Glossary of GobbledyGook
by Carolanne Reynolds

For those who wonder what those alphabet-soup initials stand for, here are some of the initialisms and acronyms written out:

Enjoy :-)

Glossary (Apr 2015)

A work in progress!


DWV COUNCIL (elected Nov 2011, sworn in Dec 5; term ends 30 November 2014)

Mayor = Michael Smith
  >MB/MAB = Mary-Ann Booth
CC = Craig Cameron
NG = Nora Gambioli
ML = Michael Lewis
TP = Trish Panz
Sop = Bill Soprovich

DWV COUNCIL 2014 - 2018
same as above except Christine Cassidy has taken Trish Panz's empty seat.
That means one CC is Cam and the other Cass 

Former DWV COUNCIL (2008 to 2011)

Mayor = Pamela Goldsmith-Jones
Ev = Michael Evison {formerly ME, wch cd be ambiguous!}
ML = Michael Lewis
TP = Trish Panz
MS = Michael Smith
Sop = Bill Soprovich
SW = Shannon Walker

   NL or CAO = Chief Administrative Officer = Nina Leemhuis (former CFO)
BL or DepCAO or D/CAO = Brent Leigh, Deputy CAO
MK or CFO = Michael Koke
MK or A/CFO = Acting CFO Michael Koke Jan 2013 (became CFO)
AM or Dir/Parks* = Anne Mooi, Director of Parks(, Recreation, Cmnty Services)
Sokol or Dir/Plan* = Bob Sokol, Director of Planning(, Lands, and Permits)
RF or Dir/Engg = Raymond Fung, Director of Engineering
MClk or SSch = Municipal Clerk, Sheila Scholes
KM = Kristi Merilees, Mgr of Cmnty Relns
JB = Jenny Benedict, Dir/LibServices (till Sept 2010 Chief Librarian, Ann Goodhart)
Other staff and mbrs of the public will be named (in full, best efforts) first, then initials or abbreviated names; CR of course is Carolanne Reynolds. Of necessity, there are many abbreviations, acronyms (initials that can be said as a word), and initialisms, when typing quickly. Missing from this list are some that are well known such as PM, MP; MLA; SFU, UBC, BCIT, EU, UN, ...  Feel free to request including more......


AAMOF = As A Matter of Fact
AAP = Alternative Approval Process
AAP = Assessed and Awaiting Placement [VCH lingo]
ab = ability
ABA = Ambleside Business Association
AC, adv cmte = advisory committee
ACA = Altamont Community Association
ACM = All-Candidates Mtg
acct/acctg = account/accounting
ack/ackn = acknowledge
ADRA = Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers' Association
add'n/addn, add'l/addl = addition, additional
adv = advisory
AFAIK = as far as I know
AFN = Assembly of First Nations (Amerindians)
AGM = Annual General Meeting
aka = also known as
ALC = Alternate Level of Care [VCH lingo]
AMA = Ask Me Anything
A/Mayor = Acting Mayor
Amb = Ambleside
amt = amount
ans = answer
app = sometimes: appreciate
applic/applicn = application
appmt = appointment
approp = appropriate
apt = apartment
Aq Ctr = Aquatic Centre
ARC = Ambleside Revitalization Commission (appointed March 2011; ended Jan 2012)
asap = as soon as possible
Assn = Association
asst = assistant
av = average or available
AWAD = A Word A Day; a new word M - F; read subscribers' comments in AWADmail on the weekend
AYC = Ambleside Youth Centre
BANANA = Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything
Bby = Burnaby
b/c = because
BCR = BC Rail
bd / bdrm / bd mtg = board, boardroom, board meeting
bedrm = bedroom
B&E = Break and Enter
BIA = Business Improvement Assn
BITS = Be In Touch Soon
biz = business
bldg = building
blk = block
blvd = boulevard
bn = been
BoV = Board of Variance
BPAHA = British Properties' Area Homeowners' Association
BPP = British Pacific Properties (company)
BRB = Be Right Back
BSC = Balanced Scorecard (obvious variant)
btw = by the way
CAC = Cmnty Arts Ccl, WVCAC; or Cmnty Amenity Contribution(s), also known as CBs 
CAO = Chief Administrative Officer (formerly known as MMgr) of the District
CB = Cmnty Benefit(s), akin to Cmnty Amenities (CAC -- Cmnty Amenity Contributions)
CBA = Caulfeild Business Association
CBRL = Cypress Bowl Recreations Ltd (commonly called Cypress Mountain although that's elsewhere)
CCB = Cmnty Centre Board (changed now, non-profit society, WVCCSS)
CCC = Central Cmnty Centre
ccl, cclr = council, councillor (Ccl for actual Council)
cd = could
Cdn = Canadian
CEC = Community Engagement Cmte (last mtg May 2010 in term to Dec 31); a mtg 2011 June 7; revived October 2012 to end of year {revived Jan 2013}
CEEP = Cmnty Energy and Emissions Plan WG
CEO = Chief Executive Officer (for DWV is the Mayor)
CF = Canada Fund (federal stimulus $)
CFP = Cypress Falls Park
CFO - Chief Financial Officer (was/cf Director of Finance)
char = character (with neighbourhood)
Ch/Comm = (WV) Chamber of Commerce
chn = children
CID = Caller ID (identification, on phone)
CJPME = Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East
CLUC = Caulfeild Land Use Contract
COL/CoL = Cost of Living
collab = collaborate, collaboration
comm = commercial, sometimes Commission
cmnty = community
cmte = committee
CN/CNR = Canadian National (Railway)
CNV = City of North Vancouver
colln = collection
congrat = congratulate, congratulations
Coq = Coquitlam
corresp = correspondence
CoW = Cmte of the Whole and referred to as =E2=80=98cow=E2=80=99 by CAO (some write CotW) [none in 2015 so far!]
CP = Canadian Pacific
CPI = Consumer Price Index
cpl = couple
CPT = Christian Peacemaker Team(s)
CRA = in past Cedardale Ratepayer Assn and/or Caulfeild Ratepayer Assn (but no news for a while)
Also = Canada Revenue Agency
CSA = Canadian Securities Administrators
CSAG = Civic Site Adv Grp (ended some years ago)
CSR = Core Services Review
ctr = centre as noun, maybe -er as verb whereas center is the the American spelling whether noun or verb)
CWDG = Cmnty Website Devt Group (Nov 2012; formerly WTF, Website Task Force); 2013 now a WG [now terminated]
CWOT = Complete Waste of Time
DBA = Dundarave Business Association (in commerce, dba is Doing Business As) 
dbl = double
D/CAO = Deputy CAO
DCC = Devt Cost Charges
dep = deputy
dept = department
devp, devpr, devt = develop, developer, development
diff = difficult or different
DINKs = couples with Double Income, No Kids
Dir = Director
Dist = District of WV
DFO = Dept of Fisheries & Oceans; now FOC, Fisheries & Oceans Canada (so DFO still used)
DNA = Dundarave Neighbourhood Association
DNV = District of North Vancouver
doc = document
DP / Devt Permit, and DPA = Development Permit Application
DRC = Design Review Cmte (no longer called a Panel)
DTES = Downtown East Side (rarely DES)
Dund = Dundarave (pronounced Dun-duhr-AHV)
du/acre = Planning has this term: dwelling units per acre {see upa}
DVP = Development Variance Permit
DWMP = Drinking Water Management Plan
DWV = District of West Vancouver
EA = Executive Assistant
EAC = Engineering Advisory Cmte (now no more but Shoreline Preservation Society an outcome)
EAPPI = Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel
ecic = economic
ED = Executive Director
EF = Endowment Fund (sometimes EndFund or EFund), see below
EfW = Energy from Waste
EHYC = Eagle Harbour Yacht Club
emerg = emergency
EndFund = Endowment Fund (or EndmtFund, even EFund if same sentence, see EF above
engg, engr = engineering, engineer
envmt, envtal = environment(al)
EOD = End of Day
EOI = Expressions of Interest (used by the Housing Pilot Prog/Proj WG seeking proposals)
esp = especially
est = estimate
ev = every
EvDr = Evelyn Drive
exec = executive
FAAB = First Appropriate Available Bed [VCH lingo]
fam = family
FAR/FSR = Floor Area/Space Ratio (square feet in house as part of sq ftg of lot/property)
FBG = Ferry Building Gallery
FCM = Federation of Canadian Municipalities
FC(PP) = Friends of Cypress (Provincial Park)
Fdn = Foundation
fed = federal
Fin = Finance
FinCmte/FCmte = Finance Cmte
FIA = Financial Information Act
FIPPA = Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
FME = Facility Management Expenses
FN = First Nation(s)
FOI = Freedom of Information
ft = foot/feet
FSTF = Fiscal Sustainability Task Force, sometimes FTF (but ended)
FTE = Full Time Equivalent (used for staffing information)
FUBAR = F*d Up Beyond All Recognition
FWIW = For What It's Worth
fyi = for your information
GARPA = Gleneagles Area Rate Payers' Association (in limbo?)
GCC(AC) = Gleneagles Cmnty Ctr (Adv Cmte)
GFOA = Govt Finance Officers Assn
GHG = Green House Gases
GLH = Gertrude Lawson House (WV Museum)
govt = government
Grosv = Grosvenor (1300blk devpr)
grp = group
GTG/G2G = Got to Go/Good To Go
GVRD = see MetroV (new name for Greater Vancouver Regional District)
GVSDD = Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District
H = heritage
ha = hectare (~ 2.5 acres); 10K sq m
HAF = Harmony Arts Festival
HAP = Housing Action Plan (Nov 2012)
HBay = Horseshoe Bay
HBB = Home-Based Business (used by staff in Sept for amendments to bylaw Oct 2009)
HBB(C)A = Horseshoe Bay Business (and Community) Association
HHS = Hollyburn Heritage Society
HM = Her/His Majesty; see HRH (alsoTRH, Their Royal Highnesses, eg for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)
HOG = Home Owner Grant
HPTFTU, the Human Proclivity To F*** Things Up (initialism from speaker re LNG, Oct 2014)
HR = Human Resources
HRA = Heritage Revitalization Agreement / Hollyburn Ridge Assn
HRH = His/Her Royal Highness
HSBC = Heritage Society of BC (now Heritage BC)
ht = height
hv = have
HV = Heritage Vancouver
HVAC = Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (or High Voltage Alternating Current)
h/w = hardware (see s/w also)
HWk = Heritage Week (across Canada; always starts third Monday in February)
HWV = Heritage West Van
hwy = highway
IA = Information Architecture (used in Website WG notes) -- Internet Architecture?
ICAHD = Israeli Committee Against House Demolition
ICARS = Integrated Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Service (WVPD & Lower Mainland) 
ICYMI = In Case You Missed It
IFNU = Integrated First Nations Unit (RCMP and WVPD, Capilano/Squamish Reserve)
IIRC = If I Recall Correctly
IIORC = Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada
IJV - Independent Jewish Voices
IM = Instant Messaging
IMO/IMVHO = In My Opinion or In My (Very) (Humble) Opinion
imp = important
indiv = individual
infra = infrastructure
int'l = international
IOW - In Other Words
IP = Internet Protocol
IPO = Initial Public Offering
IRP = Immediate Roadside Prohibition
ISB = Institute of Small Brains (from Animal Crackers in coloured funnies)
ISM = International Solidarity Movement (often with CPT)
ISMP = Integrated Storm Management Plan
IT = Information Technology
ITAC = Interested Taxpayers' Action Cmte (the Marley Group); I call the ITACkers. [ended Dec 2012; restarting?]
JAC = Jericho Arts Centre
jr = junior
jt = joint
K = 1000
KIPPERS = Kids in Parents' Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings
km = kilometres
KMC = Kay Meek Centre
kph = kilometres per hour
KPI = Key Performance Indicators
LAP = Local Area Plan; LAPP = Local Area Planning Process
LC = Lower Caulfeild (LCAC, Lower Caulfeild Advisory Cmte)
LCHCA = Lower Caulfeild Heritage Conservation Area
LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (with silver and gold levels)
LGA = Local Government Act

LGBT2SIQQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirited, Intersex, Queer, Questioning)

[referred to at the 2015 May 11 ccl mtg; re two-spirited: ]
LGB = Lions' Gate Bridge -- there are two lions who look down on us!!!
LGH = Lions' Gate Hospital
LGSWWTP = Lions' Gate Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant
LGTP = Lions' Gate Treatment Plant
Lib = Library (WV Memorial Library)
LLR = Low Level Road
LM = Lower Mainland
LMK = Let Me Know
LMMA = Lower Mainland Municipal Assn
LMTAC = Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee
LNG = Liquid/Liquefied Natural Gas
locn = location
LOL = Laughing Out Loud (or Lots of Love)
LPPS = Lighthouse Park Preservation Society
LPRT = Licence Plate Recognition Technology (so they don't need to chalk your tires!)
LRSP = Livable Region Strategic Plan
LSF = Land Stewardship Fund ($950K listed Jan/11, no explanation; then told AmbNOW in July)
L/T = long-term (initialism as modifier only, eg: long-term budgeting)
M = municipal
m = metre, a measurement, as opposed to meter, as in water/parking meters
$M = million (dollars)
M&Ccl = Mayor and Ccl
MAC = Museum Adv Cmte (not on DWV Calendar)
M A-G = Municipal Auditor-General (recommended by ITAC and ADRA)
max = maximum
mbr(s) = member(s)
MDr = Marine Drive
MetroV = Metro Vancouver (formerly GVRD, Greater Vancouver Regional District)
MFA = Municipal Finance Authority
MFCR = Main Floor Conference Room (at Municipal Hall); for cmte/WG mtgs (and closed ccl mtgs)
mgr, mgmt = manager, management
MIA = Municipal Insurance Assn (of; rarely, Missing In Action
min = minimum (max = maximum); sometimes minutes
MMgr = Municipal Manager (now CAO)
mntnc = maintenance
MoE = Ministry of the Environment
mos = months
MoTH = Ministry of Transportation and Highways or Infrastructure (sometimes shortened to MoT)
MoU = Memo of Understanding
mph = miles per hour (obsolete :-), but not to us oldies; same for ft/feet still referred to)
MRN = Major Road Network
msg = message
mtg = meeting
mtn = mountain
MVA = Motor Vehicle Accident
MVI = Motor Vehicle Incident
nat'l = national
nbr/nbrhd = neighbour/neighbourhood
NCR = Not Criminally Responsible
NEB = National Energy Bd
NFBSK = Not For British School Kids (re content appropriateness)
NIMBY = Not in My Backyard
NIMTO = Not in My Term of Office
NNB/nnb = Nothing New Below (IOW, rest left for reference only)
nmp = not my problem
np = no problem
NS or NSh = North Shore
NSAAG = North Shore Arts Advocacy Group
NSACDI = North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues
NSEMO = North Shore Emergency Management Office
NSFC-YJ = North Shore Family Court - Youth Justice (Cmte)
NSHC, NSHF = North Shore Heritage Committee, now Forum (defunct)
NSHPS = North Shore Heritage Preservation Society
NSHS = North Shore Historical Society
NSHWknd = North Shore Heritage Weekend (usu third weekend in September; in fall) -- now cancelled
NSN = North Shore News
NSWP = North Shore Wetland Partners
NYE = New Year=E2=80=99s Eve
OCP = Official Community Plan
OCR = Optical Character Recognition (turning scanned documents into text)
ofc = office
OGCS = Old-Growth Conservancy Society
OMG = Omigosh/Omigod!
opp = opportunity (may also be opposed or opposition)
org = organization
OTOH = On The Other Hand
OTT = Over The Top
P3 = Public Private Partnership
pa = per annum
PA = Personal Assistant
PDA = Public Display of Affection
PDF = Portable Document Format (attach to email, like photo of msg or whatever)
PH/PMtg = Public Hearing/Public Meeting
ph = phone
pH = acidity/basicity measure of solutions; acids below 7, alkalis above 7, neutral exactly 7
PHT = Presentation House Theatre (NV)
PITA = Pain in the *ss
pkg = parking (on occasion, package)
PkR / Pk Royal = Park Royal; PkR-S (South), PkR-N (North)
pls = please
PM = Prime Minister
PMP(WG) = Parks Master Plan (WG)
PMtg = Public Mtg
POI = Point of Interest
pop = popular
popn = population
POTUS = President of the US
POV = Point of View
ppl = people 
PQP = Public Question Period (comments also allowed)
prelim = preliminary
prev = previous
prez = president
prob'ly = probably
prog = program/me
proj = project
prop = property
prov = province
PSAB = Public Sector Accounting Board
PSB = Public Safety Building (June 2011 planning new combined Police/Fire; 
now debated; schematics May 2013; no longer has Fire but has ambulance Nov 2014)
March 2015: PS&MH Project: Public Service and Municipal Hall Project!
PSF = Pacific Salmon Foundation
pt = point or part
PWV = Preserve West Van (defunct)
PWYC = Pay What You Can
Q = question; Qs and As = questions and answers
QED = Quod Erat Demonstrandum = thus demonstrated (in math, and used in debates)
QET = Queen Elizabeth Theatre
QUILTBAG = Q: Queer/Questioning; U: Unidentified; I:&nbs p;Intersex; L: Lesbian; T: Transgender/Transexual;&nbs p;
B: Bisexual; A: Asexual; G: Gay, Genderqueer
qtn = quotation
qty = quantity
RAAC = Regional Administrative Advisory Cmte
RAC = Random Act(s) of Culture
RAK = Random Act(s) of Kindness
RCAF = Royal Canadian Air Force (name restored August 2011)
RCL = Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 60 (WV); prev'ly BESL (British Empire Service League)
RCN = Royal Canadian Navy (name restored August 2011)
RCM SAR - Station 1 = Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (WV) 
RCS = Regional Context Statement (see RGS also)
rec=E2=80=99d = received
recomms = recommendations
regs = regulations
relnship = relationship
rept = report (when typed in a rush)
reqmt/s = requirement/s
resid = residential / resident(s)
resoln = resolution
resp = responsible, responsibility
rev = revenue
revit = revitalization
RFI = Request for Information
RFMP = Recreation Facilities Master Plan (from the 1990s? now finished)
RFP = Request for Proposal
RGS = Regional Growth Strategy (from MetroV)
relns = relations 
rlwy = railway
Rmd = Richmond
ROI = Return on Investment
ROTFL(WTIME) = Rolling On The Floor Laughing / With Tears in My Eyes
ROW = Right of Way
RSN = Reader Supported News (in US)
RTbtS = RoyalTea-by-the-Sea (an annual summer HWV event)
S2S = Sea-to-Sky (highway)
SAC = Seniors' Activity Centre (correct name, but usually referred to as Srs' Ctr)
sch dist / SD / SD45 = School District (WV is No. 45); Sch Bd
SCOTUS = Supreme Court of the US
sec = with sec stes (secondary suites); seconds as in minutes
secy = secretary
SF = Planning's term for Single Family; or SF = Science Fiction in literature
SFMP = Sport Fields Master Plan
sf, sq ftg = square feet, square footage
sgl-fam = single-family
SGP = Smart Growth Policy
shd = should
signif = significant
sim = similar
SME = Subject Matter Expert (or Small and Medium Enterprise)
SNAFU = Situation Normal, All 'Fouled' Up
SOE = Special Operations Executive
soln = solution (hope we find a lot!)
SOS = Statement of Significance, used in descriptions of heritage assets
>SOS = Save Our Sound (Howe)
sp = special
sp? = spelling? (uncertain of)
Sq = Squamish
sr = senior
srs' ctr = see SAC
srvc = service
S/T = short-term (abbreviation for modifier only, as in: short-term funding)
stes = suites; sec stes = secondary suites; 2ndary/2ry = secondary
stmt = statement
stn = station
sust = sustainable
s/w = software (see also h/w)
SWOT = Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats, analysis re websites, etc (CWDG, Website WG)
SWMP = Solid Waste Management Plan/s (in BC); also Storm Water Management Plan
TAFN = That's all for now
TBA/TBC/TBD = To be Announced/Confirmed/Determined
TCT = Trans Canada Trail
TD&H = Tall, Dark, and Handsome
techn = technical
TfT = Trees for Tomorrow
TFW = Temporary Foreign Worker
TLC = The Land Conservancy (otherwise Tender Loving Care)
T&M = Time and Materials (term used in consulting, rather than fixed price)
TMI = Too Much Information
TofC = Table of Contents
TofR / TofRef = Terms of Reference 
TPTB = The Powers That Be
transp = transportation
treas = treasurer
TSP = Transportation Strategic Plan
TTFN = Ta Ta For Now
ttyl = talk to you later
TTYS = talk to you soon
TWay = Taylor Way
tyvm = thank you very much
UBCM = Union of BC Municipalities
UCB = Urban Containment Boundary (wrt RGS)
UEL = United Empire Loyalists (determining role/event in Canada's history; came to Canada opposing the US Revolution;
Pierre Trudeau's mother was a UEL, his middle name Elliott), also at UBC can be University Endowment Lands
UFV = University of the Fraser Valley
UL = Upper Lands (above 1200ft), sometimes Upper Levels, as in Highway
ULSRWG = Upper Lands Study Review WG, sometimes shortened to ULWG 
unf = unfortunate(ly) (when I'm in a hurry)
upa = units per acre (also du/acre, d for dwelling)
v = very
V4S = Value For Services (was a WG)
VAG = Vancouver Art Gallery
VANOC = Vancouver Olympic Committee
VCH = Vancouver Coastal Health
VHF = Vancouver Heritage Foundation
VO = Vancouver Opera, formerly VOA (Assn); VOS = Vancouver Opera Society
VoIP = Voice over the Internet Protocol (telephony term)
VP = vice president
VPL = Vancouver Public Library
VRS = Vancouver Resources Society / Vancouver Recital Society
VSB = Vancouver School Bd
VSO = Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
w/ = with, and w/o for without
wch = which
wd = would
WG = Working Group (there are many, so check list on DWV website to find the initials that fit)
wk = week, sometimes work
WOM = Word of Mouth
WOT = Waste of Time
WRA = Western Residents' Association
wrt = with regard/reference to  (note, no S on 'regard', something ppl have started to add)
WTE = Waste-to-Energy, an option for reducing gases that cause global warming (there's a facility in Burnaby)
WTF = Wisconsin Tourist Federation -- name now changed to Wisconsin Federation of Tourism {to avoid What the F***}
[see CWDG, formerly Website Task Force]
WTH = What the Heck (variant/euphemism for WTF)
WTHIT = What the Heck is This?
WVCAC = see CAC as in Arts Ccl
WVCC = WV Cmnty Ctr; cf WVChC/WVChamber for WV Chamber of Commerce
WVCCSS = WV Cmnty Centres Services Society
WVCGG = WV Citizens for Good Government (called WeeGees by NSN Trevor Lautens)
WVFD = WV Fire Department
WVFSM&AS = West Vancouver Fire Services Museum & Archives Society
WVHS = WV Historical Society
WVM = West Van Matters
also West Van Museum but usu GLH
WVMEA = WV Municipal Employees Assn
WVML = WV Memorial Library
WVPD = WV Police Department
WVSB/D = West Van School Board/District, Sch Dist #45
WVS = actual name is WV Streamkeeper Society, so also WVSS but that can be WV Secondary School
WVSK/WVSk/WVSkS = to be clearer when referring to the WV Streamkeepers (WVS above)
WVSPCA = WV Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
WVSPS = WV Shoreline Preservation Society
WVYC = WV Yacht Club
WWTP = Waste Water Treatment Plant
WWY(T)S = What Were You (They) Smoking?
WYSIWYG = What You See is What You Get (pronounced WiZZeewig)
YAC = Youth Adv Cmte (for some reason not on DWV website/Calendar)
YA(V)W = you are (very) welcome
Y/E = Year-End
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary (meaning your experience may differ)
YOLO = You Only Live Once (YOL9 for cats)
YT = Yours Truly, meaning me (CR)
yw / yavw = you're welcome; you are very welcome (see above)
ZWC = Zero-Waste Challenge

If you have more acronyms you want to add to this list, please send them to me.