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2012 West Van Matters
 » #19 Notes Sep 17; Agenda Oct 1; Cal to Oct 20
 » #18 Notes Sep 10; Agenda Sep 17; Cal to Oct 6
 » #17 Agenda Sep 10; Cal to Sep 22
 » #16 Notes Jul 23; Cal to Aug 31
 » #15 Notes Jul 9; Agenda Jul 23; Cal to Aug 18
 » #14 Notes Jun 25; Agenda Jul 9; Cal to Jul 30
 » #13 Notes Jun 18; Agenda Jun 25; Cal to Jul 13
 » #12 Notes Jun 4; Agenda Jun 18; Cal to Jun 30


2011 West Van Matters
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Oct 3; Ccl Agenda Oct 17; Calendar to Nov 11
 » #20 Ccl NOTES Sep 19; Ccl Agenda Oct 3; Calendar to Oct 21
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Sep 12; Ccl Agenda Sep 19; Calendar to Oct 7
 » #18 Ccl Agenda Sep 12; Calendar to Sep 22+
 » #17 Ccl NOTES Jul 25; Calendar to Aug 31+
 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jul 18; Ccl Agenda Jul 25; Calendar to Aug 15
 » #15 Finance Cmte NOTES Jul 11; Ccl Agenda Jul 18; Calendar to July 28
 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jul 4; Ccl Agenda Jul 11; Calendar to July 25
 » #13 Ccl NOTES Jun 20; Ccl Agenda Jul 4; Calendar to July 21
 » #12 Ccl NOTES Jun 6; Ccl Agenda Jun 20; Calendar to July 8
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 16/19; Ccl Agenda Jun 6; Calendar to June 24
 » #10 Ccl NOTES May 9/11; Ccl Agenda May 16; Calendar to June 10
 » #09 Ccl NOTES Apr 18; Ccl Agenda May 9; Calendar to May 20
 » #08 Ccl NOTES Apr 4; Ccl Agenda Apr 18; Calendar to May 13
 » #07 Ccl NOTES Mar 21; Ccl Agenda Mar 4; Calendar to Apr 22
 » #06 Ccl NOTES Mar 7; Ccl Agenda Mar 21; Calendar to Apr 8
 » #05 Ccl NOTES Feb 21; Ccl Agenda Mar 7; Calendar to Mar 23
 » #04 Ccl NOTES Feb 7; Ccl Agenda Feb 21; Calendar to Mar 11
 » #03 Ccl NOTES Jan 24; Ccl Agenda Feb 7; Calendar to Feb 24
 » #02 Ccl NOTES Jan 10; Ccl Agenda Jan 24; Calendar to Feb 10
 » #01 Ccl Agenda Jan 10; Calendar to Jan 27

2010 West Van Matters
 » #29 Ccl NOTES Dec 13; Ccl Agendas Dec 20; Calendar to Dec 31+
 » #28 Ccl NOTES Dec 6;Ccl Agendas Dec 13/15; Calendar to Dec 22
 » #27 Finance Cmte NOTES Nov 22;Ccl Agenda Dec 6; Calendar to Dec 18
 » #26 Ccl NOTES Nov 15;Finance Cmte Agenda Nov 22; Calendar to Dec 9
 » #25 Ccl NOTES Nov 1;Ccl Agenda Nov 15; Calendar to Dec 9
 » #24 Ccl NOTES Oct 18;Ccl Agenda Nov 1; Calendar to Nov 19
 » #23 Ccl NOTES Oct 4;Ccl Agenda Oct 18; Calendar to Nov 5
 » #22 Ccl Agenda Oct 4; Calendar to Oct 21
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Sept 13; Ccl Agendas Sept 20/22; Calendar to Oct 8
 » #20 Ccl Agenda Sept 13; Calendar to ~Sept 26
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Jul 26; Calendar to Sept 12
 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 19; Agenda Jul 26; Calendar to Aug 8+
 » #17 Ccl NOTES Jul 5; Agenda Jul 19; Calendar to Jul 31
 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jun 28; Agenda Jul 5; Calendar to Jul 23
 » #15 Ccl NOTES Jun 21; Agenda Jun 28; Calendar to Jul 9
 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jun 7; Agenda Jun 21; Calendar to Jun 30
 » #13 Ccl NOTES May 31; Agenda Jun 7; Calendar to Jun 24
 » #12 Ccl NOTES May 17; Agendas May 31; Calendar to Jun 12
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 10/12; Agendas May 17; Calendar to Jun 5
 » #10 Ccl NOTES May 3; Agenda May 10/12; Calendar to May 20
 » #07 Ccl NOTES Mar 15; Agenda Apr 12; Calendar to Apr 30
 » #05 Ccl NOTES Feb 8/10; Agenda Mar 1; Calendar to Mar 17
 » #04 Ccl NOTES Feb 1; Agenda Feb 8; Calendar to Feb 28
 » #03 Ccl NOTES Jan 25; Agenda Feb 1; Calendar to Feb 11
 » #02 Ccl NOTES Jan 11 & 18; Agenda Jan 25; Calendar to Feb 5
 » #01 Ccl Agenda Jan 11; Calendar to Jan 31

2009 West Van Matters
 » #28 Ccl NOTES Dec 14 & 18; Calendar to Jan 12
 » #27 Ccl NOTES Dec 7; AGENDA Dec 14; Calendar to Dec 31
 » #26 Ccl NOTES Nov 16; AGENDA Dec 7; Calendar to Dec 20
 » #25 Ccl NOTES Nov 2; AGENDA Nov 16; Calendar to Dec 10
 » #24 Ccl NOTES Oct 19; AGENDA Nov 9; Calendar to Nov 20
 » #23 Ccl NOTES Oct 5; AGENDA Oct 19; Calendar to Nov 5
 » #22 Ccl NOTES Sep 21; AGENDA Oct 5; Calendar to Oct 22
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Sep 14; AGENDA Sep 21; Calendar to Oct 8
 » #20 Ccl NOTES Jul 30; AGENDA Sep 14; Calendar to Sep 24~
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Jul 27; AGENDA Jul 30; Calendar to Sep 12~
(plus UPDATE)

 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 20; AGENDA Jul 27; Calendar to Aug 2
 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 20; AGENDA Jul 27; Calendar to Aug 2
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 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jun 22; AGENDA Jul 6; Calendar to Jul 24
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 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jun 1; AGENDA Jun 15; Calendar to Jun 25
 » #13 Ccl NOTES May 25; AGENDA Jun 1; Calendar to Jun 18
 » #12 Ccl NOTES May 11; AGENDA May 25; Calendar to Jun 7
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 4; AGENDA May 11; Calendar to May 28
 » #10 Ccl NOTES Apr 20; AGENDA May 4; Calendar to May 15
 » #9 Ccl NOTES Apr 6; AGENDA Apr 20; Calendar to May 7
 » #8 Ccl NOTES Mar 30; AGENDA Apr 6; Calendar to Apr 25
 » #7 Ccl NOTES Mar 23; AGENDA Mar 30; Calendar to Apr 9
 » #6 Ccl NOTES Mar 2; AGENDA Mar 23; Calendar to Apr
 » #5 Ccl NOTES Feb 16; AGENDA Mar 2; Calendar to Mar 28
 » #4 Ccl NOTES Feb 2; AGENDA Feb 16; Calendar to Feb 28
 » #3 Ccl NOTES Jan 19; AGENDA Feb 2; Calendar to Jan 19th+
 » #2 Ccl NOTES Jan 12; AGENDA Jan 19; Calendar to Jan 31st
 » #1 Ccl AGENDA Jan 12; Calendar to Jan 18

2008 West Van Matters
 » #34 Ccl NOTES Dec 15; Calendar to Dec 31/Jan 12
 » #33 Ccl NOTES Dec 8; AGENDAs Dec 15; Calendar to Dec 24
 » #32 Ccl NOTES Nov 17; AGENDAs Dec 8; Calendar to Dec 15
 » #31 Ccl NOTES Oct 27; AGENDAs Nov 17; Calendar to Nov 30
#30 Ccl NOTES Oct 20; AGENDAs Oct 27; Calendar to Nov 12+
#29 Ccl NOTES Oct 6; AGENDAs Oct 20; Calendar to Oct 31
#28 Ccl NOTES Sep 29; AGENDA Oct 6; Calendar to Oct 26
#27 Ccl NOTES Sep 22; AGENDA Sept 29; Calendar to Oct 10
#26 Ccl NOTES Sep 8; AGENDA Sept 22; Calendar to Sep 30th+
#25 Ccl AGENDA Sep 8; Mtgs/Events to Sep 15th
#24 Ccl NOTES July 28; Calendar to Aug 31 +
#23 Ccl NOTES June 21; AGENDA July 28; Cal to Aug 5th
#22 Ccl NOTES July 14; AGENDA July 21; Cal to 31st
#21 Ccl NOTES July 7; AGENDA July 14; Cal to 25th
#20 Ccl NOTES June 16/19; AGENDA July 7; Cal to 16th
#19 Ccl NOTES June 9; AGENDAs June 16; Cal to June 30/~July
#17 Ccl Notes May 26, PH 28; Agenda Jun 2; Cal to Jun 18
#16 Ccl Notes May 12 (Youth); Agenda May 26; Cal to Jun 8
#15 Ccl Notes May 5; Agenda May 12; Cal to May 29
#14 Ccl Notes Apr 21/May 1; Agenda May 5; Cal to May 15
#13 Ccl Notes Apr 14; Agenda Apr 21; Cal to Apr 30+
#12 Ccl Notes Apr 7/10; Agenda Apr 14; Cal to Apr 27
#11 Mtg Summary Mar 17; Agenda Apr 7l Cal to Apr 19
#10 Ccl Notes Mar 17; Cal to Apr 16
#09 Ccl Notes Mar 10; Agenda Mar 17; Cal to Apr 7
#08 Ccl Notes Mar 3; Agenda Mar 10; Cal to Mar 20
#07 Ccl Notes Feb 18; Agenda Mar 3; Cal to Mar 13
#06 Ccl Budget Notes Feb 11; Agenda Feb 18; Cal to Feb 29
#05 Notes Feb 4; Agenda Feb 11; Cal to Feb 22
#04 Notes Jan 21; Agenda Feb 4; Cal to Feb 13
 » #03 Notes Jan 14; Agenda Jan 21; Cal to Jan 31
 » #02 Notes Jan 7; Agenda Jan 14; Cal to Jan 25
 » #01 Agenda Jan 7; Cal to Jan 16

2007 West Van Matters
 » #41 Notes Dec 17; Cal to Dec 31
 » #40 Notes Dec 10; Agenda Dec 17; Cal to Dec 21
 » #39 Notes Dec 3; Agenda Dec 10; Cal to Dec 17
 » #38 Notes Nov 26; Agenda Dec 3; Cal to Dec 13
 » #37 Notes Nov 19; Agenda Nov 26; Cal to Dec 8
 » #36 Agenda Nov 19; Cal to Dec 5
 » #35 Notes Nov 5; Cal to Nov 28
 » #34 Notes Oct 29; Agenda Nov 5; Cal to Nov 20
 » #33 Notes Oct 22; Agenda Oct 29; Cal to Nov 16/18
 » #32 Notes Oct 15; Agenda Oct 22; Cal to Nov 9
 » #31 Agenda Oct 15; Cal to Oct 25
 » #30 Ccl Notes Oct 1; Cal to Oct 18th
 » #29 Notes Sept 24; Agenda Oct 1; Cal to Oct 12
 » #28 Notes Sept 17; Agenda Sept 24; Cal to Sept 30
 » #27 Notes Sept 10; Agenda Sept 17; Cal to Sept 27th
 » #26 Agenda Sept 10; Cal to Sept 21st
 » #25 Notes Jul 23/25; Cal to Aug 31st/Sep 10
 » #24 Notes Jul 16; Agenda Jul 23; Cal to 31st+
 » #23 Notes Jul 9; Agenda Jul 16; Cal to Jul 22nd+
 » #22 Notes Jun 25; Cal to Jul 11th
 » #21 Notes Jun 18; Agenda Jun 25; Cal to Jul 4th
 » #20 Notes Jun 11; Agenda Jun 18; Cal to 28nd
 » #19 Notes Jun 4; Agenda Jun 11; Cal to 22nd
 » #18 Notes May 28; Agenda Jun 4; Cal to June 16
 » #17 Agenda May 28th; Cal to June 7th
 » #16 Notes May 7/9/11/14; Cal to May 31st
 » #15 Notes Apr 23rd; Agenda/Notes Apr 30th; Agenda May 7th
 » #14 Notes Apr 16th; Agenda Apr 23rd; Cal to May 5th
 » #13 Notes Apr 2th; Agenda Apr 16th; Cal to Apr 22nd
 » #12 Notes Mar 26th; Agenda Apr 2nd; Cal to Apr 1st
 » #11 Agenda Mar 26; Cal to Apr 1st
 » #10 Notes Mar 12th; Cal to Mar 29th
 » #9 Notes Mar 5th; Agenda Mar 12; Cal to Mar 24th
 » #8 Notes Feb 26th; Agenda Mar 5; Cal to Mar 17th
 » #7 Notes Feb 19; Agenda Feb 26; Cal to Mar 11th
 » #6 Notes Feb 12th; Agenda Feb 19th; Cal to Feb 28th+
 » #5 Notes Feb 5th; Agenda Feb 12th; Cal to Feb 18t+
 » #4 Notes Jan 22nd; Cal to Feb 8th+
 » #3 Notes Jan 15; Agenda Jan 22; Cal to Jan Feb 2+
 » #2 Notes Jan 8; Agenda Jan 15; Cal to Jan 21
 » #1 Agenda Jan 8; Cal to Jan 14
2006 West Van Matters
 » #38 Notes Dec 18; Cal to Jan 7th
 » #37 Notes Dec 11; Agenda Dec 18; Cal to Dec 3
 » #36 Notes Dec 4; Agenda Dec 11; Cal to Dec 22
 » #35 Notes Nov 27; Public Hearing Dec 4; Cal to Dec 15
 » #34 Notes Nov 20; Agenda Nov 27; Cal to Dec 8
 » #33 Notes Nov 14; Agenda Nov 20; Cal to Nov 30
 » #32 Notes Nov 6; Agenda Nov 14; Cal to Nov 28
 » #31 Notes Oct 30; Agenda Nov 6; Cal to Nov 22
 » #30 Notes Oct 16; Agenda Oct 30; Cal to Nov 1
 » #29 Notes Oct 2; Agenda Oct 16; Cal to Oct 30
 » #28 Notes Sept 25; Summary Oct 2; Cal to Oct 20th
 » #27 Notes Sept 25; Agenda Oct 2; Cal to Oct 1
 » #26 Notes Sept 18; Agenda 25; Cal to Oct 3
 » #25 Notes July 27/Sept 11; Sept 18 Agenda; Cal to Sept 29
 » #24 July 27 Minutes; Sept 11 Agenda; Cal to Sept 12
 » #23 Notes July 24; Agenda July 27; Cal Aug/Sept
 » #22 Notes July 17; Agenda July 24, August Cal
 » #21 Notes July 10; Agenda July 17; Cal July/Aug
 » #21 Notes July 10; Agenda July 17; Cal July/Aug
 » #20 Agenda July 10th; Cal to July 20
 » #19 Notes June 26; Cal to July 15
 » #18 Notes June 19; Agenda June 26; Cal to July 15
 » #17 Notes June 12; Agenda June 19; Cal to June 30
 » #16 Notes June 5; Agenda June 12; Cal to June 25
 » #15 Notes May 29; Agenda June 5; Cal to June 17
 » #14 Agenda May 29; Cal to June 9
 » #13 Notes May 8/15; Cal to May 31
 » #12 Notes May 1; Agenda May 8; Cal to May 18
 » #11 Notes Apr 24; Cal to May 10
 » #10 Agenda Apr 24; Budget; Cal to May 2
 » #9 Notes Apr 10; Budget; Cal to Apr 30
 » #8 Notes Apr 3; Agenda Apr 10; Cal to Apr 23
 » #7 Notes Mar 27; Agenda Apr 3; Cal to Apr 9
 » #6 Notes Mar 20th; Agenda Mar 27th; Cal to Apr 2nd
 » #5 Ccl Mtg Summaries; Agenda Mar 20th; Cal to 25th
 » #4 News Feb 6th/13th; Cal to 19th
 » #3 Notes Jan 16th & 23rd; Cal to Feb 8th+
 » #2 Notes Jan 16th; Agenda 23rd; Cal to Feb 1st
 » #1 NOTES Jan 9th; Agenda 16th; Cal to 20th
2005 West Van Matters
 » #37 NOTES Dec 12th; Calendar to 31st (& peek at January)
 » #36 Ccl Agenda Dec 12; Calendar to 17th
 » #35 Ccl Notes Nov 21st & Dec 5th; Events to 14th
 » #34 Ccl Notes Nov 7th; Agenda Nov 21st; Events to 21st
 » #33 Ccl Agenda Nov 7th; Events to 12th+
 » #32 Oct 24 Ccl Mtg Notes; Events Nov 9th
 » #31 Oct 24 Ccl AGENDA; Events Oct 31th
 » #30 Oct 17 Ccl AGENDA; Events Oct 27th
 » #29 Oct 3rd Ccl Mtg NOTES; Calendar Oct 16th+
 » #28 Sep 26 Notes; Oct 3 Agenda; Events to Oct 11
 » #27 Sep 19 Notes; Sep 26 Agenda; Events to Oct 1
 » #26 Jan 24 Notes & Mtgs/Events to Feb 6
#25 Agenda Sept 12; Events to 18
#24 Calendar to 30th
#23 SMarr; Ev Dr; July 11th Agenda; Calendar July 17th
#22 Ev Dr; July 4th Agenda; Calendar July 10th
#21 Mtg June 20; Agenda 27th; Calendar to July 1st
 » #20 Summaries from May 16; Agenda June 20; Mtg
#19 Bulletin (BREAKING NEWS on Evelyn Drive)
#18 Notes (May 9) & Agenda (May 15)
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2004 December
 » 13 Dec Report
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2004 November
 » 22 Nov - 4 Dec
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WV Council 7 Apr 2014

2014 March 31st Ccl Mtg NOTES; AGENDA Apr 7th; Calendar to April 20th
1763 Marine PH • Klee Wyck Eco-Ctr • Maison Milliken • 1528 / 4710 Heritage?

[PDF Version]


™£™£™£ ™£™£™£

= Apr 7 Ccl Mtg Agenda MAIN ITEMS: Delegation re NSh Chn's Charter of Rights; EcoUrbia/Cmnty eco-ctr at Klee Wyck; WVSecSch track and artificial turf field; estmt of a Public Art Adv cmte; Ferry Bldg Cmnty Gallery Improvements; Rezoning/DP for Parcel 3 of Evelyn/Onni (set PH); Road Closure near Mulgrave; PSB; Bd of VARIANCE; Correspondence: 4710 South Piccadilly (what heritage conservation?)

= YOUR OPINION? INFO / FEEDBACK: Upper Lands [above 1200ft?]; M Elections [increase to four years?]

= Vive le Canada (Volunteers; Flaherty); from the EDITOR'S DESK (CEC, CACs); WVPD (Mar 27 bd mtg); WV News Bites (lots!); UPDATES & INFO (Pets, Lighthouse Festival, GCC)

= CALENDAR to ~Apr 20: CULTUREWATCH (Theatre; Art; Music; Opera; Choirs); NATURE: Walk

= HEADSUP 05A: Ccl Mar 31; Land Purchase $16.07M; NOTICE: Apr 7 Agenda

05B: Apr 7 Ccl Mtg Summary; NOTICE: Vimy Ridge; 05C: Flaherty, Mtgs, Culturewatch; 05C+: Maison Milliken PH

= CCL NOTES Mar 31: Public Hearing: 1763/65/67 Marine (expanded commercial use)

Reg Ccl Mtg: Dundarave Festival of Lights; Grosv Ctr Reno Permit 1340 Marine; Eco-Ctr at Klee Wyck; Maison Milliken; Correspondence: videos of ccl mtgs (where's Jan 17?), no CEC mtg?, Heritage Body?, Upper Lands, 4710 Piccadilly (Lower Caulfeild); amalgamation; Seascapes trail, destruction of 1528 Argyle house/garden (and) 'response', ADRA queries, Ccl minutes correction/clarification (Feb 3, 17), "stroad", Masonic Hall site

= CCL AGENDA Apr 7: PH and Reg Ccl Mtg


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------YOUR OPINION?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

~ UPPER LANDS WG Next mtg 6pm Tu Apr 15 at Srs' Ctr Some background/factors in last issue (WVM05)

~ CIVIC ELECTION/TERMS Are you in favour of municipal terms being extended to four years?

The Prov is about to bring in legislation, recommended by the UBCM. No surprise foxes wd recommend letting them stay in the henhouse longer. More vigilance required by voters/farmers. Keep it at three through petition? Referendum during November's election? Let MLA Ralph Sultan know your views. Ask how we can affect the prov's decision.


== Vive le CANADA === honouring volunteers and Jim Flaherty

+ PM's Statement re National Volunteer Week Apr 6 - 12

National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to recognize and pay tribute to all volunteers for their selflessness and the exceptional contributions that they make to Canadian communities across the country.

Every year, more than 13 million Canadians volunteer their time, energy, and skills to ...

In recognition of the volunteers across Canada, our Govt created the Prime Minister’s Volunteer Awards (PMVA), a program aimed at recognizing volunteers across the nation and inspiring Canadians from all walks of life to find new ways of making a difference in their communities. The third PMVA call for nominations is presently open until May 9, 2014.

During this National Volunteer Week, I invite all Canadians to join me in thanking our volunteers for their tremendous contributions to our great country. I also encourage Canadians to get involved in volunteerism, whether they invest their time and talents in their community or in an organization in need of passionate volunteers.

From the Prime Minister's Web Site (http://www.pm.gc.ca/)

+ Shocking/Sad passing of former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty {see INFObits also}

Our MP, John Weston, has released a statement and welcomes those wishing to share their thoughts with Jim's family. A book of condolences for you to sign will be available in his office (Ste 21- 285 17th St). Website: http://www.johnweston.ca

=== from the EDITOR'S DESK ===

™£ Sorry to lose two leprechauns in a week! Mickey Rooney and Jim Flaherty. Quite an achievement for a politician to receive accolades from all parties.

™£ Holy Week is a time for reflection. [Vaisakhi, Passover,] Easter to bring us hope and a new beginning? Happy Easter!

™£ The CEC had not met for a year; good restart Apr 14 so subcmte to review policies.

™£ Pistorius -- No way do I think Reeva didn't flee to the bathroom and lock it afraid of Oscar b/c of a fight and being afraid of Oscar. What couple locks the bathroom door when home alone? and who wd take a cell phone there. He said he told her to call 911 b/c of a burglar but my bet is that she was calling for help for herself. So sad.

™£ Some time ago Ccl said they'd discuss CACs at a Cmte of the Whole. No CotW mtgs for months, CAC calcs still mystify many.

=== WVPD ===

Pls see our correspondent's report (+ full public package) re Mar 27 bd mtg: http://orangehazmat.wordpress.com/2014/03/27/wvpb/ Highlights: swearing in of two new board mbrs; three officers receive the Chief's Commendations.


> March 17

No wasted effort -- According to the latest data collected at the end of 2013, ~2/3 of residents are now using Green Cans to divert food scraps. As a result of the recent collection service adjustments, garbage volumes have decreased by more than 30%, and our garbage diversion has increased more than 10%, from 58.2 % in 2011 (before the Green Can) to 68.5% in 2013.  We have nearly reached our regional target of 70% garbage diversion!

Housing matters -- The Housing and Nbrhds Fair took place in the WV Cmnty Ctr atrium on Feb 24 and Mar 1. Staff presented information about and sought public input on four District initiatives: Coach Houses, Purpose-Built Rental Housing, Housing Bulk, and Heritage Conservation. The fair was very well-attended and input is still being received via printed questionnaires and online.

Lands and species together -- The Upper Lands WG and the Invasive Species WG both held successful open houses and workshops in February. Attendance was strong and great feedback was and is still being collected online.

Foreshore for sure -- District staff met with the Shoreline Preservation Society and are linking the District’s 2014 foreshore work the existing Shoreline Protection Plan. Key works include sub-tidal reefing at Marr Creek and Navvy Jack as well as a funded, collaborative project with Streamkeepers to enhance [the] MacDonald Creek mouth to ensure greater access for salmon through more tidal ranges.

Sandra speaks -- The Old Growth Conservancy Society hosted its AGM on Feb 19. The District’s Mgr of Environment and Sustainability, Sandra Bicego, was the keynote speaker.

On the slope -- Work to stabilize the slope at the foot of 29th Street was completed last week. It was recommended for safety concerns in a 2013 geotechnical report that reviewed the deteriorating staircase access to the beach. The work included building a nine-foot-high rock wall across the [toe] of the slope above the high-water line.

Mental health for youth -- Staff from [the] School District, Vancouver Coastal Health, and [the] Ministry for Chn and Family Devt have put together a tentative outline for the Youth Mental Health Forum to be held later this spring. The forum will focus on reducing the stigma of mental health, talking about the mental health continuum, and available resources.

Skate session

Staff are working collaboratively with mbrs of the skateboard cmnty to undertake a cmnty input session in April on upgrading the Ambleside Skateboard Park. This input session is set for April 8, at the Lawn Bowling Club from 6 - 8pm.


Two new staff mbrs in the Planning Dept. Chris Bishop is the new Devt Planning Mgr and David Hawkins is the new Sr Cmnty Planner {he has been assigned to the ULWG}.

> April 10

The bus stops here -- A new cmnty shuttle service began April 5, with 51 new stops on the 251 and 252 routes between Dundarave and Park Royal. Frequency to downtown on the 250A increased to every 7.5 minutes during peak periods. This improvement in service levels should alleviate some overcrowding issues.

Park it -- Construction has begun on the waterfront park at the 1500blk of Argyle Ave and is anticipated to be complete in mid-June.

The homeless count -- The NSh Homelessness Task Force oversaw the 2014 Homeless Count on March 11 and 12. Results will be available later this spring. Homeless individuals in WV were counted, with volunteers starting in Horseshoe Bay on March 12 and finishing at the Ambleside Youth Centre that afternoon, where there was a special youth event organized to connect with homeless youth.

Rentals and coaches -- Staff are reviewing cmnty input on ways to protect existing rental housing and encourage construction of new rental units and will report to Council on April 28. On May 5, staff will report on the public input received on proposed coach house policies, regulations, and guidelines and will present draft implementation bylaws for Council information. 

Mark it: the market -- The 2014 Ambleside Farmers’ Market starts up again next month in the 1500blk of Bellevue Ave between 15th and 16th Streets. From 10am to 3pm each Sunday, the market will feature fresh locally harvested produce, sustainably raised meat, fish, artisan cheese, breads, baked goods, handcrafted wares, and children’s activities. Visit artisanmarkets.ca.

Granted to the museum -- The WV Museum has received a $19,000 grant from the BC Arts Council’s new Special Project Assistance “ Innovations program. The funds will support the creation of a dynamic temporary environment at the Harmony Arts Festival in August. It will be designed by WV’s Matthew Soules, who teaches at the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at UBC. Soules is the brainchild behind such innovative and popular temporary urban environments such as the “pop rocks seating and streetscape on Robson Street in Vancouver.

Shoring up -- An internal staff team will meet April 17 to identify and map areas of concern along the WV shoreline and to begin discussions toward addressing the impacts of storm surges, flooding, and predicted sea level rise. Everyone is welcome to attend a Sea Level Rise Adaptation Primer Webinar on April 22 from noon to 1:30pm in the M Hall. The webinar document can be viewed

=== UPDATES & INFO ===


Want your pet's photo in a Calendar? Contest runs March 18 through April 18.

See: http://support.spca.bc.ca/site/TR/Events/AnimalLoversCalendarContest?fr_id=1360&pg=tgreeting

+ Lighthouse Festival

~ 11am - 5pm ~ weekday performances PkR South -- April 8 - 17

The WV School District’s Creative and Performing Arts Showcase, Lighthouse Festival, is coming back to PkR. Join us in celebrating the amazing work of Kindergarten to Grade 12 students and staff. There will be displays by visual arts, textiles, and photography students. Also, weekdays from April 9 “ 16, you can enjoy performances by theatre and dance students, musical performances, and fashion shows by textiles students.

Click HERE http://shopparkroyal.com/sites/default/files/Lighthouse%202014%20Performance%20Schedule.png for full schedule

+ Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr info: http://westvancouver.ca/parks-recreation/community-centres/gleneagles-community-centre

=== CALENDAR to ~April 20th ===

Mtgs at M Hall unless otherwise indicated. Shown are mtgs known at date of writing; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM emailed. Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/events . Notices/mtgs/changes too late/early for an issue are emailed to subscribers. [Headsup/Notices are sent between issues. Subscribe! write subscribewvm@westvan.org]

ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS, INITIALISMS puzzling you? See: http://www.westvan.org/glossary/

{See earlier info in Headsup/Notice section; not repeated here.}

HOLIDAYS/Celebrations: VAISAKHI PARADE Sat April 19; PASSOVER [PESACH]: Monday April 14 to Sunday April 21

EASTER: Holy Wk starts Palm Sunday, Apr 13; Good Friday Apr 18, Easter Sunday Apr 20, Easter Monday Apr 21 (MHall closed)

= Monday Apr 14

~ 4:30pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte -- first mtg since May last year! {See Headsup 05C}

= Tuesday Apr 15

~ 6pm ~ Upper Lands WG mtg at Srs' Ctr

= Wednesday Apr 16

~ 5pm ~ Bd of Variance -- Info: http://westvancouver.ca/government/committees-groups/boards/board-variance

~ 8pm ~ Public Mtg and Public Hearing re Maison Milliken

= Friday Apr 18

~ 8am - noon ~ Southern Straits Yacht Race -- See: http://www.wvyc.ca/southernstraits

The WV Yacht Club is hosting the 46th Annual Race. Come down to Dundarave Beach, enjoy pancake breakfast provided by the Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club, listen to the WV Pops Band perform, and cheer on the race participants as they begin the race.

= Saturday Apr 19

~ 11am - noon ~ Easter in Dundarave -- Dundarave Village is hosting its annual Easter Egg hunt. Come join the fun as over 18,000 Easter eggs will be handed out. Children will be provided with a ticket for the the ever- popular plush bunny give-a-way. Go to dundaravevillage.ca for more information.

+++ WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ http://www.westvanlibrary.ca 925 7400

See the Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/events/calendar/month

> Tuesday 10:30am April 15

Bard at the Library -- Bard on the Beach Artistic Director, Christopher Gaze presents a sneak preview of this year’s plays, including A Midsummer Night™s Dream, The Tempest, Equivocation, and Cymbeline.

Info: visit or call the Info Desk 925 7403; see: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/events/bard-library#sthash.YNK3xR0Q.dpuf

> Holiday Closure

The Library will be closed for Easter on Fri April 18, Sun April 20, and Mon April 21, but will be open on Sat April 19.

> Colourful Creations

Come discover our community's creative spirit! With works on display both on the Main Floor and the Lower Level, the Library's Art Gallery showcases the talents of established and emerging artists. The Lawson Creek "Group of Ten" present some of their latest works in the show Colourful Creations. These artists meet at the Lawson Creek studios on the West Van waterfront and work in various mediums and styles. They inspire and encourage each other, providing feedback and support. This exhibition runs from Thursday March 13 to Tuesday April 29

- See more at: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/events/colourful-creations#sthash.q2ZgpBRE.dpuf

+++ WV MUSEUM +++ 925 7295 http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/exhibitions

April 10 “ May 31 -- SD 45 One: An Art Exhibition of West Vancouver Students Past and Present

Opening Reception Wednesday April 9 from 6 to 9pm

SD45 One is an exhibition that supports, embraces and showcases the vast range of Visual Arts in School District 45 “ West Vancouver, and facilitates a broader vision of how art is experienced in our city. It allows viewers to appreciate the works of young and emerging artists from SD45 alongside established artists who were once educated in WV public schools. The exhibition facilitates growth and further enquiry into the Visual Arts and will spark both viewers and students’ deeper interest and commitment to the Visual Arts.

The exhibition includes works by current and recently graduated SD45 students, staff, and a selected group of internationally acclaimed artists who were once enrolled in the school district, and whose work will provide inspiration to young artists.

Artists included are: Douglas Coupland, Graham Gilmore, Ross Penhall, Ian Wallace, Geoffrey Farmer, Cori Creed, Victor Penner, Xwalacktun, Bobbie Burgers, Ken Wallace, Monique Mees, Tony Pantages, and Vincent Massey among others.

The exhibition is organized by art educator Jackie Wong and is curated by Patrik Andersson.

+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY +++ http://ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290

~~ April 15 - May 4 -- Inside Abstraction

works by Enda Bardell, Catherine Janusz & Nicola Morgan

Opening Reception: April 15 Tuesday 6 - 8pm. Meet the Artists: April 19 Saturday 2 - 3pm

Stay Informed! To receive a weekly e-gallery-update of programs/events and be on our mailing list click here: http://v.gd/wvfbg

+++ SILK PURSE +++ http://silkpurse.ca/exhibitions/ 925 7292
April 1 “ 20 -- Cherry Blossoms:

A Textile Translation Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts & textile art collective fibre

Essence are delighted to offer the 6th annual juried exhibition of textile art inspired by the cherry blossom. As part of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, the exhibit is ever-changing, thought-provoking, and breathtaking; unfolding as the blossoms blanket Vancouver. Artists from across Canada, the USA, and Japan have created an international celebration of a very special spring event. Ranging from whimsical to heavenly, works include delicate images on silk, robust sculptures, textile books, and wearable art. Artists will be in the gallery throughout the exhibition’s run, demonstrating a variety of techniques. Opening reception: Tuesday April 1st from 6 to 8

+++ KAY MEEK CENTRE +++ http://www.kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar

Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 (also for tix) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com

2pm Sun April13 / 7pm Mon April 14 Seussical the Musical

7:30pm Tues April 22 Movies at the Meek: Burt's Buzz

For a list of all our coming Host Events in 2014, click here: http://kaymeekcentre.com/uploads/images/untitled%20folder/2014.pdf

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, WV http://westvan60.com Ofc 922 3587 Lounge: 922 1920


MEAT DRAWS every Saturday 4:30pm

Friday April 18 Mini Meat Draw 6pm




+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com

= WV Chamber President's Dinner & Business Excellence Awards Wednesday April 23 -- Sold out!

~ 6 - 10pm ~ Hollyburn Country Club ~~ Presenting Sponsor: Grosvenor

Mulgrave School Junior Filmmaker students, who will prepare films of nominee finalists to present that evening.

Tix $99; Info: https://www.westvanchamber.com/page/calendar/ezlist_event_e5b24b4e-5a8a-4ca1-9866-1e5225a32d87.aspx

=== CULTUREWATCH === {those in Headsup usu not repeated here}


+ ARTS CLUB -- http://www.artsclub.com -- box office at 687 1644

The Bomb-itty of Errors, an ad-rap-tation of The Comedy of Errors, Revue Stage. Apr 10 - May 10

+ THE CULTCH thecultch.com

Mies Julie, a South African adaptation of Strindberg's Miss Julie; 251 1363; ends Apr 19

+ METRO THEATRE 266 7191

The Mikado, Gilbert & Sullivan, metrotheatre.com Apr 5 - May 3

+ JERICHO ARTS CENTRE 224 8007 x2 jerichoartscentre.com

The Old Curiosity Shop, Dickens, adapted by Simon Webb (United Players) Mar 28 - Apr 20


Up next for ITSAZOO Productions is Tracey Letts's black comedy, Killer Joe, running April 15 to May 4. This show, for adults only, is taking place inside a trailer in the parking lot of the Italian Cultural Centre. This ˜trailer-trash noir’ follows the Smiths: a hilariously dysfunctional Texas family who engage a contract killer in a scheme to collect life insurance. http://pitheatre.com


Proud, award-winning playwright Michael Healey takes on his biggest subject yet: the Rt Hon Stephen Harper.

His sexy {!!!}, cheeky, and surprising play will have you ROTF*L -- regardless of your politics (and we like

actors Andrew Wheeler and Craig Erickson). [* F = aisle] 689 0926 firehallartscentre.ca Apr 5 - 26


Eat Your Heart Out, a comedy by Nick Hall (Theatre BC Festival entry) Apr 4 - 19


God of Carnage, a dark (outrageous) comedy by David F Craig; schoolyard skirmish, parents deliver greatest punch (Theatre BC Festival entry) 983 2633 northvanplayers.ca Apr 3 - 19


I on the Sky -- April 16 - 18 -- Good Friday discount tickets are only $5 each!

Tix $10: Wednesday April 17 @ 10am & 1pm / Thursday April 18 @ 10am & 1pm; Tix $5: Friday April 18 @ 1pm

Family Series: Ages 10 & up; Tix: $10 each, Group Discounts available

Performance: 50 minutes, no intermission; Post Performance Talk Backs available in both French and English

This creation will travel to Vancouver from Winnipeg through Saskatoon and Calgary and finally finish in Ottawa. With this tour, DynamO Theatre [ http://www.dynamotheatre.qc.ca/en/ ] continues to build relationships between Anglophone and Francophone communities. I on the sky has no spoken lines & amazing acrobatic skills! It leads audiences into a world of movement, imagery, and music, where poetry sways reality.

BOX OFFICE: online http://www.phtheatre.org Call 990 3474

Presentation House Theatre and DynamO Théâtre bring I on the sky to North Vancouver during its major Canadian tour. This creation will travel to Vancouver from Winnipeg through Saskatoon and Calgary and finally finish in Ottawa.  According to the author and Director of the piece Yves Simard "¦it is increasingly difficult to build decent tour projects. Fortunately, there are still people who take the beautiful risk of artistic creation.

About I on the sky... Against the backdrop of a constantly changing sky, a young woman sits on a park bench. Through flashbacks, she remembers events that led her to flee her homeland. The crowd of strangers moving by considers her with indifference and contempt, until her path crosses that of a young runaway, in exile herself. She discovers a fragile tie in a faraway land.


+ VANCOUVER ART GALLERY  http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/calendar_of_events.html

Coming Exhibitions: for details: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/the_exhibitions/upcoming_exhibitions.html ]

~ NB: VAG Mbrs receive 20% off admission to the Royal BC Museum in Victoria when you show your Gallery Mbrshp card.

For more info contact Member Services at membership@vanartgallery.bc.ca or 604 662 4711.

.....Excitement is building at the Vancouver Art Gallery as we prepare to open our spring exhibitions. The VAG is the only place you can see these groundbreaking exhibitions, which feature an extensive group of works from the Gallery’s permanent collection, displayed with pieces from local and national collections. These are three shows you don’t want to miss!

> LAWREN HARRIS, Canadian Visionary, founding mbr of Group of Seven -- March 1 to May 4

> Myfanwy MacLeod, or There and Back Again -- March 8 to June 8

This exhibition presents a new body of sculpture by the Vancouver-based artist Myfanwy MacLeod. Drawing upon motifs associated with the sexually charged music of Led Zeppelin and the novels of J.R.R. Tolkien, the exhibition examines the conventions of the heroic quest as a male fantasy.

> Artist's Choice; Cock and Bull -- March 8 to June 8

Presented in conjunction with Myfanwy MacLeod, or There and Back Again, this exhibition features work from the Gallery's permanent collection selected by Myfanwy MacLeod and Grant Arnold following the model of "cock and bull story",...Read more. http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/the_exhibitions/exhibit_cockandbull.html

> Scorned: Emily Carr -- March 1 to May 26

Scorned: Emily Carr engages in dialogue with the concurrent exhibition A Terrible Beauty: Edward Burtynsky, presenting works that demonstrate Carr's interest in the denatured landscape -- an occasional, but notable, subject of her work. Read more. http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/the_exhibitions/exhibit_scorned.html

— OUT FOR LUNCH (Apr 11 Fri 12:10pm at the VAG) -- The Arietta Quartet: Haydn and Prokofiev



Singing Verdi -- Apr 17 Thursday 7:30pm Academy of Music (FREE)

A special masterclass/demonstration with VO Music Director Jonathan Darlington. Gain insight into the singers' and conductors' process in this rare class with Maestro Darlington, just two weeks before the opening of Verdi's powerful Don Carlo.  For more information, visit our website.


OperaLive! Listen & Watch!

Visit the OperaLive! section of our website to listen to clips from our next production, Don Carlo, and watch a video blog about the opera, narrated by VO's General Director James Wright.  You'll also find pictures of the production!  Visit OperaLive herehttp://www.vancouveropera.ca/operalive/2013-2014/don-carlo-operalive.html

More info on Don Carlo, on the show's webpage here. https://www.vancouveropera.ca/Carlo-2013-14-page.html

+ VANCOUVER SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 876 3434 http://www.vancouversymphony.ca/calendar/



Bach's St John Passion, WV United Church pacificspiritchoir.com 7:30pm Friday Apr 18


Eternal Light: Mozart and Lauridsen; Orpheum vancouverchamberchoir.com 8pm Friday April 18


> Tree Talks & Walks:

NINE FREE guided interpretative walks from Oppenheimer Park to UBC.

... last one in series Sunday, April 20 - Easter Parade 


===> HEADSUP 05A


Mar 31 CCL MTG -- v v briefly:

= Grosvenor Presentation Ctr passed

= Maison Milliken -- strong statements by applicant followed by excellent submissions by residents of Sentinel Hill.  Information mtg Apr 9 at St David's and then the Public Hearing Apr 16.  All of Ccl voted in favour of going to the PH except for Sop.


Land Purchase:

DWV has bought land & bldgs at 2195 Gordon (990 - 22nd) from VCH for $16M (from Endowment Fund). (Details below)


Art Exhibition

Caroun Art Gallery -- Exhibition: Chinese Art Apr 1 - 18.  (Details below)

FOUR -- PQP (to end of newsletter)




Land Purchase

Subject: District of West Vancouver acquires land and buildings near civic site

{Moved: See the Mayor's announcement at the beginning of the Mar 31 ccl mtg}

DWV purchased land and bldgs at 2195 Gordon (formerly known as 990 22nd) in WV from the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCHA). The sale closed on March 26, 2014..... The sale price is $16.07M....


===> NOTICE/HEADSUP with April 7 AGENDA {sent day before Apr 7 ccl mtg?}

This was to be sent out Friday with activities but now at least you'll find out about tonight's topics.

The next ccl mtg Apr 28 but re Maison Milliken an info mtg Wed Apr 9 and the PH Apr 16.

Not on agenda, however am anxious to know if you agree with increasing civic/municipal terms to four years -- prov plans legislation b/c asked for by UBCM.   IMO, we shd let Ccl/prov know whether or not we agree.

MAIN ITEMS Ccl Mtg April 7Delegation re NSh Chn's Charter of Rights; EcoUrbia/Cmnty eco-ctr at Klee Wyck; WVSecSch track and artificial turf field; estmt of a Public Art Adv cmte;  Ferry Bldg Cmnty Gallery Improvements; Rezoning/DP for Parcel 3 of Evelyn/Onni (set PH); Road Closure near Mulgrave; PSB; Bd of VARIANCE; Correspondence: 4710 South Piccadilly (what heritage conservation?)




Note: At 6pm the sp Ccl mtg will commence in open session in the MFCR and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, pursuant to section 90 of the Community Charter.

(e) the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements,

Purpose of mtg: land matters

At 7pm the reg Ccl mtg will commence in the Ccl Chamber.


7:00 PM

1. Call to Order.


===> HEADSUP 05B [sent 9:47am Tu Apr 8]

Headsup 05B Apr 7 Ccl Mtg Summary (& Pic)

So what happened Monday night?

(note events for today and Wednesday announced during reports; others listed already in WVM05)

["we otter have a nap" at bottom]

COUNCIL MEETING April 7 (Main Items)

=  Delegation (with slides) -- Children's Charter of Rights; "right to play"; surprised to hear vulnerability in early years increased in the British Properties (and if I heard correctly, also Bowen Island, and Deep Cove)

=  Launching of SD45, Lighthouse Festival, Tues (8th) at 4pm at PkRoyal-South

=  Opening Night of SD45 One Exhibition at the Museum 6 to 8pm, Wed 9th

=  The highlight of Acting Mayor NG's week was getting to kiss Chris Hadfield (Centennial Theatre event re Peace); Mayor Smith said he wdn't have; Hadfield was awarded the Peace tartan.

=  The Grants Cmte is looking for two mbrs -- get your applications in.

=  97th anniversary of Vimy Ridge (considered event during wch Canada came of age) will be marked by a march by the Legion along Marine Drive to Memorial Park on Wed Apr 9th

=  The discussion of an Eco-Centre (for EcoUrbia and WV Garden Club) at Klee Wyck took over half an hour; all support the idea but other aspects have to be considered: plans for a long-term land-use strategy, openness re other groups, conditions of the gift, possible moving of the greenhouses.  Staff will report back.

=  From 8 - 8:40 the track field and artificial turf field consumed our attention.  Now $4.3M.  Involves SD45, DWV, Sports Groups, and 'stakeholders'.  Former cclr Rod Day gave an impassioned plea for the nbrs (consultation, peace and quiet, night lights) and commented on phasing and funding.

=  Next was a discussion re establishing a Public Art Advisory Cmte after a presentation by a cmnty group; staff will report back. 

=  Glad to hear plans for improving the "Ferry Building Cmnty Gallery" -- {often overflowing} at events.  Rather partial to the FBG, {one of my concerns since a heritage bldg} and I was the (first) WV cclr for heritage.  Do wonder about process however b/c ~$60K as a budget amendment (allowed?) and ~$70K from the Amenity Fund (no discussion re this "Cmnty Fund", though it fits the category).  And did the work go out for tender before architects chosen?  My concern has nothing to do with the FBG, and Ruth Payne does a terrific job with that (small) space, plus v happy restoration planned......[thought bubble: plans for restoration of other heritage structures/assets???]

=  At 9:14 the changes to the Finance Cmte [were] discussed -- from all seven mbrs of Ccl to three with three mbrs of the cmnty (with expertise and experience), viewed as an improvement.  IMVHO, having mbrs of the cmnty is not just desirable, it's essential to include residents on cmtes.  [Not once during the debate was any reference made to changing a few months ago the CEC from three ccl mbrs to all seven.  Wonder why.]

=  From 9:27, quite a lively exchange re the calculation of CACs (report says none!) for transfer of density in Onni's Evelyn Drive devt.  Hope to have clarification in WVM; it did sound v technical and complicated with uncertainty as to definitions; both Sop and CC voted against going ahead.  The applicant will have an info mtg, and then the Public Mtg and PH together are slated for May 26 {postponed from May 5 on agenda}.  Mayor quite rightly suggested fuller explanation from Planning (thx!).

=  10 o'clock: three readings of the proposed road closure and removal of hwy dedication near Mulgrave School with Apr 29 deadline for submissions.

=  The 1763/65/67 MDr zoning bylaw was adopted.

=  Other Items: doggie doodoo and important issue re Ambulances/Fire/Police-- will get details re negotiation and status from CAO.

=  PQP -- yup, me -- my fourth (and last) question/comment was about the prov's increase of civic election terms to four years.  Most ppl I've spoken with are not in favour.

- Did WV attend the UBCM convention that passed that resolution?

- Did our reps vote?  if so, how?

- If [cmnty] not consulted beforehand, will they be now?

- The Mayor (as well as I) contacted our MLA who said UBCM recommended it (IOW, what can prov do)

- Wd a petition  or a referendum during the election help?

The Mayor shrugged after saying he'd contacted Minister Oakes who just "patted him on the head".

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "we otter have a nap" {pic moved to AnimalWATCH below

=> ANOTHER NOTICE (followup)

Apologies -- time inadvertently omitted -- 11am!

=  97th anniversary of Vimy Ridge (considered event during wch Canada came of age) will be marked by a march by the Legion along Marine Drive to Memorial Park on Wed Apr 9th

So will also send some info on this important national/historical event.

{ADDED NOTE for WVM: Keep in mind Canada's population in 1917 was only ~ 8M.}

Excerpts below from:  http://www.warmuseum.ca/cwm/exhibitions/vimy/index_e.shtml

The Battle of Vimy Ridge, 9-12 April 1917

Tim Cook

Many historians and writers consider the Canadian victory at Vimy a defining moment for Canada, when the country emerged from under the shadow of Britain and felt capable of greatness. Canadian troops also earned a reputation as formidable, effective troops because of the stunning success. But it was a victory at a terrible cost, with more than 10,000 killed and wounded.

The Canadian Corps was ordered to seize Vimy Ridge in April 1917. [Map] Situated in northern France, the heavily-fortified seven-km ridge held a commanding view over the Allied lines. The Canadians would be assaulting over an open graveyard since previous French attacks had failed with over 100,000 casualties.

To capture this difficult position, the Canadians would carefully plan and rehearse their attack. To provide greater flexibility and firepower in battle, the infantry were given specialist roles as machine-gunners, rifle-men and grenade-throwers, ... "Chaps, you shall go over exactly like a railroad train, on time, or you shall be annihilated," warned Canadian Corps commander Sir Julian Byng. ...

...  Hill 145, the highest and most important feature of the Ridge, and where the Vimy monument now stands, was captured in a frontal bayonet charge against machine-gun positions. Three more days of costly battle delivered final victory. The Canadian operation was an important success, even if the larger British and French offensive, of which it had been a part, had failed. But it was victory at a heavy cost: 3,598 Canadians were killed and another 7,000 wounded.

The capture of Vimy was more than just an important battlefield victory. For the first time all four Canadian divisions attacked together: men from all regions of Canada were present at the battle. Brigadier-General A.E. Ross declared after the war, "in those few minutes I witnessed the birth of a nation."

Vimy became a symbol for the sacrifice of the young Dominion. In 1922, the French government ceded to Canada in perpetuity Vimy Ridge, and the land surrounding it. The gleaming white marble and haunting sculptures of the Vimy Memorial, unveiled in 1936, stand as a terrible and poignant reminder of the 11,285 Canadian soldiers killed in France who have no known graves.

And now from Wiki:

Battle of Vimy Ridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


WikipediaThe Battle of Vimy Ridge was a military engagement fought primarily as part of the Battle of Arras, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France, during the First ...ŽCanadian National Vimy ...

 - ŽBattle of Arras (1917) - ŽJulian Byng, 1st Viscount Byng ...


Influence on Canada

The Battle of Vimy Ridge has considerable significance for Canada. Although the battle is not generally considered the greatest achievement of the Canadian Corps in strategic importance or results obtained, it was the first instance in which all four Canadian divisions, made up of troops drawn from all parts of the country, fought as a cohesive formation. The image of national unity and achievement is what initially gave the battle importance for Canada.  According to Pierce, "The historical reality of the battle has been reworked and reinterpreted in a conscious attempt to give purpose and meaning to an event that came to symbolize Canada's coming of age as a nation." The idea that Canada's national identity and nationhood were born out of the battle is an opinion that is widely held in military and general histories of Canada. Outside of Canada the battle has much less significance and is simply noted as being one part of the larger offensive of the Battle of Arras]

Vimy Memorial

Main article: Canadian National Vimy Memorial

The Canadian National Vimy Memorial is Canada's largest and principal overseas war memorial. Located on the highest point of the Vimy Ridge, the memorial is dedicated to the commemoration of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and Canadian Expeditionary Force members killed during the First World War. It serves as the place of commemoration for Canadian soldiers killed in France during the First World War with no known grave. France granted Canada perpetual use of a section of land at Vimy Ridge in 1922 for the purpose of a battlefield park and memorial. A 100-hectare (250-acre) portion of the former battlefield is preserved as part of the memorial park that surrounds the monument. The grounds of the site are still honeycombed with wartime tunnels, trenches, craters, and unexploded munitions, and are largely closed off for public safety. A section of preserved trenches and a portion of a tunnel have been made accessible to site visitors.

The memorial took eleven years and $1.5 million ($20.27 million in present terms) to build and was unveiled on 26 July 1936 by King Edward VIII, in the presence of President Albert Lebrun of France and 50,000 or more Canadian and French veterans and their families. Starting in 2004, the monument underwent a major multi-year restoration project, which included general cleaning and the recarving of many inscribed names.

Queen Elizabeth II rededicated the restored monument on 9 April 2007 during a ceremony commemorating the 90th anniversary of the battle. Veterans Affairs Canada maintains the memorial site.

===> HEADSUP 05C {early Sat am}

Herewith: Flaherty; Mtgs; CultureWatch; QTP {QTP in newsletter}


The shock is the sudden passing of former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on April 10.  PM Harper has announced a state funeral for Wednesday (16th) in Toronto.  McGee (Thomas D'Arcy McGee, 1868), Jack Layton, and now Flaherty, are the only three Canadians accorded a state funeral since Confederation beyond the prescribed list, according a list provided by Canadian Heritage.  In his office (Ste 21 - 285 17th), MP John Weston has a book of condolences you are welcome to sign.  [ Website: http://www.johnweston.ca ]


What's happening.....

WVM05 had the Friends of the Library Sale Fri/Sat, the ten endangered {sites} tour plus the MS Walk on Sunday

Here are more:

= Vaisakhi Parade and Celebration:  http://vancouver.about.com/od/vancouverevents/p/vaisakhiparade.htm

= Saturday April 12 Law Day: 10am - 2pm -- variety of presentations at NV Prov Court

Organized by the NSh Family Court & Youth Justice Cmte, WVPD, and NV RCMP; includes process in courtroom, dog handler, mock crime scene/arrest, mock trial, and a Youth Court workshop; details:


= Monday April 14  ~ 4:30pm ~ CEC -- Cmnty Engagement Cmte mtg at last! (first since May 2013!)

Agenda (an absolutely ridiculous DWV link/URL):

http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/assets/gov/docs/Committees-Groups/Committees/Community- Engagement/2014/2014%2004%2014%20Community%20Engagement%20Committee%20Agenda.pdf

= Tuesday April 15 

~ 6pm  ~ Upper Lands WG mtg, Srs' Ctr   Upper Lands Study Review Working Group

= Wednesday April 16

~ 5pm ~ Bd of Variance  Board of Variance {see 05B followup just below}

~ 6 - 9pm ~ Public Hearing: Maison Milliken, St David's United (1525 Taylor Way) {see followup}

~ 7pm ~ Library Bd mtg at Library


o  Maundy Thursday (17th) 

o  Good Friday (18th) Southern Straits Yacht Race (WVYC), 8am - noon; Dundarave Beach Southern Straits Yacht Race 

o  Saturday (19th) Easter Egg Hunt, 11am - noon dundaravevillage.ca for more info

o Easter Sunday (20th)



= Fri/Sat Apr 11/12 ~~ NSh Writers Festival  northshorewritersfestival.com

= Fri to Sun, Apr 11/13 ~ 10am - 5pm ~ 86th Annual Bradner Flower Show

DAFFODILS!!! crafts, music, demos, wine facebook.com/BradnerHall

= Sat Apr 12

~ 2 - 3pm ~ Shaughnessy: Vancouver's First Planned Nbrhd; Talk by John Atkin 

at Old Hastings Mill Store Museum,  hastings-hill-museum.ca   733 9749

~ 7pm ~ Hagoromo -- TomoeArts and the Consulate General of Japan 

   a full performance of this Japanese Noh play Hagoromo,"The Feathered Robe",

about an angel who descends to earth from the heavens ticketstonight.ca

~ 7:30pm ~ Passion and Resurrection at Chan Ctr

   Elektra Women's Choir [elektra.ca] and Chor Leoni Men's Choir [chorleoni.org]

~ 8pm ~ Brahms and Gorecki, Vancouver Bach Choir, Orpheum [vancouverbachchoir.com]

= Sun Apr 13 

~ 11am - 4pm ~ Celebrate Spring: Festival of Colour    nikkeiplace.org  777 7000

Japanese-Cdn and Korean-Cdn culture will blossom at this family-friendly event

Offers children a chance to dress in kimonos, take part in tea ceremonies, and write haiku

Includes performances by choirs, Japanese Taiko drummers, and a Korean percussion ensemble

~ 3 - 5pm ~  Second Sunday Series: Amicus Duo at Roedde House Museum 

clarinet and piano  roeddehouse.org   684 7040

===> HEADSUP 05C+ PH Maison Milliken {Update/Correction, also sent Sat}

The Public Mtg and Public Hearing for MM is on Wed Apr 16 at 6pm at the MHall.

Apologies re place -- the Public Info Mtg for Maison Milliken on Wed Apr 9 was at St David's.


Apparently on some ppl's computers two DWV links repeated the symbol and obscured the link (not on mine sending out but such are the peculiarities of the computer world).

=  Upper Lands: http://westvancouver.ca/government/committees-groups/working-groups/upper-lands-study-review-working-group

=  Southern Straits: http://www.wvyc.ca/southernstraits

o The BoV link on the DWV website's Calendar goes to the DWV homepage instead of its name.

Board of Variance -- actual/correct URL/link: http://westvancouver.ca/government/committees-groups/boards/board-variance

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Editor, West Van Matters" <editorwvm@westvan.org>

Subject: Headsup 05C: Apr 11 - 16

Date: 12 April, 2014 9:30:34 AM PDT


Herewith: Flaherty; Mtgs; CultureWatch; QTP

[pun cartoon added] {-- now moved to end of newsletter}


= Wednesday April 16

~ 5pm ~ Bd of Variance  Board of Variance  >see proper link above<

~ 6 - 9pm ~ Public Hearing: Maison Milliken, >MHall< St David's United (1525 Taylor Way)

~ 7pm ~ Library Bd mtg at Library


=== CCL MTG NOTES 2014 March 31 === e&oe

Re transcript: ... (gap); xxx (words missing); &&& (noteworthy; shd get); timestamps so you can find the part on the video to listen to entire bit.

NB: unless I know the person, names are best guesses. In any case, herewith more of what went on than you ever see in the ccl minutes. :-)

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=== SPECIAL CCL MTG NOTES ø We don't get minutes from this so the agenda is all we know!

Note: At 6pm the sp Ccl mtg will commence in open session in the MFCR and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, pursuant to section 90 of the Community Charter. At 7pm the reg Ccl mtg will commence in the Council Chamber.


1. Call to Order.


2. RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, mbrs of the public be excluded ... under the following...:

90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed if ... relates to or is one or more of the following:

(e) the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;

(k) negotiations and related discussions re the proposed provision of a M service that are at their prelim stages and that, in the view of the ccl, cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the M if they were held in public.

Purpose of mtg: proposed provision of a municipal service and land matters.

3. ADJOURNMENT (of open session)


Note: At 7pm the Public Hearing will commence in the Council Chamber. The regular Council meeting will commence in the Council Chamber immediately following the Public Hearing for consideration of the scheduled agenda items.

7:00 PM



Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4787, 2014 (proposed amendment to the CD32 zone to allow for an expanded range of commercial land uses at 1763, 1765, and 1767 Marine Drive) The Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits will describe the subject application.

Applicant: M. Sager (for the owners PVHC Holdings Ltd. & 616200 B.C. Ltd.)

Subject Lands: 1763, 1765, and 1767 Marine Drive

Purpose: The proposed bylaw wd allow the same range of commercial uses permitted elsewhere in Ambleside under the AC1 and AC2 zoning, for the existing CD32-zoned devt located at 1763, 1765, and 1767 Marine Drive. The commercial units on site are currently limited to uses such as bakeries, delicatessens, and restaurants.

Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment: If adopted, the proposed Zoning Bylaw wd amend the CD32 zone to provide for a broader range of comm land uses, including these gen categories: retail, office, personal/biz services, education, restaurant, and child care.

Mayor: staff will describe

Sokol: hand it over to Andrew Browne [Planning Dept]

AB: SLIDE of locn

allow the same range of commercial uses permitted elsewhere in Ambleside under the AC1 and AC2 zoning, for the existing CD32-zoned development located at 1763, 1765, and 1767 Marine Drive. 

3. PUBLIC HEARING PROCEDURE -- described by MClk

CC: generally in favour of relaxing the uses

what was the intent to limit it?  Why restriction desirable or nec?

AB: have heard a variety of explanations, all seem plausible.

thinking of the day; non-profit, applicant more info

CC: curious those three -- animating the street front?

AB: resident strata, uses not restricted to that

CC: AC1 zoning creates a desirable street front? haven't heard that

certain uses liven; wd be in favour if animates but still some restrictions

Sokol: AC1 zone does need to be looked at and tinkered with, but do re AC1 as a whole rather than just this prop

1968 - 2008, loads of amendments 


1)  Reports received up to and including March 20, 2014:





Proposed amendment to the CD32 zone to allow for an expanded range of commercial land uses at 1763/65/67 Marine Drive


March 10, 2014/ March 31, 2014


2)  Written submissions received up to and including March 20, 2014:





Residential Owners STRATA PLAN LMS 1435 (On-table)

March 24, 2014

March 31, 2014


On Mar 10, Ccl set the date for the PH. The stat notice of PH will be published in the NShNews on Mar 23 and 26, and notices were mailed to property owners / occupants within the notification area. The MClk will note written submissions received for the Mar 31 PH.


Mark Sager: Mr Mayor, how fast 20 years go by!  I was in your seat 20 years ago when we passed this zoning.

I recall vividly

architect with tenants who wanted those specific uses; no thought about what wd happen when those tenants  [left?]

shd hv bn

that long ago, and there were not CACs then, space for a non-profit was negotiated

a subsequent Ccl decided didn't want that amenity so sold it; they shd hv fixed the zoning at that time

mistake; irony since then used for standard biz

sold; new tenant about six mos ago went to Hall to check and found out no, it was restricted

the brakes went on, been vacant ever since

fortunately, Ccl, can be fixed tonight


Scenery Slater: live right behind this site 

like Cclr Cam, don't have a problem with use; more concerned with height and density, as long as not a rendering plant

Planning always pleasant, they cd not explain CD32; now we've had that from someone here

but I think we deserve something in writing [full], and for Ccl to make a decision

this zoning will make the prop more valuable, will there be a Cmnty [Amenity] Contribution?

Mayor: Mr Sokol, wdn't there be records?

Sokol: 20 years ago and only kept for a limited amt of time; don't think we have them

Mayor: okay. 

{okay? maybe not okay! will check but don't records go back more than 20 yrs? maybe by category, but am sure Planning, with legal agreements, MUST, be kept on file! Maybe the reasons verbal?}


Sokol: report given at first reading 

CACs based on increase in impacts, not in value

{er um, not as generally understood!  Uplift is based on increase in land value and the CACs are to be 75%..... never heard 'impacts' mentioned.....}

no change in impact and no new devt, so staff recommended no CACs

Sop: a year shy of being on Ccl but recall nice courtyard, nice setback, wd move along nicely, unfortunately it didn't

remember it had a tree in the ctr, tables, inner courtyard appealing

don't think we can change without being cognizant of the residents


If there is no further public input and Council does not request a further staff report:RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and oral submissions be received and that the Public Hearing be closed.


Sop: you might want to comment on that

Mayor: oh yes; it will be on the agenda later.  Sorry.

=== REGULAR CCL MTG NOTES March 31 ===

* 7:00 PM

Following conclusion of the Public Hearing the following items will be considered.

1. Call to Order.

Mayor: a couple of announcements

= The District of WV has purchased land and buildings at 2195 Gordon Ave (formerly known as 990 22nd) in WV from the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCHA). The sale closed on March 26, 2014. 

This is an important purchase for the District of WV. The property has long-term strategic value for the cmnty. It’s in a core area of WV and it’s immediately north of our civic site, which contains the WV Cmnty Ctr, the Aquatic Ctr, the Srs’ Activity Ctr, and the Ice Arena.

The sale price is $16.07M. The purchase will be funded by way of a transfer from the District’s M Endowment Fund and will be repaid within ten years. 

The site is 0.7 hectares and it contains two buildings. The purchase and sale agreement provide for a leaseback to VCHA allowing it to occupy the larger building on the site for up to 12 months.

It’s extremely difficult to acquire such a large property in this area. This site adds substantially to our options for the future, including the potential to expand our civic site, which generated almost 1.5M visits last year, or to look at other options, but no decisions have currently been made.

= also, a lease agreement for two years with the McDavis Physiotherapist Corp has been signed at the Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr.

= A lease renewal and amending agreement for five years hs bn signed w/ Bean Around the World at the Cmnty Ctr.

= And a lease renewal for five years hs bn agreed to w/ the Dundarave Physiotherapist Corp at the Aquatic Ctr

= and licence agreements for four years and eight months for the Whytecliff Pk and Dundarave Pk concessions for Channel Mark McKay {sp?} doing biz as Spot's Foods {?}.

So with those announcements will call the mtg to order.

2. Approval of Agenda

THAT the March 31, 2014 regular Council meeting agenda be amended by:

  • adding to Item 3 the March 10, 2014 special and regular Council meeting minutes and Public Hearing minutes, and Summary of March 10, 2014 Public Hearing regarding Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4779, 2014 (Marine Zones 1, 2, and 3);

  • adding to Item 13 Item 13.1 regarding correspondence;

AND THAT the agenda be approved as amended.

3. Adoption of Minutes

= minutes of the March 10, 2014 special and regular Council meetings and Public Hearing be adopted as circulated;

= the Summary of March 10, 2014 Public Hearing regarding Proposed Zoning ... Amendment Bylaw No. 4779, 2014

(Marine Zones 1, 2, and 3) be approved.

CC: move adopt as circulated ... Marine Zones be approved


4. Dundarave Festival of Lights Society (File: 0055-01) Presentation to be provided. 

Gwendolyn Allison {sp?}: true spirit of season; thank cmnty groups; fulfilment of our mission; photos, past Christmas

100th anniversary, had 100 trees; this past year went that quickly {named mbrs of the cmte}

inclusive joyful; forest appears magically -- help of firefighters

first Dundarave Ceilidh; First Nations

our own festival of light -- kayakers, etc xxx

NSh Lookout Society; trees, miracle of compassion; empower those who have lost their homes

everyone come together and enjoy, free of charge

thanks for support

eight months from now -- can I count on your support?

Mayor: absolutely; first to get cheque out

Ans:....look forward to working with you


Mayor: hope everyone who listens signs up for a tree, when?

Ans: Sept

TP: gets better and better ev year; what you provide incredibly needed, Lookout Shelter

better to come up and out of the cmnty

huge thank-you; a cornerstone event; received with gratitude.

Mayor: thx for coming and sharing success.


5. Reports from Mayor and Councillors on Boards, Committees, and Working Groups

Mayor: give up my time over to Rebecca Buchanan who'll tell us about the exhibition of art from WV students past and present at our museum

RB: really excited to be here tonight

organizer Jackie Wong, guest curator, P Andersson, and Museum Adv Cmte [MAC}

SD45 One, past and present; Doug Coupland, all past students; exhibition of works, names

opening Apr 8, first exhibition kindergarten to high school

first past and present; pleased to host this exhibition

brainchild of Jackie Wong, art teacher; thought this wd be inspiring

satellite installations, will see around WV; had mentorship workshops 

celebrate diverse creative output of WV

Opening night is next Wed Apr 9 from 6 to 9pm

my pleasure to invite mbrs of Ccl and everyone from WV

Mayor: look fwd

MB: attended NSh Congress Steering cmte, next mtg May 14, 5 - 8pm in NV sch bd offices on behalf of the city

topic: transportation -- opp to begin that dialogue; cuts across all five cmnties plus First Nations

hope ev can make it

Sop: to the Fire Festival, Nowruz; extremely well-attended; chn dancing

chairman said how much enjoyed having it at Amb; appreciated our efforts, hope will continue

Meals on Wheels, put together at St David's Church; [thx] to that volunteer group

with Cclr Panz and Lower Caulfeild group for ivy pull; turn-out incredible

ivy wraps around like snakes!  cleaned entire area; fab job

Mayor: am sure Ms Mooi will be happy to give you some other locns

Sop: next is the Dell, the creek; with Streamkeepers and Lighthouse {Park Preservation Society}

need money b/c steep

under the bridge down to waterfront, Sharon Drive beach; lots of work

NG: one of two liaisons for the Chamber of Commerce

had mtg a couple of weeks ago and ABA becoming v active after many years

activity and optimism, moving ahead with biz owners, great to see

two events: Taste of the Bay, annual, always sold out -- Thurs Apr 24, buy tix $20 from Ch of Commerce; eat your heart out

same on May 29, in Amb, tastes -- all restaurants 

Sop: [7:36]

ML: might hv bn spring break for schools but not for Ccl -- think I've been to eight mtgs

first, with architect changes to Masonic Hall; v informal

another one want to mention -- the Amb Biz Assn [ABA], Mar 11th; v encouraging to see it v much alive

{recovering from the loss of Dina a few years ago.....}

final, on Mar 17, better part of day, MetroV Board Finance Cmte; tweaking; when confirmed will bring back

CC: Mar 11 NSh Sports Award at PkR N

on 13th Sop and I at DRC; proposal for two hi rises on White Spot site; substantive feedback

will be rejigged somewhat; come back with changes, then back out to public

if interested ... will go fwd

Masonic Hall. 4-hr mtg; will be going out to the public in about a month

Mayor: Cclr Gambioli

NG: ev looking at me? supposed to xxx?

I already did my report

{oops; wrong verb tense with 'already' (conveying indefinite continuous past)

-- I did my report OR I have already done my report}

oh, wrapping up!


MB left  {recused herself}

6. Proposed Devt Permit No. 14-003 for the renovation of 1340 Marine Dr (Grosvenor Presentation Ctr)

At the March 10 reg mtg Ccl rec'd the report dated Feb 11 and the memo dated Mar 5 re Devt Permit No. 14-003 for 1340 Marine Drive and set the date for consideration for March 31, 2014.

Reports received up to and including March 31, 2014:





Proposed Development Permit No. 14-003 for the renovation of 1340 Marine Drive (Grosvenor Presentation Centre)

February 11, 2014

March 10, 2014/ March 31, 2014


Package changes for development application 14-003

March 5, 2014

March 10, 2014/ March 31, 2014


Written Submissions received up to and including March 31, 2014: None to date.

staff: formerly Handi Rest

within Phase 2; cd probably stand for a while after Phase 1 starts

with police bldg


recommendations [7:44]; recommending approval

strange if you don't realize zoning for the whole block is in place



Applicant: Mark Josephson with Grosv

in step moving fwd with redevt and revitalization of

Mar 5 pkg myself + James Cheng here for questions

Sop: Mr Sokol on land owned by the same ppl, tax component

Sokol: yes; signif improvements of the bldg

Mayor: Ccl Sop -- sorry, anyone from the public?


all written and oral submissions received for information.

the proposed DP, wch wd impose requirements and conditions for the renovation of an existing bldg, be approved.


Mayor: plsd to see able to relocate on Bellevue

anyone wanting their fix can


7. Temporary Real Estate Signage proposal for Grosvenor’s 1300 Block Marine Drive Development

Staff: recommend approval, small changes; one-yr term, then renewal or might see an addl request; approp security deposit

Slide of free-standing signs; staff recommend downscaled to 6ft [7:49 check]

corner signs on police stn and at this time do not recommend they be approved


THAT the temp real estate signage proposal, att'd as Appendix A to the report dated Mar 10, be approved with the following terms and/or modifications:

a The proposed free-standing signs be limited to approx six ft in height and three ft in width on each side;

b The proposed corner signs not be approved;

c The temp signage approval have a term of one yr, after wch [it] must be reconsidered by Ccl or removed; and

An approp security deposit be provided to ensure removal of the temp signage at the expiration of approval.

CC: not sure why a one-year approval; come back to Ccl and Ccl time

staff: typical and used for other projs

moves from sales to construction; a yr is not a problem

CC: don't feel signs approp while a police stn, but once vacated

don't see why approved till work ends, come back and back

Mayor: Sokol, prob?

Sokol: no

ABrowne: still daytime prohibition

18mos appropriate, likely see a revised b/c doesn't take &&& public vs private

hoarding will have to change over time

CC: and have to come back to Ccl

staff cd do that; bit of hoarding, don't know Ccl has to see it

you say needs to be revisited, so okay with that


Mayor: let's get Ccl Booth back [7:54]

8. Proposed Fees/Charges Bylaw No. 4414, 2005, Amendm't Bylaw No. 4781, 2014 (Planning, Devt, Permit Fees)

read a first, second, and third time.

CARRIED [7:55]

9. Notice of Motion regarding EcoUrbia and Establishment of a Community Eco-Centre (File: 0120-06)

A Notice of Motion will be provided:

Take notice that at the April 7 Ccl mtg, Cclr Panz, with a seconder, will move: THAT

1. Ccl direct staff to work w/ EcoUrbia on est'mt of a cmnty eco ctr at the vacant Parks greenhouse site at Klee Wyck; and

2. Staff report back to Ccl on a sustainable business plan devped by EcoUrbia for an eco-centre concept, five-year term lease, operational and capital cmnty supported funding model.

Mayor: Moved by Cclr P, seconded by myself

MClk: a motion was not required for that; it's coming back Apr 7

Mayor: can't pass a motion if not a motion

Sop: if it says as read.

how discuss?

Mayor: discuss when it comes to Ccl Apr 7; look fwd to your comments Apr 7

Sop: and I'll keep an open mind


10. Proposed OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4783, 2014, Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4784, 2014; Proposed Devt Permit No. 12-084, TWay/Keith (Maison Srs’ Living) 

NOTE: Each reading of an OCP bylaw must receive an affirmative vote of a maj of all Ccl mbrs (4) in order to proceed (LGA)

LIsa Berg, Planning, gave background and outline of what she'll say PH Apr 16

two bylaws for first reading tonight, [xxx OCP] and to rezone

rezone: in a comprehensive zone, 51

wd limit the FAR to 0.98, max 91 bdrms, other things such as setbacks..... min req mtgs

to ensure what is proposed is actually

cmnty amenity -- Dist's practice 75% of Uplift from zoning $1.78M

consultant who prepared the report is present tonight shd Ccl have any more questions

two covenants are proposed -- tree protection covenant (existing mature trees) and buffering from TWay; bldg restriction covenant refers to blind operations

nbrs' request for privacy beyond what is required

Cmnty need been raised to staff; share highlights from the staff report

from info av, Cdn Mortgage & Housing 2013, census date, only a 2% vacancy rate for housing in BC, increases ea yr

cohort 65 - 84, vast 97% prefer to live independent

and xxx

next cohort, over 30% live in collective dwellings such as assisted

Jan 27 ccl mtg said useful to have some info from VCH; they did share some info on cmnty needs

They confirmed there are no vacancies in the public system for memory care; need for a secure envmt

need for more residential capacity in the system

upon reviewing, VCH said to increase the amt of mem care, rather shifting around the numbers, memcare beds vs assisted living

enhancing some assisted living services

location: SLIDE

SLIDE Location analysis [8:05]

no areas prezoned as proposed; wd require OCP amdmt

not a lot of other vacant land uses out there that wd allow this use; an existing use cd be displaced

good access and allowed for mobility; PkR services; not have to drive through

[8:06] sloping hindrance -- NOT

PH 6pm Wed Apr 16

Sop: xxx

LB: applicant

Mayor: staff or

Sop: I have a concern wrt the TWay corridor; not long ago Ccl spoke out against a daycare in that area

Synagogue and xxx

the interpretation I had ... xxx prime area for commercialism

relnship to no proper planning, no offence to staff -- why wasn't that done?

Mayor: ???

Sop: why staff not deemed to be commercial; come along and say another one

Sokol: staff does not control when applicns come in

in this instance, applicn came fwd; looked at access to the site

in our prof opinion, this is a good locn

if Ccl wd like us to do a study re corridor and do it for 2015

Sop: another Q

in ... xxx ... 536 beds various levels of care for srs in this cmnty

if VCH was conscious of asking for more devt, you're stating no other sites at all?

at Inglewood, they're 56 beds short

Mayor: ask applicant if he's considered other sites

Sop: you're saying this is a great site but VCH says another site for expansion

Sokol: VCH says a shortage of beds; cd be expanded

we approve re density so they have to be rezoned

Sop: that doesn't tell me anything, this has to be rezoned as well

NG: if CACs involved, just deposited in Endowmt Fund, right?

CAO: CACs recorded in a v specific fund; if xxx used for that

{some say either not part of reports/budget or difficult to find; will check into this and see how much}

NG: if we were to frame them and want them for a specific use, how?

Sokol: ultimately up to Ccl to determine how CACs get spent,

you cd specify certain amt to be spent on a certain part of this proj [8:12]

go into the amenity fund and during the budget process Ccl wd designate be spent on a certain capital project

NG: [Ministry approval] in the process?

Sokol: officially doing it after approval process but is spent on something during the approval process, can do that

MB: b/c of TWay

LB: yes; located within 800m of access

MB: bn any discussion wrt likelihood of that approval; hate to see us go down and then no approval

LB: don't anticipate; not looking for addl access no interference with intersection

Mayor: applicant

thank you, Ms Berg, that was a v lengthy and xxx report [8:16]

Don Milliken: with Kate Milliken and Poon

physical and mental issues

why NW corner is the perfect locn; huge need for care in WV

Kate re support of our applicn

our position is that not a PH so more &&&

srs uncomfortable attending long mtgs, anxious and xxx, known as sundowning

why highly suitable -- you covered it v well, Lisa

1.6 acre site available and made sense; few props meet this criteria; props on a largely unused portion

mbrs of the DRC said no longer a sgl-fam cmnty

noise traffic [8:17]

three- to five-storey elevation drop makes it practical to isolate from nbrs

will be largely invisible to our nbrs, flatter not possible

accessible without driving through nbrhd

xxx PkR

6 easily accessible to transit -- good for staff, for friends and family

no zoned props for care and will have to go through same process

at periphery

Maison is small compared with srs xxx

facts re need for care:

indep living cmnty no care; MM is not, it's for those who need care

dressing bathing and eating

comments made confused -- MM is not an independent living

our Calgary [Maison] had no indep living

CEO of Alzheimer's -- dementia is a ticking time bomb

xxx [8:20] state

NSh 100 beds; in Canada shortage of 30K 20x8 100K {check what said}

WV high proportion and growing

%state over 73??? 5, 65, 75 or older

assisted living care

1,377 w/ 266 residents

the math means 3,640 need care today, today 615 beds, 17% of needs in WV today

MM 100 residents --- {get figs}

5 facts: WV Care Ctr full waitlist; Inglewood, Capilano Care, Hollyburn, Amica full

NV l6 - 9 waitlist

need is acute [8:22]

{left phone msg and sent email twice to get the Millikens's texts for the newsletter but none received. Was told, however, all of his info is on the DWV website.}

Kate Milliken: report support been receiving

xxx for Srs

ppl nowhere to go; when?

listed by Outlook

srs needing care in WV lack choice and sorely needed


Bd of WVUC -- much of congregation srs

VanCity branch, many seniors, lack of high quality care

Ch of Comm reviewing; Kiwanis support Maison; recogn lack; Westerleigh

welcome Maison [8:25]

too many conversations to count needed regular daily care

tell us

stuck in hospital for weeks b/c care not av

widespread support; ask for your support

Mayor: proposal is to present this at a PH on Apr 16; wd hear anyone wishing to make a presentation

wishing to speak; under impression this is a PH

{heads shake}

CC: re appraisal, is Ms Cawley here?

Sokol: here

CC: a cursory

not to get xxx concerned with limitations

that we can rely on amts appraised; if off $500K wd leave M short


Sokol: Wong present

this is not an appraisal; it is a report and has bn in ev appraisal

Wong: the term appraisal is v rigidly defined

xxx economy, analysis adhered to

wrt background

CC: so Burgess Cawley stands behind these figures?

Wong: yes

Mayor: keep in mind PH Apr 16. Public

> Joe Del Vicario: [text supplied; my bolding]

Good evening Mr. Mayor, council and staff.

My name is Giuseppe Delvicario and I live with my wife at 890-8th Street.

As a West Vancouver resident I strongly oppose the Maison development proposal on the basis that I am opposed to SPOT ZONING!

This proposal should be voted down by Council and proceed no further.

This proposal is a request for the SPOT ZONING of a FLOOR AREA RATIO of 0.98. The current zoning is for single-family residences with an FAR of 0.35. I have reviewed the Comprehensive Development properties in West Vancouver and of the four CD zones in the district that are close to residential communities (CD4, CD16, CD27, CD33) the highest FAR is 0.45. This proposed rezoning to an FAR of 0.98 represents an extremely high ratio which would set a nasty precedent. You will have a stampede of developers coming before you after they stake out options up and down Taylor Way with similarly egregious SPOT ZONING requests. And what is there to stop them, because we all know that no master redevelopment plan exist for the Taylor Way corridor. Why doesn’t the District take a step back and plan a reasoned redevelopment of this part of our community?

SPOT ZONING is the “process of singling out a small parcel of land for a use classification totally different from that of the surrounding area for the benefit of the owner of that property and to the detriment of owners around that property. It is a rezoning in a way that “does not conform to the surrounding neighbourhood. The Maison proposal is exactly that¦it is the plunking of an unprecedented, unheard of high density CD zone in the middle of single-family residences. It is completely inappropriate in scale and massing, so much so that with such a huge Floor Area Ratio of 0.98 and high density the neighbouring properties could not be adequately buffered. It would be a 75,000 square foot imposing monolithic structure in the middle of 3,000 square foot single-family homes. The value of adjoining properties would [lose] value. Mr. Milliken’s property would gain value. The net result would be that the existing Sentinel Hill homeowners would be subsidizing a developer’s profit through their own property devaluation, and the District would come into some slush funds in the form of the COMMUNITY AMENITIES CONTRIBUTION. This should not be acceptable to Council.

I have heard that Mr. Milliken has altruistic motives by providing a needed facility which will meet the needs of seniors in this community and that it is not a commercial venture. This venture is a for-profit venture and hence very commercial, so it should be placed in a Commercial Zoned area, just like the other for-profit facilities which are located on Clyde or Marine Drive. This would be the first private for-profit facility in the middle of a single residential neighbourhood. This is a commercial intrusion. This commercial intrusion is not acceptable to those of us who have our largest investment in this area as a single-family neighbourhood and it should not be acceptable to our elected representatives.

Spot zoning is anathema to communities everywhere. The proposal before you is SPOT ZONING of an unprecedented degree in this District.

Mr. Mayor and council please do not advance this proposal. Reject the Maison development.Please post these notes with Council correspondence and in the development application site.

[Giuseppe] Del Vicario MD, 890-8th Street West Vancouver

Mayor: everyone keep to three min

> Dave Mxxx {sp?}: shorten won't pronounce the i in my name

mbr of PSH; our home was not included in the notification area

however felt xxxx

access in and out; impacted by this change to our nbrhd; object re spot-zoning -- not suitable and has an impact

my background is investment [8:35]; get it xxx

nbrs seem to be at most risk

Eden Place have had [appraisals?] negative impact

[prop] for sale, withdrawn; $100K below asking price

[each loss] $1-200K ---- $1M loss in that nbrhd

say short-term but other care facilities, impact seems forever

SLIDE of table showing impact of values, lot values [8:37]

Inglewood $200K less, ripple effect

Mayor: used up your three minutes

> Andrew Franks: [text supplied; my underlining]

My name is Andrew Franks and I live with my wife, Jennifer, and three young children at 736 Eden Place. My property is adjacent to the Maison development proposal. I strongly oppose this project.

It has been suggested that we, Sentinel Hill homeowners, “need to be careful about what we wish for, that five monster houses could be built beside our properties on the lots in question, and that this would somehow be more negative than a 24/7 for-profit enterprise on our doorsteps. There is no doubt in my mind or my wife’s mind or my neighbours™ minds that we prefer to keep these lots zoned single-family residential. Five “monster houses as they have been referred to, would together be at most 25,000 square feet. Each house would be less than double the square footage of our own homes. With all due respect, Mayor and Council, Maison at 75,000 square feet, is equivalent to 15 monster houses.

{maybe they hadn't done the math.....}

Not only would Maison be twenty-five times larger than surrounding homes, but the change in zoning from single residential to Comprehensive Development would have a huge negative financial impact on property values, as others have validated. Speaking as homeowners, maintaining single-family zoning would have negligible impact on property values for us as homeowners. An independent appraisal for my property alone indicated a loss of $100,000 if this project went ahead. This is my largest financial investment. And I’m just one homeowner. That Council could consider inflicting this degree of financial loss on West Vancouver homeowners is unconscionable. The Community Amendment Contribution that the District receives for Maison may be almost insignificant when taking property devaluation for neighbouring homeowners into account.

Residential homes would be also be neighbours, families¦part of the community of Sentinel Hill. A commercial business is not, and will not be same.

Neighbourhood character has been an focus for this current Council, and one which Council has reinforced by stating that we as West Vancouverites should be able to define and shape. We want to do that. This is a neighbourhood we have invested in “ financially and emotionally -- and do not want to see undermined by arbitrary spot zoning. We are not suggesting that no change will ever be acceptable. But given the choice of the Maison development - a 75,000 square foot development housing a 24/7 for-profit enterprise, or five monster homes, we infinitely prefer the latter. Please do not advance this proposal. Reject it tonight.

> Christopher Loat: proxy time to speak on behalf of xxx Pirani and Virani

Mayor: sorry, can't allow that 

{CL pointing}

Mayor: so if they're here can

{someone: CLOCK?}

Mayor: we're v fair here; nine mins

CL: [text supplied; my underlining]

Good evening, Mayor and Council

My name is Christopher Loat and I reside at 780 Eden Place, West Vancouver and I have been given proxy time to speak on behalf of Haider Pirani of ¦ Eden Place West Vancouver

I am opposed to the Maison development because it sets a precedent for spot-zoning. The character of West Vancouver and the strength of our neighbourhoods is that we are zoned for safe single-family residential living which is often the primary reason why people purchase in such areas. If this development proceeds a precedent will have been set for any developer to take an option on one, two, or three homes in residential areas anywhere in West Vancouver and replace them with commercial, for-profit developments. Spot-zoning results in the transfer of wealth from the homeowner and taxpayer to the developer and ultimately the Municipality through the Community Amenities Contributions.

Spot-zoning results in an eclectic grouping of buildings with no particular structured, pre-determined, community plan. Advanced planned development of a wider area with vision will result in development that the community needs and any uplift in values being enjoyed by all.

The existing Official Community Plan zones Sentinel Hill as Single Family. The Maison project is to be rejected quite simply because it does not meet the terms laid out in the existing Official Community Plan. If you feel there is a need to change the zoning on the Taylor Way corridor, then let’s revise the Official Community Plan for ALL of West Vancouver and then create competition by inviting interested parties to submit their proposals for development. This is the only appropriate way to change zoning.

The homeowners within the Planning Department’s “designated area for feedback have given strong support to retain the single-family residential zoning in the proposed project location.

Please further consider the following issues:

You requested that more research be done on the need for Senior Care in our community and our feedback is as follows:

Private, high-end care homes across the lower mainland have an average vacancy rate of 18% (Source) and high-end care homes in West Vancouver have higher vacancy rates. I understand that the [Westerleigh] presently has a vacancy rate of 45%. This clearly indicates a lack of demand for these types of facilities. Proceeding with this project will only add beds where they are not required. There is already too much capacity in the market place for this type of care and this has been confirmed by Vancouver Coastal Health.

On the other hand, affordable care homes across the North Shore (such as Inglewood Care Centre) have wait lists. With this strong demand there is a “First Bed Available policy in place. This is the category in which our municipality should be encouraging the addition of more senior care beds.

Also “ the private memory care facilities that currently exist only provide care for those in the early stages of dementia. If and when those patients progress to more advanced dementia and need more nursing care they will have to be moved to facilities offering more ˜complex care’ (in accordance with hospital regulations) which on the North Shore will be places like Inglewood Care Centre. Simply put, we do not need any more private-pay beds at this time

(Put the RFP on the projector)

Are you aware that in October 2013 Vancouver Costal Health issued a “Request for Proposal for 44 complex care beds? Also that a local, existing, affordable care facility (probably Inglewood care from a conversation at the open house in December) met the Planning Department for an initial discussion on a proposal to provide these 44 beds, and they were asked to consider holding off their application until after the Maison issue had been dealt with?

(Put the architectural plan on the projector)

Are you aware that this very same operator was proposing a development that would provide 73 beds, providing Vancouver Coastal Health with the 44 complex care beds in the “Request for Proposal plus additional capacity to meet further demand?

(Put the architectural drawing of the residential housing on the projector)

Are you aware that this proposal is at a facility already zoned to provide complex care, on land already owned by the operator, that the required beds can be provided with a lower Floor Space Ratio and in a building with an architectural design that has the appearance of residential homes?

Are you aware that once accepted by Vancouver Coastal Health the additional beds can be available in 7 months? Early delivery will help alleviate the back log?

Are you aware that Vancouver Coastal Health provides excellent affordable care for between $30 and $60 per day?

In summary:

1) There is a need for affordable care facilities

2) There is a Request for Proposal in place for affordable complex care beds

3) An existing provider is prepared to fulfill this need

4) Yet this information has been withheld in favour of a much more expensive proposal. WHY?

Our council and staff have looked for affordable housing in our community. Now for the good of all the community our Municipality is encouraged to support affordable [seniors’] health care.

I respectfully ask you to please vote against proceeding with this development. It is the wrong development in the wrong place. Please put this document in the public record.

Mayor: thx for staying within time

> Elsbeth Wissink: Eden Place, WV resident mbr of PSH

oppose the Milliken proj and not send to next step

M&Ccl, thank you, you voted against the xxx [8:50]; xxx residents xxx and voted no

use the same kind of reasoning and reject the Milliken proposal

SLIDES asked for residents' opinions.  We answered xxx

nbrhd character; respect ours as you did for Taylor Wood

in 2011, Dist received project &&&, didn't proceed b/c residents wd not xxx

thank you

didn't come; killing in the process; and now, why Milliken proposal much stronger; not considered enough to stop this prop

based on the nbrhd considered for other projs; never shd hv advanced

$1.8M has shrunk this [8:53]

> Philip Falls:  SLIDES  WV residents, PSH [text supplied]

Neighbours are Strongly Against the Milliken Development MARCH 31, 2014

Mayor and Council, my name is Philip Falls and I live at 770 Eden Place. I am speaking to you as a West Vancouver resident and member of Preserve Sentinel Hill. I oppose the Milliken project and ask that you not to send the proposal forward to the next step.

Mr. Mayor and Council, the FOI request identified a concern from Ms. Binns“Milliken over concerns of duplicate comments on the website and how this could exaggerate opposition to the project.

To be very clear there are NO duplicates in the Preserve Sentinel Petition that you see above “ that’s one reason why we have asked for names and addresses, a practice that as you are aware is inconsistently applied by the District and suspiciously only applied when seeking input on development proposals, in spite of complaints from the public

The numbers show 358 in opposition to the project and clearly in favour of keeping the neighbourhood zoned single-family and therefore against spot zoning. Only three residents are in favour in the area that you, Council, have designated.

This opposition will certainly grow louder “ particularly once the neighbourhood understands that as early back as in December, we learnt (at the Public Open House) that Inglewood Care wanted to expand its facility -- thereby presenting Council with an alternative to the Milliken development.

Ms [Milliken-Binns's] note to the District reminds us all of the importance of obtaining the highest quality comments from the public on this development proposal.

Therefore, tonight I ask the developer to support us in this common goal of gathering quality information by:

Asking Council going forward to only consider comments on this project that include complete names and addresses, and

To also invite Council going forward to direct staff to use comment sheets/questionnaires that clearly point out to readers that there are both supporters and opponents of this project and to list the pros and cons from both sides.

Mr. Milliken, do you support this initiative to improve the quality of public input and to fairly report to the public on the pros and cons of your proposed development? Will you join us in asking Council to make these changes effective immediately and prior to any future potential public meeting?

Mr. Mayor and Council, if tonight you don’t consider making significant changes to the way the District collects, interprets, and presents information to the public on this projects, you are continuing to endorse practices that we believe favour the development and that at a minimum do not fairly present the views of opponents to the project.

As the [development's] application process may rule out further communication with Council over the next few weeks, it is important that these changes [be] made immediately.

Mayor and Council, how can you proceed to vote on the next steps on this project when the District is not fairly collecting information and reflecting objections to this proposal at to the public at public meetings by continuing to use inadequate comment sheets and questionnaires?

Please post these notes with Council correspondence and in the development application site.


Mayor: anybody who comes to a PH gives name and address

in Ms Berg's excellent report, was a lengthy section on nbrhd opposition

PF: happy to hear that

> Esther Del Vicario: [text supplied] Process speech

Good evening, Mr. Mayor, Councillors, and staff. My name is Esther Del Vicario and I live at 890 8th street. I’m a member of Preserve Sentinel Hill. I strongly oppose the Maison development and would like to speak to you about the way this issue has been dealt with.

We’ve been very public about our how we feel this proposal has been handled, and have always wondered if the outcome was predetermined in favour of the developer. But casting doubts aside, we listened to the concerns raised at previous meetings and undertook the formidable task of gathering as much information as possible and available that was relevant to the project so that you could make an informed decision. We subsequently presented our findings to you and yet, despite our best efforts and all the gathered factual evidence supporting our objections to this project, Maison continues to move forward within the process.

We can’t help but be cynical of a process we feel is bulldozing the project through in complete and persistent disregard of the facts as presented. So we used our power as voting citizens and through the Freedom of Information (FOI) act, we paid to have copies of all correspondence between Mayor and Council, staff, and the developer. After reading over 600 pages, with more to come, statements were clearly made that left no doubt in anyone’s mind that the outcome of this project was indeed predetermined in favour of the developer irrespective of the facts which speak against it.

And so I put this to Council: if you vote tonight to move this forward without a full discussion of our objections and the game-changing alternative we’ve put before you, you™ll be intentionally shutting down any further debate on this project from stakeholders including members of Preserve Sentinel Hill and the public, and you’ll be doing so without staff completing the work you asked for at the January meeting which was to provide you with facts and information on alternate sites, impact on housing prices, and to research the need for this type of [seniors'] care. How can you then proceed to the next step knowing the real and urgent demand is for affordable complex care for seniors which includes memory care, and that a Request For Proposal or RFP exists that outlines and supports this real need? Please stop the process in its tracks right now and continue to do your homework. Proceeding to the step next by passing the 7-part motion before you, especially part 1 that states that “Opportunities for consultation on the proposed Official Community Plan amendment, with persons, organizations, and authorities, as outlined in the report from the Senior Community Planner dated March 12, 2014, be endorsed as sufficient consultation for purposes of Section 879 of the Local Government Act is acting in complete denial of the facts and will cast doubt the minds of anyone who is watching tonight’s council meeting that our voices and the voices of seniors in our community aren’t being heard at this critical juncture in the process and risk being silenced forthwith if this project reaches the next step. Thank you. Please put this in the development application.

> Marie Payette-Falls: [text supplied] Concluding speech

Good evening Mr. Mayor, Councillors and staff. My name is Marie Payette-Falls, I’ve lived at 770 Eden Place for 22 years, I™m a member of Preserve Sentinel Hill and I’m strongly opposed to the Maison project.

You’ve just heard an impassioned group of informed and concerned residents and voters speak to you about:

The pitfalls and dangers of spot-zoning and of not abiding by the existing Official Community Plan or OCP

The overwhelming opposition to this project by the residents of Sentinel Hill

The negative impact of this project on the neighbourhood character of Sentinel Hill & Eden Place

The negative impact of this project on housing prices of properties adjacent to the proposed site

The urgent need, as stated by experts in the field, for more public, affordable beds to meet the current and growing demand for complex care for seniors on the North Shore, including memory care which will account for no more than 10% of Maison beds, and how our findings, based on meetings with professionals in this area including Vancouver Coastal Health, conflict with what Mr. Milliken and his entourage are purporting.

I can’t believe after all you™ve heard that you would not do the only thing that makes sense and stop this project in its tracks right now and focus your attention on meeting the real needs of seniors in our community by looking at supporting the health authority’s “Request For Proposal and granting those who can approval to do what’s required to provide the type of care facility our seniors REALLY need.

Now, if in spite of everything I and others have just said, tonight’s motion passes, then why? Because promises have been made to the developer and the outcome is predetermined? Because at a time when the municipality is facing serious financial challenges, saying no to a possible $1.8M that will be forthcoming from the developer if the project proceeds, is hard to pass up?

(Before I conclude, another point needs to be made on behalf of everyone who’s worked tirelessly to do what™s right by our fellow residents including our seniors and that is the questionable scheduling of Maison-related council meetings & events that discourages participation, for example right before Christmas or Easter, mid-summer or today, a day after Spring Break when many young families like those in our neighbourhood were away.)

This meeting is televised for all citizens to watch and listen to their representatives on council and staff who are supposed to be working to better our community. And I can’t imagine that anyone who™s been following this debate isn’t equally put off and discouraged by what they’ve seen. That the people have spoken and their input and concerns, while voiced, have not been heard. As you are well aware, we’re planning to take an active part in the next municipal election on issues that are important to our community and our neighbourhood and will be inviting incumbents and anyone running in the next

Election to attend an all candidates meeting facilitated by Preserve Sentinel Hill.

We’d hope that during this meeting, we’d be able to congratulate those currently sitting on council for their courage and good sense in not letting the Maison project proceed, for working collaboratively with citizens to review and renew our OCP, thus thwarting all attempts at spot-zoning, and for listening to those in the know, including the health authority, and providing for the elderly in our community whose urgent needs for affordable complex care are great and as yet, unmet. Thank you. Please put this in the development application.

{some dings before end}

> Mayor: Scenery Slater

SS: you know my name!

share the concerns many speakers have made about the process

CAC, calculate on the formula -- highest and lowest

how is that in the best interests of the cmnty?  why?

no doubt at all that there is a need for addl beds for srs particular with dementia and mental issues

this is a need for publicly funded beds

difficulty being able to afford to stay in WV

Milliken -- don't see as meeting the need


if discouraging Inglewood to expand

also have heard the same proponents were discouraged from contacting Sentinel Hill

more concern wrt the process

whole bunch of residents more than their share of legwork; xxx listen to them

> Melinda Slater: I wasn’t prepared to speak tonight but I wanted to add my support to the previous speakers, they’ve certainly said very well all of the things I’m thinking and I agree wholeheartedly with them, particularly the concerns about spot-zoning.

We’re hearing there are no other sites for senior care AND that there is a desperate need [for] this kind of care.  Certainly one supposedly small, private, and presumably very expensive facility is not going to meet current and growing needs and I don’t see how this can possibly satisfy concerns about affordable seniors' housing or care, which we keep hearing about.

Because I’m related to Scenery I have personal experience with that as well.

{this is a reference to the fact they have a relative in a srs' facility}

Instead of a spot-zoning “band-aid approach, I implore Council to step back and seriously plan for these needs. We need to seriously plan for this.

Did I hear correctly that the DRC concurs that this site is no longer a single-family neighbourhood? That’s very disconcerting, I™m not sure why that would be, it’s my neighbourhood.

CC: if lengthy move as written?

MClk: since PH shd be read

CC moved: THAT Opportunities for consultation on the proposed OCP amendmt, with persons, orgs, and authorities, as outlined in the report from the Sr Cmnty Planner dated Mar 12, be endorsed as sufficient consultation for purposes of Section 879 of the LGA;

[9:10] MClk: my apologies; consider each and vote separately

CC: clarification on process -- suggest we group cclrs' comments?  first or last?

Mayor: on first

CC: I will be voting on the six

clear case for need whether WV or NSh as a whole

clear that dementia is a growing prob; ageing demographic in Canada and in WV

I hv various friends with dementia and Alzheimer's issues, a real burden on families -- burden huge and v diff in family dwellings

agree, the need follow on publicly funded system; many cannot afford the rates at Maison

there are many who CAN afford; they'll take some demand away from the public system

we add to the supply

see the need, facility is meeting the need; at this intermediate stage shd be hearing from the cmnty as a whole

although have heard and so an idea of where it's goingonly other thing I'll ask, reason to believe, residents hv been advised impact when built out will not be signif if anything at all

be forthcoming is received advice &&& [9:14]

ML: xxx public have a right to comment; appropriate is at the PHI don't believe to have any disc at this time to discuss pros and cons

firm believer in the integrity of the process

strong objection to anyone who xxx; look fwd to Apr 16Sop: xxx stood up for character of nbrhd; residents

no offence to Mr Milliken, some great devts xxx

wrt interruption to nbrhds; both sides why not [9:16]

xxx there's a need; a number in NV also devping

strongly object placing a devt in a nbrhd that we have locked in-- an imp area...this is not a whim, this is a serious nbrhd; xxx creeping commercialism

can't support it, can't support going fwd.

NG: appreciate nbrhd has put in writing nbrhd character; will serve us and yourselves in future

although many tonight not in favour, received about an equal number in support, whole-heartedly

I'd like to hear from more ppl

I too regret the insinuation that anything has been predetermined or that any promises made behind closed doorsregret those insinuations

TP: briefly, were deciding whether moves forward to PH

we have written policy, and need clearly demonstrated in the reports

do believe merit in hearing from the entire cmnty; won't have opp to do that unless I hear it; my job is to listen to the whole cmnty; nbrhd has done a xxx job

do need to listen to entire cmnty -- at that point decision can be made; will be supporting

MB: will support moving forward for same reason; wd like to have an opp to hear the rest of the cmnty

Mayor: Cclr Lewis and Cclr Sop

this has been long; staff and DRC; obligation to go to whole cmnty

still have not made up my mind whether go ahead or not xxx

also sympathetic to what Cclr Sop said

nobody can give me any example of an epidemic of xxx

I live directly behind the WV Care Ctr; haven't heard a loud partysgl-fam houses, I'd prefer what was there

fear of one of these facilities -- all the nbrs around me wd make the same

Sop is right we have to [9:22] {get those examples}

this is not a rezoning factory, it's a residence

haven't decided whether or not to go ahead

CC: respond to what Mr Sop has said

applicn for a proj and bound to go through

wd hope and certainly support look at issue, zoning changes, care homes, on a cmnty basis

not just on TWay; look at it holistically

spot-zoning considerable concern 

CARRIES with Sop opposed

Proposed OCP ... be read a first time

CARRIES with Sop opposed

Proposed ... hs bn considered in conjunction w/ the District’s financial plan and the regional waste mgmt plan; CARRIES with Sop opposed

Proposed “Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4784, 2014 be read a first time; CARRIES with Sop opposed

Proposed “OCP..." and proposed œZoning..." be presented at a PH scheduled for Apr 16 at 6pm in the Ccl Chamber, MHall and that the MClk give statutory notice of the scheduled PH wch shall include notice of the PH to the owners and any tenants in occupation of all parcels of land as shown in the “Proposed Notification Area in Appendix C to the report from the Sr Cmnty Planner dated Mar 12 re the proposed devt of 825 Taylor Way and 707 Keith Road (Maison Senior Living)

CARRIES with Sop opposed

Sop: ?

Mayor: we agreed none

Sop: we did?  okay

Proposed Devt Permit be presented at a Public Mtg scheduled for Apr 16 at 6pm in the Ccl Chamber, MHall, to be held concurrently with the PH scheduled for Apr 16 in Ccl Chamber, MHall, and that the MClk give notice of the scheduled Public Mtg wch shall include notice of the Public Mtg to the owners and any tenants in occupation of all parcels of land as shown in the “Proposed Notification Area in Appendix C to the report from the Sr Cmnty Planner dated Mar 12 re the proposed devt of 825 TWay / 707 Keith (Maison Senior Living); and

CARRIES with Sop opposed

Proposed covenants for window blind operations and tree protection attached as Appendix H and Appendix I respectively to the report by the Sr Cmnty Planner dated Mar 12, be presented as part of the devt package.

CARRIES with Sop opposed

Mayor: as CC spoke twice will

Sop: showed the map red, pride of ownership, xxx taxes, why consistently look at things that take away from Keith Rd north

Sokol: will be a public info mtg held at St David's church, maybe Ms Berg can give date and time

LB: set Apr 9 public info; info will be sent by devpr

Mayor: Ccl will get a report on that mtg?

Sokol: purpose of mtg is just to get info out

wd be happy to give a report at the beginning of the PH

nbrhd wd be welcome to present boards and be at mtg

BYLAWS [9:30]

Bylaws are passed by a simple majority affirmative vote unless otherwise noted.

11. Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4787, 2014 (re amendmt to the CD32 zone to allow for an expanded range of commercial land uses at 1763, 1765, and 1767 Marine Drive) 

The proposed bylaw rec'd first reading at the Mar 10 reg Ccl mtg, and was the subject of a PH held on Mar 31. If the PH has closed, Ccl is not permitted to receive any further submissions re the proposed bylaw, and may consider second and third reading of the proposed bylaw.

Read a second and third time.



12. Consent Agenda Items -- rec'd for info, for approval:

12.1. Correspondence List (click here to view correspondence packages) 

> Council Correspondence Update to February 28, 2014 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) T. Hewstan, February 22, 2014, regarding “RE: Smart Meter Program Refusal

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

(2) Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, February 26, 2014, regarding “May is MS Awareness Month

(Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response) 

Received for Information

(3) City of New Westminster, Feb 18, reg “Concerns Regarding Recent Amendments to the Canada Postal System

(4) E. Lyman, February 23, 2014, regarding “Fwd: Major US Utility: œNo Rational Basis for Smart Meters

(5) 2 submissions, dated February 27, 2014, regarding BC Ferries Service Reductions

(6) A. Poulsson, J. Adams (Preserve Sentinel Hill), Feb 27 re “Alternate Locns for [Srs'] Facilities in WV (Maison Milliken) 

> Council Correspondence Update to March 7, 2014 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) A. Lepiarczyk, March 1, 2014, regarding “Upper Lands

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response) 

(2) T. Lautens, March 2, 2014, regarding Garbage Collection

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

(3) March 3, 2014, regarding “FW: Upper Lands Working Group Process- REVISED with Permission

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

(4) West Van Matters, March 4, 2014, re “No Jan 17 Ccl Mtg Video?; No CEC Mtg Posted; Heritage Grp?

(Referred to Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)

(5) P. Hundal, March 7, re “Criticism of materials & questionnaire published by Upper Lands Working Group

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response) 

(6) R. Longe, March 7, 2014, regarding � South Piccadilly

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

(7) Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Mar 7, re Request for Delegation (Scotiabank MS Walk on Sun, April 13, 2014)

(Referred to Municipal Clerk for response) Received for Information

(8) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes “ Community Grants Committee “ December 13, 2013

(9) City of North Vancouver, February 27, 2014, regarding “North Shore Food Charter

(10) DNV, Feb 28, re “Amalgamation (Study of the potential costs and benefits of consolidating the three NSh Ms)

(11) Canadian Federation of University Women West Vancouver, Feb 28, re Int'l Women’s Day Events (March 8, 2014) (12) E. Lyman, March 1, 2014, regarding “Fwd: Wireless Radiation “ The more important BIG [picture]!

(13) Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC), Mar 3, re “Call for Nominations to 2014 IPAC Vanier Medal

(14) Western Residents’ Association of West Vancouver, March 4, 2014, re Upper Lands Working Group Open House 

15) Hollyburn Sailing Club, March 4, 2014, re Hollyburn Sailing Club Annual Commodore’s Sail Past (May 10, 2014) 

(16) M. Crocker, March 4, 2014, regarding “Proposed amendment to DP 02-020 (walking trail on Seascapes lands)

(Referred to March 10, 2014 regular Council meeting)

(17) City of Bby, Mar 4, re “Cmnty Impacts of Proposal to Eliminate Home Mail Delivery Service by Canada Post Corp (18) R. Wyllie, March 6, 2014, re “proposed devtt [sic] by Hollyburn Properties at Bellevue, 21 and Argylle [sic] 

(19) BC Ferry Services Inc. (BC Ferries), Mar 7, re “Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendmt ... “ BC Ferries’ Submission

(Referred to March 10, 2014 Public Hearing) 

Responses to Correspondence

(20) A/Dir/Parks, Mar 3, response to Ambleside/Dundarave Ratepayers’ Assn (ADRA), 1528 Argyle (Godfrey’s House) (21) Dir/Planning, Mar 3, response to P. Nevison, “Permission to construct a new driveway crossing and driveway to

access our 4 lots for the purpose of vehicular access to our subj props legally [known as Lot 1-4, xxx], 5907 “

5915 “ 5921 & 5929 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC.

> Council Correspondence Update to March 14, 2014 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) MetroV, Mar 7, re “Notification of a Proposed Amendmt to MetroV 2040: Shaping Our Future (Metro 2040), the

regional growth strategy “ Type 3 Amendment

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

(2) Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers’ Association (ADRA), Mar 9, re 1528 Argyle Avenue (Godfrey’s House)

(Referred to Director of Park and Community Services for consideration and response)

(3) Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers’ Assn (ADRA), March 9, 2014, regarding “Fwd: Park Royal Devt proposal

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

(4) Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers’ Assn (ADRA), March 9, 2014, re “Fwd: Upper Lands development

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response) 

Received for Information

(5) Eagle Harbour Yacht Club, Thunderbird Marina, WV Yacht Club, Sewell’s Marina and Sunset Marina, March 6, 2014, re “Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010 Amendment Bylaw No 4779, 2014 (Marine Zones)

(Previously rec'd at Mar 10, 2014 Public Hearing)

(6) MetroV, Mar 7, re “MetroV Waste Flow Management and the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District

Recyclable Material Regulatory Bylaw No. 280 (Bylaw 280)

(7) Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers’ Association (ADRA), March 9, 2014, regarding “Fwd: invitation

(Annual General Meeting of the Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers’ Association, April 5, 2014)

(8) 4 submissions, dated March 2 “ March 12, re Milliken’s Proposed Devt at Keith and TWay (DP Applicn No. 12-084) 

(9) West Van Matters, March 10, 2014, regarding “Clarification of Ccl Minutes Feb 3 and 17

(10) R. and M. Rolston, Mar 10, re “Proposed Zoning, Amendment Bylaw ... (Marine Zones 1, 2 and 3)

(Previously received at March 10, 2014 Public Hearing)

(11) A. Lepiarczyk, March 10, 2014, regarding “TAXES, TAX EXEMPTIONS and WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY

(12) West Vancouver School District, March 11, 2014, re “Invitation to Lighthouse 2014 Celebration “ April 8, 2014

(13) C. Ballantine, March 11, 2014, regarding � foot Online Survey

(14) A. Pietrow, Mar 13, re “Want a reason to protest on Saturday? (H Bay Ferry Terminal Coastal Cmnty Protest)

(15) C. Ballantine, March 12, 2014, regarding “Fw: West Van’s ˜stroad’.

Responses to Correspondence(

16) A/Dir/Parks, Mar 10, response to Ambleside/Dundarave Ratepayers’ Assn (ADRA), 1528 Argyle (Godfrey’s House) 

{not quite complete or satisfactory, don't you think?  info and process missing}

(17) Director of Engineering, March 11, 2014, response to T. Hewstan, “RE: Smart Meter Program Refusal

(18) Director of Engineering and Transportation, March 10, 2014, response to T. Lautens, Garbage Collection

> Council Correspondence Update to March 18, 2014 (up to 4:30 p.m.)

Referred for Action

(1) G. Sacré, March 18, 2014, regarding “FW: 1763 Bellevue (Proposed Redevelopment of the Masonic Hall Site)

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response) 

Received for Information

(2) MetroV, Mar 11, re “Conveying MetroV’s Recent Bd Rpt on the Reg'nal Growth Strategy and Agricultural Land Comm" 

(3) WV Memorial Library, March 13, 2014, re Invitation to TED2014 Conference Broadcasts (March 17-21, 2014) Responses to Correspondence

(4) Dir/Planning, Mar 13, response to P. Nevison, “Permission to construct a new driveway crossing and driveway to access our 4 lots for the purpose of vehicular access to our subject properties legally known as Lot 1-4, Blk 4, DL 771, LD 36, Plan 6025, 5907 “ 5915 “ 5921 & 5929 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC.


Mayor: Eagle Island re garbage or wait till staff response?

CAO: Ray

MB: know Mr Fung will respond; sympathetic to residents


Sop: xxx v nice; xxx or too lazy to get out of their truck?

RF: seems to be a lack of consensus; have to accommodate; wrt one ideal situation


=== CCL MTG AGENDAs April 7 ===

=== SPECIAL CCL MTG April 7 ===

Note: At 6pm the sp Ccl mtg will commence in open session in the MFCR and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, pursuant to section 90 of the Community Charter. At 7pm the reg Ccl mtg will commence in the Council Chamber.


1. Call to Order.


2. RECOMMENDED: THAT in the public interest, mbrs of the public be excluded ... under the following...:

90. (1) A part of a council meeting may be closed if ... relates to or is one or more of the following:

(e) the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the Ccl considers that disclosure cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality

Purpose of mtg: land matters.

3. ADJOURNMENT (of open session)


For On-Table Items Please See Items 2.1, 5, 9, 14.1, and 14.2

7:00 PM

1. Call to Order.

2. Approval of Agenda amended by:

  • adding Item 2.1 re Mar 31 PH minutes, and Summary of Mar 31 PH re Proposed Zoning Bylaw (re amendment to the CD32 zone to allow for an expanded range of commercial land uses at 1763, 1765, and 1767 Marine Drive);

  • adding to Item 5 a memorandum regarding EcoUrbia and Establishment of a Community Eco-Centre;

  • adding to Item 9 the report regarding Proposed Amendments to Finance Committee Terms of Reference;

  • adding to Item 14 Items 14.1 and 14.2 regarding correspondence;

2.1 Adoption of Minutes

1. the minutes of the March 31, 2014 Public Hearing be adopted as circulated;

    2. the Summary of March 31, 2014 Public Hearing re Proposed Zoning Bylaw (re amdmt to the CD32 zone to allow for an expanded range of comm land uses at 1763/65/67 Marine Dr)


3. North Shore Early Years Planning Table, re North Shore Children’s Charter of Rights (File: 0055-01)

PowerPoint presentation to be provided. [to be rec'd for information w/ thx]


4. Reports from Mayor and Councillors on Boards, Committees, and Working Groups

  1. EcoUrbia and Establishment of a Community Eco-Centre (On-Table) (File: 0120-06)


    1. Ccl direct staff to work w/ EcoUrbia on the est'mt of a cmnty eco-centre at the vacant Parks greenhouse site at Klee Wyck; and

    2. Staff report back to Ccl on a sustainable business plan developed by EcoUrbia for an eco-centre concept, 5-year term lease, operational, and capital community supported funding model.

  2. Update on West Vancouver Secondary School Track and Artificial Turf Field Concept (File: 0180-02)

                  PowerPoint presentation to be provided.


    1. Staff work w/ the WV Sch Dist and stakeholders in developing a collaborative model for project mgmt, and a funding and long-term sustainability strategy, for the WV Sec Sch Track and Artificial Turf Field;

    2. Staff, in conjunction with the WV Sch Dist, undertake further consultation with the residents that are in proximity to WV Sec Sch in order to understand their concerns with this project; and that

    3. Staff report on the collaborative model proposed for project mgmt, and funding and long-term sustainable strategy, and on the nbrhd consultation.

  3. Proposal for Establishment of Public Art Advisory Committee (File: 3006-07)


  1. The proposal for a Public Art Adv Cmte, as described in the report dated Mar 14 from the Cultural Services Supervisor, be approved; and

  2. Info re the establishmt of the cmte, appmts, and terms of ref be presented to Ccl for consideration in April.

  1. Ferry Building Community Gallery Improvements (File: 0515-10) -- PowerPoint presentation to be provided. RECOMMENDED: THAT

    1. Ccl support that the District enter into contract with DA Architects to evaluate and propose the necessary upgrades to restore the Ferry Building;

    2. The amount of $57,800 to fund this work be achieved by budget amendment;

    3. An assessment leading to a proposed expansion and public consultation associated with that work be undertaken; and

    4. The amount of $71,200 be drawn from the Amenity Fund for that purpose.

{hm. I'm a supporter of the FBG and restoration but some info missing. Excellent architects but for future reference, how were they chosen? is this a precedent and other projs will come forward wanting budget amendmts? what is the process to use Amenity Funds (also called Cmnty Benefits/CACs)?}

  1. Proposed Amendments to Finance Committee Terms of Reference (On-Table) (File: 0116-20-FIN)

    RECOMMENDED: THAT proposed amendments, as described in the report dated Apr 7 from the CFO, be approved.

  2. Rezoning and Devt Permit Applicn No. 13-018 / Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4788, 2014 for 870 and 876 Keith Rd (Parcel 3 of Evelyn by Onni) (File: 1010-20-13-018 / 1610-20-4788)

    Schedule A


1. THAT proposed “Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4788, 2014 be read a first time;


2. THAT proposed “Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4788, 2014 be presented at a PH scheduled for Mon, May 5, at 7pm in Ccl Chamber, MHall and that the MClk give statutory notice of the scheduled PH wch shall include notice of the PH to the owners and any tenants in occupation of all parcels of land as shown in the “Proposed Notification Area in Appendix F to the report from the Sr Cmnty Planner dated Mar 19, re the rezoning of 870 and 876 Keith Road (Parcel 3 of Evelyn by Onni); and


3. THAT Devt Permit Applicn No. 13-018 be presented at a Public Mtg scheduled for Mon, May 5, at 7pm in Ccl Chamber, MHall, to be held concurrently w/ the PH scheduled for Mon, May 5, in Ccl Chamber, MHall, and that the MClerk give notice of the scheduled Public Mtg wch shall include notice of the Public Mtg to the owners and any tenants in occupation of all parcels of land as shown in the “Proposed Notification Area in Appendix F to the report from the Sr Cmnty Planner dated Mar 19, re the rezoning of 870/876 Keith Rd (Parcel 3 of Evelyn by Onni).

11. Proposed Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw No. 4786, 2014 (to close up and remove the dedication of a highway located adjacent to, and south of, the Mulgrave School site on Cypress Bowl Road)


  1. Proposed “Road Closure, Removal of Hwy Dedicn Bylaw No. 4786, 2014 be read a first, second, and third time.

  2. The Dist issue statutory notices of proposed Bylaw setting Apr 28 as the deadline for written/oral submissions.

BYLAW for Adoption

12. Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4787, 2014 (re amdmt to the CD32 zone to allow for an expanded range of commercial land uses at 1763, 1765, and 1767 Marine Dr) (File: 1610-20-4787)

The proposed bylaw received first reading at the Mar 10, re Ccl mtg, was the subject of a PH held and closed on Mar 31, and rec'd second and third reading at the Mar 31, reg Ccl mtg. As the PH has closed Ccl is not permitted to receive any further submissions regarding the proposed bylaw.


13. Consent Agenda Items RECOMMENDED: THAT the Consent Agenda items as follows be approved:

13.1.  Public Safety Building “ Project Status Report for February, 2014 (File: 0500-01)

    RECOMMENDED: THAT the report dated March 10, 2014, be received for information.

13.2.  Appointment to Board of Variance (File: 2310-04)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the apptmt of Amyn Bhayani for a three-year term ending Dec 31, 2016 be approved.

13.3. Correspondence List (File: 0120-24) (click here to view correspondence packages)

RECOMMENDED: THAT the correspondence list be received for information.

> Council Correspondence Update to March 21, 2014 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) C. Wootten, March 6, 2014, regarding � South Piccadilly

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

(2) P. Falls, March 17, 2014, regarding “Re: Collecting Community Input Policy #04-10-109

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

(3) K. Losken, March 21, 2014, 2 submissions regarding Collingwood School Construction and Glenmore Drive Properties (Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(4)  Committee and Board Meeting Minutes “ West Vancouver Memorial Library Board “ February 19, 2014

(5)  M. MacKenzie, February 1, 2014, re “Maison Senior Living Residence “ Taylor Way at Keith Road, West Vancouver (6)  E. Lyman, March 18, 2014, regarding “Fwd: The City of Burnaby Takes on the National Energy Board

> Council Correspondence Update to March 25, 2014 (up to 4:30 p.m.)

Referred for Action

(1)  A. Culley & Company Architecture, Mar 24, regarding “EAGLE ISLAND GARBAGE & DOCK ACCESS ZONE (Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

(2)  City of New Westminster, Mar 21, regarding “City of New Westminster’s position on the Pattullo Bridge Replacement (Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response).


14. Ccl has requested the following corresp be brought fwd for discussion, may propose a motion if Ccl considers further action is req'd.

14.1. D. Derreth, March 24, 2014, regarding Dog Waste Disposal Bags (On-Table)

14.2 City of Vanc, Apr 3, re “Changes to BC Ambulance Service Resource Allocns: Impacts on City & Citizens (On-Table)


=== ANIMALWATCH === We otter have a nap

=== PHOTOWATCH === (animals)

Perfectly timed animal shots: http://www.beliefnet.com/Love-Family/Galleries/Perfectly-Timed-Animal-Shots.aspx

=== BIRDWATCH === ~~ Bluebirds back on Vancouver Island

Three years into a project to re-establish the Western Bluebird on Vancouver Island, project partners are thrilled to find BC-bred birds as far north as Nanaimo. Read Island Tides online -- http://islandtides.com Page 7,

also single article 'Reprint' in Parks+Wildlife http://islandtides.com/html/environment.htmhttp://islandtides.com/html/environment.htm

=== INFObits === Jim Flaherty -- shocking sudden loss April 10 -- condolences to wife and triplet sons

+ Abolishing the penny -- While announcing Economic Action Plan 2012 on March 29 in the House of Commons, Flaherty explained that, by February 2013, the govt would be phasing out the penny. The cost to produce each new penny was 1.6 cents, which exceeded the penny's face value by 0.6 cents. The estimated savings for taxpayers from phasing out the penny is about $11M a year. Even though the govt eliminated the penny from circulation, Canadians can continue to use pennies for cash transactions indefinitely for businesses that choose to accept them or they can redeem rolled pennies at their financial institutions.

+ Flaherty's wife, Christine Elliott, won Flaherty's former provincial seat in a by-election, defeating Longfield who was running as the provincial Liberal candidate. This marked the first time in Canadian history that a husband and wife have simultaneously represented the same electoral district at two different levels of government.

+ State Funeral (Apr 16) -- 3pm in the St James Cathedral in Toronto

Flaherty will become the latest in a tradition of Canadian state funerals that began in 1868 with Thomas D'Arcy McGee, an Ireland-born nationalist who became a member of Parliament and was assassinated on the streets of Ottawa after a late night of debate in the Commons. ...

... McGee, Layton, and now Flaherty, are the only three Canadians accorded a state funeral since Confederation beyond the prescribed list, according to a list provided by Canadian Heritage.

=== ROYALWATCH === the first crawl-about

Royal Tour: 10 things you might not know about Prince George

10 APRIL 2014 -- Prince George is on his very first official royal tour, and Wednesday he was the guest of honour at a special playdate, put on by family support group Plunket and joining other young children of a similar age.......

See: http://ca.hellomagazine.com/royalty/2014041018118/ten-new-facts-about-prince-george/


> Port Metro Vancouver

Project at Wreck Beach and others -- http://porttalk.ca/HabitatEnhancement

View the April 2014 Habitat Enhancement Program Update on PortTalk for information about Glenrose Tidal Marsh Project works and an update on the proposed Westham Island Canoe Pass Tidal Marsh Project.

More/other info: https://portmetrovancouver.createsend.com/t/ViewEmail/j/850623212918169B/C67FD2F38AC4859C/


...Vancouver was the first city in Canada to hire female police officers? In 1912 Vancouver earned the title of first in Canada, and third in the world to include women in the city's police force. As a side fact, female officers were issued 'gun purses', up until 1974 when the new women's uniform included a holster.  

=== TEAWATCH ===

It's that time of year -- and what's more Canadian and delicious than sipping Murchie's Sugar Maple tea -- yum!


'Blood moon' will be a sight to behold, weather permitting

By Ben Brumfield and Todd Borek, CNN

On Tuesday, April 15, there will be a total lunar eclipse that will turn the moon a coppery red, NASA says. It's called a blood moon, and it's one of four total eclipses that will take place in North America within the next year and a half. Pictured here is a blood moon seen over Gaza City in March 2007.

April 15, 2014 -- Updated 0447 GMT (CNN) Tuesday will bring a spectacle in the night sky worth staying up for when the moon turns a burnt reddish orange. The moon will begin to change color at about 1:58am. ET Tuesday as it starts to slide into the Earth's shadow until it becomes a "blood moon" at 3:07 ET, NASA says. The best part of the show, the total eclipse portion, will last through 4:24 am ET.....

Rest in: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/04/11/tech/innovation/blood-moon/index.html?sr=sharebar_twitter

=== UN RAPPORTEUR === Israel/Palestine

'Colonialism, apartheid and ethnic cleansing': UN rapporteur on Palestine blasts Israel

A Palestinian man reacts as he sits atop rubble after his home was demolished in Jabel Mukaber, a village in the suburbs of East Jerusalem (Reuters / Ammar Awad)

March 22, 2014

The UN Special Rapporteur on occupied Palestine accused Israeli authorities of conducting colonialist policies that constitute forms of apartheid and ethnic cleansing in the occupied territories in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Speaking at a news conference at the UN European headquarters in Geneva on Friday, the UN Special Rapporteur on occupied Palestine, Richard Falk, accused Israel of pushing Palestinians out of East Jerusalem and creating unbearable conditions for the minority to force them to immigrate.

Falk, an ethnic Jewish expert in international law and professor emeritus at Princeton University, told journalists that Israeli policies have “unacceptable characteristics of colonialism, apartheid, and ethnic cleansing

In the present situation where talks between Israel and Palestinian authority remain in deadlock, the acceleration of Israeli settlement construction in the occupied territories is causing Palestinians to lose their faith that a state of their own could ever be created.

Every increment of enlarging the settlements, or every incident of house demolition is a way of worsening the situation confronting the Palestinian people and reducing what prospects they might have as the outcome of supposed peace negotiations, the UN Special Rapporteur said.

Richard Falk (AFP Photo / Cem Turkel) --->

Speaking about Israel de facto annexing parts of the Palestinian territory, Falk was actually citing a report on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, prepared by his group and presented in January.

The report maintains that Israeli policies in the West Bank are effectively denying the Palestinian right to self-determination by means of “apartheid and segregation.

To sustain indefinitely an oppressive occupation containing many punitive elements also seems designed to encourage residents to leave Palestine, which is consistent with the apparent annexationist, colonialist, and ethnic-cleansing goals of Israel, especially in relation to the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, the report said.

For that purpose, the Israelis use bureaucratic processes, such as “revocation of residency permits, demolitions of residential structures built without Israeli permits (often virtually impossible to obtain), and forced evictions of Palestinian families, which is a definite violation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, said the report.

Click the link below to continue reading:http://rt.com/news/israel-palestinians-ethnic-cleansing-521/

Click the link below to read Mr. Falk's report to the UN:


=== BOOKWATCH and more ===

The Alliance for Arts and Culture has a newsletter with many local cultural events listed -- books, plays, talks, music, etc:


=== LANGUAGEWATCH === the new Canadian Alphabet (received Mar 26)


=== WORDWATCH === brave new word! Googleheimer's

noun: condition in wch you think of something you want to look up, then forget what it is by the time you get to the computer.


+ HERITAGE SOCIETY of BC http://www.heritagebc.ca/events/

Welcome to the new Executive Director, Kathryn Molloy, and the new ofc administrator, Sarah Irwin

+ HERITAGE WEST VAN heritage.westvan.org

Let us know if you'd like to participate in Community Day June 7 Contacts: 922 4400; info@heritage.westvan.org

+ HERITAGE VANCOUVER SOCIETY http://www.heritagevancouver.org/

Sign up to receive e-bulletins: http://www.heritagevancouver.org/bulletins_signup.html

+  VANCOUVER HERITAGE FOUNDATION http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org/special-projects/sunday-morning-at-hinge-park/

Evening Lecture: The Arts & Crafts movement in the Pacific Northwest

Vancouver Special Pre-Tour Lecture ~ 7:30pm ~ Wednesday April 16th, Unitarian Church [949 W 49th Ave]

Register: https://register.beanstream.com/scripts/registration.asp?form=2299

In advance of the Vancouver Special House Tour, VHF is offering a chance to learn more about converting Vancouver Specials into beautiful, functional, efficient homes. 

Hear from Vancouver Special owner, Guido Wimmers, who has a PhD in building science and helped introduce the European Passive House [ http://www.passivehouse.ca ] standard to Canada. Wimmers will give a presentation on how passive energy technology can be adapted to Vancouver Specials, using his own home as a dramatic case study in improving the energy performance of Specials. There will then be a Q&A period. 

=== Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

All + links: http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=71407de11e621d5603e0e7d9e&id=0631ed4b8b&e=102812a359

Find out what's Blooming Now at [Vancouver] City Hall. Check vcbf.ca for other fun and free Festival programming including Plein-Air Blossom Painting, BC Blossom Photo Watch, Haiku Invitational, Bike the Blossoms, and more !

SUN MAR 30... SATURDAY APRIL 13 {Yes, shd be Sunday but this was copy&pasted what I was sent in March; their website has now been corrected.

+ Tree Talks & Walks:

NINE FREE guided interpretative walks from Oppenheimer Park to UBC. {See Walks under Culturewatch above}

+ Plein-Air Blossom Painting http://vcbf.ca/community-event/plein-air-blossom-painting

April 5, 12, 19, and 26 from 11am to 2pm; VanDusen Botanical Garden, meet inside the Visitor's Ctr (5151 Oak Street)

=== Haiku Invitational === March 1 “ June 2

Complete information: http://www.vcbf.ca/community-event/haiku-invitational

The 2014 Haiku Invitational will accept up to two unpublished poem submissions (in English only) from each individual, online from March 1 to June 2, 2014. The theme is “Meet your neighbours. Haiku poet Kobayashi Issa wrote: “Under the cherry tree there is no stranger and we’d like you to tell us, in your haiku, the many ways cherry blossoms bring you closer to your family, your friends, your community, and co-workers. Celebrate with a Cherry Blossom Picnic (or a hanami, which means “flower viewing in Japanese) to really find out the meaning of our festival motto “there is no stranger under the cherry tree and write haiku with your friends!

VCBF is launching a new category “Best Vancouver with the Vancouver Courier so that local poets from the Metro Vancouver area can submit haiku to this new category this spring.

Top poems in six main categories (Vancouver, BC, Canada, United States, International, and Youth) will be judged by Marco Fraticelli, receive celebrity readings and be featured in creative ways during the 2015 festival including publication in the Vancouver Courier community newspaper, The Bulletin magazine, Haiku Canada newsletter, online publication in Ripples, the newsletter of the Haiku Society of America, printing in a chapbook hand-folded and bound by Victoria-based Leaf Press and publication on the VCBF website. Winning poems will be read by Christopher Gaze at the VSO’s Tea & Trumpets Concert, at our media-kickoff event, Cherry Jam Downtown concert by media celebrity emcee (past years have been CTV’s Norma Reid) and celebrated at Sakura Days Japan Fair (attended by 12,000 people over two days).

Vancouver loves its flowering cherry trees “ all 40,000 of them! While they bloom from March through May, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival invites you to celebrate their beauty with your haiku. The ephemeral nature of the blossoming of cherry trees teaches us all to celebrate life now. Similarly, haiku captures a fleeting moment in time with deep awareness and subtle appreciation. We encourage both budding and seasoned poets to join other poets from around the world (past submissions have arrived from as faraway as Australia, Bangladesh, Croatia, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United Kingdom) in honouring our awe-inspiring cherry trees. The festival welcomes haiku submissions that capture the essence of cherry blossoms while honouring our relationships to each other and the natural world.

=== MAIKU === 2014 April 14

even when cloudy

yellow forsythia blooms

brighten the garden

{and now West Van Florist is full of daffodils, gold nearer the ground}

quotations thoughts puns

A problem is a chance for you to do your best.    -- Duke Ellington, American composer (1899 - 1974)

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.    -- Plato

Truth is not determined by majority vote.    -- Doug Gwyn

There are some who start their retirement long before they stop working.

-- Robert Half, American entrepreneur (1918 - 2001)

The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.

-- Hubert Humphrey, US politician on free speech (1911 - 1978)

Let us, on both sides, lay aside all arrogance. Let us not, on either side, claim that we have already discovered the truth. Let us seek it together as something which is known to neither of us. For then only may we seek it, lovingly and tranquilly, if there be no bold presumption that it is already discovered and possessed.

-- St. Augustine, Christian philosopher (354 - 430)

A thought is a thing as real as a cannon ball. -- Joseph Joubert, French essayist (1754 - 1824)

A State without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation.

-- Edmund Burke, Irish statesman/British politician (1729 - 1797)

The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order.

-- Alfred North Whitehead, English mathematician and philosopher (1861 - 1947)

Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery. -- Jack Paar, US author and comedian (1918 - 2004)

Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?' 

Expediency asks the question, 'Is it politic?' 

Vanity asks the question, 'Is it popular?' 

But, conscience asks the question, 'Is it right?' 

And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one's conscience tells one that it is right.

-- Martin Luther King, Jr., American humanitarian (1929 - 1968)


Pompous male bees are often known to drone on about themselves.

When the statistics professor and the math professor wrote a cookbook together, they called it 'Pi A La Mode'.

If you accidentally leave your fly down on a promising date, does that count as a Freudian zip?

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