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2012 West Van Matters
 » #19 Notes Sep 17; Agenda Oct 1; Cal to Oct 20
 » #18 Notes Sep 10; Agenda Sep 17; Cal to Oct 6
 » #17 Agenda Sep 10; Cal to Sep 22
 » #16 Notes Jul 23; Cal to Aug 31
 » #15 Notes Jul 9; Agenda Jul 23; Cal to Aug 18
 » #14 Notes Jun 25; Agenda Jul 9; Cal to Jul 30
 » #13 Notes Jun 18; Agenda Jun 25; Cal to Jul 13
 » #12 Notes Jun 4; Agenda Jun 18; Cal to Jun 30


2011 West Van Matters
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Oct 3; Ccl Agenda Oct 17; Calendar to Nov 11
 » #20 Ccl NOTES Sep 19; Ccl Agenda Oct 3; Calendar to Oct 21
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Sep 12; Ccl Agenda Sep 19; Calendar to Oct 7
 » #18 Ccl Agenda Sep 12; Calendar to Sep 22+
 » #17 Ccl NOTES Jul 25; Calendar to Aug 31+
 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jul 18; Ccl Agenda Jul 25; Calendar to Aug 15
 » #15 Finance Cmte NOTES Jul 11; Ccl Agenda Jul 18; Calendar to July 28
 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jul 4; Ccl Agenda Jul 11; Calendar to July 25
 » #13 Ccl NOTES Jun 20; Ccl Agenda Jul 4; Calendar to July 21
 » #12 Ccl NOTES Jun 6; Ccl Agenda Jun 20; Calendar to July 8
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 16/19; Ccl Agenda Jun 6; Calendar to June 24
 » #10 Ccl NOTES May 9/11; Ccl Agenda May 16; Calendar to June 10
 » #09 Ccl NOTES Apr 18; Ccl Agenda May 9; Calendar to May 20
 » #08 Ccl NOTES Apr 4; Ccl Agenda Apr 18; Calendar to May 13
 » #07 Ccl NOTES Mar 21; Ccl Agenda Mar 4; Calendar to Apr 22
 » #06 Ccl NOTES Mar 7; Ccl Agenda Mar 21; Calendar to Apr 8
 » #05 Ccl NOTES Feb 21; Ccl Agenda Mar 7; Calendar to Mar 23
 » #04 Ccl NOTES Feb 7; Ccl Agenda Feb 21; Calendar to Mar 11
 » #03 Ccl NOTES Jan 24; Ccl Agenda Feb 7; Calendar to Feb 24
 » #02 Ccl NOTES Jan 10; Ccl Agenda Jan 24; Calendar to Feb 10
 » #01 Ccl Agenda Jan 10; Calendar to Jan 27

2010 West Van Matters
 » #29 Ccl NOTES Dec 13; Ccl Agendas Dec 20; Calendar to Dec 31+
 » #28 Ccl NOTES Dec 6;Ccl Agendas Dec 13/15; Calendar to Dec 22
 » #27 Finance Cmte NOTES Nov 22;Ccl Agenda Dec 6; Calendar to Dec 18
 » #26 Ccl NOTES Nov 15;Finance Cmte Agenda Nov 22; Calendar to Dec 9
 » #25 Ccl NOTES Nov 1;Ccl Agenda Nov 15; Calendar to Dec 9
 » #24 Ccl NOTES Oct 18;Ccl Agenda Nov 1; Calendar to Nov 19
 » #23 Ccl NOTES Oct 4;Ccl Agenda Oct 18; Calendar to Nov 5
 » #22 Ccl Agenda Oct 4; Calendar to Oct 21
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Sept 13; Ccl Agendas Sept 20/22; Calendar to Oct 8
 » #20 Ccl Agenda Sept 13; Calendar to ~Sept 26
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Jul 26; Calendar to Sept 12
 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 19; Agenda Jul 26; Calendar to Aug 8+
 » #17 Ccl NOTES Jul 5; Agenda Jul 19; Calendar to Jul 31
 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jun 28; Agenda Jul 5; Calendar to Jul 23
 » #15 Ccl NOTES Jun 21; Agenda Jun 28; Calendar to Jul 9
 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jun 7; Agenda Jun 21; Calendar to Jun 30
 » #13 Ccl NOTES May 31; Agenda Jun 7; Calendar to Jun 24
 » #12 Ccl NOTES May 17; Agendas May 31; Calendar to Jun 12
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 10/12; Agendas May 17; Calendar to Jun 5
 » #10 Ccl NOTES May 3; Agenda May 10/12; Calendar to May 20
 » #07 Ccl NOTES Mar 15; Agenda Apr 12; Calendar to Apr 30
 » #05 Ccl NOTES Feb 8/10; Agenda Mar 1; Calendar to Mar 17
 » #04 Ccl NOTES Feb 1; Agenda Feb 8; Calendar to Feb 28
 » #03 Ccl NOTES Jan 25; Agenda Feb 1; Calendar to Feb 11
 » #02 Ccl NOTES Jan 11 & 18; Agenda Jan 25; Calendar to Feb 5
 » #01 Ccl Agenda Jan 11; Calendar to Jan 31

2009 West Van Matters
 » #28 Ccl NOTES Dec 14 & 18; Calendar to Jan 12
 » #27 Ccl NOTES Dec 7; AGENDA Dec 14; Calendar to Dec 31
 » #26 Ccl NOTES Nov 16; AGENDA Dec 7; Calendar to Dec 20
 » #25 Ccl NOTES Nov 2; AGENDA Nov 16; Calendar to Dec 10
 » #24 Ccl NOTES Oct 19; AGENDA Nov 9; Calendar to Nov 20
 » #23 Ccl NOTES Oct 5; AGENDA Oct 19; Calendar to Nov 5
 » #22 Ccl NOTES Sep 21; AGENDA Oct 5; Calendar to Oct 22
 » #21 Ccl NOTES Sep 14; AGENDA Sep 21; Calendar to Oct 8
 » #20 Ccl NOTES Jul 30; AGENDA Sep 14; Calendar to Sep 24~
 » #19 Ccl NOTES Jul 27; AGENDA Jul 30; Calendar to Sep 12~
(plus UPDATE)

 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 20; AGENDA Jul 27; Calendar to Aug 2
 » #18 Ccl NOTES Jul 20; AGENDA Jul 27; Calendar to Aug 2
 » #17 Ccl NOTES Jul 6; AGENDA Jul 20; Calendar to Jul 31
 » #16 Ccl NOTES Jun 22; AGENDA Jul 6; Calendar to Jul 24
 » #15 Ccl NOTES Jun 15; AGENDA Jun 22; Calendar to Jul 9
 » #14 Ccl NOTES Jun 1; AGENDA Jun 15; Calendar to Jun 25
 » #13 Ccl NOTES May 25; AGENDA Jun 1; Calendar to Jun 18
 » #12 Ccl NOTES May 11; AGENDA May 25; Calendar to Jun 7
 » #11 Ccl NOTES May 4; AGENDA May 11; Calendar to May 28
 » #10 Ccl NOTES Apr 20; AGENDA May 4; Calendar to May 15
 » #9 Ccl NOTES Apr 6; AGENDA Apr 20; Calendar to May 7
 » #8 Ccl NOTES Mar 30; AGENDA Apr 6; Calendar to Apr 25
 » #7 Ccl NOTES Mar 23; AGENDA Mar 30; Calendar to Apr 9
 » #6 Ccl NOTES Mar 2; AGENDA Mar 23; Calendar to Apr
 » #5 Ccl NOTES Feb 16; AGENDA Mar 2; Calendar to Mar 28
 » #4 Ccl NOTES Feb 2; AGENDA Feb 16; Calendar to Feb 28
 » #3 Ccl NOTES Jan 19; AGENDA Feb 2; Calendar to Jan 19th+
 » #2 Ccl NOTES Jan 12; AGENDA Jan 19; Calendar to Jan 31st
 » #1 Ccl AGENDA Jan 12; Calendar to Jan 18

2008 West Van Matters
 » #34 Ccl NOTES Dec 15; Calendar to Dec 31/Jan 12
 » #33 Ccl NOTES Dec 8; AGENDAs Dec 15; Calendar to Dec 24
 » #32 Ccl NOTES Nov 17; AGENDAs Dec 8; Calendar to Dec 15
 » #31 Ccl NOTES Oct 27; AGENDAs Nov 17; Calendar to Nov 30
#30 Ccl NOTES Oct 20; AGENDAs Oct 27; Calendar to Nov 12+
#29 Ccl NOTES Oct 6; AGENDAs Oct 20; Calendar to Oct 31
#28 Ccl NOTES Sep 29; AGENDA Oct 6; Calendar to Oct 26
#27 Ccl NOTES Sep 22; AGENDA Sept 29; Calendar to Oct 10
#26 Ccl NOTES Sep 8; AGENDA Sept 22; Calendar to Sep 30th+
#25 Ccl AGENDA Sep 8; Mtgs/Events to Sep 15th
#24 Ccl NOTES July 28; Calendar to Aug 31 +
#23 Ccl NOTES June 21; AGENDA July 28; Cal to Aug 5th
#22 Ccl NOTES July 14; AGENDA July 21; Cal to 31st
#21 Ccl NOTES July 7; AGENDA July 14; Cal to 25th
#20 Ccl NOTES June 16/19; AGENDA July 7; Cal to 16th
#19 Ccl NOTES June 9; AGENDAs June 16; Cal to June 30/~July
#17 Ccl Notes May 26, PH 28; Agenda Jun 2; Cal to Jun 18
#16 Ccl Notes May 12 (Youth); Agenda May 26; Cal to Jun 8
#15 Ccl Notes May 5; Agenda May 12; Cal to May 29
#14 Ccl Notes Apr 21/May 1; Agenda May 5; Cal to May 15
#13 Ccl Notes Apr 14; Agenda Apr 21; Cal to Apr 30+
#12 Ccl Notes Apr 7/10; Agenda Apr 14; Cal to Apr 27
#11 Mtg Summary Mar 17; Agenda Apr 7l Cal to Apr 19
#10 Ccl Notes Mar 17; Cal to Apr 16
#09 Ccl Notes Mar 10; Agenda Mar 17; Cal to Apr 7
#08 Ccl Notes Mar 3; Agenda Mar 10; Cal to Mar 20
#07 Ccl Notes Feb 18; Agenda Mar 3; Cal to Mar 13
#06 Ccl Budget Notes Feb 11; Agenda Feb 18; Cal to Feb 29
#05 Notes Feb 4; Agenda Feb 11; Cal to Feb 22
#04 Notes Jan 21; Agenda Feb 4; Cal to Feb 13
 » #03 Notes Jan 14; Agenda Jan 21; Cal to Jan 31
 » #02 Notes Jan 7; Agenda Jan 14; Cal to Jan 25
 » #01 Agenda Jan 7; Cal to Jan 16

2007 West Van Matters
 » #41 Notes Dec 17; Cal to Dec 31
 » #40 Notes Dec 10; Agenda Dec 17; Cal to Dec 21
 » #39 Notes Dec 3; Agenda Dec 10; Cal to Dec 17
 » #38 Notes Nov 26; Agenda Dec 3; Cal to Dec 13
 » #37 Notes Nov 19; Agenda Nov 26; Cal to Dec 8
 » #36 Agenda Nov 19; Cal to Dec 5
 » #35 Notes Nov 5; Cal to Nov 28
 » #34 Notes Oct 29; Agenda Nov 5; Cal to Nov 20
 » #33 Notes Oct 22; Agenda Oct 29; Cal to Nov 16/18
 » #32 Notes Oct 15; Agenda Oct 22; Cal to Nov 9
 » #31 Agenda Oct 15; Cal to Oct 25
 » #30 Ccl Notes Oct 1; Cal to Oct 18th
 » #29 Notes Sept 24; Agenda Oct 1; Cal to Oct 12
 » #28 Notes Sept 17; Agenda Sept 24; Cal to Sept 30
 » #27 Notes Sept 10; Agenda Sept 17; Cal to Sept 27th
 » #26 Agenda Sept 10; Cal to Sept 21st
 » #25 Notes Jul 23/25; Cal to Aug 31st/Sep 10
 » #24 Notes Jul 16; Agenda Jul 23; Cal to 31st+
 » #23 Notes Jul 9; Agenda Jul 16; Cal to Jul 22nd+
 » #22 Notes Jun 25; Cal to Jul 11th
 » #21 Notes Jun 18; Agenda Jun 25; Cal to Jul 4th
 » #20 Notes Jun 11; Agenda Jun 18; Cal to 28nd
 » #19 Notes Jun 4; Agenda Jun 11; Cal to 22nd
 » #18 Notes May 28; Agenda Jun 4; Cal to June 16
 » #17 Agenda May 28th; Cal to June 7th
 » #16 Notes May 7/9/11/14; Cal to May 31st
 » #15 Notes Apr 23rd; Agenda/Notes Apr 30th; Agenda May 7th
 » #14 Notes Apr 16th; Agenda Apr 23rd; Cal to May 5th
 » #13 Notes Apr 2th; Agenda Apr 16th; Cal to Apr 22nd
 » #12 Notes Mar 26th; Agenda Apr 2nd; Cal to Apr 1st
 » #11 Agenda Mar 26; Cal to Apr 1st
 » #10 Notes Mar 12th; Cal to Mar 29th
 » #9 Notes Mar 5th; Agenda Mar 12; Cal to Mar 24th
 » #8 Notes Feb 26th; Agenda Mar 5; Cal to Mar 17th
 » #7 Notes Feb 19; Agenda Feb 26; Cal to Mar 11th
 » #6 Notes Feb 12th; Agenda Feb 19th; Cal to Feb 28th+
 » #5 Notes Feb 5th; Agenda Feb 12th; Cal to Feb 18t+
 » #4 Notes Jan 22nd; Cal to Feb 8th+
 » #3 Notes Jan 15; Agenda Jan 22; Cal to Jan Feb 2+
 » #2 Notes Jan 8; Agenda Jan 15; Cal to Jan 21
 » #1 Agenda Jan 8; Cal to Jan 14
2006 West Van Matters
 » #38 Notes Dec 18; Cal to Jan 7th
 » #37 Notes Dec 11; Agenda Dec 18; Cal to Dec 3
 » #36 Notes Dec 4; Agenda Dec 11; Cal to Dec 22
 » #35 Notes Nov 27; Public Hearing Dec 4; Cal to Dec 15
 » #34 Notes Nov 20; Agenda Nov 27; Cal to Dec 8
 » #33 Notes Nov 14; Agenda Nov 20; Cal to Nov 30
 » #32 Notes Nov 6; Agenda Nov 14; Cal to Nov 28
 » #31 Notes Oct 30; Agenda Nov 6; Cal to Nov 22
 » #30 Notes Oct 16; Agenda Oct 30; Cal to Nov 1
 » #29 Notes Oct 2; Agenda Oct 16; Cal to Oct 30
 » #28 Notes Sept 25; Summary Oct 2; Cal to Oct 20th
 » #27 Notes Sept 25; Agenda Oct 2; Cal to Oct 1
 » #26 Notes Sept 18; Agenda 25; Cal to Oct 3
 » #25 Notes July 27/Sept 11; Sept 18 Agenda; Cal to Sept 29
 » #24 July 27 Minutes; Sept 11 Agenda; Cal to Sept 12
 » #23 Notes July 24; Agenda July 27; Cal Aug/Sept
 » #22 Notes July 17; Agenda July 24, August Cal
 » #21 Notes July 10; Agenda July 17; Cal July/Aug
 » #21 Notes July 10; Agenda July 17; Cal July/Aug
 » #20 Agenda July 10th; Cal to July 20
 » #19 Notes June 26; Cal to July 15
 » #18 Notes June 19; Agenda June 26; Cal to July 15
 » #17 Notes June 12; Agenda June 19; Cal to June 30
 » #16 Notes June 5; Agenda June 12; Cal to June 25
 » #15 Notes May 29; Agenda June 5; Cal to June 17
 » #14 Agenda May 29; Cal to June 9
 » #13 Notes May 8/15; Cal to May 31
 » #12 Notes May 1; Agenda May 8; Cal to May 18
 » #11 Notes Apr 24; Cal to May 10
 » #10 Agenda Apr 24; Budget; Cal to May 2
 » #9 Notes Apr 10; Budget; Cal to Apr 30
 » #8 Notes Apr 3; Agenda Apr 10; Cal to Apr 23
 » #7 Notes Mar 27; Agenda Apr 3; Cal to Apr 9
 » #6 Notes Mar 20th; Agenda Mar 27th; Cal to Apr 2nd
 » #5 Ccl Mtg Summaries; Agenda Mar 20th; Cal to 25th
 » #4 News Feb 6th/13th; Cal to 19th
 » #3 Notes Jan 16th & 23rd; Cal to Feb 8th+
 » #2 Notes Jan 16th; Agenda 23rd; Cal to Feb 1st
 » #1 NOTES Jan 9th; Agenda 16th; Cal to 20th
2005 West Van Matters
 » #37 NOTES Dec 12th; Calendar to 31st (& peek at January)
 » #36 Ccl Agenda Dec 12; Calendar to 17th
 » #35 Ccl Notes Nov 21st & Dec 5th; Events to 14th
 » #34 Ccl Notes Nov 7th; Agenda Nov 21st; Events to 21st
 » #33 Ccl Agenda Nov 7th; Events to 12th+
 » #32 Oct 24 Ccl Mtg Notes; Events Nov 9th
 » #31 Oct 24 Ccl AGENDA; Events Oct 31th
 » #30 Oct 17 Ccl AGENDA; Events Oct 27th
 » #29 Oct 3rd Ccl Mtg NOTES; Calendar Oct 16th+
 » #28 Sep 26 Notes; Oct 3 Agenda; Events to Oct 11
 » #27 Sep 19 Notes; Sep 26 Agenda; Events to Oct 1
 » #26 Jan 24 Notes & Mtgs/Events to Feb 6
#25 Agenda Sept 12; Events to 18
#24 Calendar to 30th
#23 SMarr; Ev Dr; July 11th Agenda; Calendar July 17th
#22 Ev Dr; July 4th Agenda; Calendar July 10th
#21 Mtg June 20; Agenda 27th; Calendar to July 1st
 » #20 Summaries from May 16; Agenda June 20; Mtg
#19 Bulletin (BREAKING NEWS on Evelyn Drive)
#18 Notes (May 9) & Agenda (May 15)
 » #17 Notes (May 2) & Agenda (May 9)
 » #16 Notes (Apr 18)
 » #15 Notes & Agenda (Apr 18)
 » #14 Agenda (Apr 11)
 » #13 Agenda (Apr 4)
 » #12 Notes (Mar 21)
 » #11 Notes & Agenda (Mar 21)
 » #10 Notes & Agenda (Mar 14)
 » #09 Notes & Agenda (Mar 7)
 » #08 Notes & Agenda (Feb 28)
 » #07 Notes & Agenda (Feb 21)
 » #06 Notes & Agenda (Feb 14)
 » #05 Agenda (Feb 7)
 » #04 Notes (Jan 24)
 » #03 Notes & Agenda (Jan 24)
 » #02 Notes & Agenda (Jan 10)
 » #01 Agenda (Jan 10)
2004 December
 » 13 Dec Report
 » 13 Dec Agenda
 »   6 Dec Report
 »   6 Dec Agenda
2004 November
 » 22 Nov - 4 Dec
 »   1-18 Nov
 » 15-28 Nov

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WV Council 30 July 2014

2014 July 21, 28, and 30 COUNCIL Mtg NOTES; Calendar to September 7th
PkR-North Devt • Pd/Low Level Rds • Heritage Register • Coach Houses • Trees

[PDF Version]


~ ~ glorious summer ~ ~

= Next Ccl Mtg, Sept 8

= Vive le Canada (Operation Nanook 14); from the Editor's Desk (WVMs); WVPD (Beware CPA!); Updates & Info (Nat'l Day of the Dogõ; Vanc Aquarium; Cmte Reps Wanted; Organics Recycling; Extended Summer Camps; Old-Growth Hike)


= HEADSUP 13A: lots of events!!!

= CCL NOTES July 21: 765 MDr PkR-N; FBG withdrawn; MDr/Pound Rd/Lower Level; Three Heritage Designation Requests; Five-Yr Financial Amdmt Bylaw; Coach Houses; Protection of Trees; Ccl Mtg Schedule; Homeless Count

= CCL July 28/30: Ccl notes; musing on M govt -- change civic term to four years???

= CORRESPONDENCE since July 8 (topics bolded)

= ANIMALWATCH (lizard?); INFObits (SGP; Al-Ahli Hosp; Gaza Stats; Medical Pot; VPL Stats; Aboriginal Murder Rates); ROYALWATCH (WW1; Poppies); AFGHANWATCH (Kabubble); GUNWATCH; GENEALOGYWATCH; RACEWATCH (Fed Status); BEERWATCH (bit of history); BOOKWATCH (Festival?); WORDWATCH (Tory); PRONUNCIATIONWATCH (Metis); HERITAGEWATCH (HBC at Ft Langley festival; Assns); MAIKU; QTNS/THOUGHTS/PUNS + a cartoon

== Vive le CANADA ===

The Prime Minister is in the North with lots of announcements re devt. Here's his report on Operation Nanook 14 on August 26th: Operation NANOOK 14 . The document is also available in Inuktitut at http://pm.gc.ca

=== from the EDITOR'S DESK ===

WVMs ~~ WVM12/13 was 54 pages (I think there was one longer some time ago at 56 pages), more than a double issue -- WVM10/11 was sent out midJune -- and is up on the website: http://westvan.org/reports/WVM2014-12.pdf

There was a summary of the July 21 ccl mtg in the last issue but it was a v long ccl mtg (went to 11:07pm!), so in the interests of time and my sanity, just sent that. WVM14 has the July 21 notes but some gaps and have chosen not to listen to all of them. Didn't attend the short sp mtgs July 28 and 30 but have repeated the summaries and a commentary on extending civic terms to four years.

The main omissions from 10/11 to 12/13 were in CultureWatch but I'm sure you're enjoying the summer anyway!


WHAT A GREAT SUMMER!!! and over 10K at the Ed Sheeran concert in Ambleside Park Sat Aug 23!!!

=== WVPD === CPA

It happened last year, I demurred. Then happened last week and this week again, so asked the ever-helpful and informative Cst Jeff Palmer, Communications Officer of our WVPD. He says this appears to be the latest variant of a scam that pops up in various places around the country from time to time. It is not legitimately associated to the Canadian Police Association, and the WVPD and the RCMP do not solicit for fundraising over the phone.

See: http://www.thetelegram.com/News/Local/2014-01-29/article-3595750/RCMP-warning-public-of-telemarketing-scam/1

=== UPDATES & INFO ===

+ THE NATIONAL DAY OF THE DOG -- August 26; we owe appreciation to PADS (Pacific Assistance Dogs Society)

+ The Vancouver Aquarium was named last week as the seventh most popular aquarium in NAmerica by voters in USA Today's 10 Best Readers' Choice Awards. The non-profit finished eighth in the TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award for aquariums around the world. Our aquarium is visited by more than 1M ppl per year; has ~1K volunteers and 70+K mbrs.


MetroV is looking for three representatives from NSh cmnties to participate on an adv cmte during the design and construction phase of the new Lions' Gate Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Applicants shd: Have knowledge of the opinions and interests of the North Shore community

Be able to bring community perspectives to a collaborative group advisory process

Be active in the North Shore community through work or volunteer experience

Mbrs of the cmnty interested in participating as part of the adv cmte are asked to complete an applicn form av on the project website http://www.metrovancouver.org/lionsgate or contact MetroV at LGSWWTP@metrovancouver.org with the subject line “LGPAC applicn. Please apply by September 8.


Starting in 2015, all businesses in MetroV will need to separate food from regular garbage. Does your business need help getting ready? Free help is available.

If you own or operate a small- or medium-sized food industry business, you may qualify to receive free help setting up your in-house organics recycling program. MetroV has hired a consultant to work directly with a variety of businesses from different cities, and with different types of waste profiles and garbage collection needs. To apply to take part in this program, or for more info: www.OrganicsRecyclingSupport.com

Sophie Agbonkhese, program lead 778 995 4829

+ The Rec Ctr has extended summer camps b/c of the strike.

To browse the Leisure Guide please visit us online at westvancouverrec.ca

+ Pk Royal's Tenth Anniversary -- The Main Soiree  |  Sept. 6th  |  All Day

Anniversary activities all summer long culminate in a special soiree just for you. You’ll find a pop up yoga class conducted by Yoga, live entertainment, a Big Love Ball giveaway, fun family activities, and the Star Captains’ opening performance for our headliner Dear Rouge. Stay tuned for full events schedule. Promotions http://shopparkroyal.com/events-promotions.


The Old Growth Conservancy is a 54 hectare (133.6 acre) forested area on WV municipal land at approx 760 metres (2,300 feet) elevation, south of the Cypress Provincial Park boundary and west of the Cypress Bowl Road.

The Old Growth Conservancy Society (OGCS) will be conducting guided trips of up to eight persons into the Conservancy rain forest in August and early September 2014. Participants will see one of the few remaining undisturbed and accessible old growth red cedar stands in the lower mainland, amongst trees with ages ranging from 400 to 900 years old.

The walk will be about two hours; be prepared for rough terrain; bring insect repellent.

To sign up, please select your preferred date as well as an alternate date, in case your preferred date is full.

Update: spots are still available for September 6, 9, 13, and 20.

Participants will meet at the Hi-View Lookout on the Cypress Bowl Rd at 9:30am on the scheduled day and proceed from there to the Conservancy.

Sign up for your guided tour -- http://westvancouver.ca/webform/application-guided-hike-old-growth-conservancy

=== CALENDAR to ~Sept 7th ===

Mtgs at M Hall unless otherwise indicated. Shown are mtgs known at date of writing; often there are additions, changes, cancellations after WVM emailed. Check the DWV Calendar: http://www.westvancouver.ca/events . Notices/mtgs/changes too late/early for an issue are emailed to subscribers. [Headsup/Notices are sent between issues. Subscribe! write subscribewvm@westvan.org]

ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS, INITIALISMS puzzling you? See: http://www.westvan.org/glossary/

{See earlier info in Headsup section; not all repeated here.}

= Thursday August 28


Horseshoe Bay Park; time to be confirmed. This mtg will include a site visit and park accessibility audit.

= Tuesday September 2 ~ 4pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte: Orientation subcmte mtg

= Thursday September 4

~ 6pm ~ UPPER LANDS STUDY REVIEW WG Mtg -- Audio Visual Room, Seniors' Activity Centre

~ 7pm ~ Awards Cmte mtg in Lawson Crk Studios, 1758 Argyle

= Saturday September 7 ~ 11am - 6pm ~ COHO FESTIVAL -- Details: http://www.cohosociety.com/coho-festival

A public event where the whole family can enjoy a day of activities at Ambleside Park including: The Coho Run, The Coho Walk, The Coho Swim, activities for the kids, live entertainment, great food, and interactive learning about the environment, salmon, and other wildlife.

= Monday September 8 ~ 6pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte

+++ WV MEMORIAL LIBRARY +++ 925 7400 See the Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/events/calendar/month

September e-newsletter http://www.bettermail.ca/m/1291/97699/ac60286528ea956bba12ba753444b903

= West Vancouver District Art Instructors Exhibition -- until October 20

Come discover our community's creative spirit! With works on display both on the Main Floor and the Lower Level, the Library's Art Gallery showcases the talents of established and emerging artists.

This exhibition showcases the diverse and accomplished works by the artists who teach at the numerous facilities throughout the District. Aiming to inspire people to create art at any age, the exhibition demonstrates the variety of media, styles, and approaches employed by the instructors in the creation of their own art. THURS AUGUST 28 ~ 10am 9pm

Please direct all sales enquiries to the Library Gallery Coordinator at jjardine@westvanlibrary.ca or 925 7446.

For more info, visit/call the Info Desk 925 7403; https://westvanlibrary.ca/events/west-vancouver-district-art-instructors-exhibition#sthash.zQVr57xH.dpuf

= Authors in our Community  Canoe Crossings

Join Sanford Osler on a journey through BC’s rich and colourful canoe culture. 7 - 8:30pm Wednesday September 3

= ESL Book Club 10:30 - 11:30am ~ Wednesdays, September 3, 10, 17, and 24

Join our free ESL Book Club to read and talk about novels by best-selling Canadian authors. Registration will be by random draw. To add your name to the list, complete and submit the form by Friday August 29.

= Let’s Talk! 7 8:30pm ~ Wednesdays, August 27, September 3, 10, 17, and 24

Develop your English skills while discussing current events. Let's Talk! is a weekly discussion group for English language learners interested in current events. Participants bring news articles to read and discuss. Led by certified TESL Canada professional Lewis James. No registration required. This session runs July 2 to September 24, 2014. 

More info, visit/call 925 7403; http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/events/lets-talk-34#sthash.8o7ZQdCa.dpuf

= New Book Bags on Sale Now

Our new book bags have arrived! These stylish, rugged, 100 per cent cotton bags will let you show your library love everywhere you shop. Get yours from the front desk while you can for just $5 plus tax.  

--> Sunday Hours Resume September 7

Once again we'll be open on Sundays starting Sept 7. Sunday hours are 10am 5pm. We look forward to seeing you!

+++ WEST VAN MUSEUM +++ 925 7295 http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/exhibitions

THE AND OF THE LAND: Perspectives on landscape by artists from British Columbia

Joan Balzar Jane Billaux B. C. Binning Claude Breeze Audrey Capel Doray Emily Carr Pierre Coupey

Michael de Courcy Orville Fisher John Fulker Lawren Harris Tam Irving Don Jarvis Ann Kipling Roy Kiyooka

J. W. G. Macdonald -- Jack Shadbolt Arnold Shives Gordon Smith Sylvia Tait Takao Tanabe -- Lionel Thomas Frederick Varley Lyle Wilson

Drawing from [our] collection and complemented by borrowed works from local artists, collectors, and institutions, the exhibition explores the conjunction of landscape and perspective, in the works of artists who have lived and worked in BC over the past century.

The artists in the exhibition are connected through their relationships to one another, as mentors, teachers, students, and friends, and their works address overlapping themes, or even depict the same sights as different visions. Set side by side in the exhibition, windows by Roy Kiyooka and Takao Tanabe look out and in, Pierre Coupey’s remembered landscape is contrasted with John Fulkers real-time photograph, and an apparently dispassionate aerial view of Canada by Michael de Courcy connects Sylvia Tait’s intimate Montreal interior to B. C. Binning's roadside view of Howe Sound.

Although the islands in one harbour may share wall space with the islands in another, they are still divided by channels and time, and the “and of the land refers to their conjunction, implying both division and overlap. Perspectives on the landscape expand and contract, to include interiors and exteriors, observation and memory, imagination and intellect, physicality and psychology; visions beyond the point where sight fails.

The West Vancouver Museum would like to acknowledge the support of the donors to the permanent collection, and of the lenders to the exhibition. This exhibition is curated by Francesca Szuszkiewicz, Collections Assistant, and was initially developed as part of a summer student position supported by Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations.

The last guided tour will be at 1pm Saturday August 30th, and the exhibition then closes at 5pm

+++ FERRY BUILDING GALLERY +++ http://ferrybuildinggallery.com ~ 925 7290

The full brochure: http://origin.library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1103596070268-1334/140811FBGbro-ONLINE.pdf

~ 6:30 - 9pm ~ Thursday August 28 -- SALSA BY THE SEA Wrap party! on the waterfront behind the gallery

August 19 - September 7 -- Hollyburn Ridge

celebrating mountain art & culture -- mixed media by eight artists

Opening Reception: Tuesday Aug 19 from 6 - 8pm. Meet the Artists: Saturday Aug 23 from 2 - 3pm

+++ SILK PURSE +++ http://silkpurse.ca/exhibitions/ 925 7292

August 26 - September 7 -- In Our Midst

Award-winning prolific painter, Rose-Marie Goodwin, presents an exhibit of abstract expressionist paintings. Inspired by the beauty of the Mackay Creek estuary in North Vancouver near her studio, Goodwin has created a series of paintings that capture the grandeur and peacefulness found in nature using a palette of gentle yet impenetrable colour.

Opening reception: Tuesday August 26th from 6 to 8pm

+++ KAY MEEK CENTRE +++ http://www.kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/events_calendar

Simplest way to get on email list, call 913 3634 (also for tix) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com




Book now, or later - makes a great gift or use as a group rate to one performance!

Click HERE for a printable version of our Host Season event calendar:


+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, WV http://westvan60.com Ofc 922 3587 Lounge: 922 1920

They must be enjoying the weather and the holiday!

+++ WV CHAMBER of COMMERCE + 926 6614 + http://www.westvanchamber.com

Getting ready for the Coho Festival (Sun Sept 7); selling tix for the Taste of Dundarave (Sept 11), tix already 50% sold

=== CULTUREWATCH === {those in Headsup sometimes not repeated here}

NB: Editorial dilemma: Much missing (apologies) but have decided to stop the research rather than delay this longer.


+ BARD ON THE BEACH (see Headsup 13A re Sept 1) -- bardonthebeach.org

A Midsummer Night's Dream The Tempest Equivocation Cymbeline

7:30pm Tix 739 0559 -- Extra shows added! The website has other events including opera, wine, and more!

Bard's 25th Anniversary! 25 years of Laughter... 25 years of Love... 25 years of Bard!

Let’s celebrate another 25 years - together we can do it with your help!

With your support, we will continue to provide quality artistic and educational programs and enrich our city with accessible, original Shakespearean productions in an incredible setting.

Donate $25 or more to keep our Dream alive for years to come. To play your part in this v special anniversary season, go to our DONATE NOW page: https://tickets.bardonthebeach.org/TheatreManager/1/tmdonation.html

and select the 25th Anniversary Campaign. Thank you for considering a donation to Bard on the Beach.

Every donation of $25 or more will receive a tax receipt for the full amount.

Enhancing Vanier Park for Year-Round Community Use

Bard on the Beach and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation are exploring ways in which the Festival can enhance Vanier Park for the community’s benefit while minimizing the impact the Festival has on the Park.

See details: http://www.bardonthebeach.org/parkenhancements

+ JERICHO ARTS CTR -- United Players jerichoartscentre.com

~ 8pm ~ School for Scandal by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, directed by Matthew Bissett; Sep 5 - 28

Thurs - Sun; Preview: Sep 4 ($10); Talkback: Sep 11; Sun Matinées: Sep 14 & 28 at 2pm (no evening perfs)

Tix: $16 - $20; Want to read more about the show? Check out: Spotlight and www.unitedplayers.com


Three Viewings; a dark comedy by Jeffrey Hatcher northvanplayers.ca Sept 4 - 20


> Douglas Coupland:

{HIS} EXHIBITION: everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything ends Sept 1 (extended hours)

> Details and more events: http://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/events_and_programs/special_events.html#eis

+ CAROUN ART GALLERY -- Exhibitions (noon to 8pm Tu to Sat):

Painting Exhibition by "Fereshteh Shahani"August 17 - 22Opening Reception: 4 - 8pm August 16

Painting Exhibition by "Saba Orouji"August 24 - 30Opening Reception: 4 - 8pm August 23

"Abstract"  Painting Exhibition by "Ahmad Hessami"September 2-13,Opening Reception: September 6Workshop: Contemporary Art4 - 8pm September 13

If you’re out of Vancouver, visit the exhibition online later at: http://www.caroun.com/CarounArtGallery/Exhibitions/00-Expositions.html

You’re welcome to take part in the 2014 Caroun Photo Club Photo Contest:http://www.caroun.com/Directory/00-Directory.html

* MUSIC on Thursday Sept 4

+ A Night of traditional Chinese Classical Music

Pipa performer Shan-Ronghua and guzheng performer Liu-Xiuliang present masterpieces from the Chinese classical repertoire. 331 3603 Vancouver Public Library vpl.ca/events 7pm

+ Sofya Gulyak; winner of the esteemed Leeds Piano Competition plays a night of enchanting classical piano. Prog includes Chopin & Rachmaninoff. Artist reception to follow. 871 4450 chopinsociety.org Vancouver Playhouse 8pm


Oodles -- local art, dance, books, music, etc -- from Alliance for Arts and Culture


From: "Alliance for Arts and Culture" <communications@allianceforarts.com>

Subject: Alliance News / Save the Date for the 2014 Mayor's Arts Awards

Date: 20 August, 2014 4:40:46 PM PDT

Literary: Announcements from Royal City Literary Arts Society. 

Music: Events from BC Girls Choir, Vancouver Classic Guitar Society, Evergreen Culural Centre, and Elektra Women's Choir. 

Theatre: Events from Vancouver Society of Storytelling, Staircase Theatre, the frank theatre company, Gateway Theatre, and Upintheair Theatre. 

Visual Art: Invitations from Port Moody Arts Centre and Federation of Canadian Artists. 

More Visual Art: Exhibitions from the North Vancouver Community Arts Council and Bill Reid Gallery. 

Workshops and Classes: Invitation from ArtStarts.

Music BC: Representing BC’s music industry. (August 14)

Book News: The Vancouver Writers Fest offers a compendium of literary events around town and links to reviews and articles of interest. (August 14)

Actsafe: Promoting workplace health and safety in BC's performing arts and motion picture industries. (August 12)

Culture Days: The latest news from the Canada-wide celebration in early autumn, designed to raise the awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of all Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities. (August 7)

Vancouver Heritage Foundation: Supporting the conservation of heritage buildings and structures. (August 6)

WORDPLAY In the Back Room of the Heritage Grill, 447 Columbia Street (half a block from the Columbia Skytrain Station), New Westminster. Wrap your mind around the writing prompts we provide. Try your hand at generating some fabulous first drafts, and free your poetic heart! WordPlay is a (free!) monthly poetry-generating drop-in series. Bring your writing tools and paper. This is not a critique group. Let’s have some fun! Also, Wed Aug 27 from 6:30 - 8:30pm in Queen's Park.

For info, check out websites: www.rclas.com and http://rclas.com/events/poetry-park-2014

AND HERE'S THE LATEST ALLIANCE: Date: 27 August, 2014 3:07:00 PM PDT



+ Crescent Beach Concours d'elegance 2014 -- a showcase of unique, elegant, historically significant, and often v rare cars and motorcycles. crescentbeachconcours.com 10am to 3pm August 30

+ 2014 Squamish Nation Youth PowWow -- Grand Entry each day in full regalia; dances, competitions, traditional foods, crafters, games. 778 228 6501 August 29 to 31 aboriginalbc.com/events/2014-squamish-nation-youth-pow-wow/

+ The Vancouver Int'l Fringe Festival starts Sept 4 (goes to 14th)

700 performances by 89 artists over 11 days 257 0350 vancouverfringe.com


Shipyards Pals Walking Tour: be entertained by unique characters and learn about Burrard Drydocks Shipbuilding legacy. nvma.ca/program4.htm August 28, 29, 30

== FIELD TRIP == Ascent of Mt Strachan

Saturday August 30th

Ascent of Mt Strachan, Cypress Provincial Park. A slow hike with many geological interpretive stops.

A joint field trip for Nature Vancouver and Friends of Cypress Provincial Park Society.

Meeting Time & location: 09:30 am at McDonald's, Park Royal for car-pooling. Payment to cover gas costs for those receiving a lift from Park Royal would be appreciated. An alternate meeting location will be at the green Olympic rings at 10:30 am in the downhill ski area of Cypress Provincial Park.

Duration: 5 or 6 hours. Elevation Gain: 500 metres. Trip Leader: David Cook. [ph 924 0147]

Terrain: A steep ski run with a loose, pebbly surface that is treacherous on descent because of the loose, pebbly surface. Deep-tread hiking boots with ankle support are essential. Sneakers not recommended. Walking poles recommended.

Description: Join David on a hike from the down-hill ski area at Cypress Bowl up the Collins Ski Run to the peak of Mt Strachan (1,454m {4,770ft}), an elevation gain of about 500m {1,640ft}. On the way there will be numerous stops to view the geology of the area in rock-cut exposures formed during the construction of the ski-run. While this field trip will be primarily to look at the geology, we will make a short side-trip for lunch and to look at an area of sub-alpine pasture recovering back to forest after a pre-historic lightning fire. The highlight will be the southern peak of Mt Strachan where there are magnificent views of Howe Sound and the glaciation has smoothed a remarkable polished pavement of metamorphic rocks, the oldest rocks to be found in the region. Those who wish can continue to the main peak of Mt Strachan. This is a full day’s hike, so bring lunch and water, and prepare for changes in weather. If it is a clear day, a hat will be required, as the full length of the route is open to the sky.

Registration is not required. Membership in Nature Vancouver or Friends of Cypress Provincial Park Society is not required.

{NB -- Pronunciation: Strachan is pronounced 'Strahn'}

+++++ HEADSUP 13A +++++ Events, ... sent 21/22 Aug {some events to Aug 30}

inevitable -- here we start on Headsup/Notices.....

playing catch-up, plus walks, theatre, news, celebrations, even an architectural tour ..... somewhat chronological order.....

ED SHEERAN in Ambleside Park

7pm Saturday August 23  doors open 5pm; tix/info  http://www.selectyourtickets.com/ambleside2014.php?venue_id=97

ARTS CLUB artsclub.com -- Red Rock Diner has been held over till August 23


Lots of other events besides the Fab Four (Midsummer Night's Dream, Tempest, Equivocation, Cymbeline), for example:

Opera and Arias: Shakespeare's Opera  August 25 & September 1 at 2pm & 7:30pm

Featuring beloved arias and ensembles inspired by some of Shakespeare's greatest works including Hamlet, The Merry Wives of Windsor, and Romeo & Juliet.  This costumed concert on the BMO Mainstage, showcases the gifted young stars of the UBC Opera Ensemble, directed by Nancy Hermiston. Instrumental accompaniment is by members of the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, conducted by Leslie Dala and hosted by Christopher Gaze.

For the full programme click here.  http://www.bardonthebeach.org/opera-and-arias

Tickets:  Matinees: $35 Adults | $27 Youth (6 - 25)  Evenings*: $47 Adults | $27 Youth


~ 8pm ~ Malkin Bowl, Stanley Pak   tuts.ca

Shrek: The Musical and Legally Blonde: The Musical  -- alternating nights -- held over to August 30


Thursday evenings 6:30 8:30pm  June 26 August 28 (weather permitting)  Outside the Ferry Building Gallery

Do you love the music, rhythms, and dance of Latin America? The FBG presents SALSA by the Sea with Doris Angela Maria of LatinDanceForYou.com  $6 drop-in bring your own water bottle; open to all levels and ages lesson included singles welcome

ZUMBA on Ambleside Landing by the beach behind the FBG 10 - 11:15 am -- Saturdays July 5 August 30

Zumba, a high-energy, diverse music and dance workout to the rhythms of Latin America. A fresh, fun, safe, and easy way to start your Saturday and burn calories! Dance moves include salsa, cha cha cha, cumbia, merengues, reggaeton, samba, and conga. We will finish with easy yoga poses to  help you be at ease for the entire day.

Doris Angela Maria Zumba Certified Instructor ZIN member Luli Lavaggi from Latin Dance for You, Certified Yoga Instructor & BCRPA

Vancouver Heritage Foundation

FREE West Hastings walks with Samuel Mickelson August 22 Friday 12:15pm

Meet in the parkette at West Hastings St. and Hornby St. (next to the Terminal City Club). No registration, but recommend showing up early as space is limited. http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org


The Village at Park Royal is commemorating a decade.  Thanks to you.

Join us in our 10-year anniversary celebrations this summer:

Snap & Share Contest

Snap and share your favourite moments at The Village this summer for your chance to win a $500.00 shopping spree.

Live Entertainment

Enjoy the musical talent of these artists at Keeper’s Crossing in The Village at Park Royal.

July 26  |  2pm to 5pm  |  Buddha Sax

July 27  |  1pm to 5pm  |  Ali Milner

Aug. 2  |  1pm to 5pm  |  Shawn Hallgren

Aug. 3  |  1pm to 5pm  |  Cassandra Bangle

Aug. 4  |  2pm to 5pm  |  Adam Woodall

Aug. 9  |  1pm to 5pm  |  Robert Fyfe

Aug. 10  |  2 pm to 5pm  |  Buddha Sax

Aug. 16  |  2pm to 5pm  |  Mark & Bobby

Aug. 17  |  2pm to 5pm  |  Adam Woodall

Aug. 23  |  1pm to 5pm  |  Cassandra Bangle

Aug. 24  |  1pm to 5pm  |  Enharmoniq

Aug. 30  |  1pm to 5pm  |  Nick Hope

Aug. 31  |  1pm to 5pm  |  Rose Ranger

Sept. 1  |  1pm to 5pm  |  Enharmoniq

Take a complimentary pedicab from Keeper’s Crossing in The Village at Park Royal to the new fountain at the Plaza at Park Royal South. Return trips are also available.  Weekends and Holidays  |  noon to 4pm


11am August 21, 23, 28   bcentertainmenthalloffame.com  665 3470   Pls call to reserve

Celebrates the summer season by conducting guided tours of the historic Orpheum Theatre.


2pm Saturday August 23 "Five Years in the Zoo" (Schubert, Saint Saens)  

     at Mount Seymour United Church      www.blueridgecamber.org

THE AND OF THE LAND: Perspectives on landscape by artists from British Columbia

Please join us at the WV Museum for guided tours of our summer exhibition THE AND OF THE LAND: Perspectives on landscape by artists from BC, led by exhibition curator Francesca Szuszkiewicz.

Tours meet in the gallery: ~ 1pm ~ Saturday August 23; Saturday August 30. The exhibition closes 5pm Sat Aug 30.


On Wednesday, the Latchkey Co-op's production of "Mr. Marmalade" by Noah Haidle opens at Little Mountain Gallery. This show features our board member, Christine Qunitana as a four-year-old with a very vivid imagination, and her best friend, Mr. Marmalade, who is imaginary.  Aug 20 - 30.  

Find out more information HERE.---> https://www.facebook.com/events/646989492075954/ 

Presented by the Latchkey Co-Op

Run: August 20 August 30

Preview: August 20 at 7PM  Opening Night: August 21 at 7PM  Shows at 7PM Nightly except Monday

Venue: Little Mountain Gallery, 195 E 26th Ave (just off Main St) 

Tickets: $10 for Preview, $15 Regular Through Brown Paper Tickets

http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/759223 or phone 1-800-838-3006 or $18 cash only at the door.

Directed by Chelsea Haberlin; Set Design by Kyle Sutherland; Costume Design by Laura Fukumoto, Lighting Design by Phil Miguel; Sound Design by Matt Reznek.

Cast: Sebastien Archibald, Sarah Canero, Jay Clift, Kayla Dunbar, Brett Harris, Amitai Marmorstein, Christine Quintana

Four-year-old Lucy has a vivid imagination. Lucy's imaginary best friend Mr. Marmalade is neglectful, foul mouthed and has some very bad "habits". With the help of new friend Larry (a five-year-old with a penchant for self harm) and Mr. Marmalade's abused assistant Bradley, Lucy learns that growing up is hard to do. Mr. Marmalade is a (very) dark comedy about growing up with the TV on.

Mr. Marmalade contains strong language, drug use, and situations that will give even grown-ups nightmares.

This show is NOT for kids. {No, not cut off; that's the pic sent :-) }


10am - 4pm Saturday August 23     clayburnvillage.com

Celebrate BC's first company town and one of the oldest historic villages; features village and brick* factory site tours, vendor booths, artisans, vintage cars, old-fashioned chn's games, and a vintage fashion show.

Clayburn Village, foot of Sumas Mtn, Abbotsford   * I have a brick from a heritage tour years ago


Saturday August 23   Brockton Oval Stanley Park    seawheeze.com

Annual music and yoga festival features headliners, Capital Cities and the Colourist, Sunset Practice with renowned yoga

instructor Eoin Finn*, plus a licensed patio and gourmet catering.

* who made a presentation to Ccl July 21 re LNG and Woodfibre


Saturday  August 23    thegardenpartyvan.ca   

Vancouver's largest garden party and croquet classic event; includes High Tea and live art.

VPL Central Library Architectural Tour

Saturday  August 23 at 2pm -- Central Library, 350 W Georgia St   Tix & info: Free. info@vpl.ca  or 604 331 3603

Next year is the 25th anniversary of Vancouver’s Central Library, a building that 50 architects from around the world had battled one another to design. Citizens fought nearly as heartily over a trio of shortlisted designs. In the end, that privilege went to Moshe Safdie in partnership with Downs/Archambault.

Despite its appearance, Safdie has stated his design was not intended to resemble Rome’s Coliseum. For a chance to learn about what his design was meant to convey, check out the tour.

Art in the Hood'

Aug. 22 - 24 and 29 and 30, times vary | WEArts Pop-up Gallery, 779 Denman Tix & info: Free. wearts.ca

Works by Vancouver artists Judith Meyers, Ricardo Spinace, Ann Hilton, Eileen Fong, Trudy Austin, and Lianna Klassen will be on display at the inaugural pop-up gallery by West End arts society WEArts.

Art in the Hood is the latest project by the arts collective. WEArts recently commissioned What a Ride, a West End mural by Steve “Thecreativeindividual Hornung, and more murals and pop-ups are on the way.

This weekend is a commission-free event for the artists, so proceeds of any sales go directly to them.


Sunday August 24 from 8:30 to 11:30pm

The Tudor-style Aberthau Mansion is a captivating setting for PATTERNS, a one-evening exhibition featuring 18 artists and 20 exhibitions. The indoor/outdoor event is put on by LocoMotoArt, a collective of 20 professional artists and 16 artists in residence. Works from some of those artists will be on display, including digital weaving by Rob Scharein, as will art from international guests. From the U.S. are Ecoarttech, Patrick Lichty, and Tyler Fox, and from the U.K. is Jamie Griffiths. A trio of artists will punctuate the evening with live performances.

Aberthau Mansion West Point Grey Cmnty Ctr, 4397 W 2nd Ave; Tix & info: Free. locomotoart.weebly.com4


1 - 2:30pm Sunday August 24 stanleyparkhistory.wordpress.com    873 1866

Explore the park, discover the many fascinating stories about its hidden past. Tour includes rare historical photos. Meet at the Lost Lagoon viewing plaza, foot of Alberni


=  The Farmers Markets has its Tomato Festival in Kits on Sunday Aug 24 (558 2656)

=  The Sixth Annual Garlic Festival is in Richmond, also Sunday Aug 24 (227 6210), sharingfarm.ca

so much going on in the summer!!!


=== CCL MTG NOTES 2014 July 21 === e&oe

Re transcript: ... (gap); xxx (words missing); &&& (noteworthy; shd get); timestamps so you can find the part on the video to listen to entire bit.

NB: unless I know the person, names are best guesses. In any case, herewith more of what went on than you ever see in the ccl minutes. :-)

ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS, INITIALISMS puzzling you? See: http://www.westvan.org/glossary



Note: At 6pm the mtg will commence in open session and will be immediately followed by a motion to exclude the public in order to hold a closed session, ... At 7pm the reg Ccl mtg will commence in the Council Chamber. 



2. RECOMMENDED:  ... 90. (1) ... closed ... relates to...

(a) personal info about an identifiable individ who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality; 

(c) labour relations or other employee relations; 

(e) the acquisition, disposition, or expropriation of land or improvements, if the ccl considers that disclosure cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the M; 

(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the M; 

(i) the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications nec for that purpose; and 

(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a M service that are at their prelim stages and that, in the view of the ccl, cd reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the M if they were held in public. 

Purpose of mtg: matters re apptmts, labour relations, land, legal, and proposed provision of a M service

3. Adjournment


Revised on July 11, 2014 to: 

Withdraw Item 7, “Ferry Building Gallery; 

Add to Item 10, Proposed ׃ Year Financial Plan Bylaw 4780, 2014, Amendment Bylaw 4800, 2014 report; and 

Add information to Item 12.2, “Proposed Amdmt to 2014 Ccl Mtg Schedule regarding proposed meeting time.

7:00 PM

1. Call to Order. 

Mayor: Before we start, announcements:

Awards Committee Appointments

I am pleased to inform that Ccl at its July 7 Closed Mtg appointed Bahar Taheri and Katherine Tong to the Awards Cmte, and that at Ccl’s reg mtg on July 7, the T of Reference for the Awards Cmte were amended to update current award categories, which are: Envment; Heritage; Arts and Culture; Civic Commitment; and Health, Wellness, and Activity.

West Vancouver Community and Aquatic Centre Readers’ Choice Award 

I am very pleased to announce that the WV Cmnty Ctr & Aquatic Ctr was selected as the WINNER by the readers of the North Shore News in the category of Favourite Community Fitness Facility’.  Am sure everyone here voted for that.

By receiving this award, the public have recognized the Centre’s ability to meet and exceed the community's expectations through its many programs and services for all ages.  

Thank you for your confidence and this recognition.

Ms Mooi, a brief on our beaches

AM: VCH monitors ... xxx

last Thursday July 17 public health advisory; we post info on our website

add'l signage from VCH -- says contaminated and unsafe for swimming

lifeguards are remaining on the beaches, advising; frequent testing; results trending downwards

604 983 6793 VCH Envtal Health Line; info on our website

Mayor: staff monitoring?

AM: in constant contact


Amended by:  Adding to Item 3, minutes

 Withdraw[ing] Item 7, “Ferry Building Gallery; 

 Add[ing] to Item 10, Proposed ׃ Yr Financial Plan ... , Amdmt Bylaw 4800, 2014 report; and 

 Add[ing] info to Item 12.2, “Proposed Amdmt to 2014 Ccl Mtg Schedule re proposed mtg time.

Adding 13.1 and .2

Pulling item 12.1 for discussion

SSch: received today four addl submissions for 765 Marine Dr


Meeting minutes to be provided. 

{must find out what the guideline is for (draft) minutes to be made public. In the past when ccl mtgs ev week, they'd be out on the Friday. Now, even weeks later, sometimes they're not yet available!}

[UPDATE: they are now on the website however the minutes has this:

July 7, 2014 special and regular Council meetings.

BUT they're not clickable (wonder why) so I've put the full links here:


http://westvancouver.ca/sites/default/files/dwv/council-minutes/2014/July/07jul14.pdf ]

Mayor: due to negligence last mtg, [someone] signed up didn't call, so will give him his three minutes now

Diamond Karim: re Ev Dr project wires were to be underground

cmnty is the loser; Onni says no such intention; promises, cross-referenced, by Onni

2 of 4 documented but two missed

Furthermore, told these trees wd be planted before the xxxx

objections; some seem trivial to the staff but imp to the residents

pls instruct the Planning Dept to follow through

xxx; high quality of life; our processes ensures

Apr 16 at 4pm before deadline

submitted covenants -- some xxx but a large number are not

affecting our quality of life ...to stay true to objective ... and enhances

... after obtaining all the.... Milliken cd send to another....

with Onni re underground wiring ... high quality of life

thank you for listening

Mayor: Mr Sokol, you can assure public Planning ensures... all go &&&

Sokol: xxx add'l landscaping locked down; covenant re blinds lock down

a series of things in place for the PH and they will be enforced.


4. E. Finn, re Woodfibre LNG Limited Proposal for Liquefied Natural Gas Plant in Howe Sound (File: 0055-01) 

PowerPoint presentation to be provided. 

Shirley Cameron started speaking of her time in WV: xxx we have sport fishing again in Howe Sound; orcas and even humpback whales

where do we take guests -- head to Sea-to-Sky hwy

3rd .... filming industry

127K jobs in BC; 32K new tourism jobs; $13.4B, more than forestry and oil extraction

a few thousand in Sq while risking xxx

not moving b/c of xxx

int'l standards for LNG but not in Canada where suitable; how do we know Woodfibre is suitable?

Howe Sound is our playground

if home of heavy industry


Eoin Finn: live on Bowyer Island, smack dab in middle of path to the Plant

involves three regional districts and Ms

SLIDE of UBCM Resolution -- too dangerous, recommended too dangerous

Passamaquoddy, NB, was turned down  (2006)

LNG tanker spill wd be unlikely; one ruptured in US

liquefied methane minus 160

doesn't disappear into air, forms a low fog and goes where wind blows it; the first passing car wd ignite it and burn at 1000

the Sound is not that wide in several places; class A hazard

yacht races around Bowen

not 3.2km to provide the reasonable safety margin

the proposal is for a Fortis pipeline....SLIDE with details

storage tanker, not anywhere in the world right now

company owned by Pacific Oil and Gas, Mr [X] an Indonesian billionaire

... see a smoggy envmt, might as well stay home

public commentary closes July 27; unsure govt will impose standards, hope so

first LNG ever in Canada and first for this proponent

cost of emergency equipment

Sq doesn't have firetrucks that can float :-)

climate effects of the gas

consumption in Asia wd add to our ...

xxx added every hour chlorinated on return to sea  [7:27]

reduced prop values -- ~40% if dangerous, oil and gas tankers about

loss of tourism biz and potential of HSound and Whistler corridor

2.5M ppl go up and down that road ev yr and that contributes $1.4B to the HSound economy

a small downtick in that wd take benefit away

urge you to provide commentary to value component document by July 27

Mayor: thank you 

CC: hear the dangers, alarming -- is it your position that LNG anywhere in BC no-go, or just this location?

EF: this locn; head of confined waterway

1000ft long twice as high and as long as a BC Ferry

Sound has to be cleared of traffic for them to enter or leave

leg of journey ... yet to be decided; ... confined ferry lanes, no ferries  &&&

CC: others up the coast

EF: open coast

Sop: good cause to be concerned; dangerous cargo

18 years ago, signatory HSound against McNab Crk

forced issue at Brit Beach

all stopped coal burning at Woodfibre and other places

the Forum, a grp of politicians stood the test of time, and again, here we go with the govt

we shd pull all stops out to prevent this being placed at Woodfibre


working groups and they did not include WV-- how dare they!

was a little vocal

Mayor Smith, suggest you write a letter -- can't afford to have this here

HSound Society -- this is the most beautiful place in the world

going to have 

I think not.  We shd do something about it


Mayor: you brought your fan club!

NG: Mayor always has the best lines, hard to follow

went to part of the mtg at the Library on a sunny summer evening -- v imp issue; stunned to see about 120 ppl

didn't get to hear all that night, so thanks for the shorter version

Lions Bay Ccl -- given their two resolns; They ban passage of LNG tankers


re supertanker safety and foreshore erosion re feedback

suggest similar resolns and wd you recommend anything else/other?

EF: odd that this sort of industry and tankers passing by wd not result in representation on the working cmte; neither were Bowen or Lions Bay

find that odd; irritating; suggest you add you be represented on that working group during the course of the assessmt

NG: b/c issue of timeliness before 27th for feedback to Envmtal Assessment Office

propose also advise them re tanker safety, roadways, and foreshore erosion

and we also be included in existing and future cmtes related to this matter

Mayor: before motion, others wish to speak

NG: absolutely, great; our legislative director can note that down somewhere

TP {mic not on so can't quite hear the v beginning}: ,,, take seriously safety of our citizens

Int'l Gas Tankers.... and their standards -- that alone wd suggest not such a great idea in Howe Sound

reason, not going to read all but want read No. 4

"LNG ports must be located where they do not conflict with other waterway uses, now and into the future"

and conflicting waterway uses include fishing and recreational boating; we have marinas, sailing schools, and that to me is a really red flag in this cmnty

we do have foreshore leases in WV and have obligation, responsible for those waters 1000 ft out

have one of the busiest ferry terminals in BC

part of having you come here tonight was to learn....

good suggestions around this table

for sure to write to xxx and Envmtal Minister

we expect to have .... in Canada

Cdns expect we have world class standards and hearing you, we don't


MB: like Cclr Panz, not an expert on LNG

... using large quantities of water; transport risks in inlets

pls aplify {amplify? clarify?} 17K metric tons going into Howe Sound

? re .....

EF: take sea water from the sand

cooling and

proponent, expelled via pipe at 10 degrees warmer

17K metric tons per hour per day

effect on the Sound's ecosystem unknown

the vent pipe will attract all sorts of mechanisms {organisms?}

hy chloride?????

raises anozic at north end of Howe Sound and at head, and dangers to salmon


return Howe Sound to a marine desert

and we've spent so much to ....

ML: sitting on my boat ... had this ... xxx crashing into

all being mopped up by the garbage barge

anything this cmnty can do to bring reason to this debate

go to Cclr G's motion

Mayor: letter write re xxx applicable xxx

want to be included in any group or xxx assessment

miles of waterfront

Mayor: Ms Scholes, did you get the wording?

SSch: [read out]

Mayor: Ms L, need xxx

CAO: xxx

Mayor: motion moved and seconded

NG: wd use part of Cclr Panz's wording, add to my motion


WV be included in future xxx and cmtes....

CC: xxx

NG: before you start

Lions Bay also wrote, sending to fed govt b/c they are the port authority there

first to Envmtal Assessmt ofc and a completely diff one to fed

Mayor: we have a motion on the floor, do that first

CC: xxx wdn't we want to expand the motion to    [7:46]

half problems with the terminal and half with the traffic


SSch: we have the intent

Sop: I don't think we shd go in front of the 

anything ... we shd form our own WG!

HSCmnty Forum; to be transparent

how transparent is this when &&& ?

Mayor Smith, write a v strong letter, and if they won't, form our own

Mayor: passion

Sop: passion for 18 years

blue green ... xxx exudee? ... xxx another misfortune

Mayor: debate on this motion

TP: not comfortable re terminal b/c not in our jurisdiction

make sure at the table re cmnty (xxx   [7:48])

comf with first part but not with second, Sq not my

Mayor: sometimes best to keep it simple

Ms Scholes, can you read it out?

clear intent

SSch: I will try

be it resolved..... supertanker safety ... waterways

second part, write to fed govt to ban supertankers

Cclr Gamb wording

NG: Juan de Fuca and .... straits

Mayor: just write to 

envtal assmt

want to be heard; our concerns addressed [7:50]

CC: LNG traffic, mbrship on any groups, and the second motion to ban supertankers

you conflated two; the first is about tanker traffic

second be involved in any bodies....

and I added re LNG xxx

any bodies

Cclr Panz expressed.... so I'll speak to it

can't be so parochial and only look at the end of our noses, just WV

if Sound rendered xxx

that's not just WV interest, it's all of ours

none of us experts but we xxx

we can

participate a question for the future

I'm speaking re plant b/c brings up xxx xxx

Mayor: are we clear?

WGs xxx plant xxx tanker traffic

get a motion we can understand

SSch: we've got those three parts:

1.       the District of West Vancouver Council advise the environmental assessment office of our concerns regarding super tanker safety, rogue waves, foreshore erosion, conflicting waterway uses, and the LNG terminal in Howe Sound and tanker traffic, in response to their request for feedback on the Woodfibre LNG project; and

2.       the District of West Vancouver be included in any existing and future committees, working groups, and consultative bodies regarding the tanker traffic and location and operation of the LNG plant; and that

3.       the District of West Vancouver Council write to the federal government with a suggestion to ban the passage of LNG tankers in the waters of Howe Sound.

{UPDATE: this was hard to follow at the mtg as alluded to during Ccl's discussion. I later requested the text and it appears above. IMVHO, while MP Weston might hv bn right to draw attention to this motion, perhaps he assumed stronger or more than what was actually said. Part One just advises of our concern (valid); Part Two requests [wording missing] inclusion in consultative bodies (again, valid -- of course we do want to be consulted! it's past our front door!); and Part Three is a suggestion (though it goes as far as to use the word 'ban').

Full marks to the Mayor for a frank, rather than political, response re the motion (as quoted in the NSN).

Anyway, do think it will achieve the goal of including the views of the cmnty of WV and of course an informed opinion, after we receive the envtal assessments, shd hv more weight.}

Mayor: clear?  Motion passes unanimously


Sop: wd you be open to a WV-own if we're told to &&&

{re trains?} if starts rolling, going to catch fire

check CN, those right down past my place ev day  [7:54]

Mayor: if not ... we'll escalate it

move along; need motion to receive the delegation

NG made motion for receipt, then: &&&

Mayor: passes unanimously; received for information, with thanks. 


5. Reports from Mayor and Councillors on Boards, Committees, and Working Groups

MB: attended youth golf tournament -- 800 volunteer hours

69 on 18 holes....; only 5 of 45 were girls, get more out

Aboriginal Relations Cmte -- big step last week by co-hosting a cmnty forum in Chilliwack [?] with Katzee [?]


want to acknowledge Malaysia 17; imp we do take time to ackn these tragedies

don't impact us here but this terrible tragedy; friends and loved ones

Mayor: Lewis Sop Panz and I attended the Dinner on the Dock v successful ~300

congratulations, getting more life

working with Biz Assn

xxx; thx to sponsors and xxx

received for information. 

6. Development Permit Application No. 13-067 for 765 Marine Drive/Park Royal North (File: 1010-20-13-067) 

PowerPoint presentation to be provided. 

At the June 16, 2014 regular meeting Council received the reports dated May 28 and June 12, 2014 regarding DPA for 765 Marine Dr/PkR-N and set the date for consideration for July 21, 2014. 

Reports rec'd up to, including Jul 10, 2014: REPORT TITLE 



Devt Permit 765 PkRN

May 28, 2014 

June 16, 2014 


Devt Permit 765 PkRN

June 12, 2014 

June 16, 2014 


Ms Berg (Planning) with slides gave background and scope of work of the proposal; public mtg (200):

a lot of positive feedback; recommend 

ML: was this reviewed by the ACDI?

LB: no

ML: reason?

LB: full access to the mall

ML: surprised didn't go b/c virtually all do; in future make sure not missed

Mayor: am sure applicant can address

Sop: p81 drawing of new overpass SLIDE

suggest vehicles have a straight line, then to west

going to be cars coming around that roundabout, then make an immediate left; absolutely going to be a major traffic jam

LB: will defer to applicant who has a traffic (consultant)

CC: perhaps for Mr Bates in Mr Fung's absence

will echo Cclr Lewis's concerns

got letter on table to day; she raises the issue that the new off-ramp -- whether safe for wheelchairs b/c quite tight

one reason for the the org to look at

she raises issues about access -- seems like ppl with mobility issues living in PkR Towers have no difficulty getting to PkR-S

prev, an overpass, taken out so great long trek and back, wait for three lights

so I think that's an issue -- to staff b/c concerns me

got master-biking plan here and continue to get the road to nowhere

goes into amorphous ....towers... but no lane -- no room; nobody thought to put one in

can't route bikes west

why leading ppl to somewhere they can't go and it's not PkR's fault

how we integrate [8:07]

Sokol: I can comment on .....

did go to ACDI and they did find it wd definitely improve getting to xxx and the south mall

CC: I have a disabled person who doesn't say it does

Mayor: to applicant

CC: to Ms Berg

LB: applicant; presentation, entertain  biking


Rick Amantea: joined here tonight by the experts, architect xxxx Mussell Catton  15 years (listed... PkR)

Mark Vaughan instrumental biking around PkR

Peter Joyce from Bunt, for 20-odd years

for us this is a reinvestment in PkR-N; know it has to be relevant

provide where biz can thrive

in light of improvements; productivity for years to come

many points I was going to make covered off well by Ms Berg

one time with DRC, came with a lot of comments wch we have introduced to our proposal

whether Onni, Water's Edge, v much interest in having the best connectivity we can have

4km of biking; over 8km of ped walks and xxx

ask Mr Moorecroft for a brief presentation on design

Moorecroft with SLIDES and descriptions: glass and tile canopy

food market own feature elevation; steel and glass canopy, diffused light

upgrading exterior wall; more planting, screening loading docks

dangerous sightlines, improved

playful ... lighting ... public art v imp to PkR; entry allows for signif piece of public art ...

no trees will have to be removed; a nice avenue of cherry trees; three new plaza areas; city market entrance, seating

told to be brief, perhaps too brief

Mark Vaughan: robust transportation plan; phased bike-lane plan; separated bike lanes, Spirit Trail to  MDr

as Cclr CC point out they fade into xxx

this is a major route for cyclists; commuter cyclists wch is why we felt a separated bike lane; now working hard on non-commuter cyclist; through PkR, realized not a good job bringing cyclists to PkR

a lot of E-W routes along front of the mall and back of the village

Spirit Trail, not a lot of safe areas to ride with your kids

strong connection from TWay to MDr -- going to be a shared bike-car lane

shared, dotted, in your package; one heading east and one west

the route through Amb is a difficult route; looking with Engg, ..... might be an option that will solve

ped routes ...

trying to bring the two malls closer together; parking once and shopping all day

plaza on these two corners, rain protection; now added two plazas at MDr; one on west covered walk then into mall; on east side, sitting space, more planting; temp art installations, cmnty see who'd like to display art

North mall, pulled out a bit more; pulling ped experience together; tan and grey pavers, diff design; native piece of art on south mall, artist [8:21] 

speak to each other ... pull

private patio for private dining -- whole??? serves [?]

material is used in N mall same was in the Village

proposing a small bike ctr under overpass, bike repair, bike storage area; exciting things there

Sop: picture of the ramp?  my assumption is cars go both ways

proceed south; we hv to make a left-hand turn; across MDr to South

my Q is, at that corner, cars E, W, S, N, not feel an area highly congested

Peter Joyce of Bunt Associates: we project what the traffic circle then

confident works better than the exiting ramp wch is a three-way having to stop


better solution than what is in place today

at that corner you mention, that intersection is controlled and will continue

CC: aesthetic improvement clear, xxx excellent; improvement to bridge good, down ramp; much improved 

my only xxx is the bike

Route Four we have, but not in presentation today; shows connection bike routes; there is no connection to Spirit Trail

xxx really awkward and not safe

promises of sharealls (???) but not done yet; was there the other day and not done yet

egress to Amb Park for cyclist needs to be wider, improved

.... dedication by London Drugs, but there is no dedicated there -- kind of a lost opp; wondered b/c  there is the room

wd like to see these improvements put in

money for a bike line

PkR to towers, no sense spending money, bikers going to go along MDr

.... journey ... makes no sense

when going to see connections to Spirit Trail

2 xxx 3 up through Towers

Ans: connection with Sp Trail probably at end of summer?  in three weeks

then connection to.... promise made in prev devt

sharohs (???)

dedicated bike lanes, absolutely something got to do, shd be part of this phase

xxx already

CC: can we facilitate?

Ans: think Engg's looking at that now

NG: Cclr Cam's taken care of the cycling concerns

suddenly a flurry of emails re pedestrians

1 your bridge that will be modified, across MDr, will there be decent -- wide enough, strollers, etc?

Ans: no plans to widen

signalized on MDr, stronger connection at grade level

primary intent to encourage .....   bring to street xxx ...

NG: xxx really disappointed to see that go

walk {about/around?} 18 lines of traffic

{some clapping}

RA: at this stage of the game no plans to put any kind of ped overpasses over MDr

control of WV and not PkR

sev mtgs with staff over years; try to keep as much activity at street level

NG: at the end of one of the letters rec'd today

suggest set up a cmte -- residents of PkR Towers

RA: we love to be engaged; we actually own PkR Towers

decision made to move it was b/c not accessible for anyone with wheelchairs

1//10 of ppl who use the at-grade

NG, had shown diagram in past: gen budget -- inverted triangle

resources and allocation is supposed to be largest

tip of point sgl-occ vehicles; looking to shift priorities

{a clap}

what proportion? 

RA: 8km through PkR, challenge you to find other xxx

we're one of the most ped...

cycling doesn't exist in any of the xxx

think we're spending a fair bit of money cycling/ped friendly; will continue to do that

happy to work with Dist; happy to xxx  [8:37]

Mayor: mbrs of public?


Caroline Lowe: submitted my letter today, have you made the corrections? N shd be S

no accommodation made for peds; no flag

Mr Amantea wd say is best but in other... xxx to xxx

she was told she had to walk all the way to TWay

"I have to ... no accomm made, in fact obstacles on the sidewalk ... instead a

new crossing was fenced in -- peds hv to walk to crossing {gave the route in excruciating detail}

a definite xxx

no produce shops in N mall so have to xxx

can someone say how this is an imp xxx ?

peds walk in dirt and mud until vehicles accommodated

now have big blue buses driving through -- good for the kids!


Nando's another

shd reconnect the tenants back to south mall

there are 800 to 1000 tenants and PkR is turning its back on the Towers!

noise bylaws were not enforced and I suffered -- to accommodate cars

call Hall and told to call Rick Amantea

we already live under their tenancy wch is bad, v bad; we don't want xxxx

Mayor mixed up names; have the mtg end at 8:30

Anne Highland: on Inglewood for 34 years

traffic in and around PkR wch is a disaster

almost impossible, had to go over town, in my 80s, down to xxx blocked doing work, so PkR try to avoid like the plague and now you want to put apt bldgs up there -- unless another road, terrible; almost impossible to pick up friend

come in on Lower Rd, can't get in

blocked, ppl trying to go to bridge ........

I avoid PkR if I can but, there's no other entrance; plead with you, no more apts there


srs' residence up TWay, where are we all going to go?

hv bn avoiding PkR, plead with you, pls do something about the traffic

Mayor: anyone else wish to address Ccl?

ML: &&&

MOTIONS I think passed:

= all written and oral submissions ... be received for information. 

= Devt Permit Applicn No. wch would allow for improvements and renovations to the Park Royal North mall, be approved 

Sop: think only Cclr Lewis and I were against getting rid of that overpass

ppl from Towers said categorically better! -- said wd be better!

why wd they do anything else?

for those who live in the Towers, you all said I'll go to the light and will cross over

interesting how a year changes xxx

{yes -- amazing saying the opposite now. Why? or told to be in support earlier?}

ML: the ACDI did come and look at the design phase and did support it and do

for someone living there -- the crossing is probably 100m to the west

not sure I concur with what's been voiced today

ACDI participated fully; xxx

CC: point out, the XXX section was an improvement but doesn't mean good enough; if we can improve, shd

is there something we can do to make it better for the residents of the PkR Towers now?

NG: to correct the record, I too was v disappointed to see the overpass

while &&& represents a v small percentage of the ppn but we didn't consult with them as far as I know

having consulted with ACDI

before I vote, set up this ped cmte to look at future

Mayor: we're now in ccl debate, not asking applicant???

NG: but asking staff, if assured I'll vote

noise takes up a lot of staff time; wd also like assurances from staff that the applicant will be abiding

having bylaw ofcrs on site

Sokol: re noise bylaws; all devt on south mall, Sq N lands so our bylaws don't apply there

virtually all of N in our District, bylaws will be enforced

Mayor: money

in their best interests for ppl to get around site and into stores

sure they'll make sure xxx; my faith in priv enterprise is unbounded

7. Ferry Building Gallery (File: 0545-03)   --  WITHDRAWN 

Mayor: can we quickly deal with item [8:54]

8. Options for Marine Drive and Pound Road Intersection (File: 1805-01) -- moved to after Item 9

9. Addns to WV Community Heritage Register and Voluntary Heritage Designation for 6003 Eagleridge Drive

PowerPoint presentation to be provided. [8:55]

Sokol: three additions

{Yvonne} Wagner is here this evening

Mayor: Cclr Sop, you want to make the motion? [first]

Sop moved: THAT

1. 6003 Eagleridge Drive, 1768 Inglewood Ave, and 4762 The Highway be added to the WVCmnty Heritage Register, pursuant to section 954 of the Local Government Act;

2. Proposed “Heritage Designation Bylaw No. 4785, 2014 pertaining to 6003 Eagleridge Drive be read a first time; and

3. Proposed “Heritage Designation Bylaw No. 4785, 2014 be presented at a Public Hearing scheduled for Sept 15, at 7pm in the M Hall Ccl Chamber, and that the M Clerk give statutory notice of the scheduled Public Hearing.

Mayor: so these three will be added?


Sop: Ms Wagner had approached me some time ago about her home being on the registry

maybe some of you can visit her

Ms Wagner has kept this home in immaculate condition; also Japanese garden

&&& objects

upon her passing she's going to dedicate her entire home and property to the District


NG: all three?


NG: have a question

Mr Sokol, non-monetary

what are supportive and non-monetary incentives at this time?

Sokol: wd hv been part of a larger presentation

now processing; Staples House, sometime in fall; and Toby House on Queens

two came to Dist for Heritage

{we shd be actively identifying and seeking things we want to ensure we keep, so v glad there will be a heritage cmte in the fall -- it's only bn over five years I've bn asking one be reinstated ... the wheels of govt turn slowly.....}

in exchange, Dist will be looking at incentives;

{I submitted a report as chair of the Heritage subcmte on incentives, hope they'll look at it and even add to it!

(available if anyone wd like a copy)}

one is a second unit on the lot; will be seen by DRC

NG: exceptions? &&&

Sokol: yes

NG: xxx heritage; wd like to suggest that

Mayor: xxx reinvigorate

imp let pass under the radar screen; Ms L, v exciting ideas


---> THEN BACK to ITEM 8

8. Options for Marine Drive and Pound Road Intersection (File: 1805-01)

who?: xxx 

Low Level Rd bridge? terminate at a new intersection

Pd Rd and Lower Level Rd across Creek, wd close the connection -- wd be redundant

Low Level Rd Prov with Sq N; shd WV wait till completed? Staff recommending we do wait  

turn it over to Norm

Norm Wong: SLIDES

one way from 13th to 12th convert one way ?

four-way stop at


intersection ped-activated, changing to vehicle-activated

Sop: listed considerations as he understood it

NW: alignment proposed

ANS: this will be done

Sop: final decision W of Pound Rd and closure of Pd Rd; looking at 5 years? 10 years?

NW: good estimate

Sop: what can be done? you're affirming nothing

NW: we're saying 

look at a drop-off point; no stopping cd be changed to no parking

chn can go to approp field

C, D, E; A and B will be served by parking near tennis courts

we can work with Parks for a drop-off zone if possible

yes, have to walk across the tracks

MB: sent some questions a couple of days ago; about the no signal there

how is the final number arrived at? [9:14]

looked at the variables and some didn't seem to apply

C factor and 

warrant number and threshold is 100; didn't have number for that

X factors

not even a full intersection so how movement?

MB: xxx

ANS: &&&

MB: xxx

your factor is 1

don't see how we can use this xxx

when the intersection doesn't meet, isn't the standard intersection

NW: same number vehicles going in and out

four-legged vs three-legged intersection

Mayor: think Mr Bates wants to weigh in

Phil Bates: cost of full intersection vs

whether five or ten years

cd get a better estimate as to how long wd take

cost of fully signalled for budget next year but we're not recommending that b/c don't know how far out the decision

MB: &&& 11th

a vehicle-activated but haven't seen much traffic there

Mayor: presumably &&& [9:20]

TP: xxx; soccer club, field hockey; users there critical question

NW: working with the Parks Dept; have to work further with them

TP: feedback from user grps?

NW: no


imp issue, complicated b/c of 11th, Low Level, Pd etc

need more consultation with the user grps, dropping off chn, etc

need specific concrete dollars to come up with.


Mayor: xxx


Victoria Mendez and Nicole Brown: to speak

concerned citizens for traffic WV

late, be quick and to the point

asking you delay voting on this report; Cclr Panz brought up a good point as user groups have not been consulted

two mtgs with Mr Wong

change.org  450 signed

one not addressed by Mr Wong wch I did bring up


along xxx road

b/c late, I'll ask motion be delayed for more consultation

NB: xxx

never been good b/c they cd use overpass

xxx; now loop back

be v helpful, a better soln not waiting ten years

... some days coming

for [daily] users to have better solutions in place sooner

VM: CTS did the traffic study; considered a N-Bound xxx 

needs to be done with the 11th St intersection so there may be reasons to deal, consult, further options

Mayor: convenience and timing

Cam brilliant

CC: motion be tabled until such time until consult with user groups; cost and feasibility of options

Mayor: Ms L okay with the motion?

CAO: that we go forward with the three in this motion and add 4th re consult further and cbbb???

CC: no, not comfortable without user groups

I'll go forward with my motion; no rush, no urgency

situation has been substandard for months and a couple more to do it right is...

no changes be made....

Lower Level Rd option, I'll lay odds with Mr Bates, nothing for 20 yrs; Herculean

neg with xxx

ev else wd hv to fall into place, including bridge across Cap

not waiting for a chimera in distance

question is can we do something now

in WV we consult with x...... 3 to 4 mos, bring back in fall

I saw the plans for PkR in 1960 when I went to work there

&&& {Sop speaking?}

my thought was light wd be at the Lower Level exit; that might be a possibility; think it'll be sooner than later

have great consultation with staff


gotta be a way; east to west; more consultation, we'll find a way

Mayor: Ms L's motion called for &&&

motion on the floor:

1. Staff continue discussions w/ the Min of Transportation and Infrastructure to advance a Low Level Rd alignment that

provides Pound Rd w/ a direct connection, as set out in Option 5 of the report dated Jun 18 from the Transport'n Engr;

2. In the interim, no infrastructure changes be made to the intersection of Marine Dr and Pound Rd, except to prevent

illegal westbound left turns; and 

3. Signage be improved to encourage access to facilities in Ambleside Park from 13th Street and Argyle Avenue, as set

out in Option 1 of the report dated June 18, 2014 from the Transportation Engineer

MB: support his motion, not this, for reasons he stated

the problem, and I initially entertained these

Low Level, agree, 10 to 20 yrs off

no xxx &&& [9:31]

the drop-off, you're asking 232 vehicles an hour and no access, a right-hand and left-hand

250 vehicles

V Mendez: looks like two ways

Sop: don't want to get into debate

MB: 242 vehicles

tennis court access -- pulled letter complaining cars coming from three

Mayor: are we speaking about the tabling motions?

MB: I am; devil in the details on this &&&

I support

ML: I like the CAO's motion adding 4th

staff has done work, can't see anything in this motion, the three, we need to keep on it

xxx in meantime

suggested signage strikes me as eminently logical

never been able to turn left from Pd Rd; not end of the world


TP? supporting that


Mayor: everyone clear?  Ms Scholes, read it out

SSch: tabling; back to Ccl

Mayor: improvements

CC: more accurate costing; doing best xxx

[9:53] Mayor: so we'll hear more on Pd Rd.

10. Proposed 5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 4780, 2014, Amendment Bylaw No. 4800, 2014 (File: 1610-20-4800)

MKoke: xxx

MOTION: proposed “[Five-Year] Financial Plan, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4800, 2014 be read a first, second, and third time


11. Proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4771, 2014; and Proposed Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4772, 2014 (Coach Houses) (File: 1610-20-4771/4772)

NOTE: Each reading of an OCP bylaw must receive an affirmative vote of a majority of all Council members (4 members) in order to proceed (Local Government Act, s. 882).

The proposed bylaws received first reading at the May 26 reg Ccl mtg, were the subject of a public hearing held and closed on June 16, and received second and third reading at the July 7 reg Ccl mtg. As the PH has closed Council is not permitted to receive any further submissions regarding the proposed bylaws.

Mayor: coming back to Ccl for regulations?

Sokol: correct

RECOMMENDED MOTION: THAT proposed “OCP Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4771, 2014 be adopted.

Sop: I can't support this motion until I know what's going to happen in the

nbrs don't have a say!

Mayor: don't know that

Sop: don't know that

ML: guidance; clarification?

SSch: not new info but may hear info already [provided]

Sop: last time I was told cdn't; xxx

{Actually Sop has the right to ask for verification. If what he's asking about is missing, then can be told it will be addressed later. It's then his choice whether or not to accept that at this stage.}

Mayor: ask Mr Sokol to explain; will be addressed in the fall

Sokol: to allow

fall will return with process .....

some delegation to staff, may also have Ccl approving; last piece will be fees and charges

Mayor: so your concerns will be addressed

Sop: why adopting before we know what those proposals are?

Sokol: staff feels a considerable time


then put time in devping the process

Mayor: so that answers your questions -- in favour?

Sop opposed

MOTION: proposed “Zoning Bylaw No. 4662, 2010, Amendment Bylaw No. 4772, 2014 be adopted.

Sop opposed [9:43]


12. Consent Agenda Items 

12.1. Policy Review for the Protection of Trees on Public and Private Lands in the District (File: 2190-01) 

CC: excellent report by Sokol and Banks; v well-drafted; hear from public; receive for info; issue extremely sensitive in the cmnty

some see trees as impediment to views and light, and others see them as an asset; have to walk a delicate line; two-staged approach, think what staff is proposing is balanced, prudent

see WV revisit its policies; shd hear from public first

Mayor: Rainer Fassler

RF: I'll be v brief

Mayor: always appreciated

RF: looking downhill see disappearance [of trees]; lived for 45 years on 11th and Mathers

no concern for saving trees; concern for panoramic views

cut down on the blvd; private trees not protected

looking v much forward....  will have to be some leadership

sp points

glad you added trees on priv prop

specific points: immediate hold is excellent

timeframe being lengthy see a lot more blvd trees taken down; the success ppl have had taking trees down is frightening to get public buy-in

have to get beyond view and aesthetic issue; look comprehensively at the trees

requires tremendous public educ campaign &&&; get beyond bought expensive prop, right to have a view

see it constantly; really serious campaign

others have spoken, letters, perhaps others more knowledgeable than I

recommendations excellent; hope Ccl will have the courage

tremendous change of heart and change of mind

Mayor: hope you stay active during the review, sir.

CLAPPING [~9:49]

Brian Law here? or Alison xxx or Clark or XXX?

{mic not on, can't hear name}: xxx First Ccl mtg ever 

Mayor: hope you'll be back

{female voice -- Alison?}: want to thank Ccl for bringing up this imp issue in WV

want speak for the trees of WV

like the comprehensive doc crafted; cited the many values

value of trees and tree preservation; cultural value throughout the centuries

... cedar ... xxx although mentioned

climate impact and significance of preservation

trees are among the most complex organisms on the planet

mitigating the neg consequences of climate change; xxx

trees are among the most complex organisms -- more complicated humans are

has become evident; analyzing the interesting xxx trees make; some have medicinal value xxx; to the envtal and ecological values

fortunate to have access to trees

remove aerosols; trees provide habitat; xxx fungus, beneficial microbes; keeping our world habitable

protecting trees critical

urge preservation of trees on priv prop shd be expedited, not convinced shd take till 2016


Mayor: pass it over to XXX

CC: good job

Woman (wife?): integral to entire landscape

tree loss significant esp over last two years

imp for runoff; xxx; removing the major means for contaminants

look at a nonviable or dead ocean

look at trees for subsequent generations

sustainability; ppl under the false impression -- doesn't matter will just regenerate

even after 10K years, many will not

Mayor: Lawrence, chomping at the bit

Lawrence (the husband): always difficult to speak after your wife

Lawrence: what she said

{memorable line! --- used later by GP}

applaud City [sic] Ccl for this, and for Whyte Lake 

concern: the very long duration of time

2015 -16 -- politely ask what do you hope to achieve in that long?

this imp decision; the science is sound; ... xxx political measure?

long time, wait, will create divisiveness within the cmnty

devastation; lose view, leading to panic; clear, issue will be contentious

conservation never has a neg impact but moving too slowly has

home values; increase know as a city has views and respects trees; a dual positive

an immediate moratorium on priv and public lands

xxx; pass recently passed by Vancouver City Ccl; &&&

Mayor: thank you, sir

need motion to go past 10 o'clock; 15 mins tops


Mayor: Sokol re timing?

Sokol: this is end of July

{he lists all the topics just handed to Planning -- quite a long one!}

sgl-fam housing, coach houses, OCP reviews, heritage, trees, etc

get priorities in order

Mayor: just don't ask for any more staff; Ms L may have to use her whip

CC?: just don't ask for more staff; budget...

Sokol: do what we can on this tree thing b/c it is important

CC moved:

a comprehensive review of the District policies and bylaws related to the protection of trees on public and private lands be undertaken in a phased approach as outlined in the report titled “Policy Review for the Protection of Trees on Public and Private Lands in the District, dated June 23, 2014. 

We all recognize the constraints of time; say in two years, an avalanche

so put your mind to that and see if you can be careful so not more trees being cut down than wd be

MB: changed my mind

NG: haven't changed my mind; p6 of the report -- what exactly is a high impact applicn

AM: Andrew Banks is here

NG: while he's coming  -- happy Parks and Planning working together


NG: while you're finding that, agree with the three speakers

on your side of the issue, but hope you won't lose heart and energy

when passed get word

going to be v difficult; options; will not be easy

Mayor: what's high impact

work on public land

always 50cm 5m high

multiple trees


picture to left; high impact tree to right



NG: xxx temp hold on receiving any

AB: enable ...; nbrhd character

NG: leave picture there ... on priv lands; huge concern

we getting out 

tree bylaw on priv land

when Mr came

article in the NS News; a tree, nearby me, on the side 100ft tall cut down

a direct result of considering a bylaw

anticipation not being able to cut in future, happened a few weeks ago

in Surrey half trees brought down ... moratorium

Andrew: private lands under the jurisdiction of Bb?

Sokol: don't have an absolute answer; thought over August and come back in Sept

12.2. Proposed Amendment to 2014 Council Meeting Schedule (File: 0120-01) 

a special Council meeting be scheduled for Monday, July 28, 2014 in the M Hall Ccl Chamber, at 10am. 

12.3. 2014 North Shore Homeless Count (File: 2620-11)

report dated June 26, from the Mgr of Cmnty Devt, Youth, and Families, titled � Homeless Count rec'd for info

12.4. Aquatic Centre: Innovation in Leadership Development and Training (File: 3030-01)

report from the Mgr of Cmnty Recreation Manager received for information.

12.5. Correspondence List (File: 0120-24)  (click here to view correspondence packages)

>  Council Correspondence Update to June 27, 2014 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Received for Information

(1) Committee and Board Meeting Minutes Design Review Committee April 24 and May 22, 2014

(2) S. Robinson, MLA (Coquitlam-Maillardville), June 23, re Invitation to Official Opposition UBCM Breakfast (Fri Sept 26)

(3) 2 submissions, June 24 - 26, 2014, regarding Ferry Building / Art Gallery

(4) Ministry of Cmnty, Sport and Cultural Devt, June 27, 2014, regarding � Strategic Cmnty Investment Fund Letter

Responses to Correspondence

(5) Dir/Engg and Transportation, June 25, response re “WV Mayor & Ccl: Compliant [sic] Horseshoe Bay roads

> Council Correspondence Update to July 4, 2014 (up to 12:00 Noon)

Referred for Action

(1) June 29, 2014, regarding “Graffiti at plateau park

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(2) June 30, 2014, regarding “Fwd: Ferry Building Expansion

(Referred to Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)

(3) July 2, re “Horseshoe Bay Park -- Park Maintenance -- Garbage

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(4) July 2, 2014, regarding “Is BC Hydro allowed to clear cut the north shore?

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response) 

Received for Information 

(5) WV Yacht Club, June 13, 2014, regarding Proposed Renewal of Water Lot Sublease to Kadin Equities Ltd. 

(6) Inter'l Olympic Cmte, June 27, re DWV Request for International Olympic Committee to update their Charters 

(7) June 28, 2014, regarding Letter to Christy Clark 

(8) June 28, 2014, regarding “Fw: Ferry Building Open House Community Centre Wed July 2, 4:30-7:30 

(9) June 28, 2014, regarding “Lands and bylaws 

(10) June 28, 2014, regarding “Accountability of the District (Collingwood School Construction) 

(11) 3 submissions, June 29 July 1, 2014, regarding Ferry Building / Art Gallery 

(12) Table Matters, July 2, 2014, regarding “Table Matters Food Charter Celebration Event 

(13) MetroV, July 2, re “Attention Mayor and Ccl RSCH Regional Homelessness Plan Priorities and Strategies Report 

(14) 6 submissions, July 3 4, re C'wood Sch Construction and Req for Order of Non-Enforcemt of Noise Control Bylaw 

Responses to Correspondence 

(15) Senior Manager of Parks, June 30, 2014, response regarding “Graffiti at plateau park 

(16) Mgr/Parks Planning, Jul 3, response re 2014 DWV Invasive Plants Strategy: Final Report~ 16 Jun Reg Ccl Mtg Agenda Item #6

> Council Correspondence Update to July 8, 2014 (up to 4:30 p.m.) 

Referred for Action 

(1) July 4, 2014, regarding “Public Safety Building

(Referred to Chief Financial Officer for consideration and response) 

(2) 9 submissions, July 6 - 8, re Proposed Soil Removal and Deposit Regulation Bylaw Amdmts, Proposed Blasting Bylaw Amdmts, and Construction Bylaws

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response

(3) July 7, re “Ccl Report (File #13-2515-02) dated June 18, Single Family Housing Siting, Form, and Character’ (Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response) 

(4) July 8, 2014, regarding “HELP! BC Hydro Clear Cutting in West Vancouver Residential Neighbourhoods

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response) 

(5) July 8, 2014, regarding “13TH STREET TRAFFIC PROBLEM.

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response) 

(6) MetroV, June 30, re “MetroV 2040: Shaping our Future Amdmt Request from the City of Surrey Central Newton Cultural Commercial District

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response) 

Received for Information 

(7) 12 submissions, Apr 16 - Jul 7, re Proposed Maison Srs’ Living Devt, Keith, TWay (Devt Permit Applicn No. 12-084)

(Received after the close of the April 16, 2014 public hearing) 

(8) Putting Canada First, July 2, 2014, regarding “west vancouver advertisements 

(9) Coho Society of the North Shore, July 4, 2014, regarding “Coho Society Sponsorship 2014 

(10) 3 submissions, July 5 - 7, 2014, regarding “Collingwood dust EMERGENCY 

(11) 2 submissions, July 5 - 6, 2014, regarding “Ferry Building Gallery Upgrade 

(12) 2 submissions, July 7, 2014, regarding Ferry Building / Art Gallery 

(13) July 5, 2014, regarding “Re: Cell Towers Reduce the Value of Nearby Homes By 20% and More! 

(14) 2 submissions, Jul 7, re C'wood Sch Construction Request for Order of Non-Enforcement of Noise Control Bylaw 

Responses to Correspondence 

(15) Engineering Outreach Coordinator, July 4, 2014, response regarding “Missed recycling 

(16) Chief Administrative Officer and Manager, Bylaw and Licensing Services, 

July 5, 2014, responses regarding “Collingwood dust EMERGENCY.


Mayor: two other items


MB: I've already spoken to 13.1

re 13.2 we've been asked, as a mbr, by the NSh Congress, by Darrell Mussatto to support their Ccl endorsing a resoln for more active involvement from sr levels of govt in providing new and diverse affordable housing options

we had a homeless count for the NSh at 120 but think we all know that affordable housing is the No. 1 issue in MetroV.

We are the most expensive area in Canada, and fall within the very bottom of affordability in NAm and worldwide.

We've got to get ahead of this; constantly getting downloaded; from the prov govt; hv to start putting pressure on them b/c our cmnty is at risk

the number of seniors at risk, a number of sgl mothers at risk, a number of ppl at risk b/c our housing is through the roof

I wd make the motion similar to what NV did

we write a letter that the prov and fed govts be more actively involved in the provision of new and affordable housing, including partnering with local govts, providing resources directly, and that staff be directed to explore means of increasing cooperation and coordination with NSh Ms on aff/housing policies (and this is consistent with our staff's work)

Mayor: do you really think a letter from us will spring loose $$$ from the prov/fed govts?

MB: if I didn't believe writing letters did something we wdn't be writing letters about pipelines, LNG, and everything else

It's an act of solidarity with our NSh nbrs

and if our govts aren't responding then maybe we shd be electing new govts

Mayor: the motion, second? Cameron. in favour?

. .... motion carries.


Mayor: Public Questions, Carolanne Reynolds

CR: tyvm, Carolanne Reynolds, Editor, West Van Matters, also Chair of Heritage West Van.

{What the Mayor said is audible but guess they hadn't turned the mic on at the podium b/c the above is barely audible. It is turned on when I continue. Maybe there shd be a button at the desk if the system is slow or it's hard to keep up; there are occasions when a cclr is not immediately audible either.}

I was going to speak about heritage but hearing that about trees, I can't resist saying something about trees. Derrick Humphreys said the two most controversial things that happen in this cmnty were dogs and trees.

{Some chuckles}

So you're v brave to take it on, and I'm absolutely thrilled you're taking it on -- and some of us hv bn urging -- when I talk to ppl about it I say "the view is through the trees or framed by the trees". That's one way to keep/fix it. You have your view, but keep the tree/s as well.

Also, there's a question of being responsible.

There's no way we're going to decide wch trees ppl can have; they have to have their own choices.

So one of the things that I've suggested is that there be a hydrological study so that if you have got some land then you have to guarantee that the absorption and retention of water is a certain percentage. You can come up with what it is.

{what I mean is that DWV can scientifically determine the environmentally desired rate.}

b/c that stops the erosion and the flooding of the ppl down below you. And the trees as they were saying, eloquently, v v good.

When I was in Santa Cruz some years ago, they were saying there was only 10% of the Sequoia left. And we've lost a lot of our old growth. As some of you know, I'm a poet so I wrote:

{last line read v slowly}

but the tall trees just stand there.

No cry. No escape.

~ and ~ the ~ chain ~ saw ~ gnaws


now I will get on to what I really want, ah, I mean I do want to talk about that, b/c I feel passionately about trees, I've seen what positive effects they've had on the land. When I flew from Nepal to India, the dust just rose b/c there were no more trees--

{out of the Himalayas to the plains}

Mayor: --you've got three minutes--

CR: --I want to thank you so much for--

Mayor: you've used up two of your minutes, you've gotta speak fast

CR: oh, George will give me his three

{LAUGHTER, echoing what the man said earlier for his wife's time :-) }

Mayor: you're going to have to walk up here, George, in order to--

CR: Anyway, I want to thank you so much about the three heritage properties on the agenda tonight

{laughing b/c George had rushed up to the podium}

and I also want to give some background to Cclr Gambioli; it was a great suggestion

For years during NSh Heritage Weekend wch was the third weekend in Sept, we did have a heritage home tour, about ten or so homes, and it was across the three Ms.

Once the Museum started having its home tour in the summer, we had to terminate ours. All three Ms did. Of course we're pleased the Museum's Home Tour is successful, and I thank Cclr Gambioli for the suggestion. So we have to look forward to discussions on how to accommodate -- maybe alternate years or whatever, but I'm sure we can work something out cooperatively, but there WAS a heritage home tour every year and there is no more.

Thank you also to the Mayor, who also gave me a headsup on Cmnty Day that there wd be a heritage body established and you confirmed it tonight. That's exciting. Really appreciate it.

There hasn't been one for five years and I've been advocating that it be re-established and so I'm so pleased that my pleas have been heard.

And so, lastly, as Chair of Heritage West Vancouver, as you know, I've had for 15 years the RoyalTea-by-the-Sea in August.

This year it's in Dundarave Park in front of the Beach House and I want to invite all of you, August 9th, from 2 to 4. The first one celebrated the Queen Mother's 100th Birthday, so now I guess we can celebrate Prince George's first birthday tomorrow
{July 22nd is his first birthday}

but anyway I hope some of you -- all of you can come, actually -- Aug 9, 2 -4, if any questions 922 4400 or the website is royalteabythesea

{not quite; it's royaltea.ca}

so I hope you have a great summer, and I think those are great initiatives you're sending us off in the summer for the fall

Mayor: do the ladies have to wear a hat to the tea?

CR: No, you don't have to

Sop: do you have to wear white?

CR: you can wear a fascinator

Mayor: George, you've got, do you want to have a few?

GP: what she said.

{also echoing what was said earlier by the other couple (re trees)}

LAUGHTER and a bit of applause

Mayor: okay, sorry, go ahead

Heather Johnston: 15 seconds; wanted to commend you all for your hard work on the coach houses; really excited to see this going--

Mayor: can we get your name?

HJ: Heather Johnston, and good luck with the tree thing.

Mayor: Thank you; nobody else?


15.  ADJOURNMENT ~ 11:07pm!

======= FROM WVM 12/13 ======= {A, B, C}

b/c 12/13 late included "looking ahead"; no notes b/c did not attend -- short mtgs on a couple of topics

A = July 28; B = July 30; C = Municipal Govt -- Comments

INFO on July 28/30 MTGs

~ A ~

Looking ahead: SP CCL MTG July 28

== 9:30am Closed Mtg

(c) labour relations or other employee relations; and

(i) the receipt of advice subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications nec for that purpose.

Purpose of meeting: matters regarding labour relations and legal advice.

== 10am Jul 28, 2014 Special Meeting == (M Ccl Chamber)

o Montizambert Wynd Water Disconnection Notice: For Council’s consideration of options {extended time}

o Proposed General Local Elections Regulation Bylaw 4447, 2005, Amdmt Bylaw 4803, 2014: For Ccl’s consideration of three readings for the proposed bylaw amdmts re legislative changes {carried}

o Proposed [5-Year] Financial Plan Bylaw 4780, 2014, Amdmt Bylaw 4800, 2014: For Ccl’s consideration of adoption for the proposed bylaw amendments regarding amendment to the annual budget for 2014 {adopted}

~ B ~

Looking ahead: SP CCL MTG July 30

== 10am Jul 30, 2014 Special Meeting ==

BYLAW for Adoption

3. Proposed General Local Elections Regulation Bylaw ... 2005, Amdmt Bylaw No. 4803, 2014 (re legislative changes)

The proposed bylaw rec'd first, second, and third reading at the July 28 sp Ccl mtg -- ADOPTED


~ C ~


So, now we know why the two addl sp mtgs.

There is considerable opposition to increasing the civic term from three years to FOUR YEARS. It appears therefore that Ccl pushed consideration of this critical important change to these two morning mtgs after the last scheduled ccl mtg before the summer break -- less likely public wd come/comment?

The first time that had come to the UBCM, it failed. It passed at the last UBCM and the prov took steps to enable it.

The more frequent elections, the more often the ppl have a say. WIth four years, the fear is that politicians and developers will do pretty well whatever they want for three years and then just have to be careful and listen to the public for the year before the election.

More on this coming to you this fall.

How did it happen?

Can it be undone?

UBCM is meeting in Sept.

Stay tuned.



fyi: including so you will know what's being submitted. NB: this will not be repeated in the next WVM.

{the lists not yet put up converted on the WV website; garbled when put through OCR; tried to fix best I cd.}


Referred for Action

(1) City of Prince George, June 26, re “Submission for the 2014 UBCM Conference Resources to Support Sexually Exploited Children & Youth

(Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response)

(2) 4 submissions, July 9 10, 2014, regarding Ferry Building I Art Gallery

(Referred to Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)

(3) July 11, 2014, regarding Collingwood School Construction

(Referred to Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response)

Received for lnformation

(4) Hillside Devts, Jul 9, re “Re: lmportant: City Hall mtg tonight cd pass some very bad blasting and soil deposit bylaws.

(5) 2 submissions, July 6 9, 2014, regarding Howe Sound Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal -

(6) 3 submissions, July 8 9, 2014, regarding Collingwood School Traffic Management Plan Violations

(7) 10 submissions, July 10 11, 2014, regarding Ferry Building I Art Gallery

Responses to Correspondence

(8) Senior Bylaw Officer, July 8, 2014, response regarding Collingwood School Traffic Management Plan Violations

(9) Transportation Engineer, July 10, 2014, response regarding “13TH STREET TRAFFIC PROBLEM.


Referred for Action

(1) July 12, 2014, regarding “Fw: Whack the Moll Collingwood vs. the Glenmore Park SUPPLEMENT

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

(2) July 14, 2014, regarding Construction in Lower Caulfeild

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

(3) MetroV, July 14, re “MetroV 2040: Shaping our Future Amendment Request from the City of Port Moody Moody Ctr

Transit-Oriented Development Area and Murray Street Boulevard Area

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Devt and Permits for consideration and response)

(4) July 15, 2014, regarding “Ambe|side [sic] Park

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(5) City of North Vancouver, July 15, 2014, regarding Affordable Housing on the North Shore

(Referred to Mayor and Council for consideration and response)

(6) July 17, 2014, regarding “Permissive Property Tax Exemptions

(Referred to Chief Financial Officer for consideration and response)

(7) July 17, 2014, regarding “Public Washroom at Sandy Cove Municipal Park

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(8) Ministry of Agriculture, July 14, 2014 regarding Agricultural Land Commission Act Consultation Sessions

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(9) Cmte and Bd Mtg Minutes Bd of Variance June 18, 2014; Memorial Library Board June 18, 2014

(10) Metro Vancouver, July 9, 2014, regarding “Caring for the Air, Metro Vancouver’s 2014 Report on Regional Air Qua|ity

(11) 10 submissions, July 10 -15, 2014, regarding Ferry Building / Art Gallery

(12) July 13, 2014, regarding “BC Rail Properties Ltd. vs. Sunset Lanel Recent Updates!

(13) July 13, 2014, regarding “Promotional Articles of the District of West Vancouver (British Columbia)

(14) 2 submissions, July 13 - 16, 2014, regarding Advertisements with Foreign Languages

(15) July 16, 2014, regarding Proposed Development Permit No. 13-067 (for 765 Marine Drive/Park Royal North) (Referred to July 21, 2014 regular Council meeting)

(16) 2 submissions, July 17, 2014, regarding “Re: Collingwood noise exemption


Received for Information

(1) 3 submissions Jun16-24, re OCP/2004, Amdmt Bylaw/2014; Zoning Bylaw/2010, Amdmt Bylaw/2014 (Coach Houses)

(Received after the close of June 16, 2014 public hearing)

(2) M of the Village of Lions Bay, July 20, re “LT to Minister of Transport Lions Bay Opposition to LNG Supertankers

(3) 4 submissions, July 20 21, 2014, regarding Marine Drive and Pound Road Intersection

(4) 5 submissions, July 21 23, 2014, regarding Ferry Building I Art Gallery

(5) 4 submissions, July 21, re Proposed Devt Permit No. 13-067 (for 765 Marine Drive/Park Royal North)

(Previously received at July 21 , 2014 regular Council meeting)

(6) July 21, 2014, re Maison Seniors’ Living Devt at Keith Road and Taylor Way (Devt Permit Application No. 12-084)

(7) Cdn Red Cross, Western Zone, Jul 21, re Thank you for your $500 grant to your future Red Cross Youth Facilitators of Sch Dist #45

(8) City of Richmond, July 22, 2014, regarding “Townhouse Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

(9) Metro Vancouver, July 22, 2014, regarding “Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project Process

(10) 5 submissions Jul 22 undated, re Woodfibre LNG Limited Proposal for Liquefied Natural Gas Plant in Howe Sound

(11) North Shore Crisis Services Society, July 23, 2014, regarding “WV Social Services and Community Services Grant

Responses to Correspondence

(12) Exec Asst to CAO Jun 12 response to WVMatters, RE: No Jan 17 Ccl Mtg Video?; No CEC Mtg Posted; Heritage Grp?

(13) Dir/Planning, July 24, 2014, response regarding “ls BC Hydro allowed to clear cut the north shore?

(14) Dir/Planning, July 24, 2014, response re “HELP! BC Hydro Clear Cutting in WV Residential Nbrhds

(15) Dir/Planning, July 25, response re Maison Srs’ Living Devt at.Keith Taylor Way (Devt Permit Applicn No. 12-084)


Referred for Action

(1) CNV, July 24, 2014, regarding “Consideration and Referral of the 2014 Official Community Plan (Bylaw No. 8400)

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(2) July 11, 2014, regarding Ferry Building I Art Gallery

(3) 2 submissions, July 21 30, 2014, regarding British Columbia Teachers’Dispute 1

(4) July 21, 2014, regarding “Fwd: WVSC: Important Information Regarding Pound Rd. and Marine Dr. Exit"

(5) 3 submissions, July 25 30, 2014, regarding Collingwood School Construction .

(6) 2 submissions, July 26 30, 2014, regarding Wireless Cell Towers

(7) The Assn for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals (and petition with 5 sigs), undated, re Living Alongside Wildlife

(8) Bowyer Island Estates Ltd, July 28, re [their] “Valued Components - re proposed Woodfibre LNG plant near Squamish

(9) 2 submissions, July 28 31, 2014, regarding British Columbia Midwives 1

(10) 2 submissions, July 30, re “Choosing Local (Renewable) Power: Once California Cmnty a Leader in Collective Action

(11) July 31, 2014, regarding “noise pollution generated by the Harmony Arts Festiva|

Responses to Correspondence

(12) Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits, July 25, 2014, response re Construction in Lower Caulfeild

(13) DWV, July 28, response to CNV, Affordable Housing on the North Shore

(Letters to The Hon J Kenney, Min Responsible for CMHC, and to The Hon R Coleman, Min Responsible for Housing)

(14) Chief Financial Officer, July 29, 2014, response regarding “Public Safety Building

(15) Transportation Engr, July 31, response re “West Vancouver Railway Crossings MUST Become a Council Priority

(16) Director of Engineering and Transportation, July 31, 2014, response regarding “Re: Traffic Calming Keith/Clyde


Referred for Action

(1) August 4, 2014, regarding “E-Coli count at West Vancouver Beaches

(Referred to Director Parks and Community Services for consideration and response)

(2) Can Rel Homes Limited, August 7, 2014, regarding “soil and rock removal amendments

(Referred to Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(3) District of North Vancouver, July 22, 2014, regarding “Restructuring Committee

(4) August 1, 2014, regarding “letter of concern

(5) 2 submissions, August 2, 2014, regarding Collingwood School Construction

(6) 2 submissions, Jul 31 - Aug 2, re Woodfibre LNG Limited Proposal for Liquefied Natural Gas Plant in Howe Sound

(7) August 3, 2014, regarding Moving Water Power

(8) August 4, 2014, regarding “Fw: Ferry Building Upgrade & Addition

(9) August 5, 2014, regarding “Mountain biking impacts on bears and other wildlife by Brian Horejsi

Responses to Correspondence

(10) Dir/Engg, July 31, response to 21st St Area Residents Asson (2 petitions), Intersection at Queens Ave and 21st St

(11) Director of Parks and Community Services, August 7, 2014, response re “E-Coli count at West Vancouver Beaches

(12) Mgr of Devt Engg, August 7, 2014, response regarding Collingwood School Construction


Referred for Action

(1) GreaterV Regn'l Steering Cmte on Homelessness Aug 1 re MetroV’s 9th Annual Homelessness Action Wk, Oct 12-18

(Referred to Municipal Clerk for response)

(2) August 7, 2014, regarding Improving Accessible Pathways for Pedestrians by Main Roads and Feeder Roads

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

(3) Woodfibre LNG, August 11, 2014, regarding Request for Delegation to Council on the Woodfibre LNG Project (Referred to Municipal Clerk for response)

(4) August 11, 2014, regarding “Condition of Ambleside Park

(Referred to Director of Parks and Community Sen/ices for consideration and response)

(5) A August 12, 2014, regarding Tax Payment

(Referred to Chief Financial Officer for consideration and response)

(6) August 12, 2014, regarding “Garbage collection

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

(7) 3 submissions, August 15, 2014, regarding Collingwood School Construction

(Referred to Acting Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits for consideration and response) '

Received for Information

(8) 51 submissions, Jul 31 - Aug 14,, re Woodfibre LNG Limited Proposal for Liquefied Natural Gas Plant in Howe Sound

(9) July 10, 2014, regarding Ferry Building / Art Gallery

(10) Jul 31, re FRI AUG 1ST - DO NOT allow beach restaurant to Commercialize this specific GREEN SPACE, W of 15th

(11) August 5, 2014, regarding “FW: lower tax to keep character!

(12) Joint Prov-UBCM Green Cmnties Cmte (GCC), Aug 9, re WV’s Successful Efforts to Measure and Reduce Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the 2013 Reporting Year

(13) 4 submissions, August 6 -11, 2014, regarding Language and Signage

(14) Milliken Devt Corp, August 11, 2014, regarding “Maison Calgary American Society of Interior Designers Award

(15) West Vancouver Police Dept, August 13, 2014, regarding “FW: Invitation to the 10th Annual Sexual Abuse Rally

(16) B.C. Green Party, August 12, 2014, regarding “Re: Thank you and meeting invitation from the BC Green Party


Referred for Action

(1) August 13, 2014, regarding Separating Recyclable Items

(Referred to Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response)

Received for Information

(2) Cmte and Bd Mtg Minutes - Cmnty Engagement Cmte: Apr 14, 29; May 12, 20; and June 3, 2014

(3) 4 submissions, Aug 15 - 20, 2014, re Woodfibre LNG Limited Proposal for Liquefied Natural Gas Plant in Howe Sound

(4) The Ofc of the Ombudsperson, Aug 5, re Striking a Balance: The Challenges of Using a Professional Reliance Model in Environmental Protection - British Columbia’s Riparian Areas Regulation

(5) 2 submissions, August 17, 2014, regarding Insufficient Parking in Horseshoe Bay

(6) August 18, 2014, regarding “Fwd: Leaked CETA Treaty: Major Blow to Buy Local ~ The Tyee

(7) August 20, 2014, regarding “The Power of Collective Energy Purchasing

(8) BC Hydro, August 22, 2014, regarding “BC Hydro Beautification Program for 2015

Responses to Correspondence

(9) Manager of Financial Services, August 15, 2014, response regarding; Tax Payment

(10) Mgr of Devt Engineering, August 18, response to Can Rel Homes Limited, “soil and rock removal amendments

(11) Admin Assistant to the Dir/Engg, August 18, 2014, response regarding Separating Recyclable Items

(12) Mgr of Parks, Arboriculture, and Horticulture, August 18, 2014, response regarding “Condition of Ambleside Park

(13) Sr Mgr of Parks, August 20, 2014, response regarding Collingwood School Construction


isn't this lizard cute!

does anyone know what kind?

=== INFObits ===

= Singapore has the highest number of millionaires in the world. One in six homes. {BBC Aug 24}. Safety is a factor -- so are the low taxes. Property market booming. Interviewed an Indian, v pleased to be there. Dyson just built a factory.

{Do recall the strict measures Lee Kuan Yew imposed -- he and his wife I seem to recall someone telling me both had double firsts from Cambridge. When in Indonesia, the Cdn embassy said if anything serious, they'd go to a hospital in Singapore. Furthermore, if mailing anything valuable, wd do that from Singapore too.}

Singapore has consistently been ranked as the safest country in the world.

= Sabeel makes plea for donations for medical supplies for Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza


= Gaza Stats: over 2100 killed, mostly civilians, as of August 26 with ~475K displaced (of a popn of 1.8M); 70 Israelis killed, 64 military. Another ceasefire started August 26. Fingers crossed.

= In States With Medical Marijuana, Painkiller Deaths Down 25 Per Cent -- by Douglas Main, Newsweek

Main writes: "America has a major problem with prescription pain medications like Vicodin and OxyContin. Overdose deaths from these pharmaceutical opioids have approximately tripled since 1991, and every day 46 people die of such overdoses in the United States."

MORE: http://readersupportednews.org/news-section2/318-66/25536-in-states-with-medical-marijuana-painkiller-deaths-down-25-percent

= The Vancouver Public Library in 2013 had more than 6.9M visits with patrons borrowing nearly 9.5M items including: books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, and magazines. Wikipedia

= Andrew Coyne gives alarming stats (VSun Aug 26, pB6). "...Still, that aboriginal women are five times more likely to be murdered than non-aboriginal women is obviously an outrage and a disgrace. But if so, the murder rate among aboriginal men is surely twice as outrageous and disgraceful. For indeed, the murder rate among aboriginal men is more than twice as high as it is for aboriginal women. Strangely, this never seems to come up; where it is mentioned, it is mostly in passing, as if not to interrupt the narrative of a unique wrong having been committed against aboriginal women...."


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge accompanied by Prince Harry view the Tower of London's 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' poppy installation which commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of First World War, 4 August 2014.

©Press Association


=== AFGHANWATCH === Last Tango in Kabul by Matthieu Aikins, Rolling Stone

[from RSN] Aikins writes: "While war raged across Afghanistan, expats lived in a bubble of good times and easy money. But as the U.S. withdraws, life has taken a deadly turn.' READ MORE

A long article but absolutely fascinating as well as frightening. Firsthand account (from 2008) of the situation in "Kabubble", how it's changing/changed with the American withdrawal, and a worried look at what will be next. I had no idea that:

"And it was, it must be said, all about the money. A lot of money, your money, to be exact. America has spent more than $700 billion on Afghanistan since hostilities began in the fall of 2001, most of it during the Surge. Out of the $104 billion appropriated since 2002 for rebuilding the country, $64 billion was earmarked in the past four years this in a country with an annual GDP of $20 billion. There was so much money in Kabul that even with all the waste and corruption by 2011 up to $60 billion was lost to fraud and mismanagement in Iraq and Afghanistan much of it went unspent. Organizations were desperate to up their "burn rate" and clear out their budgets before the year's end so they could ask for more the next year. It was so easy to make money in Kabul that it felt like we were all citizens of some Gulf oil state."


{so glad I travelled through there when I did.}

=== GUNWATCH ===

In 2013 British Police Fired Guns: 3 Times

by Public Radio International 24 August 14

In 2012, 409 people were shot and killed by American police in what were termed justifiable shootings. In that same year, British police officers fired their weapons just once. No one was killed.

In 2013, British police officers fired their weapons all of three times. No one died. According to The Economist, "British citizens are around 100 times less likely to be shot by a police officer than Americans. Between 2010 and 2014, the police force of one small American city Albuquerque in New Mexico shot and killed 23 civilians; seven times more than the number of Brits killed by all of England and Wales’s 43 forces during the same period.

The Economist argues that the reason for this disparity is actually quite simple: guns are comparatively rare in the UK. Most cops don't carry them and criminals rarely have access to them. The last time a British officer was killed by a gun was in 2012. In the US last year, 30 police officers were shot and killed in the line of duty.

In December, PRI's The World reported on Icelanders grieving after their police force killed a man for the first time in the country's history as a republic.

Photo: http://readersupportednews.org/news-section2/433-2nd-amendment-rights/25496-focus-in-2013-british-police-fired-guns-3-times

=== GENEALOGYWATCH === Genetics

You can hear "Moth" stories (short personal anecdotes) on CBC radio. Last week there was a fascinating one told by an British prof of genetics, Paul Nurse, who also has a Nobel Prize.


=== RACEWATCH? === Aboriginal? Amer/Indian? Native? Indigenous? Federal Status

So when the Europeans reached North America they thought they'd arrived in India so called the local ppl Indians. I prefer the French term (used a bit in English), Amerindian, wch is more accurate since ppl from India are Indians. Of course that wd be the collective b/c it's perfectly fine to be known as Cree, Mohawk, or whatever.

Here's a CBC Blog on Status -- v complicated. There are 12 photos and No. 7 is Duncan McCue who appears often on CBC news. The video is 7 mins (different ppl describe their 'status', quite varied).

Here's an attempt to explain.

CBC News Aboriginal CBC News Navigation Photo Galleries

BLOG -- Indian status: 5 things you need to know

Filmmaker dispels myths and misconceptions about Indian status in new film

By Howard Adler, for CBC News Posted: Aug 23, 2014 11:42 AM ET Last Updated: Aug 23, 2014 1:36 PM ET

In a new short film called Status, Vera Wabegijig talks about what having Indian status means to her. (Howard Adler)

About The Author -- Howard Adler Filmmaker

-- based in Ottawa. His film Status, explores the issues around gaining Indian Status under the Indian Act.

The Indian Act defines who is and who is not recognized as an "Indian" but that doesn't mean all aboriginal people in Canada have Indian status or get free education.

Filmmaker Howard Adler explores what it means to have Indian status in a new film called Status, airing tonight on CBC Television in Ottawa.

Here are five things he thinks Canadians should know about Indian status:

1. Not all indigenous people have status

other 4: http://www.cbc.ca/news/aboriginal/indian-status-5-things-you-need-to-know-1.2744870?cmp=rss&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

{And of course Inuit and Metis are separate/different. Part of Park Royal is on Squamish Land so DWV bylaws do not apply. Status Indians pay no fed taxes on their land. That's why, I was told, the liquor store was moved to the north side. For pronunciation of Metis (SS), see below.}

=== BEERWATCH === (a bit of history)

The Puritans brought more beer than water on the Mayflower as beer was safer to drink than water and kept longer.

The Mayflower was supposed to land in Virginia but was forced to settle in Plymouth, Massachusetts because they had run out of beer. They wrote at the time "...for we could not now take time for further search or consideration, our victuals being much spent, especially our beer, and it being now the 19th of December."

=== BOOKWATCH === from: http://www.writersfest.bc.ca/newsletter/latest Vol. 9 No. 25 BOOK NEWS

+ Vancouver Writers Fest Tickets on sale September 8

100 notable writers from around the world appearing in 86 events this fall. Pick up the Festival program guide at bookstores in the Lower Mainland, or check the Festival website for full details, http:/www.writersfest.bc.ca.

Festival ticket sales start Sept 8 (Sept 2 for mbrs).Special event tix are on sale now, http://www.writersfest.bc.ca/events.

+ The Middle East's borders seem to be dissolving in more ways than one, especially when it comes to Syria, Iraq, and poetry. Their borders were created out of "substantial things the tangled thickets of communal memory, landscapes drawn in poetry and prose, and centuries of political culture memorialized in chronicles, oral epics, and biographies."http://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/iraq-syria-poetic-imagination

+ A new study has found that readers absorb less reading on Kindles than on paper. Research suggests that "the haptic and tactile feedback of a Kindle does not provide the same support for mental reconstruction of a story as a print pocket book does." http://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/aug/19/readers-absorb-less-kindles-paper-study-plot-ereader-digitisation

+ It's been asked before, but it's worth considering again: can writing be taught? Rivka Galchen and Zoë Heller discuss. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/24/books/review/can-writing-be-taught.html

=== WORDWATCH === Tory

Tory, the nickname of members of the Conservative Party in the UK, is from Irish toraidhe, a highwayman or outlaw, and initially referred to Irish peasants dispossessed by English settlers and living as robbers. It was taken up as a term of political abuse in the 1680s for those who opposed excluding the Catholic James from succeeding to the English crown. from World Wide Words Issue 892: Sat 23 August; entire issue available online -- http://www.worldwidewords.org/nl/nbkw.htm

=== PRONUNCIATIONWATCH === Metis [ss] !


How to Pronounce Metis - YouTub


Dec 25, 2012 - Uploaded by Emma Saying

Learn how to say Metis correctly with EmmaSaying's "how do you pronounce" free tutorials.

OTOH, this one gives four pronunciations: http://www.howjsay.com/index.php?word=metis

however, I rush to tell you that my Cdn Literature prof said the correct pronunciation is may-tiss.

Anyone who speaks French and wd look at the word wd naturally say may-tee, but it is from 'mixed', mestizo. And apparently a great number of ppl who see the word, even work in Metis organizations, hv heard so say maytee, unaware of the etymology.

...Their history starts in the mid-1700s in the west and starts in the early 1600s in the east. Historically, many (but not all, only in the west) Métis spoke a mixed language called Michif. Michif is the Métis pronunciation of Métis. The Métis today mostly speak English, with French as a strong second language, as well as many native language. The use of Michif is growing again thanks to the work of the provincial Métis councils. The word Métis is French, and related to the Spanish word mestizo. It means the same thing: "mixed blood"; both names come from the Latin word mixtus, "mixed"...

{btw, I was told former Prime Minister Paul Martin is part Metis.}


Fort Farm Fest -- Explore the heritage garden and feed the farm animals at this authentic HBC fort. Watch the cooper make a barrel, compete in the farm relay, and watch farm-related demos. Fort Langley National Historic Site

513 4777 www.pc.gc.ca/fortlangley 10am - 5pm August 31 and Sept 1

+ HERITAGE SOCIETY of BC http://www.heritagebc.ca/events/

Now in West Van! Ste 102 - 657 Marine Dr; toll-free: 1 855 349 7243

+ HERITAGE WEST VAN heritage.westvan.org 922 4400 info@heritage.westvan.ca

More later, but in spite of some hiccups, great weather and well over 100 cups of tea served. The Mayor announced a heritage group will be formed in the fall. Simon Scott told us about his connection with the Lord High Almoner (and the traditions); Roddy MacKenzie told us three short stories; and Cst Jeff Palmer even said a few words in Squamish. Planning a tour of Erickson's garden in the fall. Photos not yet up on royaltea.ca.

+ HERITAGE VANCOUVER SOCIETY http://www.heritagevancouver.org/

Sign up to receive e-bulletins: http://www.heritagevancouver.org/bulletins_signup.html

A Planning Tour of Vancouver’s West End

~ 10am - noon ~ Sunday September 7 -- http://www.heritagevancouver.org/walkingtours.html#planwestend

Join Gordon Price, Director of the SFU City Program and long-time resident, for a planning tour of Vancouver's West End. The West End reveals about eight different architectural stages, from fine wooden mansions to functional wooden walk-ups, not to mention all those highrise towers, in which can be found the origins of Vancouverism.

But how did it all come about and why?

Gordon Price explains some of the planning theory and trends that shaped the West End and some of the forces likely to shape its future. $10 Heritage Vancouver mbrs; $15 non-mbrs -- Meet at Barclay Heritage Square

+ VANCOUVER HERITAGE FOUNDATION (http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org)

Last Walks of Summer

Our summer season of walks is wrapping up in the next few weeks. With only a few spaces left for each tour, be sure to sign up soon to avoid disappointment!

= International Style with Maurice Guibord -- 10am August 30

Meet at the SW corner of Robson and Burrard -- pls register

= The last of John Atkin's exploration of Broadway: limited availability; pls register

A little bit of Everything -- 10am September 6

+ We're excited to announce we will be reprinting the Historic West Hastings map guide. http://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org/take-a-tour/map-guides/

+ 2013 Annual Report now online

The 2013 VHF Annual Report is now available as a PDF download on our website. Hard copies will be available in our office in the next few weeks.

=== MAIKU === 2014 after a lovely afternoon Saturday Aug 9 in Dundarave Park (RoyalTea-by-the-Sea)

watching the water

breeze-tickled, ripples

silent symphony of waves

quotations thoughts puns

Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

-- Desmond Tutu, (South African) retired Anglican bishop (b 1931)

Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.

-- William E Vaughan, American columnist (1915- 1977)

Politicians of the Left say that those of the Right are dangerous for our country, those of the Right in turn say the same thing about their colleagues of the Left. I would simply put forward the idea that perhaps both are dangerous.

-- Carl William Brown, American writer (b 1960)

Difficulties in life are intended to make us better, not bitter. -- Dan Reeves, former US football coach (b 1944)

What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another. Mahatma Gandhi, Indian pacifist leader (1869 - 1948)

I am, by calling, a dealer in words; and words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. Not only do words infect, ergotise, narcotise, and paralyse, but they enter into and colour the minutest cells of the brain, very much as madder mixed with a stag's food at the Zoo colours the growth of the animal's antlers. Moreover, in the case of the human animal, that acquired tint, or taint, is transmissible.

-- Rudyard Kipling, English writer addressing an audience of surgeons (1865 - 1936)

Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year.

Chad Sugg, American songwriter (b 1986)

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd US President (1882 - 1945)

Life is like a quilt; it's what you make of it. -- Anonymous

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now. -- Anonymous

The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see Nature all ridicule and deformity, and some scarce see Nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, Nature is Imagination itself. -- William Blake, English (painter and) poet in 1799 in The Letters (1757 - 1827)

People in suburbia see trees differently than foresters do. They cherish every one. It is useless to speak of the probability that a certain tree will die when the tree is in someone's backyard...You are talking about a personal asset, a friend, a monument, not about board feet of lumber. -- Roger Swain, American horticulturalist (b 1949)

Teaching children to count is fine, but teaching what counts is better. -- Amish proverb

Do not be afraid to go out on a limb...That's where the fruit is. -- Anonymous

Trees are Earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven. -- Rabindranath Tagore Indian writer (1861 - 1941)

The good you do today will often be forgotten tomorrow; do good anyway. -- Mother Teresa

With copper unavailable, continued operation of the mint would make no cents.

Yogi had a whisky, water, and tea drink every night. He was a toddy bear.

Gossipy monkeys are blab-boons.

The artist's favourite swimming technique was the brushstroke.

The student had such a big assignment, he had to burn his kindle at both ends.

My wife wanted me to take her to visit Northern Canada but I was having Nunavut!

Funniness and cleverness have always been two notable factors for rating puns, but the third has groan in significance.

Just received --

A Russian guy arrives in Canada

and the Immigration Officer asks him

his name, his age, his address.

Then the officer says, “Occupation?’

Russian replies, “No, just a vacation.

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