Ccl NOTES July 27 (+ update)
AGENDA July 30
Calendar to Sept 12~

by Carolanne Reynolds, Editor

Some summer reading......... :-)
=  Next ccl mtg is planned for Sept 14.
July 30th's mtg's main points were Pk Royal (unfinished from July 27) and trip to Sweden (new; $7500)
Vive le Canada (Jaywalking); Special WV; ANIMALWATCH (Extreme Shepherding/LED; Crossed Goose; Bald Penguin sunburn; Animal Odd Couple); from the EDITOR'S DESK (Celebration of Light and Place; summer news); WVPD B&E Alert; UPDATES (Secondary Suites proposed; Strategic Planning Draft for input; Wetmore site devpr; Tidings; Fisheries Info re Fishing; Fraser River Sockeye; PSF)
=  CALENDAR to September 12+; CULTUREWATCH (Theatre, Music, Britain's got talent, Art, Photography)
= Ccl Mtg NOTES July 27th:
Spirit Trail Greenway Report; Strategic Planning Update; Devt Permits: for 1431/1437 Clyde; for Park Royal Shopping Ctr; Secondary Suites Discussion Paper; Nbrhd Zero-Emission Vehicles; Evelyn Dr Devt Area: Road Closure, removal of Hwy Dedication; Remedial Action 2558 Garden Court; Ccl mtg Sept 21 added and Sept 28 mtg cancelled;  ADDED: July 30, 9am sp ccl mtg re Park Royal signs, colour; Adopted Bylaws -- Smoking Regs; Zoning amendment for 5775 Marine Dr (Takumi); OCP Plan amendment for Fisherman's Cove Marina; Zoning for 6520/6540 Marine Dr (HBay Firehall site); Govt Grant programs (field hockey and Ambleside "A" field artificial turf; covered walkway Srs' Ctr; Playground Ambleside Child Care Ctr; Aquatic Ctr Lighting Upgrade; sport field improvements; Civic Site flagpoles; interpretive signage for Western Rec Ctr); Heritage/Commemoration/Olympic grant; DVP 3751 Marine setting date for consideration; Devt Applications Status List; then Correspondence -- giant hogweed in blossom (poisonous); complaints about traffic calming and roundabouts; and some answers from staff.  Correspondence added on table 15 to 25 (listed).
= Sp Ccl Mtg Agenda July 30th: Park Royal Makeover Colours; $7500 for Engg trip to Sweden
=  INFObits (History of Fireworks; Beer Summit -- Blue Moon); WOMANWATCH (no driving in Saudi Arabia; bright lipstick and high heels outlawed in a Malaysian state and has sep checkout lines; in Sudan, 40 lashes for wearing trousers; according to recent law in Afghanistan husband can starve wife if she refuses sex); MONEYWATCH (DWV 2008 Salaries -- Your Tax Money at Work! -- 3% more for 2009, so what about 2010?); NEWSWATCH (Map; Incorrect Translation; Blocked, Lack of Water; Obama Plan); More NEWSWATCH (China, Zimbabwe); List of WVM Topics 2009: 1 - 18; SCIENCEWATCH (Salmon return to Seine; Darwin); OBITUARY (Benson, a fish); GRAMMARWATCH (Grammar Police);  SWINEFLUWATCH (Spam); LANGUAGEWATCH (Lost Languages, Linguists); OUR ALPHABET (know shortest sentence using all 26 letters?  Bet not!); BOOKWATCH (titles only); WORDWATCH (AWAD); Wake up and smell the roses..... (Music); MAIKU (Time and Weather); QUOTATION

===  Vive le Canada  ===
Let's hope our education system is better.  Forwarded to me as hilarious -- well, it is funny but frighteningly so when you realize these ppl vote:

===  What's special about West Vancouver?  ===
Please send me the top ten things you like about WV and want to keep (in order of importance).
Write to: myWV@westvan.org
===  ANIMALWATCH  === 
*  Extreme Sheep LED Art
            and those border collies are incredible: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2FX9rviEhw
*  Canada Goose crossed with a Snow Goose?  Filmed in Stanley Park
Apparent genus x genus cross between Canada goose (Branta canadensis) and snow goose (Chen caerulescens). Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC. Aug 07.2009 Video by Denis O'Brien: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HngkV2lwdY
* Bald penguin gets sunburn wetsuit
* Page last updated at 18:10 GMT, Thursday, 13 August 2009 19:10 UK
A bald penguin has been given a wetsuit to wear at a Hampshire wildlife park to protect him from sunburn.  Ralph, a nine-year-old Humboldt penguin, lost all of his feathers in one day while moulting, instead of the usual four to six weeks.
The rest of the story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/hampshire/8200434.stm
*  A touching story, called The Animal Odd Couple.  Forwarded to me as:
     THIS IS A GREAT STORY. CBS News Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFz-FMj-9Ps

===  from the EDITOR'S DESK  ===
Canada's entry was unusual -- especially since it was love of home but music from Wizard of Oz, and we cdn't see the connection between BC and Kansas.
South Africa's was the most memorable night b/c it was "two-for-one" -- how can you compete with thunder and lightning across the whole sky after an apricot-gold glow of an expanded sunset?
UK was the one we thought the best with remarkable music and synchronization, a middle movement of height, and some new fireworks we hadn't seen.  Apparently UK won the popular vote.
China won and while we were impressed -- especially the swans floating in the water in front of the barge wch was new -- the amt of smoke, even a solid strip some feet up from the barge and right across blocking the fireworks (but we cd see below and everything above), cancelled its eligibility for first place for us.
What a marvellous interlude in the Vancouver year.  In fact, I'm going to suggest they add another night and make it five nights; the final can be the finale (didn't happen this year) or another competitor.  Start on a Saturday, then Wed/Sat/Wed, and end on a Sat.  (This is still modest b/c other places have seven and eight nights.)
We do indeed, justifiably, go on and on about how great a place this is to be -- scenery, weather, pleasant ppl/cmnty/govt/even economy (compared with many other parts of the world) -- how lucky we are to be here.
The views are superb and many: dining at the Beach House on the waterfront in Dundarave; from a restaurant's deck in Ambleside or Horseshoe Bay; up away and over from the Salmon House on the Hill over to Vancouver Island; the sheer rock rising up as the Chief stares at you at the Howe Sound Inn and brewpub in Squamish; and the unbelievable/rare sight of two bears, many ducks and geese, plus an otter in the water feature as you sip on the patio of Rockwell's overlooking a golf course in Brackendale -- and last time we saw a coyote sauntering along......
As you know, you can subscribe to WVM by sending email to subscribeWVM@westvan.org or on the website www.westvan.org org to send in the form.
Please note that although the issues are numbered, this you see is WVM2009-19, updates and interim mailings are not, neither are they put on the website or printed for distribution (but the newsletter is, albeit a while after the ebroadcast).
Now that this year there are usually two ccl mtgs a month (plus special ones as needed), the newsletter is not always weekly.  Among other ramifications are omissions of dates of cmte/WG mtgs b/c not yet on the DWV website calendar long enough before the mtg (so I have sent out updates and sometimes added earlier mtgs afterward to the printed copy so there's some record) and current/immediate news as it happens.
The next ccl mtg isn't until Sept 14 so no newsletter is planned before the one to come out Sept 11 when the agenda is released.  You'll have to check the DWV website to see what's going on.....  There may be announcements and updates from time to time to email subscribers.
                                Enjoy the rest of the summer!
=== WVPD ===   Break and Enter Alert!
        Date: 2009 August 10          Contact: Cpl Fred Harding      Telephone:   925 7353
 Since the beginning of July, there has been an increase in Break & Enters in West Vancouver. Unfortunately, the British Properties have been hit harder than other areas. These B&Es have occurred during the weekdays between 9am and 4pm.
Most of the residences in these B&Es have been entered through the back doors or windows. Often, we believe, the burglar has knocked on the front door or rung the doorbell. Finding the property empty, the burglar has gone to the back and entered there.
Always lock your doors and windows. Activate your alarm before you leave. It would be beneficial to alert a neighbour if you will be away for an extended period. Ask a neighbour to pick up your newspapers and mail, and to park a car in the driveway to make the residence look occupied. Putting lights on timers and leaving a radio on is another good deterrent.
If you see any suspicious activity, person, or vehicle, take note of the description, licence plate number, and call the WV Police right away. If you see a B&E in progress, call 911 immediately!
In two recent cases, the police were not the first people called when a suspect was disturbed committing a break and enter. This takes away valuable minutes that allows police to be able to respond and catch the perpetrator.
Please let people on streets that are not in the Block Watch program know that they can join by calling or emailing Anne Russell, the Block Watch Coordinator, at 925 7363  or annerussell@wvpd.ca Forward this email to any WV friends, relatives, and neighbours who may not otherwise know about the Block Watch program.
A cash reward of up to $2,000.00 will be paid for any information that leads to an arrest and charge. If you have any information please call Crime Stoppers at: 1 800 222 TIPS (8477) or by visiting the Crime Stoppers website.
Where are the crimes in WV?  See CompStat
CompStat information and Crime Maps provide an overall community view of where offences have been occurring. We invite you to pay a new visit to the CompStat or e-Policing pages of our website http://wvpd.ca/crime-maps-and-compstat.
E-Policing, BlockWatch, BizWatch
Through upgrades to our e-Policing email alerts, members of e-Policing, BlockWatch and BusinessWatch can be targeted for crime alerts, and information fanouts, while participants in those programs can easily update their own registration if they want to change the information they receive.
Encourage your neighbours and friends to sign up for e-policing bulletins. If you are a business owner, BusinessWatch provides information and updates targeted specifically to you.
===  UPDATES  ===
*  Secondary Suites  Your input is being requested as this issue comes to Ccl in October. Do you want them? without restrictions? in some nbrhds or in every nbrhd?  what about traffic? enough parking space? better close to commercial nodes? See http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=20326
*  Strategic Planning Update
Throughout 2009, the District will be developing a community-based Strategic Plan, expecting to achieve:  a long-term Vision for the Community; Clarity of Mission for the District; A set of long-term community goals; A Financial Plan that enables those goals; A measurement system to ensure the District is achieving those goals.  For details, please visit westvancouver.ca/strategicplan 
Public Consultation - Next Steps
On July 27th the Strategic Planning Working Group presented the draft Vision and Mission to Council. This work is the culmination of public consultation through the first half of this year. Community initiatives that fulfill the goals within the mission statement will be identified and brought forward for public comment in the fall.
We want to hear from you. There will be a number of opportunities for the community to contribute to and participate in the development of the Strategic Plan including an online forum. For details visit  westvancouver.ca/strategicplan
Citizens are encouraged to send comments on this draft to strategicplan@westvancouver.ca
Contact  For more information, e-mail strategicplan@westvancouver.ca or call 925 7003.
        See:  http://www.westvancouver.ca/strategicplan.aspx
Here is the draft mission and vision for you to comment on, followed by my comments (WG mtg Aug 13):
West Vancouver will inspire excellence and lead by example. The power of collaboration and public ideas will drive innovative solutions and strengthen our quality of life.
We champion the opportunities that demonstrate our deep commitment to:
* Restore, protect, and sustain our natural environment
* Foster a sense of responsibility and collaboration for social well being and
* Encourage housing diversity within our distinct neighbourhoods to meet
changing community needs
* Enrich community life and encourage creative expression and social interaction
* Improve economic resiliency and plan wisely for future generations.
***  Send your comments on this draft Vision and Mission to
strategicplan@westvancouver.ca. For more info, visit westvancouver.ca/strategicplan

{Your Editor's first thoughts: Since "will inspire" is simple future, that means it will happen (eg, it will rain tomorrow) -- and without effort or intention so since that's not what's meant, for Vision, perhaps consider
West Vancouver values/prizes/treasures/promotes/seeks quality of life.  The power of public collaboration enables/engenders/encourages innovative approaches and strengthens our community.
Some word choices to think about.
As to the Mission,
wd say it is: To provide the opportunities to enable/facilitate our deep commitment to:
o Restore, protect, and sustain our cultural and natural environment....
and some minor additions, rewording of the rest to make cmnty cooperation and public input included.
At a recent mtg, one person bought up fiscal responsibility.
Someone else opined an implied priority with the order but IMO the bullets are equal and not meant as declining importance but in any case, as I've heard from other facilitators and reviews, WV's setting is paramount in ppl's minds who live here and when they think of home, so it's natural that it was first -- but that's not to say our social aspects are not central to our living here.
This WG, critical to our future, has spent over $75,000 so far, so it's important to do it well and get it right -- it needs your input, and then your agreement as WV goes forward.}
What do you think?

*  DWV Selects Pacific Arbour as the Developer of the Wetmore Motors Site
Monday, July 27, 2009  West Vancouver, BC:  Council is pleased and excited to announce its selection of Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities to develop a new housing project for seniors on the municipally owned Wetmore Motors site. Pacific Arbour is the owner and developer of two existing, award-winning seniors' housing projects in the lower mainland - The Summerhill in North Vancouver and The Mulberry in Burnaby...
The new seniors' development will include state-of-the-art green building design and energy conservation systems, and will consist of rental housing as well as new community amenities.
The District received seven responses to a Request for Proposals (RFP) issued in August 2008. Council selected Pacific Arbour due to its history of providing well-designed, high quality seniors' housing, its commitment to being a part of the West Vancouver Community, and the strength of its financial proposal. Pacific Arbour and the District will enter into a prepaid 125 year lease of the property totalling $14.5 million, allowing for the construction of approximately 120,000 square feet of housing and community and commercial space, including 126 units of housing. The entire proceeds of the lease will be credited to the District's Endowment Reserve Fund. An additional $500,000 will be contributed to the improvement of the adjacent John Richardson ParkA public consultation process will be outlined which will ensure public input into the design and form of the development to occur at this key location.
"Pacific Arbour is a first class provider of seniors' housing, which we need, and they are a strong community partner in Harmony Arts and Elder College. Our agreement enables repayment of the Endowment Fund for the original purchase of the Wetmore site, as well as an additional $9 million for capital requirements. The West Van taxpayer retains ownership of the land. This decision provides strong short-term and long-term benefits for the community," says Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones...
The Wetmore site was acquired in February 2001 at a price of $5.56 million...
Media Contacts:
Bob Sokol, Director of Planning, Lands, and Permits; 925 7058  
Peter Gaskill, President, Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities; 604 623 3411
*  Tidings  http://www.westvancouver.ca/Residents/Level3.aspx?id=920
On the first Sunday of each month in the North Shore News, the Tidings newsletter provides residents with the latest District and Council news, community events, and recreational programs.
      Current IssueAugust 2nd, 2009 (PDF, 293 KB)Back Issues of Tidings: 2009 Tidings Library etc
*  Fishery Notice RECREATIONAL - Salmon
FN0538-Recreational - Salmon: Region 2 - Non-Tidal - Salmon opportunities on the Squamish River and all tributaries
This is a reminder that the daily limit for Chinook, pink and chum salmon is zero (0) per day in the Squamish River and all tributaries including the Mamquam River and Cheakamus Rivers until further notice.
In consultation with the Squamish-Lillooet Sport Fishing Advisory Committee (SLSFAC) due to the low returns of Chinook, pink, and chum salmon to these systems the retention of these species is set to zero until further notice. 
2009 Salmon Retention opportunities include:
From September 15 to December 31, 2009 you can retain one (1) hatchery marked coho in:
the Cheakamus River,
the Mamquam River and
the Squamish River downstream of boundary signs at the power line crossing approximately 1.5 km upstream of the confluence with the Cheakamus River.
Please ensure that you have properly identified your catch as there will be two-year-old Chinook jacks returning to the Squamish system this fall along with coho.  You may not retain the Chinook jacks.  Chinook will have black gums at the base of their teeth, heavily spotted on the tail and may have a missing adipose fin. Chinook jacks should also be fairly small with most of the fish being under 4 lbs.  Coho have a black mouth with white gums as well as light or no spotting on the top half of the tail. Hatchery mark coho will have a missing adipose fin.
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Call your local Fisheries & Oceans Canada office.
The aggregate daily limit for all species of Pacific Salmon (other than kokanee) from tidal and non-tidal waters combined is four (4).
Barbless hooks are required when fishing for salmon in tidal and non-tidal waters of British Columbia.  This includes all species of fish in the Fraser River.  The term "hatchery marked" means a fish that has a healed scar in place of the adipose fin.
Sport anglers are encouraged to participate in the voluntary Salmon Sport Head Recovery program by labelling and submitting heads from adipose fin-clipped chinook and coho salmon.  Recovery of coded-wire tags provides critical information for coast-wide stock assessment.  Contact the Salmon Sport Head Recovery Program at 866 483 9994 for further information.
Did you witness suspicious fishing activity or a violation?  If so, please call the Fisheries and Ocean Canada 24-hour toll free Observe, Record, Report line at 800 465 4336.
For the 24-hour recorded opening and closure line, call toll free at (866) 431 FISH (3474).  The tel no. of the Squamish DFO office is 604 892 3230.
Fisheries & Oceans Operations Centre - FN0538  //  Sent July 22, 2009 at 0833
There are no directed recreational and commercial fisheries for Fraser River sockeye at the present time.  First Nations sockeye fisheries have been curtailed and DFO is continuing planning meetings with First Nations groups to review current information.
The next scheduled Panel meeting is Tuesday, August 18.
For more info: Barry Rosenberger 250 851 4892 Fisheries and Oceans Canada Operations Centre - FN0625
Sent August 14, 2009 at 14:33 -- Visit us on the Web at http://www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca

Happy summer from the Pacific Salmon Foundation!
We'd like to tell you about a special way in August to celebrate the Westcoast and to support Pacific salmon and our Foundation.
This month, the Boathouse Restaurants continue their "Best of the Westcoast Festival" featuring the Running Wild Tyee Wine Flight program. Each time one of these wine flights is ordered, one dollar will be donated to the Pacific Salmon Foundation. Last year $5,000 was donated by the Boathouse Restaurants to re-build healthy, sustainable and naturally diverse Pacific salmon stocks.
Salmon conservation challenges are numerous, as we have been reminded with recent reports about sockeye returns in the Fraser River. As the major source of charitable support for salmon conservation in British Columbia, the Foundation can make excellent use of all financial support we can get. That's why you and companies like the Boathouse Restaurants are so important to our mission.
So, please consider visiting a Boathouse Restaurant near you this month and encourage everyone in your party to enjoy a "Running Wild Tyee Wine Flight".
Boathouse Restaurant locations: English Bay - 1795 Beach Ave; Horseshoe Bay - 6695 Nelson Ave; etc
Please pass this e-mail along to everyone you know who cares about wild salmon conservation.
Thanks for your support,
Brian Riddell, Ph.D., President, Pacific Salmon Foundation
Elayne Sun, Development Coordinator, Pacific Salmon Foundation
                                604 664 7664 x108 office; 671 4293 cell; esun@psf.ca email
To find out how your support makes a difference, visit us at www.psf.ca.
=====  CALENDAR to September 12  =====
Of course with no ccl mtg until Sept 14, no WVM for some time; the Calendar cannot be complete; you'll have to check!

Farmers' Markets: Dundarave Saturdays 10 - 4pm; Ambleside (13th & Bellevue) Sundays 10 - 3pm
[Pls note a) that all mtgs are at M Hall usually in the MFCR (Main Floor Conference Room), but sometimes in the chamber, unless indicated otherwise and b) with such a long gap between ccl mtgs and WVMs along with often no or v short notice of mtgs on the DWV website, this section, while hoping to be, cannot possibly be complete.  Please check the DWV website calendar wrt cmtes and WGs that are of interest to you.]
WHEELS is Coming to West Vancouver Parks
Wheels is a mobile information and resource program providing information and resources about early learning and care, health and wellness, parent education and support for families with young children. 'Wheels' is a program of North Shore Community Resources. Representatives from North Shore Child Care Resource and Referral Program and Vancouver Coastal Health will be on hand to answer questions.  There will be activities for young children.
AUGUST: 10am to noon on August 6th at John Lawson Park, 11th at Ambleside Park, 18th at Whytecliff Park
+  Harmony Arts Festival
Celebrate Community, Celebrate Art  --  Starting Friday, July 31 and running until Sunday, August 9, the Harmony Arts Festival, the North Shore's premiere summer event, celebrates its 19th year. The public is invited to visit the various seaside venues to experience first-hand all the sights, sounds, and sensations of this award-winning ten-day festival. Everyone is welcome and everything is free.  Visit West Vancouver's Harmony Arts Festival's Website  
+++  A Summer of Cinema and Song +++ in John Lawson Park
Concert 7:30pm; film at 9:15pm; from http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=13854
Enjoy your Friday nights at John Lawson Park listening to an outdoor concert followed by a movie on a big screen. Bring a chair or blanket and enjoy the outdoor experience.  (Fridays, weather permitting)
August 7 ~ Concert: AJ Woodworth (at the Harmony Arts Festival); Film - Young@Heart (2007)
August 14 ~ Concert: Rosco; Film - The City of Lost Children (La cité des enfants perdus) (1995)
August 21 ~ Concert: Metropolitan Concert Band; Film - Anita O'Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer (2008)
August 28 ~ 9 pm Concert: The Adam Woodall Band; Film - Big Fish (2003)
= Tuesday, Aug 11
        ~ 5pm ~ Value for Services WG in Cedar Room, WVCC (planning to meet every Tues)
= Wednesday, Aug 12
        ~ 5pm ~ Strategic Transportation Plan WG in Cedar Room, WVCC
~ 3 - 8pm ~ Capilano Bridge Replacement - Open House at WVCC
You are invited to attend an Open House hosted by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure The Ministry will be displaying plans of the Old Capilano Bridge project which involves the replacement of the bridge and the building of a temporary detour structure.  Ministry staff will be on hand to answer questions and to receive input for consideration in preparing detailed designs.  Project information can be found on the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure's website.
~ 7pm ~ Lecture: Dr. Kerry Kriger from SAVE THE FROGS at BCIT
Dr. Kerry Kriger is quickly becoming world-renowned for the work he is doing to SAVE THE FROGS! Both the governor of Virginia, where SAVE THE FROGS! is based, and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson now officially recognize Save The Frogs Day, which will happen again next April.
Kerry will be speaking on the world wide amphibian crisis at a fundraiser lecture held at BCIT, Telus Theatre (room SE6-233) August 12. Admission is $10, all proceeds go to Save the Frogs! Come meet Kerry and some ambassador frogs! Also, meet some Oregon spotted frogs.
Frogs around the world are currently disappearing faster than dinosaurs did. One third of the world's 6000+ amphibian species are on the verge of extinction. And because frogs are an absolutely vital contributor to our ecosystem (and eat a ton of annoying bugs!), addressing the problems that are wiping out these species is crucial. Dr. Kriger will give a very informative and sobering talk on the dire situation that these frogs face, and explain how we can do our part to help save them. This will be a very informative talk that will appeal to people that work in this field and a general audience that see the long term benefits of preserving our planet for future generations.
Come hear Dr. Kriger and support his mission.
Dr. Kriger holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Science from Griffith University in Gold Coast, Australia, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. His current research focuses on the amphibian disease chytridiomycosis, a topic on which he has published 15 articles in peer-reviewed international scientific journals. His research into amphibian declines has been supported by the National Geographic Society and various philanthropic organizations throughout the world, and he has presented the results of his research at scientific conferences in several countries. Dr. Kriger has previously done research on endangered Hawaiian birds, and on the biophysical properties of amino acids involved in cystic fibrosis.

= Thursday, Aug 13 ~ 5:30pm ~ Strategy Planning WG in Cedar Room, WVCC

= Sunday, August 16 ~ 8:30am in John Lawson Park
Give the Gift of Life...put on your walking shoes and join us for The Kidney Foundation of Canada's Give the Gift of Life Walk .  Gather your family, friends, and colleagues and participate in an 2 km walk or 5 km fun run.
= Tuesday, Aug 18
  ~ 5pm ~ Value for Services WG; Cedar Room, WVCC (MEETS EVERY TUESDAY)
= Wednesday, Aug 19
        ~ 4:30pm ~ Strategic Transportation Plan WG in Cedar Room, WVCC
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Strategic Planning WG; WVCC, Mountain Room
        ~ 6:30pm ~ Child Services WG [CANCELLED]
~ 7pm ~ Free Sunset Family Yoga Class -- http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=20356 
Nurture your mind, rejuvenate your body, and elevate your spirit! The recently launched Spirit Pass offers the best of the world of Yoga, mind and body related practices in West Vancouver.
The Spirit Pass was developed in response to the community's continued increasing interest in yoga and in recognition of busy lifestyles today. The goal was to create a high quality Yoga program which offered both flexibility for busy schedules and variety for those practising regularly.
A flexible, drop-in style program, the Spirit Pass offers a minimum of 22 classes per week and includes a variety of classical Yoga classes inspired by Hatha, Flow, Restorative, and Power formats.  Classes are hosted at the new WV Community Centre and the beautiful Gleneagles Community Centre. Various pass options are available to suit different lifestyles. Introduce yourself to Yoga and the new Spirit Pass by trying two weeks of unlimited yoga for only $20*
This summer, the Spirit Pass also offers a FREE Sunset Family Yoga class held on the Great Lawn of the new Community Centre. 
Wednesday evenings 7 - 8:15 pm (weather permitting, check schedule for details)
Everyone is welcome. Please bring your own Yoga mat. 
* Participants must be minimum 16 years of age to purchase a Spirit Pass
* Two Weeks for $20 is a one-time offer for new clients; two consecutive weeks only.
* Non refundable; non transferable

= Thursday, Aug 20
        ~ 5:30pm ~ Pilot Project WG
        ~ 6pm ~ NSh Family Court/Youth Justice Cmte, DNV M Hall
{Don't forget to check Value for Services WG mtgs ev Tues and any others that may appear on the DWV Calendar over the next few weeks}
= Thursday, Aug 27 ~ 5pm ~ NSh Advisory on Disability Issues in DNV Boardroom

= Wednesday, Sept 2
        ~ 5pm ~ Cmnty Engagement Cmte in Mtn Room, WVCC
        ~ 7:15pm ~ Field Sports Forum WG in Cedar Room, WVCC
= Thursday, Sept 3
Community Centre Craft Market Jury  http://www.westvancouver.ca/Level3.aspx?id=20390
Your invitation to submit handmade crafts to be juried for the WV Community Centre Craft Market! This year the Craft Market will be held on Sunday, Nov 15th from 10 am - 3 pm at the NEW WV Cmnty Ctr.  Artisans who have not participated in the Cmnty Ctr Craft Market within the past two years must attend the jury scheduled: Thurs, Sept 3.
= Saturday, September 5/6 ~ 8am to 4pm in Hugo Ray Park
Orca Festival  It's time to start gearing up towards the Labour Day Long Weekend and the Orca Festival hosted by West Vancouver Field Hockey Club at Hugo Ray Park.  Take in four games over the two days, and there will also be a dinner on the Saturday night. The clubhouse will be open as will the BBQ featuring salmon burgers.  For more information, visit www.wvfhc.com or email Ted Baggott.
= Tuesday Sept 8th  ~ 7 to 9pm ~ Pacific Salmon Foundation Community Roundtable
The Pacific Salmon Foundation is developing a proposal that aims to identify probable causes of declines and to identify strategies to improve the production of Coho and Chinook stocks in the Strait of Georgia. They will be hosting a community meeting at the WV Cmnty Ctr to inform the public about this proposed initiative, and to gather information regarding ongoing community initiatives, observations, and ideas with respect to changes that have been noticed in the estuarine and marine environments of the Strait of Georgia. Refreshments will be provided. You can also subscribe to   http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/SOGProgram/join and post messages online. Please feel free to distribute to other interested parties.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact: Isobel A. Pearsall PhD, Proposal Co-ordinator, Strait of Georgia Coho & Chinook Program (Nanaimo), 250 716 3424 (tel)
= Thursday, Sept 10
        ~ 4pm ~ Climate Action WG in Mtn Room, WVCC
        ~ 4:30pm ~ Design Review Cmte
= Saturday, Sept 12 ~ 8am - 1pm ~ Garage Sale at Municipal Hall  
This is the BIG one. Join us for a HUGE garage Sale in West Vancouver. Over 40 tables available. Cost is $26.  Info and registration: 925 7108.

***  North Shore Heritage Weekend Friday Sept 18 to Sunday Sept 20 -- lectures, tours, etc  ***

- for Events and Programs: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/index.php?page=5
- for Event Calendar: http://www.westvanlibrary.ca/event/calendar.php
Summer Hours Reminder:  The Library is closed Sundays in July and August.
Monday - Thursday 10am - 9pm
Friday - 10am - 6pm; Saturday - 10am - 5pm; Sunday -  CLOSED
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The Friends of the West Vancouver Memorial Library is a devoted group of volunteers. They contribute their time and energy to our twice-annual booksale, our Remembrance Day reception, our home book delivery services, and much more!  If you're interested in learning more about the Friends, visit the Friends of the Library web page.
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>  Fridays English Corner ~ 10 - 11:30am ~ practise English conversation, discuss interesting topics, make new friends: Aug 7, 14, 21).  Requirement: able to read English.  For info call Fariba Rocker at 604-506-6616.  Facilitated by the Baha'i Community of WV in partnership with the WV Memorial Library.

+++  FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  +++ http://ferrybuildinggallery.com/
=  July 31 to August 16 ~ Harmony SHOWCASE exhibition ~ Mixed media group exhibition
Opening Night: Friday, July 31 from 6 to 8pm
=  Aug 18 to Sept 6  --  "Painting the Landscape"  mixed media
        Featured Artists:  Mary-Jean Butler, Joe Cash, Vicki English, Wanda Griffiths
Opening Reception:  Tuesday, August 18, 6 to 8pm
Artists in Attendance:  Saturday, August 22, 2 to 3pm
*** SALSA BY THE SEA with LatinDanceForYou
June 25 to August 27 on Thursdays 6:30  to 8:30pm
Open to All Ages  --  You will learn Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, and Cumbia"
- $5 Drop in -  behind Ferry Building Gallery (weather permitting); Information: 925-7290
***  ART IN THE HALL Municipal Hall  --  July 16 through September 18
Featuring the paintings of Shakun Jhangiani
Shakun is an inter-disciplinary artist who works in a variety of media.  She was born and raised in Bombay, where she received a degree in Economics.  She has worked in photography, interior design, fashion, and has designed jewellery and furniture.  She created costumes, sets, and props for stage, television, and films in the world of Bollywood in India.  She works in a contemporary style, incorporating symbolic colours and forms into her figurative and abstract images. The  spiritualism of her East Indian roots imbues her work with a feeling of joyful serenity.
The series "Inside the Circle" evolved from the image of the bindu or third eye. The circle is symbolic of the chakras, the centre of insight, intuition, and nurturing energy that when opened allow body, mind, and spirit to live in balance.
Shakun is a member of several galleries and works from her studio in her home in North Vancouver. Some of her paintings are in private collections in India, Canada, & the USA.
Please contact the Ferry Building Gallery if you are interested in purchasing a painting.  604. 925. 7290    gallery@westvancouver.ca
Every Saturday & Sunday through October 4 from 9am - 5pm
Artists and photographers creating and selling art outdoors on Ambleside Landing

+++ SILK PURSE +++  http://www.silkpurse.ca/
+  July 31 - Aug 9  --  "Beyond the Strings"
For centuries young and old alike have been entertained and inspired by the art of puppetry, whether it is cuddly hand-puppets or graceful marionettes, comical ventriloquists or mesmerizing shadow puppets. As part of this year's Harmony Arts Festival the Silk Purse proudly presents a unique exhibition of puppet art from various traditions and disciplines. The exhibition will also feature performances, presentations, and workshops by notable puppeteers from the Vancouver Puppetry Guild and beyond. Join us for this one of a kind experience that will delight the imagination of the young and the young at heart!
Everyone is Welcome!! Opening Reception: FRIDAY July 31st from 5 - 8 pm
+  August 11 - 24  --  "Garden Riot"
An exhibition of oils, with an extensive use of colour and light, in a floral theme by three talented local artists Debra Kennedy, Pat Rafferty, and Farida Choudry-Ignatius, whose works reflect a passion for the lush, rich forests, flora, and fauna of the world around us.
Everyone is Welcome!! Opening Reception: TUESDAY August 11th from 6 - 8 pm
August 25 - September 6  --  "Take Rest"
There is nothing to rest the heart like the corners of the world in which we daily busy ourselves. Acrylic paintings by local, long time artist Rose-Marie Goodwin share scenes from her corner. Depicting her subjects with colours she describes as pure, Rose-Marie encourages us to view her work and take rest.
Everyone is Welcome!! Opening Reception: TUESDAY August 25th from 6 - 8pm

+++  WV MUSEUM  +++  Visit:  http://westvancouvermuseum.ca/
Simon Scott  ---  The Architecture of Photography -- to August 22
This exhibition profiles the photography of Simon Scott, who studied architecture and graphic design in England before emigrating to Canada in the 1960s. Over the last three decades he photographed numerous buildings, homes and interiors, including the work of renowned Canadian architect Arthur Erickson and more recently the B.C. Binning house, for books and international magazines. This first solo exhibition of Scott's photography showcases the region's rich, innovative and iconic built-forms.
August 22, 1:30 to 3pm Photographer's Talk (Guest: Simon Scott)

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o  To see the electronic newsletter, the address is http://kaymeekcentre.weebly.com.
o  To get onto the mail list: the simplest method is to call the box office (604 913 3634) or email tickets@kaymeekcentre.com
o  To take part in their survey with the opp to win a prize, visit the website!

+++ ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH 60, West Vancouver +++
***  The Spring-Summer issue of "The Torch" is now available via Branch 60's website: to view the newsletter, just click the following link for direct access: http://www.westvan60.com/Images/The%20Torch%20Newsletter%20-%20Spring-Summer%202009.pdf
The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested.  Please contact the Legion for info 922 3587
Saturday Aug 29     C A R I B B E A N     N I G H T

+++  WV CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  +++ http://www.westvanchamber.com/

+++  BC MUSEUM OF MINING  +++  www.bcmuseumofmining.org
Our annual Summer Arts Series 'Copper & Fire' starts on Sunday August 9 and continues over three consecutive Sundays at the BC Museum of Mining. Each day of our series will feature a variety of arts and entertainment including; live art demonstrations, the Museum's 35th birthday celebration, and a series of concerts in the historic Mill building.
No additional entry fees! You enjoy these value added features on top of our already thrilling underground adventure tours. See our Website for admission rates and details. Special thanks to Heritage Canada and EPCOR for sponsoring this series.
 Sunday August 9
Live demonstrations by artists using a variety of different mediums. Artists on site include:
Mixed media sculptor, Byron Anderson; Metal sculptor, Mark Mentiply; Sculptor (stone and wood), Valeri Sokolovski; Ceramic artist, Jenny Smack
Sunday August 16
The Museum's 35th Birthday! Birthday celebrations and activities will be happening all day including; free balloons, birthday cake, a storyteller, caricaturist, and fire spinner Laura Scarlette.
Sunday August 23
The final day of the Copper and Fire Summer Arts Series will include live demonstrations by Judy McQuinn, local stained glass artist; James Grass, metal artist; and the Burnaby Heritage Blacksmith Association. In addition, from 3 - 6pm there will be a series of concerts in the historic Mill building that has recently been completely refurbished and restored.
"We're thrilled that we were able to expand the event to three days this summer, and hope that it will continue to grow to include new forms of art and performance in the future" -- Kirstin Clausen, Executive Director BC Museum of Mining.

+  Bard on the Beach -- See www.bardonthebeach.org and/or phone 739 0559.
This is Bard's 20th season and they will welcome their millionth audience mbr. Book soon. Selling out  
- I called Othello "Iago" b/c of Bob Frazer's compelling performance.
-  David Mackay's creative touches in his interpretation of Comedy of Errors add fun.  Buy your tix asap.  
-  Rachel Ditor's All's Well That Ends Well is well done, also funny, with four top actors: Lois Anderson, Alan Morgan, Scott Bellis, and Duncan Fraser
- Richard II, a difficult play, has never been put on in Vancouver before.  Haig Sutherland's final monologue was captivating, but wd call this "Bolingbroke" b/c of John Murphy.
- Bard on the Beach brings Cos=EC fan tutte to Vanier Park
The passion of emerging opera talents; the richness of a professional orchestra; the magnificence of Vancouver's natural backdrop of mountains, sea and city skyline! It's Bard on the Beach's annual "Opera & Arias" concerts, this summer featuring Mozart's light-hearted comic opera, Cos=EC fan tutte.
There are four performances in Bard's Mainstage tent in Vanier Park: Monday, August 31st at 7pm; Monday, September 7th at both 1pm & 7pm; and Tuesday, September 8th at 7pm.
VO's Chorus Director and Assistant Conductor Leslie Dala leads members of the Vancouver Opera Orchestra and a youthful cast of superb singers from the UBC Opera Ensemble under the direction of Nancy Hermiston. Bard's Artistic Director Christopher Gaze hosts.  Tix are $35 (evenings); $32 (matinee).
+ The Arts Club
Altar Boyz at the Granville Island Stage has been held over until August 29; for tix tel 687 1644
+  Theatre Under The Stars in Stanley Park has two musicals: Annie and Thoroughly Modern Millie to Aug 22. See www.tuts.ca or contact the raccoon: www.ticketstonight.ca or 1 877 840 0457.
+  Will try to take in drama The China Tea Deal put on by Seven Tyrants Theatre about the Qing Dynasty, European trade, and the start of opium use in Suzhou; at the Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden (578 Carrall).  Thursdays and Sundays at 7:30pm to Aug 30; tix 662 3207.
Forwarded to me:  Another surprise from Britain Has Talent -- This is different ... Very Different
Click on  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-ZjOEk4-dI
Vancouver Early Music Festival ~~ FINAL WEEK
"Early Music in Context": a series of free lectures/presentations
All lectures take place from 5:30pm - 6:30pm at the UBC School of Music
A Haydn Celebration - 2: Instrumental Chamber Music
Sunday, August 16 at 8pm (pre-concert introduction at 7:15pm) UBC Recital Hall, 6361 Memorial Rd (at the UBC School of Music)
Marc Destrubé, violin
Julie Andrijeski, violin & viola
Wilbert Hazelzet, transverse flute
Jaap ter Linden, violoncello
Jacques Ogg, harpsichord & fortepiano
A stellar ensemble of musicians from North America and Europe presents an evening of concertini, trios, and quartets by Haydn, in celebration of the Haydn Anniversary Year.
Individual tickets for both concerts at $30 ($27 for students and seniors) are on sale through the office of Early Music Vancouver (604 732 1610), and are available in person at Sikora's Classical Records, Kestrel Books, or through Ticketmaster Outlets: 604 280 3311 or http://www.ticketmaster.com/search?tm_link=tm_homeA_header_search&q=EARLY+MUSIC+VANCOUVER  (extra charges apply to tickets ordered through Ticketmaster)
*  ART
This exhibition is dedicated to Palestinians of the West Bank who cannot enter Jerusalem
12.08.09 - 08:55  Bethlehem / PNN - Osama Hamdan, an architect and the Mosaic Centre Jericho Director, reports this week on the opening of an exhibit of copies of Umayyad Mosaics at Bethlehem's Peace Center.
The exhibit has been in the works for some time, not only as part of the "Jerusalem as Capital of Arab Culture 2009" events, but also for the singular reason that most Palestinians can no longer reach Jerusalem. The mosaics on display are from the Dome of the Rock, part of the Al Aqsa Mosque compound, in East Jerusalem's Old City.
After the great success in Ramallah and Nablus, where it has been on display for the last month, the Mosaic Centre Jericho - Committee for the Promotion of Tourism in the Governorate of Jericho, will move the exhibition "The Dome of the Rock mosaics come closer" in the core of Bethlehem. The exhibition is organized on the occasion of "Jerusalem, Capital of Arab Culture 2009" and is under the patronage of the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and in cooperation with the Peace Center. The opening is slated for 12 August at 5 in the Peace Center on Manger Square.
...The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, built in 691 AD, is the oldest extant Islamic monument. Its mosaic decoration, which has remained almost entirely in its original state on a huge area of about 1,200 square meters, includes Roman-Byzantine together with Iranian motifs and writings with passages of the Qur'an. Set on a traditional holy site and inspired by traditional artistic elements and methods of construction and decoration, the Dome of the Rock created an entirely new combination of artistic conceptions to fulfill its purpose. It is a most splendid and singular achievement.
...Thirteen mosaic artists - four European and nine Palestinian - joined to reproduce part of one of the best art masterpieces ever realized in mosaics, following the ancient techniques and materials. Thanks to their work, the Umayyad mosaics, which are not well known because of their location at the very top of the monument and because the monument is not accessible to the general public, can be seen in all their splendor.
The exhibition is possible thanks to a =A4 50,000 grant by the European Union, which was awarded as part of the EU's annual cultural activities program. This program, which promotes Palestinian cultural heritage, was geared this year to support projects that fall within the framework of "Jerusalem, Capital of Arab Culture 2009." 
The exhibition is dedicated to Palestinians of the West Bank who cannot enter Jerusalem.
For a number of years the Mosaic Centre Jericho has been trying to revive mosaic art, which was so important and relevant in ancient times in the Palestinian Territories, and to provide skilled staff with the training they need in order to be able to carry out in a professional way the preservation and enhancement of this huge heritage. To preserve the cultural heritage of Palestine is not only an opportunity for cultural exchange and dialogue; it is a must for the benefit of the future generations of all humanity. It also represents one of the best opportunities for sustainable development through sustainable tourism for the region.
From:  http://english.pnn.ps/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=6500&Itemid=
Bulletin 5 (summer 2009 issue) of Caroun Photo Club has been published.
Copies are available in WV at the Silk Purse Gallery 1570 Argyle and Kerrisdale Cameras 1564 Marine Drive

===  Sp Ccl Mtg NOTES July 27th  === ABSENT:  Cclrs Smith and Walker
Add report to item 10, appendix C for 13, Item 16, new item 21.1, replacement of Correspondence 8 with corrected letter, adding new items 15 to 28 to the Corresp List
SSch: late item added on table: plan re Item 9 re road closure and removal of hwy dedication
2.  ADOPTION OF MINUTES  --  July 20, 2009 Public Hearing.
3. Spirit Trail Greenway Community Engagement Strategy: Working Group Report and Recommendations (File:  1785-19/0117-20-STRL)
Mayor: have two ppl to speak but think wd benefit from presentation first.  Mr Fung.
RF: really pleased to present work of WG; a few weeks ago an interim report, tonight culmination
ask Mr Rick Gregory to introduce mbrs; we have a small presentation
RG:  thank you for opp to give report tonight
the nature of the trail -- will run from Deep Cove to HBay, to be a waterfront and family-oriented trail accessible for pedestrians, cyclists, inline skaters, and those with motorized wheelchairs
mbrs?: introduce mbrs here
gathering info; listening
Step 1 Inform; Step 2 Consult; Step 3 Involve; Step 4 Collaborate; Outcome
may engage consultant
Step 4 wd be charettes and WG -- address concerns resolved
[Slides of Trail] not finished but actively used
proceed with urgency; utilize Public Engagement Procedure
Cmnty Engagement Package Contents
CN/Govt Agreements; Spirit Trail Cmnty Engagement Implementation WG; Set Completion Date
separated from traffic or close by?
budget; how design will unfold, segment by segment
Mayor: question?
ME: did you have an opp to consider the total cost of this project? where likely the funding cd come from?
Ans: given a budget early on in mandate; around $12M; that included some cost escalation
when we questioned the person, lick finger and put up  -- hadn't costed bits
more than one who walked the trail thought budget wd be challenged b/c steep parts, rock
one of the first things to do is get someone on board, someone with numbers
Mayor: purpose was cmnty engagement ... know ...
Joe Adair: resident of 1930 Bellevue
opp to speak based on initial presentation when Spirit Trail wd run along 19th to 23rd rlwy tracks
July 2 letter sent to M&Ccl
we do have new ccl mbrs -- mtg a week later some 500 ppl present, all opposed to trail along rlwy tracks
our concerns are ...
N side within a few ft of existing dwellings, in some cases, looking inside, subject to noise, ....
lighting ...  south side not ....  ....[privacy?] present tranquillity of the seawalk will be forever lost ... forever affected...
serious safety factors: pedestrians some with walkers, baby carriages, passing an active sidewalk to cross a bicycle path, .... liability
emerg vehicles access will be impeded; financial impact; cd be a drop in resale value, value of resid prop
don't know where trail going but referred to as a waterfront trail; not from Park Royal to HBay, no way, at some point on roads, so wd like you to start on roads at 19th not 23rd
Mayor: think that's alluded to in the report, don't think anybody's going to
nobody who was on Ccl then will forget that July 9 mtg; also important both sides there that night, those who wanted, those who didn't want the trail, felt v let down; I managed to let down pretty well the whole cmnty, and so that's why we're here.
We know it has to work, we have to consult, I think the principles set out by the WG were excellent
I also wd think Ccl wd hv questions
First where we're going to build the trail is a big, big question
and the status quo in your nbrhd does have cyclists and dogwalkers and baby buggies and it works quite well
Ans: we won't marshal our troops
Mayor: not yet; thank you; we know who you are and you will be in the loop.
Neil Lyons: also known as Robert Lyons 1552 Esquimalt not on the trail at present but many friends affected by this trail; have met with some of the cclrs separately and others in groups, so somewhat known
As Mr Adair mentioned, the waterfront --  ...
I've made one of the alternate, so that one is known
As Mr Adair said, once past 26th St no way on waterfront unless built on sand
WV is an up and down cmnty, don't know how low grade; accept that we have to go up and down
if money won't come from prov, we'll have to say thank you but no thank you
notice we're still showing the map from last summer  [waving it] -- we had assurance last summer wd not be used ... that shd be pointed out
sounded like the first phase or two, what happened last year, just did not work; need to get the public involved early
Sop moved:
- 1.   Council receive for information the report from the Chair, Spirit Trail Working Group dated July 16, 2009
- 2.    Council request that staff report back on implementation and resource requirements for implementing the Report Recommendations by October 2009.
- 3.    Council consider re-establishing a Working Group to assist staff with the implementation of the community engagement process for the Trail.
Mayor: may I make a suggestion as well, that we forward to our partners?
CNV, DNV, Sq and Tsleil-Waututh, and our funding partners Park Royal, and the Spirit of the NShore Cmte
Sop: accepted as a friendly amendment
[seconded, then]
Sop: well aware of what happened a year ago; don't want to dwell on that
sat through mtgs; watching this WG, to be commended highly what produced here
in particular, steps; residents informed and have some sense been listened to
Step 3, critical feel listened to, alternatives devpd and help share in that decision.
this WG looked at other cmnties
had to start somewhere with linage ?
going to be alternates; hope going to be a v open dialogue; may find some probs
may go back to staff, Mr Fung, don't know what your process is going to be
end result, looking at display showing cmnty engagement, Table 2, this layout as to how we deal with public will have far-reaching results
want to congratulate Mr Gregory, chairman
TP: important -- we're committed to having a Spirit Trail in this cmnty
last July what has come out is a solid engagement process
urgency constant in this report, my question wd be, did you have a sense where the next phase shd start so we can test drive?
RF: take report from WG under advisement
recommendation here for staff to come back in October, some of that be flushed out
combination of factors: where partners are, funding, ....   timing of grant agreements; hard to be definitive, fully committed to following up with stakeholders
Mayor: from bridge to....
RF: underway wch is why I didn't mention ... beyond that, Seaview Walk or H Bay  ...
ME: I too wd like to thank WG for hard work
come back to point I raised a few moments ago -- cost, $12M, maybe have a better sense b/c when out there, ppl ask when do you start/finish; shd hv some sense of total cost; $12M to HBay seems on the light side
Mayor: section 2 adequate? don't know what cd add to ...
RF: sure, we'll take Cclr Evison's comments under advisement; work that into our report somehow
ML: v much agree with Cclr Evison -- cost of trail dependent for a large part on route
there are numerous issues we have to overcome, not the least is any potential of running along the rlwy tracks
need to have alternatives; irrespective of how that turns out have to...
how you bring it together in the middle; time will tell; really do have to have a series of options in front of us, if we don't; will grind to a halt, not the goal anybody wants
thank the WG, asked to perform specific function, done it admirably
Sop: report states preliminary funds from province's LocalMotion fund $2M; Climate Action prog $750K, from TransLink $500K, add'l $490K from prov and fed funding; then Pk Royal Shopping Ctr $500K so total to date $4.2M
important for public to get feeling; in process of a report, Ccl will be making the final decision on any segment
The process, engagement, if staff selected a certain route, process of engagement wd start
that given route wd come back to Ccl to finalize; rather than a chosen route by staff
RF: absolutely
CARRIED with fourth part added
4. Strategic Planning Update (File:  0270-07)
Brent Leigh, DepCAO: happy to present benchmark
have been meeting weekly since June 6
same kind of energy and commitment as a number of WGs we've seen come forward
took topics, shaped goals
introduce Maggie Pappas and Christine Banham, co-chairs
thank other mbrs here for their tremendous commitment
CB: some of our mbrs here are [named and they stood]:
staff are Grant McRadu, Brent Leigh, Pascal Cuk; and Mayor is our ccl liaison
Maggie and I are here to show you what we've done to date and why strategic planning is so imp to the District
West Vancouver will inspire excellence and lead by example. The power of collaboration and public ideas will drive innovative solutions and strengthen our quality of life.
We champion the opportunities that demonstrate our deep commitment to:
* Restore, protect, and sustain our natural environment
* Foster a sense of responsibility and collaboration for social well being and
* Encourage housing diversity within our distinct neighbourhoods to meet
changing community needs
* Enrich community life and encourage creative expression and social interaction
* Improve economic resiliency and plan wisely for future generations.
Why a strategic plan?
throw out ten, 20 years, not year to year; tool for capital planning
sewers, roads require long-term planning
will always be change; adapt to changes we can't know or even imagine from the perspective of today
are we doing the right things?
when we can get meaningful answers to are we doing things right
started in Dec 2008
public engagement phase, assistance from cmnty leaders, continued
first convened in June 2009
multifaceted and open to anyone in the public
open space mtgs in April; June workshops, called World Cafes, open for anyone who wanted to participate; well advertised; posters; online forums
what came out of the cmnty engagement process?
a binder; chockful of great ideas; recurrent themes; topics that came back again and again; info consolidated into key topics
[slides] environment/stewardship, desire for a vibrant cmnty; ...diversity; housing; nbrhds; ... economic stability
in all this raw material, concerns and hope and inspirations of future WV
Maggie Pappas: WG began with a large binder
demands dreams hopes wishes from cmnty gathered over months ... certain themes emerged
vision and mission creating the path to our future can't constructed from just these
we had to remain conscious of sev imperatives
had to remain realistic but also inspire
had to serve not just for today but for decades to come
incorporate roots of who we are and who we already were as a cmnty, but also had to take us higher to meet challenges
vision is a guiding statement for M govt's forward planning
though tempting, not a one-off slogan for an advertising campaign, good for a few seconds of thrill but no lasting capacity
mission had to reflect higher principles that define WV, must identify general goals of areas deliver the cmnty life we already love
cmnty we envision for our chn and grandchn
life we already love ... process an attempt to capture the spirit ... direction we want to travel; leaving destination broad enough that cd be used by other mayors and councils and other staffs 20 years from now
need to work for cmnty as for staff, staff will use them to guide creation of strategic plan and initiatives; our compass had to be accurate or their bearings wd be off
after finalizing the draft of the vision and mission, we benchmarked across M Hall diff divisions to see if phrases wd work within their jurisdictions
we looked at diverse areas, concerns, eg Library, Engg, Finance
how wd vision statement work for Engg
for Engg, might inform him in planning a road
see power of collaboration right now WGs
applies to Engg, Lib, and Finance
restoring protecting and sustaining or natural environment, how affect Finance Dept? budget? Engg?  look at
tried to keep of vision and our mission v high level so not addressing anything specific but broad enough for all concerns of Ccl
Environment crosses over all depts; looking at a stream
streams came up -- restore, protect, and sustain environment; are we really restoring -- almost left out and had to look at what we're doing now, and we are
see snow, protecting mountainsides and foreshore
cmnty vibrancy and resilience in the cmnty
foster a sense of responsibility and collaboration for social well being and inclusion
Measuring Up, Climate Action Group, last week, Spirit Trail tonight, addressing these things  ....illustrates we include everybody
CB: housing diversity -- this is a topic cd talk on for 40 minutes but will not
many WGs; how to come up with key goal to put into action
our challenge was to keep goals high level enough, so floated above and cd be recognized by any dept
MP: from public engagement sector, this came up really essential; cmnty vibrancy, arts was central to that, sports too, Arts/Culture WG have spoken to Ccl, Field Sports have too
cmnty vibrancy and social interaction happens in private places too; coffee bars, ...
CB: economic resiliency
ev feed into it; don't think you can plan in a vacuum
remember there's going to be change and if we don't plan for it we may not have a broad demography, vibrant life ..... a vibrant commercial district
falls to Finance and Engg, where roads? have to replace now?  eg Almondel Bridge; picture below is Eagle Lake, a wonderful example of where WV does lead by example; water, electric power generation; used on our own or sold to the grid; less dependent on Vancouver; planning and long-term vision, resource such as Eagle Lake
all depts can look at strategic plan; goals stmts are driven by the Vision
challenge is to take the vision and make it real
what can we do to deliver excellence
strategic initiatives, budgeting; ultimately measuring performance
turn over to Brent who will give overview of entire process
BL: ack what we've done with goals
vision that drove clarity hence the benchmarking tonight
Ccl looked at initiatives; started to look at budget imperatives
used methodologies, strategy mapping; will be coming back with a corporate plan
into a strategy map and performance management process
bring back in early fall; tie deptal plans to that for budgeting; performance appraisal process
can move on with some intent
Mayor: what can Ccl expect in fall and from staff
CB: leads into what we were about to say
take out to cmnty for further review, take out to groups
asked for support
talked to reps from WGs to testdrive the vision
make the vision and mission accessible to the public
review performance management techniques and tracking process; make accessible to the public
MP: happy to take questions
Sop: extremely imp; identify five topics; areas for consideration, specifically in economics
WV ahead across Canada, looking to us for leadership
devil's in the details
how progress re demands in future; ten years to accomplish something, that's fine; good job, your efforts
MP: first steps creating vision and the mission
details come after; otherwise don't fit vision/mission;this is a guide
Mayor: perhaps Grant McRadu can comment re staff
CAO: we've had a couple of workshops -- how do we take this and move forward
congratulate WG; painted an exciting picture for future
sure Ccl sure we can achieve what's been articulated
we've been going through with the balanced score card
sure top five deep commitments are achieved
over next month and a half that's what we've been working on
Engg ... put aside a couple of days ... based on balance score card
we're v excited about this; we've taken this; seen a lot of our work in this
2010, 11, 12 budgets and next 20 years in .....
thank WG and Ccl for giving us this opp
Mayor: as ccl liaison I'll move THAT Council receive for information:
- 1.    The enclosed update regarding the conclusion of Phase 1 of Public Consultation;
- 2.    The summary of work, within the Strategy Development Phase, being led by Strategic Planning Working Group; and
Further, support:
- 1.    The enclosed draft of the West Vancouver vision and mission for the purposes of further review by the public, with final version to be presented to Council in September, 2009.
Mayor: I've never had the privilege of serving on a WG and it's brutal!
weekly, bi-weekly long mtgs, and on this, Cclr Sop, it may look like this is simple, but it was really challenging
tremendous cmnty consensus about those five goals; tested in various ways, consultant helped us
so we know those are the priorities for the cmnty, breathing some momentum into them, for me, is the most exciting part b/c the vision says we will inspire excellence and lead by example
we'll do that through collaboration and the power of public ideas;
says this is a can-do cmnty
says govt expects participation and leadership on behalf of citizens -- know we have b/c we can barely keep up
it implies small innovative govt
know where we talk about improved economic resiliency we have a real liability in terms of our tax base being primarily supported by property taxes of homeowners, not sustainable
know kinds of tools available, other Ms use them all the time
This vision is going to challenge the cmnty
cmnty has come together in defining what the challenges are; we expect to do that together
WGs have demonstrated that; tremendous influence on our staff as well; know we're getting the best from our staff, rising to the challenge
think we're on the right track; next step shape a little bit more with some goals so Ccl has a road map b/c we I think want to get going
I'm v happy to support this, and happy to work with the mbrs of the WG; hope Ccl will support accomplishment in a short space time; thank you
anyone further?
Sop: report in the fall?
Mayor: I've got Cclr Evison
ME: as you have said, wd like to thank ev ...  awful lot of ppl in cmnty
what was inspiring was the enthusiasm; didn't meet anybody who cd come up with any reasons not to do what we're doing and to try to achieve the goals we're trying to achieve
inspiration and enthusiasm; thank you for your part
See you on Thursday
5. Development Permit No. 09-012 for 1431 -1437 Clyde Avenue - Proposed Building Renovation including addition, along with a shared parking arrangement (File:  1010-20-09-012)
At the July 6, 2009 meeting Council received the report dated June 23, 2009 from the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits regarding Development Permit Application No. 09-012 for 1431-1437 Clyde Avenue and set the date for consideration for July 27, 2009.
Reports received up to July 23, 2009:  NAME / DATE / DATE RECEIVED:
Development Permit No. 09-012 for 1431 -1437 Clyde Avenue - Proposed Building Renovation including addition, along with a shared parking arrangement / June 23, 2009 / July 6, 2009
Correspondence received up to July 23, 2009: NAME / DATE / DATE RECEIVED: None to date.
Geri Boyle, Planning: slides;
two parking spaces; save tree in lane, important to ppl in the area; new landscaping along east boundary
staff feel consistent with devt permit guidelines; as a result of the reconfig, an add'l parking space in rear
applicant is present to answer questions as well
Karl Gustavson, architect: came from spirit of Ambleside Ctr guidelines
Geri did a good job of introducing
wd like to point out we're just filling in this space right here [pointing], 1100sf, doesn't add to height, doesn't change setbacks
another thing this does, b/c no elevator to second floor, we've put in a floor elevator and handicapped bathrooms; amenity to bldg; back, not front-end space
had a nbrhd mtg; talked about tree in rear and chose to add only one pkg space b/c retained tree, shrubbery, and some landscaping  ... not concerned with space; reasonable....

{clever juxtaposition.  If many parking spaces needed, it may be that the tree took one place so that wd lessen the spots by one, it wd not necessarily mean only one pkg space cd be added.}

a lot of discussion went into this, a test piece, really pushing the envelope: adding 1100sf to bldg only about 3K now and redoing facade
so we have Clyde Ave enhancement, new awnings, .... add signage for second floor
huge cherry tree here...., awning, ... digital signage
existing bldg at 1431, envisioned something like the urban garage; ppl tended to drive up on the sidewalk; taken it out, added angle parking, managed to add two stalls
additional landscape boxes in front, trying to bring a bit of life
elevation quite unfortunate as it is, canopy not well resolved so creating a more user-friendly
more pedestrian scale; space more affordable
ME: add'n of 1136sf permissible within FAR?
KS: yes, based on parking and we're well under that for parking; well under any maximums or setback; parking for that
if you want to look at parking slightly differently, can add 10% without add'l parking, says ev 10%
added, not added, contracted, parking stalls, just gaining extra things for the cmnty
{challenge you to follow that convoluted list}
Mayor: received report on Jul 6 and set date; don't think any public input to date
anyone wanting to comment?
seeing none, turn to Cclr L for motion
RECOMMENDED: THAT all written and verbal submissions ... be received for information.
then ML moved THAT the proposed DP ... be approved.
ML: think application approp; it is Clyde Ave, not Marine Dr
unfortunate in a way b/c I feel Clyde Ave has the potential to be.... on the storefront level
certainly an improvement over what we started with
Sop: no prob with that
my concern, Mr Sokol, under guidelines shd be looking at flexibility smaller sites wrt parking area
eight provided plus one more; two on street, applicant doesn't own them
... his is nine [parking] spots when shd be 15 ... and xxx ...
for future, if office and have to accommodate six or seven ppl
looking for a bit of flexibility
but if we were to do that philosophy over and over again
new req for small bldgs
creates more staff coming to that site, ultimately going to be in trouble
save one for landscaping
but new, what use? offices? they have to park .....
[duplication in/with?] all small bldgs, where? something to think about
Mayor: speaking in favour?
Sop: a mile? response, speaking to Mr Sokol
Sokol: we're not waiving those spots, legally continue b/c of what was in place when constructed
more joint use parking -- meeting that goal rather than... spaces to all ... that furthers that goal
as Cclr S pointed out, keeping landscape , tree. ....... a balancing act
looked at diff provisions, weighed pros and cons and feel
Sop: ..... as I read it, requires 15 spaces
with the proposal, increasing from eight to nine, so one more
on street ... does provide 15
Sokol: if under AC1; this is an existing bldg. Amb Strategy, encourage existing bldgs...
do not have to upgrade to meet new provisions; v common
TP: I appreciate your being sensitive to nbrs; some sensitivity
I know Cclr Walker isn't here tonight but she's always complaining about not enough commercial space ... xxx
Mayor: and a brilliant response to Amb xxx
6. Development Permit Application No. 09-021 - Park Royal Shopping Centre (765 Marine Drive) (File:  1010-20-09-021)
Sokol: remainder Squamish Nation
Design Review Cmte discussed this at July 16 mtg
no problem with ....but did not support LED
supported ... subject to conditions
liven up palette; reduce dirt and grime; encourage PkRoyal to continue with bike racks,.....
in conclusion, staff recommends: THAT
- 1.    The requirement for a Public Meeting be waived and no further notification be required; and
- 2.    Devt Permit, which would allow for exterior building and signage upgrades to the existing shopping centre, excluding an L.E.D. message centre, be approved.
- 3.    Staff be directed to work with Park Royal to finalize the colour scheme.
Staff is willing to work with applicant about this.
Rick Amantea: here in capacity as VP of Park Royal Shopping Ctr
v needed upgrades; cosmetic in nature; contemporizing Pk Royal's curb appeal; doors in disrepair
paint over teal green for those who like teal, apologize, gotta go
new awnings; replace all our design
classless and timeless ... and sophistication WV is noted for
My intention is to walk through the proposal, and highlights
beige will be changed to brighter white colour; teal repainted to grey
down TWay so not new colour
replacement of awnings on both N and S malls
charcoal and navy blue for balance; material better quality
lip bollards, paving stones; add'l seating and lighting making pedestrian area more friendly
furnishings and... matched here
plsed to work with staff; our desire to achieve a more sophisticated and xxx look
need to start to have finished before start of [rain? Xmas shopping?]
our consultant Karl
sides ... new signage; new brand identity, casual sophistication
halo lit; LED used for better efficiency
with exception of LED message ctr
recognize sign bylaw prohibits moving signs of any kind, we ask to ... this on the two corners N/S TWay
valuable info to cmnty; willing to commit 25% of time to Chamber for Chamber and non-profit
for decades nonprofit were allowed to hang banners; taken away 2008
leaving charitable groups with no
Coho Society, [listed groups]....
just a few of the ppl who have used; over 100 orgs used to put banners up
DWV can also find this of great benefit -- Harmony Arts, Cmnty Day, ....
can be used for voting days, etc ... get imp msgs out
state of the art clean effective and .....
don't get hung up on antiquated red rotating
willing to ....
proposing one new sign along MDr, far West of ...
all of our signs wd be lit, v sophisticated, internally lit, nice glow at night, non-illuminated
slide of typical entrance ... new doors ... classic look that will stand the test of time
excited about changes; believe will enhance entrance to WV
time is of the essence prior to busy Xmas season and in time for winter games
clean sustainable and effective communications
Mayor: Qs from mbrs of Ccl, I have
a bit disappointing didn't get your application until beginning of July
working with staff
believe colours Design wd have accepted
RA: xxx
{asked for his statement so you'd have prepared remarks but not received; maybe holidays}
Mayor: difficult to waive application process and not be able to see
major; technology; Design Cmte did not approve but we and staff wd like to know
a departure from our sign bylaw, it's a departure, don't know how much
RA: this slide shows: 8" so not ....
this is not what we wd choose; we'd choose full colour ....
ppl don't want to see constantly moving msgs; come on and stay solid; so doesn't have to be scrolling letter-type signs
Mayor: where are these signs?
RA: right at entrance; right now we put vinyl on
Mayor: Ccl's feeling pressured; understand you need to paint this summer; does it all have to be passed this summer? come back in Sept?
b/c ...
RA: can make ... created as presented; ability to add the msg ctr when Ccl feels can do it
ML: in term of the signage, is the signage intended to be Park Royal ad?
driving into WV .... diff from suits are on sale at the Bay
RA: wd want to have biz hours and announce new biz, sp events, bed race, not two-for one suits at the Bay
Gary Mussatto of NV: Chair of WV Ch of Commerce; we've had some discussion with the board re LED; received with great applaud; feel as a chance have infrastructure to support it
vibrant and social cmnty; continually asked; two years as VP and now Chair; conveniently relay things of a biz nature; Chamber supports this
Sop: think it's a good thing PkRoyal doing an upgrade, timely
timing too quick
not thrilled with flashing, trying to keep kids still ...
not way of future for WV to have flashing signs -- not at a busy intersection
if not an urgency; hear an urgency to get painting
to finalize this, have a sp mtg in a couple of days.
Mayor: sp mtg
Sop: 9am July 30
Ans; yes
Sop: came quickly
RM: if I may
Mayor: xxx
TP: some concern about public process
am tired of teal; if not aware of colour, it is sort of the gateway to WV
if opp and Ccl willing to meet quickly, understand timeline, supportive of that
ME: what can Ccl achieve on 30th of July cdn't achieve tonight
wd like to speak to colour issue
Design Panel said wanted to see colour livened up
to me, colour is subjective, eg don't like red, like blue, subjective
amt of time and effort PkR has put into whole design .... certainly may not appeal to all
I take a look and find it acceptable
tweaking, whether lighter or darker .....
if we do approve LED sign a you suggested, although compelling case, we are opening up the rest of WV to LED signs
signs stationery, wdn't show 2 for 1; a lot of option; wd like more time to think about the LED sign
some concern re rest of biz in WV
ML: understand proceed with new sign irrespective if LED part of the sign; you're going to put up a sign anyway
RA: may I answer that?
Mayor: yes
RA: yes; xxx recommend it proceed, only [not?] the LED
ML: have you chosen the paint colour? and I'm the last person to ask this -- my wife wdn't let me choose the colour
RA: already painted base colour; white is antifungal best quality we can get; real issue is canopy; right now eclectic various colours
want to make sure right decision xxx ... prepared to work with staff
grey on metal turrets darkens the project; we'll do whatever's right; rest in the meantime
ML: can you come up with colours by suggestion of Thurs?
RA: can, options, and ask if staff recommendations as well; put into computer, bring some elevations, see what everybody thinks
Mayor: based on the report received, Design Panel, it says Pk R reviewing this and Pk R will provide an update at July 27 mtg so we were expecting that
we're being asked to waive the public process
no doubt in my mind this is going to be an excellent outcome; not doubt in my mind this is really important, and it deserves a proper process
If we cd work toward a decision on Thursday, sure that's Ccl's intent
glad to hear not to hard to produce some colours
Sop: concern get underway in the summer, we won't meet again until second week in Sept
to answer Cclr Ev, decisions undone then we're not doing our job properly; meet Thurs
ME: in reply to Cclr
I'm not arguing with public process
Mayor: directing applicant to bring ... paint...  b/c Design left this to come to Ccl
moving as fast; applic just three weeks ago
SSch: sp ccl mtg at 9am Th morning
Mayor: maybe further work on sign ... layout; how we cd evaluate that in Sept
[PERSON wanted to comment on LED]
Mayor: no, too late, but at end of mtg during PQP, you're more than welcome
[Sp Ccl Mtg 9am Thurs July 30 PASSED]
7. Secondary Suite Program (File:  1000-01)
Mayor: shift,  will be putting out for public comment
Sokol: plsd to bring this item forward
legalization crosses many goals and programs
touches on existing policies..... Policy H-9 ... H-10 ... Cmnty Dialogue on Nbrhd Character and Housing... allowing... identify issues; recommend process; provide for amendments; ... presentation ... Climate Action WG report gently increasing density in sglfam nbrhds
number of Cmnty Surveys; 2007 75% allow with restrictions

{pls note "with restrictions"; then info given out simply 75% in favour -- hm.}

2008 74% in favour
What are the benefits:
revenue ste or mortgage helper; seniors fixed income live in home longer; lessens feeling of social isolation; first home for adult child or other relative; suitable for small chn
benefit for ppl with physical challenges: ease of entry access to outdoor space; CMHC provides loans re access ...
lower cost rental housing without need for subsidies
without alternating built form character
for local govt: more certainty of dwelling units, so more accurate planning
unclear how many 2ndry suite in WV from 600 to a quarter or a third real estate, secondary or inlaw stes
identified ...  or increased funding
avoid a culture of noncompliance; not legal but estimates from 600 to a couple of thousand
find how maintained safely xxx
some issues raised:
often heard, parking; ... nbrhd character
financial impact on M increased demand for services (can be minimized: water , sewer garbage, b/c metered will pay more); value of house then add $40- 60K to value of house, add [to tax received???]
how to address existing stes: under a bylaw, can apply, District can go in and inspect
ensure meet safety standard
charge so District recoups some
Maintenance of Property Values of adjacent properties
owner occupancy either main or secondary
allow district-wide or by nbrhd
Staff found in other Ms only allowed in some nbrhds, then problems of implementation
proposed bylaw provision [slide]
Right now we allow 'relative' stes; entrance not shared by other units
proposed bylaw provisions; wd like addressed when bringing forward in fall
allow stes if family mbr; cd take out inlaw stes and allow for accessory 2ry suites wch means.... cluster ....
{do listen to these conditions and/or read in report}  
one secondary per lot, not detached
must be within bldg; inside bldg, not recommending secondary not coach houses wch may come to Ccl in future
one of the units clearly secondary
recommending limited to a maximum floor area of 90 sq m or 968 sf or 30% of the total floor area of the bldg
our current bylaw allows for 1000sf; propose change for consistency with BC bldg code and other NSh Ms.
owner to occupy either the secondary ste or primary dwelling; not permitted with keeping lodgers, etc B&B, etc
proposed bylaw provisions
separated entrance facing other than main
one off-street parking space exclusive for use; discussion among staff; more before being to Ccl
do NOT want separate title, so selling; want tied to house
do NOT want separate metered hydro, water, cable; minimize overhead wires
Secondary suites common in MetroV, grappled with in other cmnties, back to 1987; majority allow 2ry stes
WV one of only three Ms that does not allow 2ry stes
looking at this for years
Mayor: tyvm, thorough report; some questions
Sop: what constitutes a secondary suite in physical nature? cooking facilities, bathrooms?
Sokol: correct; complete separate dwelling; can have connection; clearly 2ry so smaller
Sop: I'm going to be open-minded about this
692 possible but cd be based on 3K; not a fact
Sokol: do not know for sure; taking a looking at census numbers, ppl living there
as to one third, speaking to realtors
looking at advertisements; think one third number quite high; feel between 600 and 3K
Sop: support...  support
survey, 80% said interested in looking at 2ry suites
public process; going to have an impact; primarily sgl fam; give that good flavour, being inclusive
going beyond Tidings and the Web
Sokol: ... have not asked xxx... significantly 1300 being interviewed
1300 interviewed... accurate direction
taking the discussion paper... getting comment
Ccl wd like staff to ... public... public hearing or wider area
Mayor: wd like to ask Cclr Ev to put motion on the floor
ME moved: THAT
- 1.    Staff be directed to make the Secondary Suites Discussion Paper attached to the July 17, 2009 report from the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits available for public for review and comment via the District website and newspaper advertisements; and
- 2.    Staff be directed to prepare for Council consideration a Proposed Secondary Suite Program including a Proposed Bylaw for new suites and a Program for addressing the issue of existing suites by October 26, 2009.
ME: had some comments and observations but Dir/Planning covered them off
TP: obviously not the first ones in Lower Mainland doing this; impacts when legalized 2ndry stes
Sokol: staff have spoken with staff in other Ms
four years old; some of the issues we faced
TP: we have 2ry stes happening in WV
there ... getting feedback vital, need to take that step
comment on BC Supreme Court's decision re xxx
turning a blind eye is perhaps not the best approach
owner-occupied, feedback I've got, ppl in legal or illegal stes, make sure working well with the nbrhd
an important point
owner-occupant is a critical piece for this
ML: proposed 2ry ste process, that will address Cclr Sop's concern re public participation, laid out in that document? make sure going to happen
Sokol: if Ccl wants a broader ... then can ... tonight
asked staff to prepare bylaw to more permissive
prog is two-fold; allow for new suites and existing stes; extent of public outreach, if beyond
public in public and PH
if Ccl has things want us to do, ask us this evening
ML: being summertime, releasing on net and Tidings; wd be in our best interest to do something like that
glossed over the use of M services with increase
how do you deal with more going to schools and more going to cmnty ctr but not paying taxes to...?
on way to turning your home into a commercial exercise, while not a dept store, a home has become a biz
not suggesting taxing out of existence
Sokol: there are a few ways of addressing a few of Cclr L's concerns
utilities, we're covered, more general -- fire, police, swimming pool
can be addressed by increasing assessed value of house
so $100 per house per year xxx
we pay a portion
paybacks, addresses many other goals of the District, 1 2 3 xxx diversity affordable, xxx
ML: benefit homeowner from rent not .... with M in allowing
Sokol: speak to realtors selling homes; when suite in house openly mentioned
a plus? pay more for the house?  get info from Assessment
re public outreach prog; now July/Aug
ads; staff recognize
Sop: talked earlier about a process for the Spirit Trail; earlier Pk Royal, said process isn't right, wait
don't see anything here other than putting on web
wd like to see this go a little further than putting something out and waiting for feedback
Mayor: add including a Town Hall mtg
Sop: if you require the owner to stay in the house if there is a tenant for fear of what, I don't, well
why allow someone to rent their house out? they're not there to see what tenant is doing
secondly, really can't say who lives in these places
just our role, how we govern
if something has been left for many years, we've had not legal ,.... liability
if legalize, a legitimate liability factor; that hasn't been explored
some definitive answers you've made but more
glad Mayor said Town mtg
Mayor: think this is a gigantic step forward; last Ccl felt it needed to be in broader context
anyone supporting mission statement has to support this; this is recognizing what is
may result in closing down some 2ry stes
hold head up high: xxx 1 2 3   move away from
spoke about last week ... really mean it
think we shd take the word permissiveness out; we're creating  xxxxxxx
major concern of Fire Dept; important to be properly housed
not going to put up with permissive  .....
I can remember when you ran for Ccl in 2005, you were favour of 2ndry stes
8. Neighbourhood Zero-Emission Vehicles (File:  1800-00)
RF: Brent Dozzi is here with report and to answer questions;
BD: Mgr of Roads and Transportation
[slides] All Ms looking for ways to reduce
goal noble, technical challenges are many
zero-emission vehicle is a low-speed vehicle that cd be petroleum-based, this run by electricity
they do not meet many standards Transport Canada puts on it
doors not regulated, vehicle doesn't meet crash test for above 40kph
another challenge, discontinuity with the network -- these vehicles not allowed on roads where more than 50kph allowed -- we're surrounded so landlocked!
Three provs allow, about 30 states, allow
risk related to traffic flow, increased with speed differential
may assume operate same but they don't, eg start time from lights...
crash worthiness
classes of vehicles/licences, less than Class 5
do not have data mostly out of Stats, zero-emission classified as 'other'; interested stat, "other" fatality rate has been on the increase
just give you this info; reports by Research Ccl
one last issue; didn't get legal opinion but my colleagues in NV; liability not an issue but identify wch roads can travel on
there's an estimate by me, some of the costs for researching wch road approp and wch not and signs as well
identify add'l restrictions
wd allow staff to keep track of vehicles out there, advise applicant what routes available
min safety .....
Mayor: lot to, you've given us a lot to think about; signs in this a cost and not in budget
raised a lot of questions and don't think enough time
TP: happy to defer; interim report and this was one ...
Mayor: some not in this so Ccl wd ask questions
no discussion; deferral to Sept 21
I'm looking at ppl here wanting to make decisions tonight
DEFERRED to Sept 21st
- 1.    Staff be directed to amend the Traffic and Parking Bylaw 4370, 2004 to allow Neighbourhood Zero-Emission Vehicles on District roads with speed limits of 50 kph or less; and
- 2.    Staff be directed to identify exceptions as required to ensure safe operation of Neighbourhood Zero-Emission Vehicles and the safety of others.
Cclr Sop excused himself b/c of conflict of interest
Mayor: need motion to extend
ML: to end of biz?
SSch: or time limit
Mayor: a lot of ppl
9. Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw No. 4551, 2009 - Evelyn Drive Development Area (File:  1050-20-09-005)
Geri Boyle: ... xxx ... Ninth
unable to get required plans to Land Title Ofc and that's what you need for bylaw
so now new plans with new motion; have staff to proceed; then follow up with notification; come back in fall; notification already done; end of my presentation
- 1.    Road Closure and Removal of Highway Dedication Bylaw be introduced and read a first, second, and third time in short form; and
-2.    Staff be authorized to take the necessary actions to give effect to the bylaw, including public notification under the Community Charter.
{new motion?}
10. Reconsideration of Remedial Action Requirement - 2558 Garden Court, Lot 30 (File: 0120-01)
LH; xxx
Fazi .... [sp?] I'm an architect; have a house in WV but living in Bby
about a week ago retained by client; he has received a letter from DWV July 25
re rock blanket; wd like to bring attention; page 3219; covenant page 6, "no ... shall be built
areas on or above covenant area"
the required rock blanket is against the covenant on this site
BPP in 2007 wrote that they were responsible, engr agree with DWV that BPP wd be responsible for landscaping ..... xxxxx
PFS will provide the landscaping design in this area
they are responsible for any remedial work
.... item 2
BPP 2ft thick blast
will be submitted to DWV in Dec last year, wch hasn't seen one
other lots in this area
similar to lot 28; slope much steeper than lot 30 and none of these requirements have been asked for
asked another techn engr to review
having this rock will not only add to troubles, will make it more unstable
The Lot 30 slope 28 to 31deg and lot 28 is 34 degrees and doesn't need a rock blanket
leave it to geotechn engr
finalize the landscaping with cooperation of BPP and DWV
Bajal [sp?]:  Engr with Horizon
Mayor: think we'll hear from the engr, then Mr Sokol
Bagwa [sp?]: honourable
owner looked at his property; design for the south slope
my view and assurances
today this afternoon, rock blanket shd not be placed
31% any ..... hazardous, b/c almost 3... from the slope
placed my xxxxxxxxxx
as letter from Horizons design is in consideration
asking Mayor to provide me three weeks of time
design ... used ... doesn't have a rockfall hazard
rocks settling loose and not on slope
Sop: a letter from Horizon Engg
Mayor: Horizon
Sop: surely proceeding with engg report, steep slopes
this letter to us, during our site visit, constant seepage, .... and sloughing
signif groundwater
signif erosion undermine concrete wall formerly installed
as of today, withdrawing our letter of support
signal of the dangers that are there; don't see any other way out?
Mayor: questions?
Sop: need a geotechn report and if pulled then we...
Sokol: there was a geotech working on site and saw some erosion
he had recommended some work be done and owner did not so he withdrew his support
ME: a couple of issues; two professional engrs one saying satisfactory and one is not; I'm not qualified to say who is and how not
Mayor: have a recommendation
ME: tonight
Mayor changed
LH: staff's position not changed
xxx ... this report only in draft form, not been accepted by
ME: responsibility ... covenant said ...      who is responsible?
wd you agree under terms of covenant, responsible BPP?
LH: aware of it; we submitted to BPP and their letter of July 24
they confirmed they did do landscaping; following topsoil displacement
DWV requested and BPP agreed and raingarden
at this time south side stable
various construction, .... Nov 2008 resulted in destabilization of slope
BPP xxxxx
onto Marr Creek Court; applied xxx seeding
much of .... BPP destroyed and xxx
until cleared and xxx
At the July 20, 2009 Council Meeting a resolution was passed regarding a remedial action requirement for 2558 Garden Court. The owner has requested reconsideration of the resolution and an opportunity for representations will be provided.
Mayor: did you hear anything?
Sokol re LH: she's shaking her head
... when they do come forth, then go forward with
Mayor: leave off 'subject to'?
Sokol: xxx
Mayor: quite different; need an amendment to motion removing that
now on main motion
Sop: timeline
LH: to be completed by Aug 19
ME: raised two questions satisfied with answers
11. Changes to the 2009 Council Meeting Schedule (File: 0120-01)
RECOMMENDED: THAT a Council Meeting be scheduled for September 21 and the September 28 Regular Council Meeting be cancelled.
and added that sp ccl mtg July 30
SSch: that's already been passed
Mayor: Mr Sokol
Sokol: response to Corresp; removal of
fee increase $1 per sq m to $2; increase impact 2008
already reflecting $fee
cmnty benefit of event' Harmony Arts Festival
Dund F Mkt is reduced based on this provision b/c use money for banners,...xxx done by Dund Biz Assn so asking for a similar reduction similar to
Mayor: fruit stand
Sop: what company
they in turn [charge] each person renting pays a portion
Sokol: fee arrangement
Sop: so their rev go up with more tables
Sokol: providing costs fixed
ME: advised last year $1 xxx
Sokol: 2007, asked reconsider / already set up
based on $3K staff heard that concern an revenue for the 2008 season so 2009 higher fee
ME: so advise going up this year, when?
Sokol: formally notified when they applied for the permit this year; but last year no.... idea a permanent reduction
ME: why
Mayor: failed to notify
I don't know if Ccl wishes to open that open it up
or ...  everybody else; certainly cmnty benefit xxx ...
Person from gallery: xxx decision being made tonight?
Mayor: welcome at beginning of debate, if you cd stay to
not on list
added! end of mtg
ML motions
BYLAWS for Adoption
12. Smoking Regulation Bylaw No. 4607, 2009 (File:  1610-20-4607)
Sop: when effective?
SSch: has bn rec'd by prov
[man walked out]
13. Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4602, 2009 (5775 Marine Drive - Takumi Japanese Restaurant) (File:  1610-20-4602)
ME: wish to declare
person [in family] believe is no pecuniary benefit
14. Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 4360, 2004, Amendment Bylaw No. 4612, 2009 (Fisherman's Cove Marina) (File:  1610-20-4612)
A public hearing regarding the proposed bylaw was held and closed on July 20, 2009.  The bylaw received 2nd and 3rd reading on July 20, 2009.
TP: declare family mbr EHYC commodore, no pecuniary
{of course a benefit to commodore and mbrs!}
Sop moved ADOPTION
15. Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 1968, Amendment Bylaw No. 4608, 2009 (6520 and 6540 Marine Drive - former Horseshoe Bay Fire Hall site) (File: 1610-20-4608)
A public hearing regarding the proposed bylaw was held and closed on July 6, 2009.  The bylaw received 2nd and 3rd reading on July 20, 2009. 
TP moved adoption
16. 6520 and 6540 Marine Drive (former Horseshoe Bay Fire Hall site); Green Building Requirements and Design Guidelines (File: 1610-20-4608)
RECOMMENDED: THAT the proposed green building requirements and design guidelines attached to the July 16, 2009 report from the Manager, Community Planning be conditions of sale of the three lots at the former Horseshoe Bay Fire Hall site and that the Design Review Committee review building plans for each lot to ensure consistency with the design guidelines and the Permits Department assure compliance with both sets of conditions at building plan review and construction.
17 Consent Agenda Items - Reports and Correspondence
Item 22 - Correspondence List.
Mayor: [withdraw] any?
Sop: 13
ME: 2
Mayor: 15 so we can hear from Dir Planning
18. Local Government Infrastructure Building Canada Grant Program (BCF) and Recreation Infrastructure Canada Fund Grant Program (RInC) (File:  0160-04)
RECOMMENDED [and approved]: THAT
- 1.    The submission of a grant application to the Building Canada Fund - Community Component, under the Recreation category, for an artificial turf field designed for the sport of field hockey but with multi-use capability located at "A" field in Ambleside Park, be approved.
- 2.    The submission to the Recreation Infrastructure Canada (RInC) Fund, be approved for the following expanded list of grant application components:
-- 1.    Artificial Turf at "A" field in Ambleside Park (authorized by Council, April 6, 2009)
-- 2.    Covered walkway at West Vancouver Seniors' Activity Centre
-- 3.    Playground at the Ambleside Adventure Play Child Care Centre - accessible for the public
-- 4.    Lighting upgrade at the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre
-- 5.    Sport field improvements at various locations in West Vancouver
-- 6.    Flagpoles at the Civic Site
-- 7.    Interpretive signage at the Western Civic Site
19. Canadian Heritage Celebration and Commemoration Program - Olympic Torch Relay Community Celebration Program Grant (File:  3110-04)
RECOMMENDED/Approved: THAT Council [authorize] submission of an application for the Olympic Torch Relay Community Celebration Grant with the Department of Canadian Heritage, Celebration and Commemoration Program.
20. Development Variance Permit Application No. 09-016 (3751 Marine Drive) (File:  3110-04)
RECOMMENDED/Approved: THAT the Municipal Clerk give notice that the DVP Application which would provide for a dwelling to be constructed exceeding the maximum permitted height and Highest Building Face Envelope, will be considered on Monday, September 14, 2009.
21. Development Applications Status List (File: 1010-01)
        ...  received for information.
22. Correspondence List (File:  0120 24)
{Items 1 to 14 were listed in the last issue, WVM17r, so not here unless commented on; 15 to 28 appeared "on table" so not on the agenda and unread before mtg therefore listed below.}
Requests for Delegation  --  No items presented.
Action Required
(2) July 19, 2009, regarding Giant Hogweed
        Referred to the Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
ME: request Dir/Parks expand this beyond hogweed
serious prob, getting worse, have to take some ... action
Mayor: so same as 21 take it away along Marine Dr not to take away
A Mooi, Dir/Parks: removed hogweed from 31st to 38th notified by resident
are going to bring forth policy re XXXX
No Action Required
(13) B. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation, July 14, 209, regarding Westmount Road
Sop: cartoon  is that hogweed, no it's Cclr Sop
applaud Brent Dozzi; things we do; excellent letter today to those individuals.
(14) B. Dozzi, Manager, Roads and Transportation, July 14, 2009, regarding Municipal Infrastructure Spending
Correspondence received up to July 27, 2009 - ON-TABLE
Requests for Delegation -- No items presented.
Action Required
(15) J. Sweeney, Boyd Management Services Ltd., July 23, 2009, regarding Development Permit Application for 1590 Bellevue Avenue
        Referred to the Director of Planning, Lands and Permits for consideration and response.
Mayor: xxx Mr Sokol tell us how to handle
Sokol: we wd not xxx rezoning
they wd like this application to go in front of Ccl Sept 14
Ccl will xxx and will xxx that will begin the rezoning process
probably be a four- to six-month process
(16) D. McPhee, the Crescent Strata Council, July 16, 2009, regarding Safety Issues and Need for a Four Way Stop at 21st Street and Bellevue Avenue
        Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
(17) July 22, 2009, regarding [Beavers'] Safety in Creek Near Park Royal
        Referred to the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for consideration and response.
(18) July 21, 2009, regarding Floral Clock
        Referred to the Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
        {says hands gone, water stopped, etc, wanting to share good news floral clock gone}
(19) S. Strutt, British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association, July 16, 2009, regarding Support for Recreation Infrastructure Renewal
        Referred to the Director of Parks and Community Services for consideration and response.
(20) July 20, 2009, regarding Traffic Islands on Westmount Avenue
        Referred to the Director of Engineering and Transportation for consideration and response.
No Action Required
(21) July 23, 2009, regarding Giant Hogweed
(22) I. Leschert, Harvest Project, July 20, 2009, regarding Financial Support
(23) S. Bauman, Family Services of the North Shore, July 14, 2009, regarding West Vancouver Social Services and Community Services Grants 2009
(24) S. Strutt, British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association, July 16, 2009, regarding 2008-2009 Annual Report
Responses to Correspondence
(25) R. Fung, Director of Engineering and Transportation, July 23, 2009, regarding Power Lines Constructed Along Argyle
Responses to Questions in Question Period  --  No items presented.
Sop: think I reported last week; staff and have a consultant as well
Mayor: anything further?
Sp: deferral of electric car, that wd be consideration of Trans WG
RF: St Transp WG talked about a mode shift
takes about walking, cycling, hear what you're saying
perhaps considered a subset of the discussion but the primary thrust of this plan is to shift from vehicular to other modes
having said that we cd discuss ... within that same discussion
Mayor: wrt ongoing; traffic calming in Westmount; report in fall
what police have to say
comments back from baby buggies and xxx safer street now; enjoy in all ways xxx
resid streets ...  honoured
Mr Dozzi deserves a lot of credit for that
Harmony Arts coming now
Sarah McLachlan; sold out v quickly
representative of something WV supportive of
Fire Police enjoying working with
Sop: if one is sitting outside, be able to hear voices
Mayor: I think
v important announcement; selected Pacific Arbour for Wetmore site
two on N Shore; Summerhill
statement I made: first class provider
H Arts and Elder xxx
$9M for add'l...
this decision, strong short term and long term for
sev cclrs have worked on over time
regional picture: TransLink, Mayor's Ccl will be looking at
ongoing operating funding ... met with board proposals
a fact that TransLink will require $200M just to have what we have now
from reserves; short-sighted
solid waste mgmt cmte, Sept
for now xxx ev shd enjoy a break
CR: First of all, wrt secondary suites, you shd look at the... they approved them but "with restrictions", like in someone else's nbrhd, not mine, were some of the remarks.
Anyway, I'm really here to wish you all the best for the summer and it'll be the tenth annual RoyalTea-by-the-Sea on Saturday, Aug 1st from 2 to 4pm and there are long-stemmed single roses for the first I think two dozen who reserve, courtesy of Ralph Sultan, our MLA.  Our MLA Joan McIntyre will be there, and I hope all of you can come, and I hope you have a great time, just tipping a teacup and having tea, and enjoying the weather.
Mayor: thank you
CR: tyvm
ME: what was the time?
CR: 2 to 4pm; phone 922 4400 to reserve or write reservations@RoyalTea.ca
Mayor: Cclr Evison is Acting Mayor in August, so you're on deck!
{ME chuckles}
CR: remarks at 3pm, Cclr Evison!
Mayor: a gentleman -- were you waiting to ask a question?
cd you pls come to the microphone; just need your name and address if that's all right
Man: My name's Eric Pettit {sp?}, I'm from NV, I'm an architect with Open Space Architecture, and Master Planner.
I was here for Item 20, Devt Permit variance that was approved earlier, but I truly enjoyed sitting in on this ccl mtg; I haven't actually sat through a ccl mtg, and I wanted to commend you on the hard work and commitment to stick around tonight.  I really appreciated that.
I really enjoyed tonight's mtg.  I had a few comments I wanted to add.
First was about the Pacific, Spirit Trail Greenway, and I know there were some comments from Mr Evison, I believe, about the funding, you know the amt of money required for the project.  I was wondering if anyone had looked at putting potential revenue-generators along the path in certain areas be they restaurants, cafes, and commercial outlets.  I think it's a missed opportunity that happened in the City of Vancouver, and it's happened in a number of Lower Mainland Ms.
We've got these beautiful waterways, we bring these beautiful cycling paths and pedestrian ways right up to the water's edge but don't capitalize on bringing cmnties to it, and more a retail feel and more of a cafe and a spirit to it.  I imagine there's going to be great opposition from residents in certain areas but I think there might be other areas where the M cd become the landlord of certain areas and rent out these spaces to either seasonal or full-time vendors.  Just thought it was something I wanted to throw out there, I didn't get a chance earlier.
Another thing that I was looking at, that I thought was v interesting, was the LED sign at Park Royal.  There were some comments about it and I think it's a great idea; I think it'd be a really good opp for the City [sic] to have something like that, be allowed to put up cmnty msgs and cmnty signing on that.  Again, Mr Evison, you brought up that it wd open a can of worms for the M b/c it means you're now allowing LED signage in the M, so I was wondering -- and I don't know if it's possible -- if you cd put something in the zoning of Pk Royal, probably their own CD devt zoning, being that they're such a large commercial devt so different from everything else in the M.  I assume they must have their own zoning.  Maybe the zoning bylaw cd be amended to allow the LED signage on that lot alone, therefore you're not opening a can of worms for the rest of the M.
On secondary suites, Mr Lewis you had a comment about, it seemed like the owner of the residence gets to make all the money and the M doesn't get a piece of it.  I agree with you, I totally support the secondary stes.  Mr Sokol, I think you did a fantastic job on your report; it hit so many comments and remarks that I thought were fantastic, pro and con.  I just wondered if it's possible for the M to place a tax on homeowners that have a sec ste, so there's an add'l tax on them; knowing that they're generating revenue there is a tax associated with it that the M then collects.  Obviously they have to apply for a permit to put the ste in, so you'd know who has them -- it wd just be another tax maybe based on the rent or the sq ftg or something.  B/c I agree with you, the M needs to make a piece of that if you're increasing your popn and putting all that extra load on your infrastructure -- you need somewhere to subsidize it.
Those are my comments; thank you for you time; have a good break.
Mayor: thank you
EP: See you in Sept; I'm back on the 14th, see you then.
Mayor: See you on Sept 14th; you'll fit right in.  Everybody here is enthusiastic.
{ML mused something about a Ccl WG.}

===  Sp Ccl MTG AGENDA July 30th  ===
2. Development Permit Application No. 09-021 - Park Royal Shopping Centre (765 Marine Drive) (File:  1010-20-09-021)
1.   The requirement for a Public Meeting for Development Permit Application No. 09-021 for Park Royal Shopping Centre be waived and no further notification be required; and
2.   Development Permit No. 09-021 for Park Royal Shopping Centre at (765 Marine Drive), which would allow for exterior building and signage upgrades to the existing shopping centre, excluding an L.E.D. message centre, be approved.
3.    Staff be directed to work with Park Royal to finalize the colour scheme.
2.1 Appointment of Delegate to the SymbioCity Learning Exchange and Technical Tour of Sweden (File: 0145-01) 
RECOMMENDED: THAT Council designate the Director of Engineering and Transportation as a staff delegate to the SymbioCity Learning Exchange and Technical Tour of Sweden to be held September 19 to 26, 2009 and a travel budget of $7500 be approved from the Solid Waste Utility Fund.

===  INFObits  ===  History of Fireworks; The Beer Summit
from http://celebration-of-light.com/competition/
Discovery in the East
Though many nations claim the invention, most historians agree that the Chinese invented fireworks in the 9th century when they discovered how to make gunpowder. The story is that a Chinese cook toiling in a field kitchen happened to mix three ingredients commonly found in the kitchen - potassium nitrate or saltpeter (a salt substitute), sulfur (a flammable solid) and charcoal (from charred wood).
The cook noticed that, when ignited, the pile burned with a combustible force. The cook apparently also discovered that if these same ingredients were enclosed and then ignited, the combination exploded rather than burned. This explosion produced a loud sound perfect for frightening off spirits, celebrating weddings, and marking battle victories, eclipses of the moon, and the beginning of the New Year.
Another version of the history of fireworks credits Taoist monks with their discovery in the Far East approximately 1000 years ago. Once again, coincidence played a major role. What scientists of the day were looking for was a potion that promised immortality and eternal life. In their experiments, Taoist monks discovered that a mixture of potassium nitrate, sulfur and finely ground charcoal exploded violently while giving off a great deal of light, noise and smoke. So, they poured the explosive powder into bamboo tubes, blocked the two ends and attached an igniter cord to the charge.
Development in the West
Italy's Marco Polo, in his journeys to the Far East, picked up a number of novelties and brought them home - among them the black powder that evolved into a mainstay of Italian entertainment and celebration: fireworks.
It was in Europe that gunpowder's military potential was discovered and its usage truly evolved - first with rocketry, and then with guns.
Fireworks were used to celebrate military victories as early as 1532 under Charles V, the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire. Soon fireworks were used increasingly for entertainment purposes, as royal families in Europe competed for the affection of their subjects by staging ever more sophisticated fireworks at coronations, baptisms and marriages.
To Tsar Peter the Great, we owe the custom of burning fireworks to herald the New Year. King Louis XIV was notorious for his lavish fireworks in the pleasure gardens of Versailles.
Italy and Germany emerged as the two leaders in fireworks displays in the 16th to 18th centuries.
Musical fireworks
By the 18th century, music was commonly incorporated into fireworks displays. One famous performance took place in London, England to celebrate the signing of the peace treaty ending the War of the Austrian Succession. English composer {Georg Friedrich Handel; in English, George Frideric Handel --CR} created a symphony, Music for the Royal Fireworks, specifically for this event.
Modern musical fireworks were initiated by the French at Cannes in 1960. They were the first to synchronize a sound track to a fireworks spectacle with chrysanthemum explosions and roman candles. For unknown reasons, this style disappeared for 25 years. Then, in 1985, musical fireworks reappeared in spectacular style with the introduction of an international fireworks competition in Montreal, Quebec.
You wlll have heard that Obama asked Henry Louis Gates and Sgt Crowley for a beer to talk thinks over after the tempest tantrum at the Boston tea party.  Beer aficionados (among whom count my husband, G) were fascinated about the choices -- and they were all foreign-owned!  Red Stripe from Jamaica for Dr Gates, BudLight (Belgian-owned now) for Obama, and Blue Moon for the policeman.  We'd never heard of Blue Moon so had to find out about it.  Of course we know Rickard's white (esp the heady mixed drink called white and orange wch adds cointreau to the glass), so perhaps Crowley is something of a beer connoisseur.
The best analysis of the sad saga was by Colin Powell on Larry King.
Among other comments, don't we teach our children to be polite to police?   (If upset, you can sue later.)
Blue Moon (beer)
Blue Moon, a Belgian-Style witbier brewed by the Molson Coors Brewing Company in Toronto, Ontario, was launched in 1995. In Canada it is marketed as Rickard's White[2]. Originally called Bellyslide Belgian White, it was created by Keith Villa, a brewmaster at Coors Field's Sandlot Brewery (the onsite brewery owned by the Molson Coors Brewing Company). The beer is orange-amber in color with a cloudy appearance because it is unfiltered. It is also spiced with coriander and orange peel in addition to the hops found in most beers. Blue Moon does have a more pronounced orange flavor than many other beers of the style. The grain bill for Blue Moon includes malted barley, white wheat, and oats.
Some weiss and hefeweizen beers are commonly served with a slice of lemon in North America. Blue Moon, however, is traditionally served with a slice of orange, as it is said to accentuate the flavor of the brew. Keith Villa of Molson Coors admitted the orange slice garnish was mostly for attention-getting when Blue Moon is served in a bar.[3]
more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Moon_(beer)
= Funniest pun (this one on Obama's book) from CNN: The Audacity of Hops

===  WOMANWATCH  ===
+++  Women not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia
+++   Afghan student sentenced to 22 years for downloading info on women's equality?
+++   CBC (fascinating program, Dispatches, on radio) report that a "Taliban-lite" state in northern Malaysia has outlawed women wearing bright lipstick or high heels, and in stores go to separate checkouts.
+++  Protests at Sudan woman's trial
Page last updated at 16:09 GMT, Tuesday, 4 August 2009 17:09 UK
from: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8182658.stm ANALYSIS
Police have fired tear gas at supporters of a Sudanese woman charged with wearing "indecent clothing", shortly after her trial was postponed.
Lubna Ahmed Hussein says she was arrested for wearing trousers.
She has adopted a defiant attitude, urging authorities to try her although she faces up to 40 lashes in public.
Earlier, she told the BBC she was not afraid, saying: "Flogging is not pain, flogging is an insult to humans, women and religions."
Ms Hussein has resigned from a UN job that would have given her immunity to take on the case - indicating she wants it to become a test case for women's rights in Sudan.
"If the court's decision is that I be flogged, I want this flogging in public," she told the BBC's Today programme...
Scores of women protested outside the court, some holding up banners saying "No return to the dark ages".
Then the riot police drove them away, reports the BBC's James Copnall in Sudan.
First they marched up the road, banging their batons against their plastic shields, and later they fired tear gas and charged the protesters.
One of Ms Hussein's lawyers, Manal Khawajali, complained that she was beaten up by police outside the court.
'My message'
Ms Hussein was arrested in a restaurant in the capital with other women earlier this month for wearing clothing deemed "indecent" under Khartoum's Sharia law.
James Copnall, BBC News, Khartoum
In theory Khartoum is governed by a relatively strict interpretation of Islamic law.
But the law is not meant to apply to non-Muslims, following a 2005 peace deal between the largely Muslim north and the essentially non-Muslim south...
She said 10 of the women arrested with her, including non-Muslims, each received 10 lashes and a fine.
"Before police caught me, there are maybe 20,000 girls and women getting flogged for dress reasons," she said.
If this could happen in a restaurant in Khartoum, imagine what the situation must be for women in Darfur, Ms Hussein said. "This is my message."...
+++  Row over Afghan wife-starving law
Row over Afghan wife-starving law -- An Afghan bill allowing a husband to starve his wife if she refuses to have sex becomes law, sparking criticism.
Page last updated at 15:28 GMT, Sunday, 16 August 2009 16:28 UK
By Sarah Rainsford; BBC News
An Afghan bill allowing a husband to starve his wife if she refuses to have sex has been published in the official gazette and become law.
Sexual demands...
The original version obliged Shia women to have sex with their husbands every four days at a minimum, and it effectively condoned rape by removing the need for consent to sex within marriage...
Women's groups say its new wording still violates the principle of equality that is enshrined in their constitution.
It allows a man to withhold food from his wife if she refuses his sexual demands; a woman must get her husband's permission to work; and fathers and grandfathers are given exclusive custody of children.
The full article is at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8204207.stm

===  MONEYWATCH  ===
  Your tax money at work! DWV2008 Salaries --3% less than this year!
So DWV staff got a 3% raise in 2009; what will it be for 2010?
fyi -- for context:
                The Prime Minister's salary is ~$320,000 and an MP's salary is ~$155,000
The salary for the PREMIER of BC is: $186,000, for an MLA is $98,000.
Many WV staff make more than an MLA or MP and even more than the Premier!
[Not to mention those millions on BCHydro, TransLink, and other govt bodies....]
Below is a selection of municipal positions with salaries/remuneration.
For the whole list, here's the source:
Benefits are said to be about another 30% on top of salary but it is not clear when/what benefits included in the figures provided.  The new council started in December.
Council is obviously underpaid!
Mayor and Council          
Name    Position    Remuneration    Expenses  

Goldsmith-Jones, Pam    Mayor    $ 71,708.21    $ 2,603.09
        Clark, John    Councillor    23,148.67    3,936.07
        Day, Rodney    Councillor    23,580.77    3,193.57
Evison, Michael    Councillor    1,902.85
        Ferguson, Jean    Councillor    22,635.63    3,22441
Lewis, Michael    Councillor    1,816.97  
Panz, Trish    Councillor    1,816.97
Smith, Michael    Councillor    25,748.60  
Soprovich, William    Councillor    25,483.62
        Vaughan, Vivian    Councillor    22,635.63
Walker, Shannon    Councillor    1,924.97
                        Total For Mayor and Council    $ 222,402.89    $ 12,957.14
Employees  [Partial List Below]         
Name    Position    Remuneration    Expenses

Network Analyst    $ 84,591.49    $ 5,361.33
Planning Analyst    84,096.68    1,061.54
Assistant Fire Chief    107,927.42    2,103.56
Manager - Engineering Services    106,146.92    394.27
Director of Administrative Services    195,198.16    7,935.90

Captain    124,040.38
Manager - Community Planning    121,310.12    1,412.94
Deputy Municipal Clerk    78,355.43    616.03
Superintendent of Maintenance - Transit    93,635.19    783.43
Deputy Director - Parks & Community Services    124,541.26    2,304.73

Transit Manager    116,335.49
Manager - Roads & Transportation    112,803.47    4,563.57
Health, Safety & Human Resources Adviser    94,826.19    687.96
Divisional Fire Chief    97,749.48    1,972.53
Recreation Services Manager    92,934.78    336.26

Manager - Utilities    129,737.97    4,756.54
Assistant Fire Chief    108,001.60    1,105.11
Director of Library Services    135,570.56    354.81
Manager - Information Technology    102,762.52    1,579.20
Manager - Bylaw Services    95,190.99    7,787.73

Deputy Director of Human Resources & Payroll Services    105,177.65    395.00
Manager - Sustainability. Environment & Healthy Communities    102,000.95    3,300.52
Assistant Fire Chief    108,928.45    1,255,40
Bus Operator - Transit    83,84628    143.00
Manager of Community Services    105,044.36    3,752.14

Director of Finance    148,998.43    2,286.27
Utilities Superintendent - Water    96,725.16    3,755.22
Communications Manager    90,451.84    2,605.26
Human Resources Adviser    80,285.13    369.60
Project Engineer    91,089.24    3,476.34

Supervisor - Inspections    84,505.38    2,517.46
Cultural Services Co-ordinator    90,574.99    2,256.74
Supervisor, Forests/Trails    82,364.14    37.50
Deputy Fire Chief    127,320.46    2,041.22
Chief Administrative Officer    111,241.46    844.19

Community Planner, Development    90,452.87    739.12
Manager - Park Operations    96,304.91    923.74
Payroll Supervisor    84,767.08
Social Services Manager    97,994.78    403.50
Assistant Manager - Building Construction & Contracts    100,509.43    440.00

Director of Human Resources & Payroll Services    137.625.67    1,269.32
Associate Director - Major Projects    149,178.67    7.64
Fire Chief    137,400.53    2,271.45
Manager - Permits. Inspections & Bylaws    99,882.98    521.85
Planner - Urban Design & Development    84,303.27    1,117.01

Director of Parks & Community Services    150,747.63    5,885.47
Assistant Fire Chief    97,155.86    1,606.29
Bus Operator - Transit    85,016.04    143.00
Land and Property Agent    90,709.05    2,395.52
Bus Operator - Transit    82,209.39    143.00

Supervisor - Utilities (Sewer)    89,888.35    392.50
Superintendent of Operations - Transit    94,156.83    2,057,43
Manager of Legislative Services, Municipal Clerk    118,713.34    249.07
Community Recreation Supervisor    80,066.70    1,348.00
Director of Planning, Lands & Permits    107,489.80    10,721.88

Land Development Engineer    101,483.05    73.67
Roads Superintendent    98,841.32    1,121.20
Manager - Revenue & Collections    103,127.62    1,168.18
Manager - Financial Reporting & Accounting    103,562.13    1,641.50

Total For Employees Over $75,000 (Excluding Police)    $ 11,825,010.85    $ 147,610.96

Total For Employees Under $75,000 (Excluding Police)    $ 29,256,145.53    $ 170,953.45

                Total For Police    $ 9,105,809.10    $ 106,432.35

                Total For All Employees    $ 50,409,368.37    $ 437,953.90

                Grand Total of Remuneration and Expenses        $ 50,847,322.27
Based on Provincial instructions, reporting of Police remuneration details has been indefinitely suspended.
The statement of remuneration and expenses paid to employees during the year ended December 31, 2008 lists gross remuneration which includes regular salaries as well as payment for taxable benefits, overtime, other allowances and payout of entitlements that may have been earned in previous years.

===  NEWSWATCH  ===  Armageddon area.....  
Marvelling at their patience still using peaceful means....
* MAP -- See roughly the 'bantustans' http://stopthewall.org/maps/1159.shtml
You've heard about the Wall, but bet you didn't know there's a fence alongside the west bank of the Jordan River, in a bit, and guess who controls that (plus the water).
* Wiping from Map incorrect translation, so fyi:
from: http://www.campaigniran.org/casmii/index.php?q=node/6353
Press TV: So you did not threaten to wipe Israel off the map as an Iranian leader? That we will wipe Israel off the map?
Ahmadinejad: No. We say that the people of Palestine should have rights and when the people of Palestine exercise this right, this will happen. Where is the Soviet Union? The Soviet Union has been wiped off the map. What happened to the Soviet Union? The decision of the people, the vote of the people. When the people of the Soviet Union, the Russian people, were allowed to decide to take charge of their destiny, the Soviet Union disappeared.
*  South Hebron Hills, (occupied) Palestine
AT-TUWANI RELEASE: Israeli military blocks road and access to health, water services for approximately 700 Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills
5 August 2009
       At noon on 5 August between the villages of Mfaggara and Jinba located in the South Hebron Hills an Israeli military bulldozer and a hummer with five soldiers created three earth mounds blocking the road. In addition, the military damaged the road by digging it up to create the earth mounds.
       The entire village of Kallet Adbea is now closed between the two of the earth mounds. In addition, the mounds affect villages south of Kallet Adbea. It is estimated that approximately 700 Palestinians living in villages in the area are affected by the mounds as they do not have access to the nearby village of At-Tuwani or north to the city of Yatta.
       The earth mounds represent a serious problem to health needs of the local Palestinian population, because now the access to health services from the city of Yatta is not accessible by ambulance or car. Now, in the dry season, it is impossible for vehicles to deliver food and water to villages in the area, and for villagers to take products to the market to sell.
       The Israeli military told international volunteers that the earth mounds are an attempt to close the border between Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel approximately 5 km south of the earth mounds to "stop terrorists". This road south to Jinba is one that is often used by Palestinian men travelling to work as migrant labourers in Israel (see release 12 Feb 09 AT-Tuwani: Soldiers kill Palestinian migrant worker, increase harassment of villagers in South Hebron Hills).
--from: http://english.pnn.ps/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=6378&Itemid=
{Please note that there are over 600 roadblocks on the West Bank so Palestinians have to stop change cars, or go around, etc severely impeding movement; there are Jews-only highways that have clear passage.}
*  West Bank consumes 1/6 water provided to Jewish settlements: we hope for water for all of Palestine
05.08.09 - 09:01
Jerusalem / Angela Godfrey-Goldstein - As water supply to Palestinian communities across the West Bank dwindles, activists are organizing a convoy of water to reach thirsty communities in the Ramallah Governorate.
       Taps have been running dry - no water for drinking, for washing, for livestock or agriculture.  In the villages of Qarawat Beni Zayed, Kufr 'Ayn, Deir Ghassani, Beitrima, and Nabi Salah many residents have not had water from their taps since 15 March.
       The villages, situated north-west of Ramallah, are inhabited by about 15,000 people, who, at the height of the scorching summer season, receive a rationed amount of water amounting to 37 liters a day per person -- almost one half of the average consumed by Palestinians in the West Bank (66 liters a day per person), one sixth of the average provided to Jewish settlements in Israel and the occupied West Bank (235 liters a day). Some Palestinians in South Hebron and the Jordan Valley are experiencing an even direr situation, as Israel is preventing them from developing a piped water distribution network due to permitting restrictions posed by the Civil Administration in Area C, which are applied even to basic water and sanitation infrastructure.  Palestinian fields are drying up.  Meanwhile, Palestinian villagers see beyond the settlement fences and walls that their illegal colonizers are enjoying a bountiful supply.
       Ahmad Audy Arrar, a member of Qarawat Bani Zeid council and an organizer of the upcoming water convoy summarizes the situation: "I would like to say that, the water problem here has been increasing every year, it is not this summer only. Mekorot company is decreasing the amount of water to our village every summer, and this year is the worst so far. We are thirsty.  Women are taking empty coke bottles to fill up from a local polluted spring for washing.  The people are turning their anger to us at the municipality, they know it's not because of us that they are suffering, but we are their link.  The Palestinian Water Authority has visited, the Palestinian Hydrology Group, the West Bank Water Department, with their engineers.  We welcome the support now of all the activists in solidarity with us, Israelis and internationals, other Palestinian communities and organizations, working with us to draw attention to this most serious problem.  Without water there is no life.  We hope for water in Bani Zeid, we hope for water for our families and friends in Hebron and the Jordan Valley, and we hope for water for all of Palestine."
       Recently this situation has been receiving a lot of attention.  The Palestinian Water Authority, the West Bank Water Department, the Palestinian Hydrology Group, LifeSource, B'Tselem, Israeli peace activists, and Israeli and international media have visited the village of Qarawat Bani Zayed and Bani Zayed municipality and heard of this difficult situation. Many inhabitants of this village have to purchase water from water tanks at high prices - up to NIS 40 for 1 cubic metre of water, ten times the price of water available through the water network. Water from Aboud spring that gave the communities unlimited water before the occupation has been obstructed from reaching the local Palestinian communities since Mekorot, the Israeli water supply company, has created its own infrastructure here and only allows a small portion of its water to arrive at the village.
       These communities are now dependent on purchasing water from Mekorot and each year Mekorot has been reducing their supply during the summer months. This past April their water supply from Mekorot was less than half than what it was two years ago.
       Since the occupation in 1967, Israel has taken control of all the water sources in the West Bank (while some private ownership rights to wells were respected), using them for Israeli clients, including settlers.
       The Mountain Aquifer is considered a joint (Palestinian-Israeli) underground water reservoir that Israel is permitted to use -- but not in the current inequitable way: 86 per cent of the water is taken by Israel and the remaining 14 per cent is allocated to 2.5 million Palestinian inhabitants. In the Jordan Valley alone, it is estimated that Israel is pumping 60 million cubic meters of water a year primarily for agricultural products exported to Europe, while total Palestinian domestic, industrial, and agricultural consumption for the entire West Bank is limited to 190 million cubic meters, and many Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley are made to go without. 
       227,500 people in 220 villages are not connected to the water supply grid.  An additional 190,000 people have only partial water supply from the water network.
       Supplying enough water to Palestinian civilians -- for their homes, and for their industrial and agricultural needs, is not a favour or act of compassion. This is a legal and moral obligation whose violation is a crime under international human rights and humanitarian law treaties, ratified by the State of Israel.  The water convoy on August 7th aims to put international pressure on Israel to end this ongoing deprivation.
-- from: http://english.pnn.ps/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=6388&Itemid=
*  Barak: Obama to offer plan in coming weeks, good relations with US cornerstone of Israeli policy
05.08.09 - 15:09
 Tel Aviv / PNN - Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said today that US President Barack Obama will develop a plan in the coming weeks for a territorial settlement in the Middle East. 
"The US will conclude meetings with parties in the region and finalize their plan for regional settlement", he said, adding that "Israel will agree to the direction of the initiative."
Obama hopes to achieve a breakthrough in negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis with a US peace initiative. The issue is considered central to the Obama administration's Mideast policy. 
       Barak also discussed a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which Obama stated: "We are committed to regional settlement, and we accept the peace agreements signed by previous governments. Israel must accept and adopt the vision for political entities living together peacefully, with Israel as a nation of the Jewish people and a Palestinian state with its own flag. But the region must be demilitarized and no new settlements built or land allocated for security purposes."
{Important distinction b/c Israel has been taking Palestinian land labelling it a closed military zone, not a settlement, but then allowing the troops to live there.....}
       By not specifically stating that existing settlements must be dismantled, Obama has backed off of his administration's policy and the words of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that demanded an honoring of international law which includes the removal of all settlements.
       The Hebrew daily paper Maariv, which reported this story, said that Barak emphasized the importance of maintaining good relations and ongoing dialogue with the US, which is a cornerstone of Israeli foreign policy. 
       According to Barak, however, the Israelis will not honor the roadmap or international law. He says that the settlement blocs in the West Bank and East Jerusalem will become part of the Israeli territory and Palestinian refugees with lands inside the Green Line will remain outside.
       The Israelis revealed yesterday a plan to allow for the sale of land belonging to Palestinian refugees for Jewish-only use.
       At the same time the Israeli Defense Minister said, "What is important is to follow through with the agreement and find an end to the conflict between Israel and Palestine."
Britain added its voice to the numerous calls on the Israelis to end settlement activity but conflated the demand with a call to Arabs to show signs of normalization with the Israelis in exchange.
*  Gaza appeals to international community to pressure Israelis to lift ban on paper, kids' clothes
11.08.09 - 11:57  Gaza / PNN - With all basic supplies banned by the Israeli government to the Gaza Strip, paper is on the list.
And with the imminent onset of the new academic year, this remains a crucial issue. And the Islamic holy month of Ramadan is on the near horizon, coming earlier each year, the additional personal and financial obligations are in the spotlight.
As a result of the state of unemployment and extreme poverty suffered by citizens in the Gaza Strip as a result of the three-year Israeli siege imposed on Gaza, the Palestinian Chamber of Commerce is asking the provinces of Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah to try to help. A call was issued to the international community as well, but that is being viewed as falling on deaf ears. Should it be possible, Gaza-based NGOs said Tuesday, international institutions must put pressure on the Israelis to lift the ban on the introduction of stationery and school supplies, and also the goods needed specifically for the month of Ramadan.
Mahmoud Yazigi, acting president of the Chamber of Commerce and the Secretary of the Coordinating Council in Gaza, issued an urgent request. He asks, as have many, how an occupying power can explain a ban on paper.
Due to an unprecedented rise in the scarcity of school supplies and the requirements of Ramadan, including new clothing, footwear and fabrics, in the market, that the demand is up significantly, as is the crisis. "Are children's shoes a crime according to the Israelis?", a former Gaza resident asked today.

===  More NEWSWATCH ===  China :-); Zimbabwe :-(
* Farmer branches into robotics
A farmer in China who was struggling after several poor harvests has turned his hand to making robots.
Some of his creations help around his house and farm, but he now sells so many they are his main source of income.
Short video, fascinating (love his wife's comments!): http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8204551.stm
*  Zimbabwean $ No more
Well, in August about three trillion Zimbabwean dollars was worth about 50 cents so they cancelled the currency to use only US dollars and the South African Rand.

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===  SCIENCEWATCH  ===  Salmon in Seine; Darwin
*  PARIS: Salmon have returned to the Seine after an absence of almost a century!
*  As important as Darwin  Galileo, four centuries on  --  Aug 13 From The Economist
In praise of astronomy, the most revolutionary of sciences
*  Darwin's musing?
In the VSun Wed Aug 12 pB3, the 150-year-old question: Did we come down from the trees to walk on two feet or were we already on the ground and then stood up to walk on two feet?
===  OBITUARY: Benson  ===  Aug 13th 2009  From The Economist print edition
Benson, England's best-loved fish, died on July 29th, aged about 25  --  A watery end
Our obituary of Britain's best-loved fish: http://www.economist.com/displaystory.cfm?story_id=14209766
===  SWINEFLUWATCH  ===  Symptom alert 
I called the Swine Flu hotline - all I got was crackling.
I heard that the first symptom is that you come out in rashers.
Another is that you get the trotts.
I woke up with pigtails this morning ... Should I be worried?
The doctor asked me how long I'd had the symptoms of Swine Flu. I said it must have been about a Weeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
Apparently my mate's got Swine Flu - I think he's just telling porkies!
The only known cure for Swine Flu in humans has been found to be the liberal application of 'oinkment'.
This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy stayed at home,
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none,
And this little piggy had influenza A virus subtype hemagglutinin protein 1 neuraminidase protein 1.
Swine flu however, is not a problem for the pigs because they're all going to be cured anyway!
News Flash .... This just in. The world's religious leaders have issued a joint declaration that the Swine Flu pandemic is the start of the aporkalypse.
Swine flu has now mixed with bird flu.  Scientists say they will find a cure when pigs fly.
I just heard on the news that, "Swine Flu could potentially be a threat to every single person in the world". Well it's a good thing I'm married then, isn't it?
This is not a time for panic. It is no pig deal. It is a mild hamdemic; don't believe the spam you're getting.
*  Endangered Languages  Africa has about 2,000 of the world's 6,000 languages. Many are still unwritten, some have yet to be named and many will probably disappear.  More at http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/28/science/28prof.html
*  Linguists talk up figures of speech  Bridie Smith  July 28, 2009
THE official number of languages spoken around the world has been boosted by the work of two Melbourne researchers, who have added 30 ''new'' languages - the most for any single country - to a list of living languages.
La Trobe University graduate researcher Jamin Pelkey and supervisor David Bradley uncovered the languages in China.  The additions have been included in Ethnologue: Languages of the World, an encyclopedic reference work that catalogues the world's 6909 known living languages from 156 countries.
The latest edition includes 83 ''new'' language listings from 19 countries. A dozen were identified by Professor Bradley and 18 by Dr Pelkey.
The languages, largely found in Yunnan province in southern China, include Azha (spoken by 53,000 people) and Phula, a tongue considered endangered and spoken by just 200 people in north-west Guangnan county....
        -- from http://www.theage.com.au/national/linguists-talk-up-figures-of-speech-20090727-dysh.html
===  OUR ALPHABET  ===
Well, you all know: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
An AWAD subscriber sent in this wch he'd been told was the shortest sentence in English using all 26 letters: "Cwm fjord bank glyphs vext quiz."
[Cwm is pronounced coom.]  In exactly 26 letters it means: "Statues in the bowl-shaped valley at the edge of the fjord annoyed the old man."
***  The Grammar Police -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9_kahA_wQo
{almost 1.5M viewers!  FYI, the wife is right (its tail), and for the record, I don't agree with tasering but sometimes...... :-)}
===  WORDWATCH  === A Word A Day
Expand your vocabulary!  Some of you are aware that I copyedit AWAD that goes out to about 750,000 subscribers every day.  Well, not quite every day -- Monday to Friday and then AWADmail on the weekend with a selection of interesting email sent by readers.
Anu Garg started AWAD in 1994 when he was a computer science graduate student.  He now lives in Seattle.  Take a look and if you're curious about unusual words and their etymology, visit www.wordsmith.org
===  BOOKWATCH  === Titles only :-)
"Transportation in the Middle Ages" by Orson Cart
"Split Personalities" by Jacqueline Hyde
"Home Maintenance" by Duane Pipe
"Irish Winter Tales" by Pete Moss
"Increase Your Brain Power" by Sarah Bellum
"Looking into the Wishing Well" by Eileen Dover
'How to Write a Mystery Novel" by Page Turner
"The Great English Breakfast" by Chris P. Bacon
"I Got Away with Murder" by Scott Free [not OJ???]
"Winning Big" by Jack Potts
"Vacation Spots in the Tropics" by Sandy Beech
"Dealing with Debt" by Owen Munny
"I Always Enjoy the Darkness" by Gladys Knight
"Doorway to the Haunted Castle" by Hugo First
"The Long Road" by Myles Walker
===  Wake up and smell the roses........  ===  Music
Recently forwarded to me:
This really is something to think about....
Washington DC Metro Station on a cold January morning in 2007. He played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time approx 2000 people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. After three minutes a middle aged man noticed there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds and then hurried to meet his schedule.
4 minutes later:
The violinist received his first dollar: a woman threw the money in the till and, without stopping, continued to walk.
6 minutes:
A young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started to walk again.
10 minutes:
A three-year-old boy stopped but his mother tugged him along hurriedly, as the kid stopped to look at the violinist. Finally the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk, turning his head all the time. This action was repeated by several other children. Every parent, without exception, forced them to move on.
45 minutes:
The musician played.  Only six people stopped and stayed for a while. About 20 gave him money but continued to walk their normal pace.
He collected $32.
1 hour:
He finished playing and silence took over. No one noticed. No one applauded, nor was there any recognition.
No one knew this but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the best musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written, with a violin worth $3.5 million dollars. Two days before Joshua Bell sold out a theatre in Boston where the seats averaged $100.
This is a real story. Joshua Bell playing incognito in the metro station was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste, and people's priorities. The questions raised: in a common place environment at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty? Do we stop to appreciate it? Do we recognize talent in an unexpected context?
One possible conclusion reached from this experiment could be:
If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world playing some of the finest music ever written, with one of the most beautiful instruments .....
How many other things are we missing?

===  MAIKU  ===  
~~~ 2009 August 2
                                Time: spend, waste, use, lose, enjoy --
                                                                                        difficult choices
                                                                                                         with unknown deadline
the last line cd also be before the deadline or not knowing deadline; wch of the three do you think best?

~~~ 2009 August 9
                              sun's heat last week gone
                                                      it's cloudy and grey
                                                                           now summer by date only
~~~ 2009 August 10
                                               delicious downpour
                                                               drenching, slaking thirst of earth
                                                                                                      soaks, replenishes

===  QUOTATION  ===
The struggle for the soul of capitalism is... a struggle between the nation's economic body and its civic soul: a struggle to put capitalism in its proper place, where it serves our nature and needs rather than manipulating and fabricating whims and wants. Saving capitalism means bringing it into harmony with spirit -- with prudence, pluralism, and those "things of the public" (res publica) that define our civic souls. A revolution of the spirit.
Is the new president up to it? Are we?
BENJAMIN R. BARBER (University of Maryland political theorist and author of Consumed: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults, and Swallow Citizens Whole, 2007), closing paragraphs, "A Revolution in Spirit", Nation, 9 February 2009.
-- from Leonard Roy Frank's "Frankly Quoted" distributed free of cost to a small Listserv on the first day of the month since October 2004. It consists of 35-45 entries, mostly quotes drawn from his readings and his probe of the print and electronic media during the previous month, together with several of his own aphorisms and thoughts.

DWV Update 2009 Aug 19/20

Breaking news almost always happens just after a newsletter has gone out.  The problem this time is that there won't be a newsletter for some weeks so it will be a newsgap, but I will try to send some timely info.
In this Update:
1.  Typo (ubiquitous and active gremlins)
2.  New WV Chief Constable
3.  Legion -- Branch 60 Summer/fall newsletter now available
3.  NATURE: Vanishing Salmon; Field Trips 4. PEACE: Non-violence  5. ART: FBG
6.  Quotations (Gandhi) and Puns (sorry, real groaners)


1.  TYPO:  Tsleil-Waututh (the first U was omitted in WVM19)

2.  WVPD  -- Great news!
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 10:57:21 -0700
For Immediate Release
New West Vancouver Police Chief Constable Hired
West Vancouver, BC:   "It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Mr. Peter Lepine as Chief Constable for the West Vancouver Police Department.  Mr. Lepine comes to West Vancouver after a 30 year career in policing with the RCMP.  His passion and his strength in community policing will enable us to serve our residents best.  He has an outstanding reputation for his ability to solidify his team and I know the dedicated men and women of our department will welcome and benefit by his leadership," says Police Board Chair, Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones.
     "This is a truly exciting opportunity that came along at a perfect time in my career," says Peter Lepine.  "In three decades as a Mountie, I have had the chance to work with some extremely dedicated and talented people on some innovative policing initiatives, and I am very proud of what we achieved together.  Now I am looking forward to getting to know the community of West Vancouver; working with a new team of police, civilians, and volunteers at WVPD; and applying all my policing and leadership experience to the unique public safety context of this community."
     The West Vancouver Police Board thanks Interim Chief Constable Jim Almas for stepping up and leading the department since last February.  "His personal and professional commitment to West Vancouver is second to none and we will continue to benefit by Jim's experience as he supports the new Chief Constable," says Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones.  "I am extremely proud of the groundbreaking community outreach initiatives that the West Vancouver Police officers and support staff have implemented, and I am confident that Chief Constable Lepine's strong leadership and three decades of law enforcement experience will build upon the progress we have achieved.  I look forward to assisting the new Chief in enhancing these essential relationships," added Jim Almas.
Peter Lepine was raised in Quebec and, after joining the RCMP in 1980, transferred to Surrey Detachment where he spent his first 10 years of service.  He also served at the RCMP Training Academy as well as in Port Alberni and Parksville, before taking up duties as a senior officer at Halifax Detachment.
     In 2005 Mr. Lepine took command of Coquitlam Detachment, which serves the cities of Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam as well as the villages of Belcarra and Anmore.  During his four and a half years as Officer in Charge, Mr. Lepine led the introduction of an evidence-based crime reduction strategy that has succeeded as a result of strong support from municipal Councils and community partners, and the hard work of frontline police officers and civilian staff at Coquitlam Detachment.
      In addition to frontline policing and managing municipal police organizations, Mr. Lepine has also been actively involved in policing professional organizations at the provincial and federal level throughout his career.  He is currently serving as the Secretary Treasurer of the BC Association of Chiefs of Police (BCACP).  Mr. Lepine is married to Lori, a 17 year member of the RCMP, and has an adult daughter who is also pursuing a career in criminal justice.
      Mr. Lepine will commence his service as Chief Constable for West Vancouver on September 14th, at which time he will be available for comment.
Media Contacts:
        Patricia Leslie, DWV 925 4736
        Lisa Wanless, WV Police Cmnty Services  9257429
        Cst. Brigitte Goguen, Coquitlam RCMP Media Relations Officer, 604 999 7411

Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 13:22:27 -0700
Hello Everyone!
The Summer-Fall issue of "The Torch" is now available.
To view the newsletter, just click the following link for direct access:
The newsletter is available to any non-member who is interested.  To sign up, please fill in the form at the bottom of the webpage, http://www.westvan60.com/newsletter.html
The next newsletter will be going out in early December.
Please email me at thetorch60@telus.net, if you would like to submit an article, or if you have any questions or comments.
Thank you for your interest.
Best regards,
Janice Mackay-Smith, The Torch



Fraser River's salmon stocks 'beyond a crisis'
MARK HUME  August 13, 2009
The mysterious collapse of the B.C. sockeye run has dashed hopes raised just weeks ago of a good return this year
The Fraser River is experiencing one of the biggest salmon disasters in recent history with more than nine million sockeye vanishing.
PLEASE, help Alexandra Morton to save the Wild Pacific salmon!
PLEASE, sign the petition if you haven't done so already and forward to as many people as you can.   16,000 have already signed the petition but that wasn't enough to impress DFO Minister Gail Shea................what about 100,000 or a million?
Reconnecting with Nature -- Natural history interpretive field trips for August
David Cook (604-924-0147; cookeco2@yahoo.com).
Unless otherwise noted all these events are for the Vancouver Natural History Society (Nature Vancouver). Membership in Nature Vancouver is not required for the first 3 field trips attended.
Registration is not required.

 >>>  Saturday August 22nd
In Search of the Hollyburn Fir
We will be walking the circuit of trails between Hollyburn Ridge and the Cypress Parkway, West Vancouver known as the Forks-Skyline Circuit. A little-used side trail to the north will take us to the magnificent Hollyburn Fir, an old growth veteran  ~1100 years old that stands 43.7 metres with diameter 2.96 metres.
Elevation gain: 270 metres.
Meet at 0930 hours at McDonald's, Park Royal to collect people travelling by bus or for car pooling as there is limited parking at the trail head. Alternatively meet at 1000 hours at the trail head at the intersection of Eyremont Drive and Millstream Road in the British Properties, West Vancouver.
Estimated time of return: Mid afternoon.
Bring lunch and water and dress for changes in weather. There are many rough, rooty, and muddy sections on the trail, so deep-tread hiking boots with ankle support are essential.

>>>  Saturday August 29th 2009
Geology & Forest Ecology, Cypress Provincial Park
Join me for a hike from the down-hill ski area at Cypress Bowl up the Collins Ski Run to the peak of Mt Strachan (1454 m), an elevation gain of about 500m. On the way there will be numerous opportunities to view the geology of the area in rock-cut exposures formed during the construction of the ski-run. We will make a short side-trip to look at an area of sub-alpine pasture recovering back to forest after an ancient lightning fire. The geological highlight will be near the summit of Mt Strachan where the glaciation has smoothed a remarkable exposure of metamorphic rocks, the oldest rocks to be found in the region. We may return via trails through the forest if time and trail conditions allow.
This is a full day's hike, so bring lunch, water and prepare for changes in weather. The trails are rough and slippery, particularly during the descent, so deep-tread hiking boots with ankle support are essential.
As there is pay parking for Cypress Provincial Park at this time of year we will car pool at McDonald's, Park Royal to cut down on costs.
Meeting time at Park Royal is 0900 hours (0930 at the trail head) with estimated time of return mid-afternoon.

>>>  Sunday August 30th 2009
The Champion Trees of Stanley Park
Stanley Park retains some specimens of Douglas fir and western red cedar that are between 500 and 800 years old.  Also in the park you will see two of the oldest bigleaf maples in BC, and a large red alder designated as a Champion BC tree. Our route will also take us past two of the most publicised cedars in BC; the Hollow Tree and the National Geographic Redcedar. Share my fascination with these veteran giants and discover why some trees in the Pacific Northwest have reached such a great age and size.
Meet at the Third Beach concession stand at 1300 hours.
This two-hour walk is for the Discovery Walks Programme of the Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES).
Cost: $5 for SPES members, students & under 18 and $10.00 for non-members.
>>>  Saturday September 12th 2009
Dog Mountain, Seymour Provincial Park
This hike up to Dog Mountain (1050 m) will be an opportunity to learn something of the geology and ecology of this Provincial Park. Elevation gain is about 50 metres over a distance of 4 x 2 km. Estimated time of return: early afternoon.
Bring lunch as well as water and dress for possible changes in weather. Wear deep-tread hiking boots with ankle support as the trail is steep, rooty, and slippery in places.
We will be meeting near the entrance to Safeway in Parkgate Mall (corner of Mt Seymour Parkway & Mt Seymour Rd in North Vancouver) at 0900 hours for car pooling as some people may be coming by bus and there is pay parking in the park.

5. Non-violence  [I value first-person reports; just received this]
19 August 2009
AT-TUWANI BLOG: "Newsflash-Palestinian nonviolence abides"
by Sam Nichols
[Note: This blog has been edited.  To see the original and Nichols's other blogs, go to http://samuelnichols.blogspot.com/]
Today there was a nonviolent training in the South Hebron hills village of At-Tuwani.  There were workshops for women and for men.  People came from Mfaqqara, Rakiis, Juwayya, and of course, At-Tuwani.
This goes out to all the doubters.  This goes out to Obama, for critiquing Palestinian violent resistance without acknowledging Palestinian nonviolent resistance or mentioning Israeli violence.  This goes out to all the people who believe Hamas militants are representative of 100% of the Palestinian population.  This goes out to people who don't recognize that there is an occupation of Palestine, and thus fail to correlate the ongoing resistance with the ongoing occupation.  This goes out to all the people who think the sword is more powerful than the pen.  This goes out to all the people who believe that guns are more powerful than the voice.  This goes out to all the people who believe that power and oppression are louder than the cries for justice and peace.  This goes out to all the people who don't believe there is hope.

CPT's MISSION: "Getting in the Way." What would happen if Christians devoted the same discipline and sacrifice to nonviolent peacemaking that armies devote to war? Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) seeks to enlist the whole church in organized, nonviolent alternatives to war and places teams of trained peacemakers in regions of lethal conflict.
COMMENTS: To ask questions or express concerns, criticisms and affirmations send messages to peacemakers@cpt.org.
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5. ART
FERRY BUILDING GALLERY  Sept. 8 =96 Sept. 27  
ZOLTAN KISS  --  New Works: pottery and paintings
Opening Reception: Tuesday Sept. 8, from 6pm to 8pm
Artist in Attendance: Saturday, Sept. 12 at 2pm


6.  QUOTATIONS (serious) and PUNS (warning: dreadful)

QUOTATIONS [from Frankly Quoted]
     1. If a father does an injustice, it is the duty of his children to leave the parental roof.... If the chairman of a corporation is corrupt, the members thereof must wash their hands clean of his corruption by withdrawing from [the corporation]; even so, if a government does a grave injustice, the subjects must withdraw cooperation wholly or partially, sufficiently to wean the ruler from his wickedness. (Young India, 16 June 1920)
     2. Cooperation with good is as much a duty as is noncooperation with evil. (modified, courtroom statement, Ahmadabad, India, 23 March 1922)
     3. The highest moral law is that we should unremittingly work for the good of mankind. (Ethical Religion, p. 36, 1930)
     4. No human being is so bad as to be beyond redemption. (Young India, 26 March 1931)
     5. It is not nonviolence if we love merely those who love us. It is nonviolence only when we love those who hate us. (letter to a friend, 31 December 1934)
     6. Nonviolence is a power which can be wielded equally by all =97 children, young men and women or [older] people =97 provided they have a living faith in the God of Love and have, therefore, equal love for all mankind. (Harijan, 5 September 1936)
     7. The principle of nonviolence necessitates complete abstention from exploitation in any form. (Harijan, 5 September 1936)
     8. A nonviolent revolution is not a program for the seizure of power. It is a program for the transformation of relationships ending in a peaceful transfer of power. (1942, Gandhi on Non-Violence, edited by Thomas Merton, p. 28, 1964)



Do hope you're enjoying the summer!
Still some weeks to go and it's been lovely weather.
We do live in a paradise...........
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