring back

Mayor: well done


CC: kids don't understand a 2015 work plan, can you give us a date?

NL, CAO: turning on me what I do to staff

meeting tomorrow to go over that plan; sev depts going over

commit to Sept 30 Mark Chan okay with that

Audience: May 1st wd be better

CAO: bit ... but we will if we can

Sop: thanks to you and to staff; workload never stops

13. Adjournment [8:41]

===== CCL MTG NOTES December 1st =====



Madam Justice Laura Gerow swore in the elected and re-elected Mayor and Council Members.


Madam Justice Laura Gerow swore in Mayor Smith as the Chair of the West Vancouver Police Board.


Councillor Soprovich was appointed Acting Mayor for December 2014 and January 2015.


Mayor Smith was appointed to the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors.


1. As a means of expediting the transactions of the business of The Corporation of the DWV, it was resolved that Mayor Smith

and CFO Michael Koke, of The Corporation, are authorized to sign The Corporation’s cheques in any capacity and are

hereby authorized to adopt and use Cheque Printing Software and Electronic Signature Reproduction for the purpose of

affixing their signatures to cheques drawn upon the depositories of the funds of The Corporation; and

2. The bank was authorized and directed to honour, pay, and charge to the account of The Corporation, any and all cheques

signed and completed in the manner herein before described with the electronic signature, of which specimens or

impressions are furnished to it with a certified copy of this resolution, regardless of howsoever or by whomsoever the said

electronic signature for impressions are affixed.


Mayor Smith: I am looking forward to the next four years with this team. To be successful we will need to draw on the talents of all of us. From Councillor Soprovich, a man of few words but when he does speak, he does so with the experience of 18 years on Council, to Councillor Cassidy who brings enthusiasm and her business background, we will be seven people committed to doing our best for our community. We are fortunate to be supported by a fine staff who Nina Leemhuis assures me thrive on hard work and getting results.

In business, successful organizations focus on their products and services but most importantly, their customers. We will do well to deliver excellent programs and services effectively and efficiently but most importantly, listen to our residents.

There are many challenges ahead -- a new building beside this Hall to provide a secure home for our Police Dept. and address some of our other space issues: what to do with the Coastal Health property, our Upper lands, and our other District properties. How do we realize the potential for our Ambleside waterfront properties and how can we use this plan to re-energize our Ambleside commercial District, which like our other villages needs focus, ideas, and help from this Council.

An immediate challenge we will have to address is the desire in the community for new policies covering house size and design. People take pride in their neighbourhoods and want to retain those qualities that attracted them to live there. How this can happen while still respecting the right of owners to redevelop their property will be a difficult task but one that can best be achieved by respecting and listening to all points of view. I look forward to this process beginning shortly.

There are many Council Committees, Working Groups, and Boards that we will be represented on in West Vancouver as well as at the Metro level. These are excellent opportunities for us to both hear from the public and make sure the interests of our citizens are advanced. I am sure this group of seven will do this well.

I’ve said enough, please join us at the West Vancouver Museum for reception.



===== CCL MTG AGENDA Dec 8th =====

= 6pm SPECIAL CCL MTG (closed)

b/c (a) personal info about an identifiable individ who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee, or agent of the M or another position appointed by the M; and

(k) negotiations and related discussions re the proposed provision of a M service that are at their prelim stages and,

in the view of the ccl, cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the M if they were held in public.

Purpose of meeting: matters re personnel and the proposed provision of a M service.


Note: At 7pm, the PH; the reg Ccl mtg will follow immediately. 



Proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4797, 2014 (to amend the OCP to incorporate minor revisions based on cmnty and agency input in order to update WV’s Regional Context Statement to align with “Metro Vancouver: 2040, MetroV’s Regional Growth Strategy) (File: 1610-20-4797) 

The Director of Planning, Land Devt and Permits will describe the subject application. 

Applicant: The Corporation of the District of West Vancouver 

Subject Land: All lands within West Vancouver 

Purpose: The proposed bylaw would amend the OCP to update WV’s Regional Context Statement to align with “Metro Vancouver: 2040, the new Regional Growth Strategy. 

Proposed OCP Bylaw Amendment: WV’s current Regional Context Statement was adopted in June 2004, as a required component of the OCP. It is contained within the “Framework for Action section of the OCP, and describes how our municipal plan supports the strategies of Metro Vancouver’s 1996 Livable Region Strategic Plan.

In 2011, the MetroV Regional Bd adopted a new Regional Growth Strategy, titled “Metro Vancouver: 2040. Under the LGA, the District is required to adopt a revised Regional Context Statement to demonstrate municipal alignment with the Regional Growth Strategy. This type of amendment is administrative in scope in that it does not propose any substantive change in local policy. 

If adopted, the proposed Amendment Bylaw wd amend the “Framework for Action section of the OCP by replacing the existing Regional Context Statement with an updated one, comprised of the following: 

1. A revised narrative statement; 

2. A statement of compliance between the policies of the OCP and the Regional Growth Strategy; 

3. A new Regional Land Use Designations Map (showing applicable regional land use designations w/in WV);&

4. A new Transportation and Goods Movement Map. 

The Regional Context Statement describes how existing District policies are (or will be made) consistent with the Regional Growth Strategy; and what additional policies will be required to address regional planning objectives, via the next OCP update starting in 2015. 



1) Reports received up to and including November 27, 2014:




Official Community Plan Amendment “ Regional Context Statement 

May 21, 2014 

June 16, 2014 


Official Community Plan Amendment “ Regional Context Statement 

October 15, 2014 

November 3, 2014 


Additional Information Regarding Proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4797, 2014 

November 3, 2014 

November 3, 2014 


2) Written submissions received up to and including November 27, 2014:   {none}



If there is no further public input and Council does not request a further staff report: 

RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and oral submissions be received and that the public hearing be closed

OR  If Council requests a further staff report: 

RECOMMENDED: THAT staff report back to Council re the Dec 8 PH re proposed OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4797, 2014 and that the PH be adjourned to ____________________. (date, time, and location) 

Council members are not permitted to receive further submissions once the public hearing is closed.


1. Call to Order.

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Adoption of Minutes -- Meeting minutes and public hearing summary report to be provided.


1. the minutes of the Oct 20, 2014 sp and reg Ccl mtgs and PH, Oct 27 sp and reg Ccl mtgs, Nov 3 sp and reg Ccl mtgs, and Nov 24 sp and reg Ccl mtgs be adopted as circulated; and

2. the Summary of the Oct 20 PH re Proposed Zoning Amdmt Bylaw (housekeeping amendments; general amendments to the Zoning Bylaw that are not related to housing bulk, are technical in nature, and that do not propose any new policy directions) be approved.


4. North Shore Waterfront Liaison Committee, regarding Overview of Projects and Initiatives (File: 0055-01)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided.   To be received for information, with thanks.


5. Development Variance Permit Application No. 12-081 for 366 Keith Road

At the Nov 3 reg mtg Ccl rec'd the report dated Oct 15 re DVP Applicn for 366 Keith Rd and set the date for consideration for December 8, 2014.

Reports received up to and including November 27, 2014:





DVP (366 Keith Road)

October 15, 2014

Nov 3 / Dec 8, 2014


Written Submissions received up to and including November 27, 2014: To view all written submissions click here





May 14, 2013



September 23, 2014




RECOMMENDED: be received for information.

RECOMMENDED: DVP 366 Keith, wch wd allow for an existing two-storey accessory bldg to be retained, be denied

OR If Council wishes a further staff report: 

RECOMMENDED: THAT staff report back to Council  to allow Council to make a determination

6. Proposed 2015 Council Meeting Schedule (File: 0120-01)

Information to be provided.

7. Metro Vancouver Committees for 2015 “ Recommendations for Appointments (File: 0185-01)

Information to be provided.

8. Proposed Waterworks Regulation ... 2006, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4819, 2014 (Water Utility Fees for 2015)


Water Utility fees be increased for 2015 to the amounts set out in Schedule A ... be read a first, second and third time.

9. Proposed Sewer and Drainage Utility Fee ..., 2007, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4820, 2014 (Sewer and Drainage Utility Fees for 2015) (File: 1610-20-4820)


Sewer Utility fees be increased for 2015 to the amounts set out in Schedule A ... be read a first, second and third time.


10. Proposed OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4797, 2014 (Regional Context Statement)

NOTE: Each reading of an OCP bylaw must receive an affirmative vote of a majority of all Ccl mbrs (4) in order to proceed (LGA, s. 882).

The proposed bylaw received first reading at the Nov 3 reg Ccl mtg and Ccl scheduled a PH re the proposed bylaw to be held on Dec 8. If the Dec 8 PH has closed the proposed bylaw may be considered for second and third reading at the Dec 8 reg Ccl mtg. If the PH has closed Ccl is not permitted to receive any further submissions regarding the proposed bylaw.

RECOMMENDED: be read a second time. RECOMMENDED: be read a third time.


11. Consent Agenda Items

11.1. Active Development Applications Status List (to November 19, 2014)(File: 1010-01) 

RECOMMENDED: be received for information.

11.2. Correspondence List (File: 0120-24)  (click here to view correspondence packages)

> Council Correspondence Update to November 21, 2014 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) November 17, 2014, regarding � budget question

(Referred to Chief Financial Officer for consideration and response)

(2) November 17, 2014, regarding Public Outdoor Tennis Courts

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(3) S. Slater, November 17, 2014, regarding “Public Correspondence

(Referred to Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)

(4) November 17, 2014, regarding “Reply? (Traffic and Park Royal)

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(5) November 13, 2014, regarding “Please consider implications (Privatization of Municipal Services)

(6) MetroV, Nov 13, 2014, re “Summary of European Delegate Recycling and Solid Waste Management Presentations


(8) HUB: Your Cycling Connection, November 12, 2014, regarding “HUB Bicycle Bulletin “ November 2014

(9) 2 submissions, Nov 14, 2014, re “Bike Lane for the north side of Keith Road between Taylor Way and 11th Street

(10) November 14, 2014, regarding “Collingwood School Dirty Footprints (Collingwood School Construction)

(11) 2 submissions, undated “ Nov 8, 2014, re Eagle Harbour Yacht Club “ Liquor-Primary Club Licence Application

(12) 8 submissions, undated, regarding Language in Signage and Advertisements

(13) Table Matters, November 20, 2014, regarding “Table Matters Newsletter Fall 2014

Responses to Correspondence

(14) Dir/Planning, Nov 18, 2014, response to Dave Simmons Design Service, “Building Dept new requirement

(15) Chief Financial Officer, November 21, 2014, response regarding “Garbage cans

(16) Chief Financial Officer, November 21, 2014, response regarding Garbage Cans

> Council Correspondence Update to November 25, 2014 (up to 4:30 p.m.)

Referred for Action

(1) November 24, 2014, regarding Hydro Substation

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(2) Fair Voting BC, Nov 11, re “Invitation to Celebrate 10th Anniversary of BC Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform, Wed, Dec 10th, Vancouver

(3) Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM), Nov 20, re “GAS TAX AGREEMENT COMMUNITY WORKS FUND PAYMENT

(4) Nov 24, re Maison Seniors’ Living Devt at Keith Rd and Taylor Way (Development Permit No. 12-084)

(Previously received at November 24, 2014 Council meeting)

(5) Petition with 99 signatures, undated, regarding “Chikins ples!! (Urban Chicken Program for West Vancouver) (Previously received at November 24, 2014 Council meeting)

(6) Undated, regarding Language in Signage and Advertising Responses to Correspondence

(7) Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits, Nov 24, 2014, response regarding “Traffic and park Royal.

12. OTHER ITEMS No items.

13. REPORTS FROM MAYOR/COUNCILLORS 14. Public Questions/Comments 15. Adjournment

===== CCL MTG AGENDAs Dec 15th =====

6pm Closed Mtg:

b/c (e) the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the ccl considers that disclosure cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality.

Purpose of meeting: land matters.

7pm Regular Mtg:

= Review and Analysis of the District's 2014 Third Quarter Operating Results and Capital Plan Program

= Budget update Presentation

= DRC -- Proposed New Terms of Reference

= Report on Civic Site Parking

= Proposed Subdiv of Pitt Lands

= OCP Amdmt, Rezoning, DPA 1763 Bellevue (Masonic Hall)

= SAC Adv Bd Report and Work Plan

= GCC Adv Cmte Report, Wk Plan, Proposed Amdmts to Terms of Ref

= Cmnty Grants Cmte Annual Report and Wk Plan

= Bylaw for Adoption: OCP re updated RCS/RGS

= Bylaws for Adoption: Utilities

= DVPA (3357 MDr); Corresp List

Full agenda w/ links: http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-agendas/2014/dec/15/14dec15-agenda2.pdf

=== ANIMALWATCH === this time, little piggies (but none go to market)

[1:57min] Learn The Best Way To Wake Up Your Pet Pig: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=WL&v=svlvgEYd0T0

[3:26min] Mini Pig Compilation - Most amazing vines* of teacup pigs, piglets, and micromini pigs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=WL&v=l_BIqi1SZZM

* I didn't know what it meant either; apparently it's a "short looping video".

=== INFObit ===

US, France Officially Adopt "Daesh" as New Name for ISIS -- Kathleen Harris, CBC News

Harris reports: "When you are talking about a brutal militant group, a lot is at stake and the label can have a loaded meaning." READ MORE



Quebec has always been a monarchy

The date of the first establishment a monarchical form of government in parts of the territory which now forms Canada varies: some sources give the year as 1497, when King Henry VII claimed parts of Newfoundland, while others put it at 1534, when New France was founded in the name of King Francis I.

Francis I of France; established colonies in Acadia and Canada, 1534. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monarchy_of_Canada

=== TREEWATCH === Arboristic Homicide

Trees removed for coach houses; sad loss in the thousands.

More on this later but:



Editorial: Vancouver’s tree canopy is diminished, and so are we


=== BEERWATCH === craft beers and extreme beers

Randy Shore’s 12 (B.C.) Beers of Christmas



{see Maiku Oct 24 below}


+ HERITAGE SOCIETY of BC http://www.heritagebc.ca 604 428 7243

The ofc is in West Van! Ste 102 - 657 Marine; toll-free: 1 855 349 7243


Get Ready for Giving Tuesday Dec 2!

Giving Tuesday, a new Cdn movement for giving and volunteering, taking place ea year after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Get ready to show your support by donating to Heritage BC on Giving Tuesday!  

For every donation made between December 2 - 31 via Paypal, a 1% matched donation will be made by Paypal! 

Donate to Heritage BC Today. You can make a donation to Heritage BC any time of year by clicking on our Heritage BC Donate icon.

Wednesday DECEMBER 10 at 7pm 50/50 Special Fundraising Event

Join Heritage BC for a special 50/50 fundraising event at the historic and award-winning 123 Cambie Building, in Gastown. Enjoy cocktails, appetizers, and live jazz, as well as a welcome address from Minister Steve Thomson from the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations.

50% of the funds raised will go towards Heritage BC programs, and 50% towards the Heritage Legacy Fund.  

To find out more about this special event, and to secure your tix, visit our 50/50 event page or contact us directly.


+ HERITAGE WEST VAN heritage.westvan.org 922 4400 info@heritage.westvan.ca

WV has celebrated Heritage Week since 1989. Contact HWV to help plan for next year!

Heritage Week 2015

The theme for Heritage Week 2015 in British Columbia is Main Street: At The Heart of The Community.

The week kicks off on February 16, 2015, which is designated as Heritage Day across Canada by Heritage Canada The National Trust:

"Our Main Streets and traditional downtowns are a heritage worth celebrating! As venues for commerce, entertainment, worship, shopping, and more, they speak volumes about a community's social and economic history.

Downtowns have long been places where families and friends gather for parades and fireworks, and where the community commemorates milestones and tearful homecomings. Providing a rich and textured backdrop are the historic buildings that line our main streets: landmark post offices and places of worship, commercial architecture with enticing display windows, and homegrown shops and cafés that together create a vibrant mix of services and uses.

Car culture, the rise of regional shopping malls and big box stores that pull shoppers and businesses away from city centres have been hard on our historic main streets and downtowns. But hundreds of communities recognize that the heritage of downtown is an asset that attracts new residents, invites tourists, and stimulates new investment”the foundation for a vibrant economy and a sustainable future.

Heritage Canada The National Trust promotes the third Monday of February each year as Heritage Day and has long advocated adopting this date as a national holiday."

For more about Heritage Day and suggestions for activities to celebrate: » www.heritagecanada.org

+ HERITAGE VANCOUVER SOCIETY http://www.heritagevancouver.org/

Sign up to receive e-bulletins: http://www.heritagevancouver.org/bulletins_signup.html

Tales from the West End

Wednesday December 3 from 6:30 to 8:30pm at JJ Bean Coffee Roasters (Bidwell and Davie) -- Event is free

Back by popular demand, award-winning storyteller Mary Gavan returns with tales of West End history.

Come to the newly renovated JJ Bean Coffee Shop on Bidwell and Davie “formerly known as “Maxine’s Hideaway, and listen to stories about the building’s history as a brothel and a gangster hideout as well as paranormal destination.

Mingle with other attendees and build community through a shared past voiced with passion and excitement by Mary and your neighbours. Don’t forget to bring old photographs!

This event is free and is made possible by the Heritage Vancouver Society, JJBean and WEArts.

AGM & Heritage Vancouver's Annual Christmas Party

Thursday December 4 from 6:30 to 9:00pm AGM 6:30 “ 7pm; Party 7 “ 9pm Roedde House Museum, in the West End at 1415 Barclay Street

Join Heritage Vancouver for our Annual General Meeting and Christmas Party. This year's AGM which begins at 6:30pm will be governed by bylaws passed at our 2011 AGM. All members in good standing are entitled to vote.After the AGM, we welcome members, friends, supporters, and anyone interested in finding out more about Heritage Vancouver to our Christmas Party from 7 - 9pm.

This evening is an opportunity to celebrate the season with old friends and colleagues at the historic Roedde House Museum, which will be decorated for a Victorian style Christmas.

Come and bring your favourite appetizer, nibbles, or dessert and join in the festivities of the season. Wine will be provided.

Roedde House Museum: www.roeddehouse.org

+ VANCOUVER HERITAGE FOUNDATION (http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org)

Understanding the Heritage Action Plan --- A resource to understand the HAP as it develops


=== MAIKU === 2014

December 5

those who do not vote

say 'any of the above'

so they can't complain

October 24

words: the atoms of thought

long, short, polysyllabic,

and onomatopoeic......

October 29 / Novembrt 17

All I've seen and meet

become part of me

enriching, influencing

quotations thoughts puns

Conscience is thoroughly well-bred and soon leaves off talking to those who do not wish to hear it. 

-- Samuel Butler, English writer (1835 - 1902) 

I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library. -- Jorge Luis Borges, Argentinian writer (1899 - 1986

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance -- it is the illusion of knowledge.

-- Daniel J. Boorstin, American historian (1914 - 2004)

Two tropical fruits fought in a cage match -- it was mango a mango.

The girl quit her job at the doughnut factory because she was fed up with the hole business.

The European snow storm was so bad it caused a continental drift.



Country on Wrong Track, Say People Who Did Not Vote

By Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker 10 November 2014

The article below is satire. Andy Borowitz is an American comedian and New York Times-bestselling author who satirizes the news for his column, "The Borowitz Report".

The United States of America is on the wrong track and no one is taking action to fix it, says a broad majority of registered voters who did not vote last Tuesday.

According to a new survey, anger, frustration, and a pervasive view that the nation is moving in a fatal direction dominated the mood of those who were doing something other than voting on Election Day.

Exit polls involving election non-participants took place as they left malls, nail salons, gyms, and other locations where no voting occurred on Tuesday.

The system is broken, said Carol Foyler, thirty-one, a democracy abstainer from Akron, Ohio. “We need to come up with some way that ordinary citizens can make their voices heard and have some impact on who is running things in Washington.

The economy, jobs, and terrorism topped the list of worries that are preying on the minds of the non-voting electorate.

I find it difficult to sleep at night worrying about the kind of country we are leaving to our children and our children’s children, said Mark Gardziak, forty-seven, who spent Election Day shopping for a phone.

While pessimism about the future dominated the comments of the sixty-three per cent of American voters who elected not to exercise their democratic rights on Tuesday, some expressed a glimmer of hope.

The one way things could get better is if we all get together and throw out the crooked politicians, offered Tess Shardin, thirty-eight, who said she was unlikely to vote in 2016.

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